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Anivia Build Guide by abbychau

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author abbychau

Manapool Anivia, the Hybrid Survivor

abbychau Last updated on December 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 24

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Defense: 6

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Some flexibilities are inside. However, the main concept is to make use of nice variety of skill spectrum as well as its long range to make it a hybrid fighter that no longer soft.

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AD Anivia is becoming more and more common in games but equipping Infinity blade and Phantom Dancer will greatly reduce the activity of anivia's skill casting and defense. This will make it nearly the softest fighter in the game.

Greater Mark of Desolation
However, AD is quite adapted to Anivia due to it's range. In other to make it will good normal attack, all the runes are in attack speed, however, I am 7 marks of ATK speed and 2 of armor penetration. That is quite flexible to choose.

For seal and glyph, I choose defense for less risk in the early game.

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A mana Anivia stacking Archangel's Staff could be powerful but soft. And more importantly, the unique passive does not repeat.

Unlike Sheen, Trinity Force, and Lich Bane or shoes

They are stackable. It makes it possible to become a nice hybrid combo other then Rageblade and Gunblade. The passive is impressive that gain nearly a hugh sum of AD and AP to Anivia due to the born high MP content of Anivia.

The build suddenly become so compact that allows Anivia to build some surviving items. I choose and as the core items to extend the health point and more importantly the manapool. The final extended mana will gain nearly 130 AD and 130AP to Anivia.

Mercury's Treads and Banshee grants enough MR to Anivia and the point comes to Armor. I personally tried to game in Zhonya's Hourglass instead of archangel but it is more depends on the position and the actually game. Zhonya will also grants a large sum of AP which makes the build still working smoothly.More importantly the lacking armor is also added, making anivia a tough one to avoid being killed easily before your skills are all well casted. Giving up zhonya and archangel can be also possible. Trinity Force is a very comfortable item for this build, put critical rate aside, that supplement of a suitable amount of attack speed/ad/ap/speed/health/mana/movement speed are all essential for a hybrid Anivia, the passive is also nice for the fast Cooldown anivia, despite the steep building curve of the final product. to build Trinity force, sheen is recommended as basic for its mana synergy with the manapool stack.

Chalice of Harmony works like charm in this build due to heavy mana stacks, you knew it, just cast your spells like a boss in touhou(lol).

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Skill Sequence

Flash Frost offers good harassment with good range in all over the game. I suggested it. However, the quick Glacial Storm allows you to push the lane quickly. And Crystallize can be magical in many many situations. All skills are not very dependent and I suppose you will need to feel what is the suitable upgrades for each level.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is for escape or sometimes to cross wall or rush, in order to make yourself a good position. Exhaust can disable a dps or chaser.
both of these spells allows you to 100% place a long between you and your chaser while defensing.
Last but not least, Exhaust is extraordinary good for offensive waves.

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Pros / Cons

large amount of reliable CC
Quick and flexible AOE in different environments
High resistance
Good Health
Egg's reviving strength is strong
Safe from ad and ap
Sustainable high damage ap output
Good Normal attack output for pushing
Quite independent from the blue buff (but with it can often be good)
Long Range normal attack and spells

No burst damage
Movement through the map is slow
A bad jungler

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungling is a very bad choice for hybrid Anivia. It cannot clean the creeps in a normal speed and with no specific content to gain benefits from creeps.

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In the early game, your can farm just like other ranged champions but you may want to have one or two attacks more on some minions because your opponents often pushes faster than you and your tower may be suffered from some damages.
Landing a kill but also have some more casual attacks.

Q is a good harassment tool and also a landing tool for a batch of minions.

Your health is low in the early game, so please play very defensively, especially you see some ranged carries with high burst damage like Sivir, Teemo, or Twitch.

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Unique Skills

This Anivia may not be fun but it is surely a valued one. Most of the values in this game are with diminishing power and this build interestingly fit onto Anivia and reasonably balanced many of the statistics.

Talking about unique skills to play this Anivia is just to have a clear concept that your champion is not very powerful in attack, not very tanky, not very cunning. However, it is quite powerful, quite tanky and quite cunning in crowd controls. Play wisely in different situations and this Anivia can be better than most of the champions in most of the aspects.