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Teemo Build Guide by manco1

Jungle grandmaster

Manco's Season 10 CHALLENGER TEEMO JUNGLE GUIDE (10.17) - FI

By manco1 | Updated on August 21, 2020
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Runes: PTA

Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Top Lane
Ranked #12 in
Top Lane
Win 52%
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Hey! I'm Manco. A CHALLENGER TEEMO JUNGLE one trick. I have been playing Teemo Jungle since season 4, but have finally figured it all out, hit Challenger and am ready to share my knowledge with the world! I try my best to stay positive and friendly in-game, which is especially needed if you are going to give Teemo Jungle a whirl. My links are below, and so is EVERYTHING you need to know about jungling this cute yordle.


Teemo, the Swift Scout, has always been traditionally a top laner, so why take him jungle? As league of legends evolves from season to season the JUNGLE role has more game impact early on than all other roles and for someone like me, that has always intrigued me.


    Unbeatable level 2 advantage
    Healthy clear + kiting
    Strong snowball potential
    Objective control
    Late game scaling


    Easy to counter jungle
    Weak 1v1 potential
    Slow early game scaling and farming
    No hard CC
    Less reliable ganking


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Teemo's abilities are very easy to understand, hard to master. Between the careful placement of your Noxious Trap, carefully timing your Blinding Dart, or calculating your damage from Toxic Shot precisely, it will take some practice and finesse! Practice makes perfect, and for Jungle always remember, FRICKIN MAX E!!!!

Guerrilla Warfare - Passive

Teemo's bread and butter passive. Because of the extra attack speed your ideal strategy is to use this while taking buffs. Execute the stealth properly for bonus burst damage or a sneaky get away. Furthermore, use his passive in bushes near top & bottom to execute lane ganks!

How I USE IT PROPERLY: If a lane is pushed, sneak into the lane via the bushes, and execute a gank with your laner for a successful kill. Also, stealth in a lane where creeps don't see you, and rack in a free B. Works wonders making picks late game (play like an assassin)

Blinding Dart - Q

This is your only survival tool, if used properly. Make sure to ALWAYS prioritize BLINDING the enemy champion to negate auto attacks and it ensures your damage in the process. At max rank, this will buy 2.5 extra seconds of living and secure many kills for you!

How I use it PROPERLY: On a gank, make sure to use this last to ensure you get the kill, this has +100 range on your auto attack so its a good finisher! You can also use it when 1v1ing an auto based melee champ or adc to nullify their damage for a couple seconds! Keep in mind: Auto-Q-Auto is Teemo’s best combo for burst damage

Move Quick - W

Teemo's most FUN ability. It passively maximizes your movement speed making you truly the Swift Scout. The active on this ability will aid in chasing kills, escaping fights, and navigating the jungle efficiently.

How I USE IT PROPERLY: Using W from base to your camps will cut your travel speed by a decent amount. Also, using them to gank a lane is a GREAT substitute for a gap close. OF COURSE spamming W to run away from danger is a good way to use as well.

Toxic Shot - E

This ability is the BEST of the lot, ALWAYS MAX E. The bonus damage from auto attacks, and damage over time is BONKERS. This also pairs well with any AA enhancers (Nami E, Red Buff, Ardent Censor etc...).

Noxious Trap - R

Teemo's ICONIC ability. Most frustrating to play against, but most exciting to play with. With our signature build, these puppies will hit like a Mac Truck. Lay them down on cool down and reap in the freebies.

How I USE IT: Using your Shrooms to clear your jungle camps will increase clear speed by 100%! Shrooming around baron/drake when spawning is a great objective control tactic, also using shrooms in the waves or teamfights when they break out is the perfect use for them!
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The BEST page for Teemo Jungle right NOW will 100% no questions asked be, PTA. It is very easy to proc 3 autos + a q to deal INSANE damage coming from the jungle. Between cutting a good angle on a gank, or your laner landing CC, the proc feels GURANTEED out of the jungle, making it the best page at the moment. Beserker's + PTA power spike also is insane.

