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Kindred Build Guide by Massive Nuts

ADC platinum

Massive Nuts' Kindred ADC complete guide for Season 10

By Massive Nuts | Updated on September 19, 2020
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Press the Attack
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Magical Footwear
Approach Velocity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Champion Build Guide

Massive Nuts' Kindred ADC complete guide for Season 10

By Massive Nuts

Hey guys, my name is Massive Nuts, I'm a lvl 400 high-plat player in EUW, peak D2. Kindred really happens to be one of the strongest ADCs in the meta and everybody seems to ignore it. I played it competitively in university teams and my team reached #8 of the UK thanks to that Kindred meta.

Kindred is fun, it's creative, efficient, it's extremely strong in late aswell as in early paired with the right support. Very few people know how to play against it and underestimate its damage. Abuse that for your advantage.

Kindred is not insanely hard mechanically, 10 games of practice should be enough to understand your skillshots, your combos and your limits. Make sure you read the sections you don't understand don't just blindly try it or you'll be sad. Enjoy the reading, I'll try and keep it simple and clear, hope you enjoy it


SUMMONERS AND ABILITIES..................................................................................................................go to section

ITEMISATION............................................................................................................................................go to section

RUNES.......................................................................................................................................................go to section

GAMEPLAY...............................................................................................................................................go to section

How do you get your passive stacks? Do you just lose all that power?

No, just a reminder you have two ways of getting stacks: Wolf hunts are granted when you kill (or have an assist on) an enemy monster camp, and Lamb hunts are granted when you kill (or have an assist on) a marked enemy champion. On average, Jungle Kindred can hope for 3 stacks every 10 minutes. It's the same for ADC kindred. Where Wolf hunts are easy to get for Jungle kindred, for ADC kindred it's the Lamb stacks that will matter the most. You have two opponents in your lane which you will frequently fight with. Marking the one which appears to be the weakest, or not have flash will allow you to keep up with those bonuses in-lane. In addition, you can always roam for the crab in early once you pushed the wave, it is definitely worth missing a couple minions to grab it, to grant vision on your river and get a stack. In mid-game and late-game, you can decide if it's greedy to go for camps or not depending on the situation. Overall, the passive is not at all a problem. Your powerspikes happen after 4 stacks, 7, 10, 13, etc. when your range is increased.



Heal is a must for pretty much all ADCs but especially Kindred. Giving him movement speed and extra-health can allow him to get a lot more kill pressure without risking his life for it. It can be used to get out of your ultimate more safely, to speed you up in a chase, or simply heal your support in a 2v2 situation. However it is not the only viable option for Kindred.

Barrier is more useful on Kindred than on any other ADC. Generally, I am not a fan of that summoner spell and I do believe it needs a slight buff, but it synergises really well with Kindred. Right after your R, use your barrier to have twice the health percentage of your opponents for 2 seconds, giving you the time to deal enough damage to kill enemies. I take this with a Yuumi or a Taric and tell them to take heal. In fights early it can also surprise your enemies. Triumph gives you 12% of your missing health which is usually just slightly less than a Heal.

Exhaust is a really useful rune to run on Kindred. It can allow you to survive to burst damage by reducing damage by 40% if you're against heavy burst team, and it also allows you to prevent a fast death coming out of your R. Really depends on your habits. It can work really well if you know how and when to use it.


Flash is a must on Kindred. It is so useful to get out even faster from your ultimate than just dashing over a wall. It can also be used to finish an enemy who is really low, just use Flash -> Q -> AA and it should do the job everytime. There is no other options better than flash and you should always take it.






Kindred ADC will use the E-max over the W-max as he will be bursting down targets in mid-game rather than stalling in long fights with his W. The E-Max level 13 often happens roughly a bit before the purchase of the Infinity Edge and the 4 stacks on the passive, which gives you an insane burst power spike before getting out of lane. This will be your time to surprise every fed enemy and collect those bounties to snowball the game. You will do more burst damage by maxing E.

I will not just write what the abilities do because you can read, I'll put the key elements, some additionnal informations about them and why and when I max them.

