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Master Yi Build Guide by ThatWhitePanda

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThatWhitePanda

Master Yi 100% Win 100% of The Time by ThatWhitePanda

ThatWhitePanda Last updated on April 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everybody, my name is ThatWhitePanda, and i'm here today to help you guys with Master Yi. I am providing you guys with both the jungling and dps aspects. I've been playing Master Yi for quite a bit and i know what it takes to win a game. This is my very first guide so please be easy on me ;). Also if you guys have anything you want me to add feel free to comment below and i'll look into it. Feel free to check me out on youtube for more tips and tricks with characters in League of Legends My Youtube Channel (Click here)

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Farming Master Yi

Master Yi can be an insanely good character if you can farm him right. All you really have to remember is last hit the minions and don't push up very far into your lane unless you have some of your items because you can get caught easily and stuck and the other team will get an easy kill. It would be wise to lane with a tank like nautilus because he can easily pull somebody in and you can attack with and take the character down really really fast. You should probably take bottom lane with a champion because Master Yi will get killed very easily by ranged and magic characters due to the fact that he has no cc and his only main damage source is from alpha strike which an enemy champion can easily pull you into their turret when you use it.

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I chose all the runes because for Master Yi you want to have lots of armor penetration and critical strike. Even when jungling both of those will come in handy.

Glyph of Magic Resist - Magic resist is very useful especially on Yi because alot of people use magic characters and can take out Yi very easily by using a crowd control spell.

Mark of Desolation - Armor penetration is very useful and can help you get the kill much easier.

Seal of Critical Damage - Critical strike never hurts when your playing a melee dps character especially since on both builds your going to be getting a little critical strike and this will help you kill the champions much faster.

Quintessence of Desolation - Once again armor penetration to help kill champions faster.

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Items - Jungling

Jungler Yi

Cloth Armor + Health Potion - Basic jungling items for giving you some armor and easy health when you run low on it.

Long Sword - Standard recipe for jungling

Madred's Razors - Gives you some extra armor and attack damage so you can kill everything in the jungle faster

Berserker's Greaves - Gives you extra attack speed so you can kill faster

The Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge - Really good items to give you the dps you need to be a really successful Yi

Warmog's Armor or Frozen Mallet - Both of these give you great amounts of health and they are both situational pics. Pick Warmog's Armor if you need tons of health and you keep getting killed. Pick Frozen Mallet if you need a little extra attack damage + the unique passive that takes away some of their movement speed then pick this one.

Trinity Force - Increases almost everything to make your champion more well rounded.

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What to do in the Jungle With Master Yi

1. Buy Cloth Armor + Health Potion + Alpha Strike
2. Golems , (use Smite/ Alpha Strike on one then autoattack)
3. Wraiths (get either Meditate or Wuju Style at level 2)
4. Wolves
5. Teleport back then get Long Sword
6. Do the same thing again and when you get enough buy [Madred's Razors go back in the same order, Golems , Wraiths , Wolves until you can afford Berserker's Greaves at this time you should be able to get the blue buff and the red buff blue buff first then you can either gank, stay in your jungle, or go in theirs.
7. Buy The Bloodthirster
8. Buy Infinity Edge
9. Buy Frozen Mallet or Warmog's Armor
10. Trinity Force

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Items - Dps

Damage Per Second Yi

Berserker's Greaves - Gives you extra attack speed

Zeal - Great for attack speed, movement speed, and critical strike.

Phantom Dancer - Gives you the extra attack speed that makes Yi a great Dps character

Infinity Edge/ The Bloodthirster/ The Black Cleaver - Typical dps items that will do wonders with Yi

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Summoner Spells

I choose Ghost and Exhaust because ghost makes for an amazing getaway and exhaust basically weakens the enemy alot so you can beast him pretty fast.

Other Viable Options

Flash - Really food if you want to go over the walls but it doesn't offer the getaway speed you'll need because of Master Yi's low health

Heal - Heal isn't really a very good option because Yo already has meditation and their is really no point of having two heal's with one character when you could be more useful with either exhaust or ghost.

Smite - Great option if jungling because it gives great damage to the minions all around the map regardless if its in the lane or in the jungle.

Ignite - Pretty useful if you can use it at the right time especially if can't finish your kill at the end.

Spells You Should Avoid

Promote - Doesn't have usefulness for anything at all imho. Its probably one of the more useless spells and i haven't seen a person yet who's used it yet.

Clarity - Usually Master Yi isn't really a mana-hungry champion unless your playing him very wrong.

Surge - Not really useful in this occasion.

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-Very strong Mid to Late Game
-High Dps when built right
-Can jungle and lane effectively
-Very Valuable to team fights as well as ganking
-Very low health at the beginning of the game
-Very bad if not built right
-No crowd control

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Master Yi How to Jungle - Video

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Master Yi is a very good character when built right. Offers very good dps mid to late game but has very low health at the start of the game. Overall Master Yi is very good for a 450ip character. He is a great overall melee character and it a lot of fun to play. So far i've played Master Yi at least 150 games and i have a pretty good hand of him.