The BEST page for Teemo Jungle right NOW will 100% no questions asked be, PTA. It is very easy to proc 3 autos + a q to deal INSANE damage coming from the jungle. Between cutting a good angle on a gank, or your laner landing CC, the proc feels GURANTEED out of the jungle, making it the best page at the moment. Beserker's + PTA power spike also is insane.
I cannot stress the IMPORTANCE of Legend:Alacrity. It is the 1 rune that ties Teemo Jungle MUST HAVE to be a a contender. You start the game with 28% attack speed with the addition of this(Passive 15%, 10% runes,3% scaling w/ Alacrity). When you combine these raw stats with Hunter’s Machete it makes it for a nice and easy clear!

This rune is extremely undervalued. % dmg UNDER 40% synchronizes SO WELL with your poison and shroom, essentially your whole kit. This helps secure many kills and helps you pop off and win those teamfights. Again, paired with Triumph and your kit -this all brings it together.

Eyeball Collection is an easy concept. At 20 assists/kills you get 30 free AP... not much to it.

Ravenous Hunter is a 100% must take for Teemo, it brings his kit altogether. Teemo's range is 550 which is on the shorter end, he's an in your face champion, thus making Rav Hunter a necessity. Older builds included gunblade, but now we get all of the healing for 0g instead of 3400g! Poggers!

Popular Runes that I don't like and why:

Dark Harvest (DH) is a great rune, but the early game aspect of it completely can ruin a game. Having at MOST 30 dmg on a rune levels 1-6 is horrible, and will cause you to die or lose out on important kills. The late game is great, but it's too risky and hard to get rolling to be worth it.

Electrocute is just a weaker DH, it's slightly better early game but has a small ceiling anywhere past 20 mins because it only proccs 1 time every 30s. The damage on it also doesn't scale whatsoever.

Predator WOULD be a good rune but unfortunately the effect gets used if they ever hit a shroom, which happens often.

Lethal Tempo is made for consistent damage, which is On-hit Teemo, which is bad currently. This rune doesn't sync well with AP Teemo at all.

Same concept as Lethal Tempo, just a smidgeon different.

Fleet Footwork is actually a pretty good rune. It gives a bit of movement speed and healing, along with good scaling. It lacks damage but is a good utility option, SeemsGoodMan.

Glacial Augment is a rune that is not needed. Sacrificing damage for a weak slow is very bad and unnecessary.

Relentless Hunter is good for power-gankers, unfortunately Teemo is a power-farmer. Also, rav hunter is just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too good.
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Below are is going to be my GO TO BUILD, EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. With having to build Enchantment: Runic Echoes you have way less gold to mix and match items, so most of your popular choices are cut(get over it). Also: changing your build every game will stunt your progression as a player, best to keep it simple and clean to ensure a higher ranking this season!
Runic Echoes is EASILY the best option for Teemo Jungle! It provides the small amount of mana you need to round out your pool, easy access to CDR, and of course AP - The on-hit proc is just a fat bonus! Compare this to the other items it is no contest!

Beserker's These puppies pair really well together with your PTA to create such a strong early game power spike. The attack speed also is just a vital part of playing Teemo (auto based champion) - making these boots a bang for their buck!

Offers EVERYTHING Teemo needs, AS,AP,CDR, and a spicy on-hit effect to make his auto's CHUNK. This is a must have on Teemo!

SECOND best item on Teemo only behind Nashor's Tooth - The passive gets activated on your shroom for triple damage and for regular damage on your Q, it chunks! Also, the max % hp burns tanks and squishies! Not to mention, the +300 hp is no slouch either, and it’s all packaged together for the little scout!

Void Staff One of the BEST items for Teemo. Similiar to flat Magic Penetration, % magic pen is equally as OP! Void staff is SOO good right now because of all the MR built into runes,earth drake, kits, and items. SCENARIO: Your opposing top/jungle have only 1 MR item each + earth drake, void staff will cut around 30-40 MR off the top, INSANE VALUE!

