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Lux Build Guide by Ssyrak

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ssyrak

Maxima Lux Lucis

Ssyrak Last updated on July 12, 2011
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Hey there and welcome to my guide to Lux. Lux was one of my very first champion I bought. I started experimentating with builds and finally found one that works best for me. So, I would like to share it with you.
If you find any mistakes in my guide or something to improve feel free to tell me. I'm happy about any comments.

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Who is Lux?

Who is Lux? This is the final question you need to ask yourself before you start playimg her. Lux is able to deal a good amount of damage having a large range. In addition to that she she is able to support your team what can make the difference between victory or defeat. Actually Lux is not easy to play and you will need to practice. I always call her Morgana's little sister and they are pretty similar while Morgana is more a nuker and Lux more support.

I'm playing Lux AP/CDR, as i think it's the only way to play her. Many people are saying you don't need to build in CDR as you can take blue buff when possible. This is just wrong.
At first: Lux need's cooldown reduction. Her skills got a large recharge so you will be able to use her only once in a team fight. In addition to that you will do hard in farming, harassing or escaping. With 40% CDR your ultimate just got a cooldown of 24 seconds. That's amazing!
What about blue buff? Be realistic. You won't be able to have it all the time. Enemies could steal it and you will loose time while getting it. In addition to that there might be people in your team that will need blue buff as well. As Lux got no trouble in getting CDR without blue buff you shouldn't be ignorant and let somebody get that buff who needs it more.

PS: Yes, this build will actually get more than 40% CDR and I know that's the limit. But please notice that you will only buy that elixir when your build is finished and you don't know what to do with your money...

To sum it all up...


+ amazing range and ultimate with even more range
+ good amount of damage
+ stun and slow
+ support
+ great team player


- squishy early game
- mana problems early game if you don't care
- having trouble in mid against people with heal

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For Runes i choose:

CDR: just a must have on Lux. Even early game - when you don't got your items yet - it's very useful.

Magic regeneration: Lux can get mana problems quite fast if you don't care.

Mana regeneration: You are a caster...

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Masteries + Summoner Spells

9-0-21 is pretty standard on Lux. Remember to fix your masteries when you take other summoner spells.

Almost a must have when playing mid. Helps to get life and mana if you need it, buying items without lose of experience, ganking enemies, helping your teammates, pushing or defending a tower. It just got a lot of uses.

Very useful on Lux. Anyway it's great to have one in your team. But on Lux it's even better than on most other champions. It helps you to scout for low enemies to place your ultimate.

Great for escape or harass. Not a lot to say about that.

Another defensive spell, anyway I prefer Flash...

Not the best choices:

You will only need this early game, so just play careful.

Maybe not the worst choice but you won't really need it.

Any other:

just no...

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As it doesn't deal as much damage as Morgana's stun it is able to hit 2 enemies. This is just a great skill for any occasion. Stun enemies to escape, to harass, to deal some damage, to help your team mates...
You are going to level this last because the stun duration is maximazed on level 1. Anyway putting one point on it in the beginning of the game can save your life or first blood.

A shield that is able to support your whole team 2 times by only using it once. This is just amazing. Anyway it needs some practice when your teammates keep moving. Use it before and during team fights while trying to catch as many people as possible.

This is your main farming and damage ability. So you are leveling this first. Try to get all creeps and then one-hit them thanks to your passive. Don't forget about its snare.

Finales Funkeln
This is the ability that seperates good from bad Lux players. You will need to practice a lot to place this right. You need to get a feeling how long it takes to load the laser and where you enemy will be at this team. The range of this utility is amazing so you can get escaping enemies on low life pretty easy. Thanks to its low cooldown in mid-late game you can also use it to kill creeps when you are not in range, fearing enemies away from a tower when you are distant from it or in the beginning of a team fight... it will be ready again after it to kill some cowards. Remember your enemy knows when you are using this.
By the way, have you actually noticed that her ultimate got a German name? In English it would mean something like Final Sparkle.

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Starter item:

If you are new to Lux you might start with a as it gives you everything you need. But remember this will slow you from building your core build.
I usually start with as it builds towards your core build.

The above item list is just a suggestion. You might change it according the enemy team composition. As well the order of items might be changed in some cases.

I originally bought Morellos Evil Tome as a first item on Lux. CDR, Ability Power and some Mana Regeneration is everything you need in early game. After adding Archangel's Staff you really need to go for Tear of the Goddess to stack you mana pool as early as possible.
Following with boots and Rode of Ages you will be doing good in mid game having some more life and no more mana problems at all. Soul Shroud will bring you to 40% CDR. As well it will support your whole team. This item is just great. Rabaddons finishs your core build. You will have a large amount of AP and a lot of life. Now you are almost unstoppable.

Defensive items:

Don't, just don't. Lux should be played carefully. If you use her long range abilities you won't get a lot of damage anyway and enemies will do hard trying to focus you. With your great amount of life you aren't squishy anymore anyway.
Well, if you are facing a very caster heavy team you might go for .
Another option would be .
If you are facing a very melee heaving team you can kick Soul Shroud for . Anyway, upgrade it to Frozen Heart at last as you won't be in range anyway!

Any other options:

if you are sure you will be doing well.

if you got many casters in your team.

only if you get focused a lot.

a good item early game if you lack money.

a good amount of AP and some life. The slow is good for your E and R (long range slow ftw)

Items not to buy:

Any items that need a close range. This includes items like .


If you don't like Soul Shroud go for Ionic Boots and buy a for magic penetration.

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Playing Lux

The most important thing about Lux is to use your long range. Always stay behind your creep waves, don't push at first in any team fight. Be ready to use your stun. It can save your life.

Lux is great for playing mid lane. She is able to push against most other champions. Actually there are champions you should avoid to play against on a solo lane. This are mostly champions that are able to heal (because you won't be able to kick them) or long range as well.

In lane farm creeps with your Singularity. Try to hit your oppenent to lower his health. If your mana pool is fine you can do some little spikes with
+ Auto hit + + Auto hit
This will deal a very good amount of damage. If the enemie's health is low enough or you got enough mana and some good CDR you can finish off your combo with Finales Funkeln. If your enemy got no constant heal (that's why you should play against those champions) you will be able to kill him/her many times.

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Finally, I hope you enjoyed this guide. I would be happy about any comments. Tell me if this guide helped you. Tell me if you got any criticism. There is nothing being more frustrating than spending a lot of time in a guide when you got no comments at all.

So far,
Greetings ~ Ssyrak