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Malzahar Build Guide by omotiverat

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author omotiverat

Malzahar - Spreading AIDS

omotiverat Last updated on September 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi! This is my very first build ever, so be gentle! And sorry if it looks ugly, i suck at making stuff look good. Except myself
And so we are all clear, just cause you are reading this build doesnt mean you can play He-man and penta kill on level one! play with brain and practice :)

- hard nuke
- GREAT farmer
- AOE damage
- Good range
- to cool to walk on the ground
- Often targeted in teamfights
- hard to play well
- No real escape mechanism
- Only have ugly skins!

I am not gonna go over his abilities and stuff cause you can just read them above or in game! But just because i am so nice ill put em here so you dont have to scroll up!


i am gonna tell for those who haven't played Malzahar before, the reason why i skill Malefic visions first is due do the farming. Put it up on a creep and auto attack it until it dies, cause it will go over to the nearest creep when you kill it! and that is why Malzahar is such a great farmer! (when you have gear you can just put it up and leave, since Malefic visions will kill the creep by itself)

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Summoner Spells

Ignite Awesome on Malzahar, together with Maelfic visions you can take a large deal out of their HP. i cant even begin to explain how many kills i got with that combo! (it's a must!)

Flash Malzahar has no escape abilities, so this is also kind of a must if you ask me! great for escaping and chasing enemies with low hp. Pop Flash - boom lazer eyes in the guys face and there you got yourself a kill!

Ghost Also good as an escape tool, but i prefer flash since you can do awesome kick-*** stuff with it! but if you rather wanna use Ghost instead of flash, go ahead :)

Clarity You wont need it since you have your mana gain from Malefic visions and Archangel staff

Exhaust It's an okay summoner spell, i wouldnt use it, but if you dont have any Exhaust in your team and you wanna come in and save the day, take it. you can escape with it but your AD carry should have it instead.

Clairvoyance i cant see why this is good as Malzahar, your support should have this! but hey, if you like it, go ahead! i would recommend it!

Teleport Also a skill that you can have if you want, but if you play well you really shouldnt need it that much, you will be pushing those creep waves so fast you dont need it!

Cleanse Again, if you like playing with it, go ahead. I wouldnt pick it but as i said, Malzahar has no escape abilities so this might save you some time, but usually when you get stunned with Malzahar you die.

Heal heal is for noobs. be a man! heal might be good early game, but in end game it barley heal you up so useless if you ask me!

Fortify As before, if you really like it, take it but i wouldnt!

Revive Pointless summoner spell on any champ, if you die a lot, you probably gonna loose anyway.

Rally You dont need AD! you sir are an idiot if you pick this one!

Smite No and just no!

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I choose to go with 9/0/21.

9 in Offence for the extra Magic penetration and CD reduction.
21 in Utility for CD reduction on your spells and on Blink (take Haste if you use Ghost instead of Flash) and the utility mastery for longer golem buff, wich i take when i get the chance)

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I start off with Dorans Ring Dorans Ring to get the extra HP, AP and mana reg. It helps you lane longer. but if you prefer staring with Amplifying tome and Health pots you should do it! It helps you get your soulstealer faster.

Then i get Mejai's Soulstealer. The reason why i get this so early is cause you need to start to stack. No point of buying it later on when you already have 10 kills.

Boots of speed explains itself, Malzahar is really slow and this will help you move away from skillshots easier and even run away from ganks.

Next item on the list is Tears of the Godess. I pick this one for starting my Archangel staff, after you get this item you can spam your abilities a little bit more and hopefully get some more kills without getting oom! Nothing more irritating than beeing oom when the nooby Morgana turret dives you cause you're low on HP and you cant lazer that ***** to death!

Sorcerer's Shoes: more movementspeed plus some additional magic penetration! i choose these in all of my games kinda. No need to buyMercery threads Mercery threads, if you get stunned you probably gonna die anyway in lategame.

Archangel staff: some more mana, now you will NEVER go oom + you get some awesome abilitypower from it, spam you abilities as soon as there is a creep or a champion around you to get that bonus mana up!

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: I buy this cause of the extra HP to survive a bit longer! I usually start with Giant's belt, so i get the extra HP but if you are totally dominating your lane and are fed like a Gragas at Burger King you can start with Blasting Wand.

Deathcap: as i see it this is a must on all mages, you will get soooo much more AP and give those enemies AIDS that they will never forget. ( maybe i forgot to mention, i call Malefic Visions AIDS)

Last item is really up to you. I usually go with Banshee's Veil due to some extra HP and Magic Resist, and that passive! i dont know how many times that item have saved me from that no skill champ Karthus Ulti. But if you are eating noobs like crazy and you never die, go for maybe Zonyas Hourglass, Abyssal Scepter or Void Staff!

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Marks: x9 I use Greater mark of Insight for the extra Magic penetration! kinda a mush have on all mages.

Glyphs: x2 x9 here i use Greater glyph of Focus x2 and Greater glyph of Force x7. the reason why i have the 2 focus glyphs is cause i dont have more than that! lol i know! but hey, it works for me! And the Force glyphs gives you more AP early game, and that is awesome!

Seals: x9 I use Greater Seal of Clarity x9 so the time before Tear of the Godess will be easier and you dont have to back cause you stand there oom!

Quints: x9 I use Greater Quintessence of Force for more AP early game so you can do some dmg with your spells!

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Game Play

Early Game (1-6): Before you go to your tower, do your Call of the Void in base 3 times, so when you do your first ability in lane you will spawn your voidling instant.

Hopefully you have Mid lane. Just stay back farm as much as you can with your AIDS! Harass your opponent as much as you can without getting oom. and of course when you have a chance to get a kill, take it for crying out loud! but otherwise just farm, farm, farm, farm! you CAN be fed without kills! you have an expensive build so you will need the cash!

Mid Game (7-13): This depends how the game looks like, if you are still laning, farm as usual. if you have taken down their turret, farm and go and gank! (you want those Soulstealer stacks) But dont do anything stupid so you loose the stacks!

Late Game (14-18): This is where Malzahar can show the true meaning of AIDS and Lazereyes. Hopefully you are fed by this point and you can chill in the background of the teamfights, put your AOE spells upp, and when you have the chance to shoot your lazer in someones face, DO IT! Pow and there you have yourself a kill, and your AIDS starts to spread and spread and before you know it (with skills) you got yourself a pentakill!

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Last words

i know, i know! This build has no images or nothing, just pure text! well, as i said, i suck at making stuff look good so this will do for now :) Hope you learned something useful reading this guide!

please comment below with feedback! And if this build is similar to any other out there i am sorry! this is just how i play Malzshar, maybe there is someone out there who is as awesome as me ;) hehe!

peace brah!