Standard item by the 5th slot, it reduces their magic resist which they will have in 90% of the games.

Rabadon’s DeathCap is an amazing item to round out your build, generally around 5-6th item. It amplifies the rest of ur AP by 35%, which at 5th item will be around +100-200 AP! Again ONLY buy this 5th item because of the how it works!

Why: Lich Bane gives 7% movement speed which is a good subsitute for the boots sell, so in turn you gain +80 AP(that stacks with Rabadon's Deathcap and a phat on-hit damage effect, for just losing +18 Mpen.


This item would be good for an on-hit build if it was MAGIC DAMAGE, but it is % HP PHYSICAL DAMAGE which does NOT scale with Teemo!!! Bad item, don't fall for it!


AMAZING ITEM, BUT. Teemo jungle already has to be Enchantment: Runic Echoes Nashor's Tooth Liandry's Torment Void Staff so he simply doesn't have the room for this item!

Not a good item for Teemo, the magic pen is nice but you overpay SO much gold for the health and reduced healing effect. Also, with the fact that you have to build Runic Echoes, your gold is too tied up with your other core items to invest in Morello.

The % armor pen is wasted along with the on-hit stacking effect(in some cases)so you end up overpaying for the other stats. Nashor's is much better in every way.

Too hard to make use of the active effect, especially when Lich Bane is the most similar + better option!
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There is currently ONE jungle path that is PERFECT for Teemo. It is undoubtedly the most efficient, and balancing being able to gank well with having the right amount of farm, check it out below!


Red Buff -> Krugs -> Wraiths -> Blue Buff -> Scuttle -> Gank Top/Mid/Bot(Depending on what side you are) OR farm Wolves Gromp

I want to explain for a second why this is the BEST path for Teemo Jungle.

Teemo has absolutely no need for blue buff level 1, so starting blue is downright subpar. Starting red not only slows the camps every auto, but also grants more damage and health sustain, all amazing for this yordle to get rolling.

Krugs will grant the most experience and gold and you can kite these camps out to maintain high health and clear them efficiently.

Wraiths next will be to pop ur level 3 at a fairly easy point in the game, and to keep your experience head.

Blue is 4th camp and will give you the mana at this point, and you actually heal off this camp because of how well you can kite it.

AT THIS POINT, after killing BLUE it will be about 3:10-3:15 into the game and our path lands at perfectly at scuttle crab to contest or take it.

AFTER DOING SCUTTLE, you have plenty of choices, and this is where jungling starts to kick in.

Option A: Gank top/mid/bottom - BEST choice because ganking is king right now, snowball = win.

Option B: Counter-jungle - 2nd Best choice to limit your opposing junglers gold. Take his camps = more xp for you less for him.

Option C: Farm your gromp/wolves - Not a bad choice, base after.

^^ after picking any of these options, you path to Krugs and then you get to jungling, GL SUMMONERS!
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Being a JUNGLER, you need to have your mind and eyes constantly running the map being ready to switch PRIORITY in an instant. This will help you decide what to farm, and when to farm it - what to gank, and when to gank it. These are 100% based on TEEMO JUNGLE's strengths and weaknesses (a Lee Sin's priorities would be #1 Gank #2 drag for example)

With the new season at a finger's reach, the once power-farmer Teemo has new jungle priorities!

Red Buff -> Rift Scuttlers -> Counter Jungling -> Dragon (tip: get there 20's before spawning) -> Rift Herald -> Gromp & Wolves -> Razorbeaks/ Krugs .

These prios are like this for the following reasons:

#1 - Red Buff on Teemo is OP, his auto's hit so hard and slow,blending his kit together. You can 1v1 many people lv 2-3 with red buff and it is the most important camp for you.

#2 - Rift Scuttlers are second because they give you gold/xp and DENY the enemy jungler gold/exp. They also heal you and take little time to kill. The added vision and a speed boost they give you as well contributes to your ganks and objective control.

