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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jerses

Malzahar - don't annoy the nobles

Jerses Last updated on April 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys ;)

I recently bought this funny hovering prince, who I didn't want to buy until then, because of his OPness - so I thought, but he isn't as boring as I thought, he is FUN, real FUN ;)
Item dependable? Not that much in my opinion - he lacks in mana early on, that's all.

Who ever likes to gank under towers, likes to stay behind and deal great dmg, likes to disable groups of people, likes to do insane amounts of dmg whlie ganking 1on1 and doesn't want to play Lux or her dark sister LeBlanc, but a real man - this person should play Malzahar :P

So much to say for getting hungry ;) Sorry for my English, I generously take advises and people whispering for correction :P
I don't like to play ranked, because I have no static team, so I don't know, if it's viable, but since it's awesome in normal random, I think, it might be good enough.

Have fun with my prince - Jerses

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Pros / Cons

- very squishy (especially early game)
- no escape mechanism beside summoner spells
- slow movement
- sometimes hard to aim or to place yourself

+ aoe silence
+ great 1on1 burst
+ intelligent farming spells
+ nice damage boost through voidlings
+ can support
+ he can do the true moonwalk
haha x-D
Seriously, the only people, who dance as good as him, are , and . Maybe .

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For runes I use common caster runes - might be exchangable, feel free ;) But I like to go for early and midgame AP runes.

For masteries I don't leave a word about offensive tree beside "magic-pen" - in utility I take improved summoner spells, mana-regeneration and buffs, these are the most importent ones in my oppinion.
Why just one point in ? Because it's 2% for just one skillpoint - wasting two points for further 2%, I find, it's not necessary - and for : Dying is a common part of this game, there will be times, when you find yourself ganked and killed in endgame, because enemies aren't always dumb and plain ;) Or you are.

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Skill Sequence

You can argue about which spell to take on level 1 ( or ), for with CotV you can stack your passive in your base for early ganks, but it is not needed so much and MV is easier to last hit with. But on the other hand, can target more enemies and your voidling can help push.

I priorize maximizing , because it is essential for harassing, farming and bursting, over and . Null Zone can be ignored, because it's expensive and easily avoidable, but I get 1 point on level 4, so you can place it before you ultimate somebody on level 6.

Second spell to maximize is , because it's damage is nearly as good as 's, and is highly underestimated. If you can't place it on enemy champions, use it to farm minions or jungle beasts. As for placing it, you should suggest, where the enemies might run next (to you in many cases) - it's the same with , but even deadlier.

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If you like stacking items, take after Tear or Boots and skip getting , else take my suggested items. I don't suggest snowball items, and I don't like glasscanons... But choose, whatever you want ;)

Early Game
Go back to the city as soon as you get 1345 gold and get and . Then try to get one of the 's Staffs. This should be enough for early game.

Mid Game
Now that you have enough mana-regeneration for the whole game, priorize getting high AP by farming for and some Spellvamp ( ), afterwards you want to get health and a nice slow( ) for you can't snare beside of your ultimate.

End Game
Then get and , for now you don't need to go back to base anymore.
for lacking protection skills, and that's just all ;)
In many cases I get all of them and end up with about 650 AP (I don't know, what they count on top o.o) ;)

Optional Items
Any of them will do - just replace and/or for more AP or survivability. More s, or - try them out, if you wish ;)

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Skill Usage and Farming

Always use on the enemy with the lowest health or the one getting focussed, so you ensure it jumping around and deal damage all by itself, keep in range for your voidlings to attack (not necessarily), place and , if a group fight has settled somewhere.

Scout bushes with , disable 's and 's or other channeling spells with it or by using , if you think, you can kill them right now.

Use on dying minions near enemy champions, if you aren't near them. Or use it to farm or push waves of minions while retreating. Enemy champs won't get you and if you're lucky, they get themselves caught by your DOT *haha* It's about 700 dmg in endgame per jump.

Use if they dive or just to stop them killing you, then flash away or something. But take care of disables like silences and stuns.
If they are low, them, then ultimate - if you got time, spam all your spells ;)
Spamming is a good way to multiply summon voidlings - they add a little dmg and tank turrets. The downside of your passive: They don't care of showing the enemies, where you are, by popping out of bushes or standing beside.

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Laning Partners

If you don't go mid, and you don't neccesarily need to, you can go bottom or top lane.

ANYBODY is fine, seriously, beside ranged. You don't want to have ranged laning partners.

I will try to explain: Melees are walking in front of you, e.g. . They will be targeted first, but you're job is to prevent your enemies to land a hit on him and make sure, he can farm lasthits. You're an incredible lasthit supporter by casting . Tell your partner to attack enchanted minions.
And his job is to prevend your enemies to land a hit on you by staying between you and them.

If both of you are ranged, you can easily get targeted and harasssed, especially early game, because you can't escape, you're not dps, you don't have a shield and your health is hardly above zero.

You want to have a melee partner!

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I know, many people tend to snipe squishies down, as do many s.
Yes, sniping is a good thing, but it's so not useful in teamfights, because okay, one of them may die, but you're taken out, too.
It always is situational. Try to have some space between you and the enemies, walls are superb ;) Then you want to disable as many as possible: So cast , cast your on dying people, THEN use and snipe them down with .
If you're lucky, you will get a few kills, because is a kill farmer ;)
For teamfights, jungle is best, so they can't run, they are stuck together, they can't get you ;) And even if they come for you, you can flash and ghost away.

If you're 5on5 mid, can happen all the time, you're waiting for them to make mistakes, as everybody is waiting for overextended enemies. But though a 's Throw is nice, can grasp them and stay out of danger. Aim with your for when they get free again, but in most cases, your allies are smart enough to kill your target. If you're doing godly with aiming, call your void again, and snipe snipe snipe ^_^

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Have Fun

I hope, you will enjoy this champ - he isn't always easy to master, but at least people can farm with him very nice *haha*

Please rate and commend - I take advises for sure, cause it's my first guide.