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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Malga

Maokai - farmer tank

Malga Last updated on February 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: improve your magic damage will help to creep and make some frags.

Greater Seal of Defense: so if you wanna be a tank buy tank runes ok? this runes is better for mid and late games, so if u wanna best early games use Greater Seal of Armor, isntead you can buy dodges runes Greater Seal of Evasion in this case should be better change some points in your mastery to improve dodge.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: Same case as seal runes but this one grant you magic resist for level good for mid and late games, but if u want better early game you can use Greater Glyph of Magic Resist.

Greater Quintessence of Scaling Magic Resist: same case as above, this for mid and late games. i prefer use magic resist runes, because in the game magic resist is more expensive than armor def, and u can get in one iten 100 armor def for 2000 gold if u buy force of nature you will get less then 80 magic resist for 2600 gold

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Skill Sequence

Ok it's not usual put ultimates ,in this case Vengeful Maelstrom, at lvl 10, but his ult at low level is a waste of mana because a high cost of mana/second at lvl 1 (40mana/sec), if you cast your ult u cannot combo skills or when you combo skill you gonna be com. So i prefer use the ult at lvl 10/11.

" Sapling Toss": when u maximize it u can make a hard damage, and u will kill the creep line with a single shot and jugle so easy. You can make hard damage making the combo with " Sapling Toss" and " Twisted Advance" whit cooldown reduction you can kill squishes so easy or make they return to heal whit a single combo at lvl 6. But care, at skill lvl 5 " Sapling Toss" cost 110 mana be sure you can hit the target.

Arcane Smash it's another nice skill to farm but, if u share skill point here u will be less effective against champions, 1 point at lvl 5 will be enough to brake some chaneling skill like Nunu & Willump ultimate, Katarina ultimate and Fiddlesticks life drain.

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Early Game:

usualy my first return to the base i can buy Morello's Evil Tome, if I can buy it and not leftover money to boots, I buy anyway, and buy the boots later.

The Boots: I use to make " Mercury's Treads" but you should use good judgment, if u need u can make " Ninja Tabi" or in a easy match you can " sorcerer boots" or Boots of Swiftness".

Def equips: if the opposing team has a lot of AP damage do banshee viel otherwise make the same sun fire

Mid/End Game:

Now it's time to chose what kind of equips you gonna do. You can chose
Warmog's Armor: It's a nice iten because Maokai passive resotre % of his total Hp but u need some def too don't forget it.
Raduin's Omen: few cooldown reduction nice def, some hp and nice active slow for ganks and scapes
Frozen Heart 20% colldown reduction with plus masteries and Morello's Evil Tome u almost got 40% reduction cooldown, and nice aura against Master Yi, Tryndamere, Ashe, and all others dps.
Thornmail:OK just get this one against great ad damage, like Gangplank and Tristana,including those already mentioned above,etc...
Force of Nature: One great iten for Maokai the great magic resist and nice life regeneration but the best for Maokai is the move speed, or do you think the trees are fast?
Guardian Angel: It's a good iten when you are not dieing easy
Aegis of the Legion: it's the best early games itens in my view, but not for this build, but if u have Morello's Evil Tome ready, you can make aegis.
Abyssal Mask and Zhonya's Hourglass: Do this just if u wanna make strong damage but they don't give you life, so care you area a tank not a AP mage.
Lich Bane: Ok u realy wanna kick some ***? make abyssal, zhonya and lich bane and kill then all... or try :P
Quicksilver Sash: banshe and quicksilver together, only if your team have many squish and the other team many disable.

Real End Game:

I sell the Morello's Evil Tome and use the money to make another def iten to be a better tank, if you have not done so, make items that will give you magic resistance or defense, along with cooldown reduction, not to lose the morello's reduction

I do not use in my builds

: i don't like spirit visage for Maokai, because the real it's not the big deal.

" Chalice of Harmony": just in a real hard early games with magical laners.

" Soul Shroud": maby as first iten. but only in this case.

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My Bad for:

I will start saying sorry for the bad english, but i will try to do my best and fix if you help me to do it. so don't troll just help.
And it's my first build at mobafire so I will improve this build as soon as possible.

tks and keep reading.