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Yorick Build Guide by Helzky

Top Mathmatically Correct Yorick! - Season 12 Updated

Top Mathmatically Correct Yorick! - Season 12 Updated

Updated on January 24, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Helzky Build Guide By Helzky 21 1 21,436 Views 4 Comments
21 1 21,436 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Helzky Yorick Build Guide By Helzky Updated on January 24, 2022
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Runes: First Strike - Lethality

First Strike
Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery
Approach Velocity

Coup de Grace

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5
TP + Ghost
LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Mathmatically Correct Yorick! - Season 12 Updated

By Helzky
This guide is meant to be a guide on how to play Lethality Yorick. You must have some sort of knowledge about this Champion in order to play the Lethality build.

Thanks so much.
Hello! My name is Helzky, and I am a Lethality Yorick One-Trick. I've been playing Lethality Yorick for around 5 months now and have gotten to know some amazing people as well as gotten to experience some amazing things. This guide is a summarization of all that, and more. I am taking the time to write this guide because I think I've perfected the Lethality Yorick playstyle and would like to show others what I've seen.

A bit about me:

I'm a casual player, however, I coach people in League too! I've coached clients from low elo (Ex. Iron) to high elo (Ex. Masters). I've been playing LoL for over a year now and have significantly improved since I mained Yorick for the first time.

I started playing Lethality Yorick around 5 months ago with a pretty wonky build since no one had come up with a full lethality build that had actually worked. The build was with Eclipse and I felt something was missing, so I started experimenting in Preseason with the First Strike rune. The rune helped a lot and paired with Prowler's Claw, it was just the kind of burst I needed, with the gold accumulation added.

Anyways, thanks for reading about me, and now let's get into the guide.
Pros and Cons to Lethality Yorick
    - Burst Playstyle
    - Can one shot people with one E in less than a second
    - Can 1v1 anyone you'd like in Mid-Late Game
    - Can solo Baron
    - Takes towers efficiently
    - Can kill even the tankiest of people quickly
    - MASSIVE gold generation (2k gold from First Strike per game)
    - Maiden can 1v1 at level 11
    - Keeps split-pushing identity

    - Squishier than normal build
    - Takes towers 15% slower
    - Off-Meta
    - Unable to use conq or grasp keystones
    - Way too many bugs (Not limited to Lethality Yorick)
Runes are an important staple in Lethality Yorick because it's half of what this build does. The gold generation gained from First Strike is invaluable when trading or even just passively farming while poking, so let's discuss them.

Main Keystone:

First Strike: First Strike is a rune that for the first 3 seconds, you get 10% extra damage and for the extra damage that you deal, you gain extra gold based on the value of the damage.

This is extremely useful when it comes to Yorick's kit, because we have a mark, and then ghouls. If we use Yorick's Mourning Mist to engage onto someone, it'll proc First Strike. Then, when the ghouls jump, the additive damage will occur, meaning however much damage the ghouls do, will be additively multiplied by 10%. This will then be rewarded to you in gold for the extra damage your ghouls did.

Combined with Prowler's Claw, for the additive 15% damage on dash, this damage will be immense and therefore you may one shot people with this build often.

Magical Footwear: Hexflash isn't ever useful on Yorick and Perfect Stopwatch isn't really either, unless you're laning against a Zed or something.

So here we take Magical Footwear for free boots. Not having to spend money on boots while also generating massive amounts of gold is pretty awesome.

Biscuit Delivery: We don't go Minion Dematerializer or Future's Market because we need the extra mana that Biscuit gives.

We take Biscuit Delivery so we can have sustain in the form of extra mana and health when needed. Since we poke a lot during laning phase, we're going to run through mana pretty quick and therefore we need to keep that mana coming from somewhere.

Approach Velocity: We take this over anything else for a good reason. Our Mourning Mist is our engage tool, and therefore we use it to slow our enemies and get ready to trap them with our W.

Here we take Approach Velocity because of the speed it gives towards impaired champions. When you pair this with your Mourning Mist we are able to catch up to anyone we need to, and with Ghost we can run them down extremely quick.

Secondary Keystone:

Triumph: This rune is a no brainer. The extra health it gives after a kill is super useful when we are so squishy and don't have much sustain.

Coup de Grace: This rune just allows us to one shot faster. (kek)

Shard Runes:

10% Attack Speed: For faster autos in trades and csing.
9 Adaptive Force: More AD = Faster kill.
6 Armor: Survivability in lane.
Build Path
Let's talk about the items.

Prowler's Claw: This is the item that makes this build extremely fun. Prowler's Claw has a dash in which your damage is amplified by 15% for the next 3 seconds to that target after dashing to them.

This solves two things.
1. Yorick's Mobility
2. Yorick's damage output

Yorick isn't known for his one shotting, however he is with this build.
The reason we go Prowler's Claw here is because of it's synergy with the rune First Strike. They both are damage amplifiers and coupled with armor penetration and lethality, this build will one shot even a full build Dr.Mundo.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity: We go CDR boots here because the more our E is up the more we can poke our enemy laner. It allows us to keep our abilities up often and stay in the fight when you want to pick multiple people off.

Black Cleaver: We go Black Cleaver because it's a safe item for when you're ahead OR behind. This item has immense value when coupled with this build due to it's armor shred and health + AD.

