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Master Yi Build Guide by Helladen

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Helladen

Master Yi, Ultimate

Helladen Last updated on May 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This guide is meant to show you how to build Master Yi into the ultimate champion. You will be able to do great damage and able to keep yourself alive with massive life stealing. This build is mostly attack damage stacking if anyone was curious.

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How to Play


You should focus the enemy champions when they are alone, you are grouped with your team, or they are running away. This is very good for picking off champions when the team is diving back into their base to play defensive. You should use Exhaust during times like this in order to make the other team more pressured.

You should never attempt to try to kill multiple champions at once, unless you know you can take them all. Do not dive in to finish a champion off, being greedy ends up feeding the other team.

Double Strike

He will attack twice every seven hits, so you should keep track of the buff stack icon and try to make it double hit an enemy champion. This can be difficult to keep track of, but it definitely can help you dominate the game when mastered.

Alpha Strike

It is good for minion farming and trying to get away or to an enemy champion. When you are harassing you should target a minion, never the player themselves, because whichever target you select is where you will teleport. Players can walk into a turret while Alpha Strike is going and gank you easily, so be careful how you use this spell.


It is a channeled healing spell that recovers a decent amount of health. You shouldn't use this very often, but at times you are being attacked it may be a good time to use it (defensive bonus). This will allow your team finish the enemy champion(s) attacking you off. The only other situation this should be used in is if you have plenty of mana to spare to heal yourself up while pushing a lane.

Wuju Style

It is very good for bursting early game, and it will help increase your damage end-game too. While the move is inactive, it will increase damage by a certain amount, and when you use it that amount is doubled. The side effect of this is that it loses its passive bonus until it is no longer on cooldown.

I wouldn't use this unless you know you can get a kill on an important NPC or champion, because it costs mana and your passive will no longer be active.


It is great for mobility and quick burst, it increases both attack speed and movement speed for a short duration.

You should save Highlander until you know you can get an assist or killing blow, so that it lowers the cooldown of the spell. It lowers the cooldown by 50% if it is an assist and 100% if you make the killing blow.


This spell is used solely for catching an enemy champion or getting away. You should only use it in dire situations, try to avoid from using it unless it is required.


Make sure to use it on champions you struggle to kill, or if you are trying to finish someone off before they reach a tower. Another good use it to slow their movement speed while they are being hit by a tower.

Skill Sequence

You should save Alpha Strike until you need to catch the enemy champion or finish them off; such as when they use Flash or a spell to get away. You should use Highlander after using Wuju Style, because you want to get that extra damage as soon as possible to make the most use of Highlander. Additionally, make sure to save these spells on enemy champions or important NPCs.


  • If you know you can't get the kill start to run away, especially if Highlander is still up.
  • Highlander can be used to run away.
  • Alpha Strike can be used to teleport to a minion closer to safety.
  • Using Flash and/or Exhaust for peeling an enemy champion off of you is another great way to survive a gank or being finished off.
  • Even when you reach a turret, don't let your guard down, because it is still relatively easy to get killed.

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If the enemy team is mostly attack damage stacking, I would swap Warmog's Armor with Thornmail.

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I do not list consumable items in the purchase item section, because everyone plays a little differently, and based on the situations of the match it can change drastically.

Health Potion

I would only buy them at the start of the match, you should only need two or three.

Mana Potion

I would only buy them at the start of the match, you should only need one or two.

Sight Ward

Sight Ward
I would start to buy them after your first trip back.

Oracle's Elixir

It is something you should buy mid-game, because it helps you to detect things that are hidden such as Teemo, Twitch, Sight Ward, and Noxious Trap. Whenever you see an enemy Sight Ward, destroy it.


All other items such as things which increase stats are optional, but I usually never get them.

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These are based on how he is built not how he is overall. You are able to adjust this build to fix certain aspects of it to help improve your play style.

He is very weak at the start of the match, so you should be very careful not to feed the other team. He gradually gets better, once he gets a little higher he begins to dominate.


  • Great damage.
  • Clear lanes quickly.
  • Decent attack speed.
  • Decent movement speed.
  • Great with minion buffs.
  • Decent life steal.
  • Low HP/MP pool/regeneration.
  • Squishy.

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This build is designed for a lot of damage with decent survivability, and only one adjustment is required to make it work as a jungle or minion farm build.

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If you would like to show your support and influence me to make more builds (further work in this one), post in the comment section below, add me in-game via Helladen, submit a honest vote, visit my site here, and/or donate to me using PayPal via (you may suggest which build I make next).

If you have anything you think needs to be added, or if you find a mistake in this build please contact me at my email via I would like to say that this guide is a work in progress still even though it has a lot to it already. I am always looking for better ways of building champions.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and any support that you give me, hopefully this teaches you how to master, Master Yi.