Dance of Arrows is the most important part of your kit. It grants you an insane amount of mobility, AOE damage and waveclear. Practising the walls you can dash over will really help you control Kindred. Is it extremely useful in the botlane to dodge skillshots or follow a gank from your jungler as it is almost instant and unexpected. Master the autoattack-reset in practice tool. As soon as the animation of the first auto has started, immediately Q and click again on the target. It should be extremely fast and allows you to proc your E in 1,5 seconds while maximizing damage.

Wolf's Frenzy is a very discrete ability, even you may not even notice the damage it deals sometimes, but you would be surprised on how much it actually does. The fact that it lowers your Q cooldowns makes it a key component of your kit and you become very weak when you have it on cooldown. I would advise you place the zone in the direction on where you are heading instead of where you are, as you will want it to last as long as possible without stepping out of it. I max this after dance of arrows to lower the cooldown and increase wolf's damage. (especially with the on-hit build which includes AP and AP-pen) Take this level 2 to provide good sustain with W passive.

Kindred's E, Mounting Dread has an insane burst and will proc perfectly with Press the Attack to absolutely destroy any given ADC. The damage highly increases on targets below 15% so if you almost killed someone and you're only missing one AA to proc it, do not hesitate to flash, it will most likely kill him. Learn to time it when you're in your ulti so your last autoattack destroys them when you get out. The cooldown of your marks is 4 seconds. The range of this ability is the same as your AA.

Your ultimate Lamb's Respite makes champions invulnerable when hitting 10% of max health in the zone. If you are dueling someone and he hits 10% and does now have insane healing, I would advise you keep your cooldowns while it is activated and just auto-attack. 4 Seconds is pretty long, so think about your next move. Plan a quick-strategy, either on how you're going to finish them, or a plan to escape. This ability has a really big cooldown for what it is, so use it wisely, as a last resort. Punish any enemies stepping out. Maxing your R is actually optional, you could keep it level 1 if you wanted but the cooldown can be important to take more risks and fights.


Cull is an incredibly powerful item on AD powerspiking champ and especially on Kindred. You have more sustain, but you sacrifice some HP and 1AD... In most cases, you can afford this small risk and the payoff is just huge and will allow you to get your BF for stormrazor so much faster. I run cull in 80% of my games and it works really well.

Doran's Blade is a better option if you're going into a poke lane or into a lane you know you won't win hard. This means you're sacrificing a little bit of your powerspike in order to "lose less". In essence, this is a safer choice. With this item, your Q also does exactly 69 damage at level 1, Nice. I recommend you watch sneaky's video comparing the two items if you haven't already.

Health Potion is most likely going to be the only option your have after buying any starting item. This gives you good sustain for a low cost. As a general rule on Kindred, you should only consume a potion when you have less than 50% of your health, not above, because your W passive can sustain you a good amount by itself.


Muramana is such a ridiculous item right now. It provides so much raw AD and secured scaling. Kindred doesn't necessarily have any mana problems but now he can spam all his abilities without worrying. And the extra-amount of damage on this item is really insane. You get 37 AD with Manamune only but when the tear and your runes are stacked, you get up to 100 AD, and amazing passives that allow your autoattacks and all your abilities (Q, W and E) to deal almost 60 additional damage with the Shock passive. Buy the Pickaxe first back if you can.

Stormrazor is definitely the best second item. The slow on your first autoattack will allow you to poke well in lane aswell as catch some enemies when your E is on cd. Giving you attack speed, a lot of AD and crit chance, those stats are really necessary in early. You'll also need this slow in extended fights as it'll come roughly every 3 seconds and allow you to kite or catch.

Infinity Edge is a must for Kindred ADC. Aswell as increasing the damage of most of his autoattacks by 25%, his E damage also increases from this passive by 37,5% additional physical damage and benefits fully to Kindred. Giving 80 raw damage is also really nice on Kindred who loves having it for his ratios on Q and E mainly. Ideally 3rd item, if too behind have it as a 4th.

Berserker's Greaves is your typical game: giving you an insane amount of attack speed aswell as decent movement speed. This is my choice 99% of the time. As you go bloodline, you will need the attack speed in early-game as muramana and IE don't give any.

Ninja Tabi is a safe boot choice when you're slightly behind because of the enemy ADC (ex. Draven) or a fed assassin (ex. Zed). Keep in mind if you go these, you will lose some attack speed so make sure you need it before picking it blindly.

