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Master Yi Build Guide by Ozuar

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ozuar

Master Yi - Dancing Your Way to Victory!

Ozuar Last updated on October 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys, this is Ozuar here with my third build guide here on Mobafire, and now I am going to tackle a very basic, but often overlooked champion, Master Yi. This guide may look a little weird with the items. Your first though might be "Isn't that 7 core items in there?" In response to that, read the Items section. Here we go!


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Okay, if you even glanced at the items, you will have noted that this is an AD carry build right off of the bat. The runes on this build are designed to boost your critical damage. In total, they provide 45.51% Critical Damage. In combination with Infinity Edge, your Critical Stikes will deal 295.51% of your Attack Damage Meaning that you will be dealing 953.13 Physical Damage per strike. That's enough statistics for this section, I think. [Even on an enemy with 500 Armor (even without Armor Penetration) you do 190.62 Physical Damage].

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Remember all of those statistics you read in the last section? Scrap 'em! Here's why: those previous statistics do not account for your Masteries. Accounting for the 12 additional Attack Damage from Brute Force and Deadliness , the 10% additional Critical Damage from Lethality and the damage bonuses from Havoc you are actually doing 1063.35 Physical Damage per hit, and all of this without the damage bonuses from Executioner that will kick in rather quickly after starting a fight. I think this section explains thoroughly enough why we want to put 21 points into the Offense tree.

The remaining 9 points go into the defense tree. This is to increase your survivability and boost the HP that you are already getting from Warmog's Armor.

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Items and Corresponding Strategy

Now for the juicy part. The part that you've all been waiting for (or not waiting for if you scrolled down to this section immediately after reading the Introduction because you were wondering why the Berserker Greaves that you purchase in the beginning of the game don't stick around until the end of the game) or if you have some other reason for reading the items.


The first items you purchase are Boots of Speed and some Health Potion's. For those of you who don't know the logic behind this combination here it is: the boots give you Movement Speed, allowing you to position faster, chase down running opponents, and escape from pursuing opponents in the early game. The Health Potions give you HP back, allowing you to lane longer.

The next item that you get is your Berserker's Greaves because they bring your Movement Speed to 400 and boost your Attack Speed, increasing your ability to last hit. Next you get a Zeal which brings your Movement Speed to 433. Finish the zeal off into a Phantom Dancer for maximum farming potential (80% more Attack Speed and 439.6 Movement Speed) and some Critical Chance. You are now ready to stop farming and prepare to murder.


The very first thing that you want to build now that you are preparing to do some Class-A murder is an Infinity Edge. This gives you more Attack Damage and even more Critical Chance (now it's 55%, so you get a Critical Strike more than every other hit), as well as upgrading your Critical Damage from 251.51% to 301.51%. You should now be capable of doing enough damage to get a few kills in your lane, which will allow you to afford your next two Zeal's. After buying these, sell your BERSERKER GREAVES. Your Phantom Dancer and Zeal's will provide enough Movement Speed. You can now gank at will with your 50% Critical Chance and elevated AD.


It is now time to start the heavy-duty team fights. At this stage you will want to finish those two Zeal's you bought by building them into Phantom Dancer's. You will now have sufficient Movement Speed to go where you please when you please, 165% Attack Speed (this gives you 2.5 attacks per second), 100% Critical Chance, and 301.51% Critical Damage. You can either kill or cripple any person that you focus your cursor on. It is time for your survivability (which of course can only come in one form, MORE DAMAGE). Next on your list is The Bloodthirster. With full stacks this gives 100 additional Attack Damage and 20% Life Steal. Meaning you generate 196.54 Health per hit, or 491.35 Health per Second at this point. You are now virtual unkillable! If that isn't enough for you, it's time for your last item! Now you build a Last Whisper, because if they aren't stacking armor yet, the game is already over. If by some miracle of that previous sentence is false you build The Bloodthirster again (more Attack Damage and double the Life Steal). Keep going with this build until the game is over.


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Skill Sequence

The first skill that you max out is your Alpha Strike because it has no Attack Damage Scaling and is a fantastic farming tool. It is also the skill that you take at level one for the same reasons.

NOTE: Alpha Strike is an amazing engage and poke tool early game. Abuse it, just keep and eye on your Mana.

The second skill that you max out is your Wuju Style because of the bonus Attack Damage it gives you (which increases your ability to farm and to kill enemies) and it's great synergy with Highlander. For these reasons it is the skill you take at level two.

The third skill that you max out is Meditate because you will rarely use it. This isn't AP Yi, so the heal is insubstantial by comparison to the Mana Cost. You will use it often enough in very early game to prolong your time in lane, so you put a point into it at level three. After level 8 you will almost never use it except as a semi-taunt to lure enemies into getting into melee range.


Highlander is your seek and destroy move. Activate when a kill is possible or you need to escape. If you are using it to kill, activate Wuju Style once you get into melee range. When you get the kill (you will get the kill), it will restore the cooldown on both abilities, therefore the passive on Wuju Style will never be down.

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Summoner Spells

There are two Summoner Spells you want for Master Yi, but a four Summoner Spells are viable.


Flash - This will teleport you either into or away from a fight. This allows you to get away from times that you might die and get into places where you would otherwise lose a kill. This is invaluable for Carry's, especially when ganking.

Ignite - This will do a significant amount of damage to an enemy Champion over time as well as disrupt their healing abilities. This can either be used in place of Flash when pursuing Low-Health enemies. Another invaluable Spell for Carry's.


Teleport - This allows you to just pop into your lane. You might consider using this if you are a risk-taker and like to trade Health with enemies, or if you think that your ganking needs some more speed. Should be used in place of Flash if taken.

Exhaust - This stops enemies in their tracks by making them unable to deal anything close to significant damage or to move around for 2.5 seconds. This can be used to shut down the enemy carry or to pursue a running away enemy. This spell can be used in place of either Ignite or Flash.

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There you have it. The Dance Master 101! You can destroy anybody with this build and once you get your hands on The Bloodthirster you have some pretty fantastic sustain. With spells and the factoring in of your passive, you can do about 4000 Damage Per Second. This is a nice way to deal some very have damage, but it is a tad expensive. Everything (assuming you bought the Last Whisper at the end and not The Bloodthirster) costs a rough grand total of 18,000 gold.