Serylda's Grudge: We go Serylda's because our ghouls apply spell affects, such as slows. So with this item, our E and ghouls AND Maiden will all apply slows. This allows us to catch up with people even after we've exhausted everything.

The Collector: We go Collector for more lethality and the execution + the extra gold on The Collector's passive. However, this can be replaced with a different item such as Essence Reaver if you want a Sheen proc.

Ravenous Hydra: The last item on our build is Ravenous Hydra. The reason we go this item is for both:
- Sustain
- Damage

This item provides omnivamp and therefore is amazing for sustain when we aren't as tanky as the normal build. The item also provides a Tiamat passive so we can farm much better.
Early Game
What we will classify as early game is before 14 minutes, as stated in Quinncidence's guide.

There are so many possible variables in the laning phase that could happen that I can't possibly go over everything. So this will be basic things you need to know for playing the Early Game with this build.

If you need help with a certain matchup, go to the threats section on my guide.

At level one, Yorick is extremely weak. He doesn't win any matchups at level one and he even struggles to walk up to the wave in some matchups. Play safe during this time if you can. If you die early with this build, it's okay. This build is very good at playing from behind as you are ALWAYS a threat.

At level three, you have access to your entire kit. Lethality Yorick is focused on poking the enemy and not allowing them to play the game, this is not the case in some matchups but for most matchups, this will be true. What you should be doing here is as soon as you get 4 ghouls, if you're not holding the wave somewhere, you should be E'ing your opponent off the wave and pressuring them to their tower. You shouldn't be allowing someone to free farm if you have your graves dug.

At level six, you have access to Maiden and therefore you should be taking jungle camps, taking your top wave, and then harassing them under their tower by E'ing them over and over with ghouls. If you don't get a kill enventually then it's fine. But if you've done everything as stated, you've officially won the early game.
Mid Game
What we will classify as mid game is after 14 minutes but before 35 minutes.

There are so many possible variables in the mid game that could happen that I can't possibly go over everything. So this will be basic things you need to know for playing the Mid Game with this build.

After 14 minutes, turret plating disappears. This is your time to shine. Your one shotting potential skyrockets from here.

Two things you have to stay away from:
- Fed ADCs
- Teamfights

If you stay away from those two things, you're able to stay alive for as long as you want while also racking up a good amount of kills.

Pushing out top lane is priority number one. You don't want to stay in lane after laning phase is over because you're wasting time not killing the mid laner or farming jungle camps or farming your own laner. Make sure you take both towers and your wave is at inhibitor turret before roaming. This will give you enough time to react if your laner decides to push it out to your turret.

You want to be split-pushing either bot lane or mid lane with Maiden in either top lane or bot lane (if you are in mid/top), because at this point Maiden should be strong enough to push waves fast and you should be able to rack up a CS lead.

You may help your team with objectives but teamfighting is extremely dangerous with this build. You can get one shot easily if you get focused and if you're used to the bruiser buiild, this may be an adjustment.

If you've done everything as I've stated you're in the condition to win the game easily. Therefore there won't be a need for the Late Game part of this guide. However, if you've done something wrong or your team is getting team diffed, it seems you need to carry in the Late Game.
Late Game
What we will classify as late game is after 35 minutes and beyond.

There are so many possible variables in the late game that could happen that I can't possibly go over everything. So this will be basic things you need to know for playing the Late Game with this build.

In the Late Game you have 3 choices:

1. You can split top with Maiden splitting bot.
2. You can split either bot or top with Maiden.
3. Help secure big objectives.

Number 1: If you're splitting top with Maiden splitting bot, there must be an objective timer within 1 minute of coming up. This allows you to apply pressure in the more opportune moment of the game. If they don't respond, you take inhib and maybe their nexus. If they do, it's a 4v4 instead of a 5v4, which you were never going to help the teamfight in the first place because you would get one shotted too quickly.

Number 2: If you're splitting bot or top with Maiden, you need to make sure that either your team is also pushing lanes, or that your team is teamfighting somewhere. This means that if you were to lose the teamfight, you don't lose completely, you will gain something in the form of towers or inhibitor or something like that.

Number 3: If you're helping to secure objectives then you're going to be teamfighting. It's inevitable. What you need to do is pick off the squishies in the teamfight without dying, which is a bit of a challenge. What I would do is send Maiden to either top or bot if you're about to teamfight so in case you lose, you don't lose much since they have to respond to Maiden push. (Maiden should be sent out 45-30 seconds prior to teamfight)

If you've done one of those three, I wish you luck in succeeding with this build, as it is a lot of fun in the late game. Being able to one shot people with an E is something to truly behold.

P.S. At full build you are able to solo Baron with this build, but not before full build.
A few tips and things to keep in mind:
    - Maiden does do more damage based on Lethality
    - Yorick still takes towers faster than anyone else even with this build
    - Ghouls do more damage based on Lethality
    - Sheen proc is not needed in this build due to heavy damage from ghouls
Thank you all for reading my guide. It's been a blast making this and showing it off to you guys.

I hope this build goes mainstream and Yorick players all around the world start to use this, because it is truly a fun experience and it is viable too!

If you have any questions please let me know in the comments and I'll do my best to reply to you as soon as possible! This guide will stay updated and so will the matchups.

Before I end the guide, I would like to thank:

Krykey's University Discord
League of Legends Build Guide Author Helzky
Helzky Yorick Guide
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Mathmatically Correct Yorick! - Season 12 Updated

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