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Malzahar Build Guide by Aqvila

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aqvila

Malzahar, Harbenger of the Void

Aqvila Last updated on February 23, 2015
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Singed Play passive, poke to annoy him.
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I want to say two things right away. First off, I'm not claiming that this build is perfect, and I would love for you to try it and give feed back, tinker with it and see if you can make it even better. Secondly, I'll be fixing up this guide every once in a while so feel free to point out typoes or something like that. Just please try to be civil, okay? Anyway, on to void stuff.

When I made this build, I had no idea it would be so strong. While it has a weak early and only moderate mid game, the late game is incredible. This is a full on hyper carry build. And your strongest skill is to break into the enemy base during a siege, kicking in their doors so your friends can kick in their heads like Lee Sin. And of course, you'll be blasting away, ulting the high priority targets, ignoring a great deal of damage, and sending every living thing to the void.

For those of you who hate Nidalee's Javelin Toss, you can eat those for breakfast, all day, especially if you have Will of the Ancients. I laughed first time I saw a nid spear hit me after I had built a Zz'Rot Portal and it took roughly 8% of my HP. I intentionally stood still and facing their Nidalee so she could do it again.

Make note of this: Your role in the group is going to shift from mage to AP off-tank. And you will actually be pretty tanky with about 2.6k HP and over 100 in both armor and MR.

Another tip, learn to use yourself as bait to lure enemies in so you can drop your full combo on them. And don't worry if you don't kill them before the ult ends, either they will try to run, your friends will help, or you will duel them. You will usually win the duel by the way. But try to get the jungler on his way, or failing that, the mid laner. Just say 'help, quick' really.

On the spells, I run ignite or exhaust interchangeably.

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After level 3, farming gets pretty easy. Poke with your Call of the Void if you feel the need, proliferate your Malefic Visions carefully. By the way, avoid dropping the visions on the first minion in line, for some reason, the second and third end up far ahead of the first in the little skirmish and this disrupts the jump chain of the visions, forcing you to cast twice.

Once you have the rushed items ( Chalice of Harmony, Tear of the Goddess, Ionian Boots of Lucidity, and Rod of Ages), you pretty much can't run out of mana. In fact, it is a good idea to cast spells just to rack up stacks on your tear and spit out voidlings.

Never go past the middle bush unless you have Flash and the river is warded. Don't worry about going for kills, they'll come to you. When the enemy goes in after you, wait for them to use up anything that could disrupt your ult and during this period, do not run, just stand your ground, drop your W, Q, and E, (the W is required, the others are optional) and then ult them. As long as you use Exhaust when they go in on you, you'll be perfectly fine and they will be sore for a few days. Even if you don't have exhaust, you'll usually still be okay.

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Your purpose

Your job is to hyper carry, but you need a lot of gold to do it. When you have your Zz'Rot Portal, it is usually in the team's best interest to group up with you in a lane, any lane, and begin pushing with you at the center of the group. The jungler and mid-laner can go mop up lone split pushing enemies, but you can too with ease.

Put your Zz'Rot Portal down right next to you and close enough to the nearest turret to reach the turret and get the job done. The voidspawn will be able to reach out and hurt the turret during minions waves more safely than your team can, just make try not to let the minion waves get cleared instantly, so keep pressure on them, they should be afraid to be close enough to kill minions. While your team can go in and poke at the turret, I wouldn't recommend doing it if you aren't absolutely sure they can't lock you down under it. And if you can convince someone on your team to get an Ohmwrecker, that'd be great, really, really great. It will likely grant enough time to actually take out the turret, or at least stomp some of those pesky defenders. By the way, about keeping people from farming the waves quickly, Blitzcrank is great for the fear factor, and so are all the other 'c'mere' champs, like Nautilus and Lee Sin.

If all goes according to plan and your team is at least moderately competent, you will slowly drill your way down the lane and into the enemy nexus. And likely never have to leave.

Even if your team is losing, once you reach your tipping point with the Zz'Rot Portal, you can greatly help in defending with your power and survivability. While this might not be the point that saves the game for you, it will definitely help. After all, sometimes things just go pair shaped.

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Feel the Void, Man!

I enjoy this build for one reason above all others, and that reason is I really feel like I'm bringing the Void and the Void is a relentless, nigh-unstoppable force. Open the portal, and let oblivion come forth.

Not to mention I love spam tanks.