#3 - Counter Jungling became VERY good with the removal of catch-up exp and increase rate of jungle camps spawning. Make sure to peak in their jungle whenever possible and prioritize this at all stages of the game!

#4 - Dragons (with the new preseason changes) ARE OP!! MUST GET THEM ON SPAWN! Arrive 20's before the spawn to help your team prep the buff.

#5 - Rift Herald now spawns TWICE before 20 minutes! Easy gold by taking up to 2 turrets! very valuable, much wow!

#6 - Gromp & Wolves - These camps recently got buffed in exp and gold and take prio over krugs razorbeaks! Only use them to fill your route on your way to gank!

#7 - Krugs & Crimson Raptor - These camps recently got nerfed in exp and gold and take the least prio out of any jungle! Use them to fill your route as well.
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Control Ward are the ONLY survival tool that Teemo Jungle has, make sure to use them wisely. Below is a map of all the best spots to use your Control Ward, a big part of becoming a better player is to Control Ward based on MAP CONTROL & FLOW. If you are WINNING: ward in the river to detect invades and gain knowledge of their jungler. If you are LOSING: ward near your red/blue or entrances to your jungle!

An old saying goes: 1 Pink Ward a base keeps the invades away.

Teemo Jungle gets invaded constantly, which is why it is a MUST. I like to rotate my control ward based on the game, but usually there are a couple KEY spots.

Top 3 ward spots:

River Bushes
Top and Bottom of Red Buff
Blue Buff Bushes
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Using Teemo's Noxious Trap PROPERLY is one of the most complex abilities in the game. From the JUNGLE role, it differs just a little bit. You need to be able to switch from farming w/ shrooms to actively placing them around the map in the mid-game. I went ahead and attached a map below(coming soon) to guide you in this, but try to start memorizing them as well :slight_smile:


Use your shrooms the following way:

#1 - CLEARING jungle camps quicker. Shrooming razorbeaks, krugs, buffs will increase your clear speed by 40% which means more ganks, more farm, more objectives.

#2 - TEAMFIGHTING - throwing out shrooms in teamfights will gurantee them to go off on melee champs, and maybe catch a kill or 2 on an escaping noob.

#3 - STOPWATCH/GA/ZHONYA'S - if ANY champion on the enemy team has any of these items, save 1 shroom for them. Very easily toss it on their stasis body and its a free b waiting to enter your kill column!
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Teamfighting as Teemo is difficult at first, but becomes easier with this knowledge. Teemo possesses an insane amount of damage, as long as you know how to use it. Play Teemo in 5v5s most similiar to an ADC - kite back the tanks/bruisers and throw down shrooms and auto's like they are hot cakes. Only flash forward if you 100% KNOW you can secure multiple kills!

Teemo has a surprisingly good team fight ability (no troll). There are 2 ways to go about it.

If you are FED, AHEAD, CONFIDENT - you can play AP Teemo similar to a mid-lane assassin. You will be able to 1-shot their carries and clean up extremely well. His Q -> E -> ignite combo while AHEAD does insane damage!

If you are EVEN, BEHIND, UNSURE - play AP Teemo similar to an ADC. Kite back and auto attack anybody that gets near you, Teemo is pretty decent at shredding tanks! Wait for the perfect opportunity and a lucky shroom to be able to clean up and ace them.

It's IMPORTANT to assess the situation beforehand so always keep an eye on YOUR items and level and their items/level!
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I hope that this maximizes your play on Teemo Jungle and helps people see that he is a VIABLE jungler! With any off meta pick you can expect sometimes people won't understand that you're there to help your team win. Remember to keep your head up and never stop improving.


Last Update: 3/10/2020
League of Legends Build Guide Author manco1
manco1 Teemo Guide
Manco's Season 10 CHALLENGER TEEMO JUNGLE GUIDE (10.17) - FI
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