4th and 5th ITEMS

Rapid Firecannon is almost key for Kindred ADC. Having that extended range allows you to poke and engage properly before and during teamfights. It'll allow you to proc your Stormrazor from further away than your E and legit 3 shot your squishy opponents from 3 autoattacks and a Q from tristana range. The bonus range is in % so for every mark you get (4, 7, 11, 14...) that increases your range, your RFC range is also affected. Huge.
Maw of Malmortius is an occasional item I would advise you take in case of a strong AP-burst in their team. Let it be a LeBlanc, a Velkoz or a Brand, you will need this either to continue chasing them, or to survive longer and have the reaction time to R. This also gives you some lifesteal and AD when your Lifeline triggers for 5 seconds. Absolutely decent 4th item.

Mortal Reminder is a really efficient last item in many games as the Grievous Wound it gives is insanely efficient and applied fairly easily on Kindred. Also, this item is pretty cheap. It will also reduce the healing enemies get from your Lamb's Respite which will be 260 instead of the usual 400 healing. For that reason, I think it's always better to build this rather than Lord Dominik's Regards.

Edge of Night is the best AD defensive item in most cases. It gives you more windows to poke safely and stop any annoying assassin on their team from rushing you. The lethality it gives is most effective against squishies so if you feel like their frontline is too tanky, build a Mortal Reminder. But in most cases, this is a better and safer option.

Press the Attack is probably the best rune to take as an ADC. Although Conqueror and Lethal Tempo are also very viable options, I feel like PTA gives Kindred more burst damage aswell as ability to take "extended trades" against tanks or full-hp champions. I would recommend taking it over the other runes as an ADC as you need that "all-in" power of an ADC like Draven. The 3-AA mechanic synergises well with your E and will make a really big burts to the enemy lifebar.

Presence of Mind is actually core with any champ who builds Muramana this season. You get a good 10 AD when you complete it just with the Awe passive and once you complete your Manamune, the shock passive make your autoattacks deal an extra 15 physical damage on-hit. May not sounds like a lot but I assure you it's really huge for a single rune option.

Legend: Bloodline is a really strong rune to give you basically a free Bloodthirster's worth of lifesteal after roughly 20 minutes (well you get 12% at max stacks). I really like this rune and it overpasses the two others by far because it saves you a lot of money and you don't need more attack speed if you follow the build and get a decent amount of marks. Tenacity is useless on ADC.

Coup de Grace is really optional and depends on the enemy team's composition. I prefer it in most cases because the extra-damage will be very useful while getting out of your R aswell as when you all-in the enemy botlane. It's the offensive/ aggressive version of the "defensive" Last Stand which is also very good. It is a very strong and flexible rune. If the enemy team has many tanks or off-tanks, I would recommend you go Cut Down.


While your Precision tree is locked and any variation would kind of ruin the build, you have more choice with your secondary tree. From my experience and playing around with numbers, the most consistent runepath which will work every time is the Inspiration tree. But any other tree can also work in a specific context.

- The Resolve tree can be useful when you have a healer support and/ or the enemy team has a heavy-burst-hypersmurf-assassin-carry style if you go Bone Plating and Revitalize. The Revitalize will also increase your W Passive and R healing which is why it's also a viable option.

- The Domination tree is a more mobile runepath which is aimed more towards roaming and late-game hunting. You can take Relentless Hunter and Sudden Impact who are two very effective runes who can give you more possibility to play arround the map and get that extra-burst damage when you Q.

- The Sorcery tree is also a good option for its Gathering Storm when you know the game is going to be long (full scaling on both teams) and paired with a good Nimbus Cloak, this is a good option into more late-game focused teams with Kassadin or Nasus for example.



Magical Footwear is really nice for two reasons: makes all your money go towards your core items which is necessary, and it also gives you an extra 10 movement speed which will be needed in late-game. Something to consider is you're likely going to be fighting in early, for your marks and also to make good use of your PTA. This will shorten the cooldown of your boots.

Approach Velocity is a really nice rune to have in all stages of the game. In early it helps you follow ganks or engages from your support. In mid and late-game, it's a great way to follow a flash without having to burn yours after hitting either your E or an empowered autoattack with Stormrazor. Of course, to make the most out of this rune, it's best to have an engage support or jungler paired with you.


Gameplay section still in progress :)
League of Legends Build Guide Author Massive Nuts
Massive Nuts Kindred Guide
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