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Master Yi Humor Guide by Megaboss

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Megaboss

Megaboss on: How to be a Get Your Team Reported

Megaboss Last updated on April 2, 2013
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Hi, Megaboss here. You might know me from my other guide, Taric for Men. While I'm a somewhat serious player of League, I am no stranger to the activity commonly known as 'trolling'. However, what I see a lot of nowadays is people who try to be 'trolls' and can only shout cliche phrases and feed. What I am offering you here (with the collaboration of my life-partner Danté) is a collection of tips, tricks, and information you can use to really get under the skin of your opponents and teammates; the teachings you will find here were developed in a cooperative study with NASA and are deemed highly effective methods of providing increased enjoyment (for yourself) of any League game. This guide is currently under construction so stay tuned!

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Before we start, we must address the motivation you have for playing a game of League in the first place. Do you play to win? What is winning? Is it that you really enjoy blowing up that nexus so much, to see that Victory screen at the end? Looks the same every time to me. The true reward is the lamentation of your opponents. But, you don't always have to feed your addiction by sapping the anguish of your enemies. Your teammates have plenty of anguish too, just waiting to burst out at you. I will teach you the secrets to unlocking that anguish, that sweet fury that feeds your joyful laughter.

Note: You must always keep your objectives in mind. Having a good time does not depend on winning, but it also doesn't depend on losing. It doesn't even depend on how mad your team gets. Think for yourself and decide the path to enjoying yourself at every turn. If a game is going well, go ahead and win it. If it isn't, just make your own fun. This is how to always have a good time in League. Even hard-won victories come at the expense of 5 people's good time, you can never please everybody.

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Secret Wingman

This might be the most important section of this guide. Your wingman is your secret to success (more later on exactly what we are doing here). Anyone can be a negative impact on the team by themselves...however. When you have a secret partner, he can help redirect the attention to other sources on the team through his supposed non-affiliation. I cannot define in black-and-white exactly what your wingman needs to be doing; basically he needs to draw heat away from you and shift it to other members of the team. When people single you out they pay less attention to your wingman and accept him as one of their own. He can then abuse this trust to further wreck their morale from behind enemy lines.

Another benefit to the wingman is that he almost always keeps you from having a bad time. As long as you have that common higher objective, the meager outcome of the game can never faze you. And, the whole team can never unanimously hate you. This is important for lying (more on that in a bit).

You can have up to a maximum of 3 wingmen. The more the merrier, I always say. But, you need that random guy to take the fall for everyone else. He will be the sacrifice. The maximum efficiency is 2 wingmen, but 3 is the most effective. 1 is obviously the easiest to assemble.

IMPORTANT: Get an outside form of communication. Whether it be through /whisper, Skype, or just being in the same room together, you need to be able to easily collaborate with your wingmen. This is also important for laughs.

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Your Mission

Your mission, put simply, is to get your teammates as mad as possible. But this is a wide goal, and can be approached on any one of the 1,000 Paths of Trolling. We are traversing but one of these: the Path of Getting Your Team Reported. This is accomplished by making teammates so mad that they break Da Rulez by flaming, feeding, going AFK, etc. The truth is people on the whole are very sore losers and you can take advantage of quite easily by making the next 30~ minutes of their life a living hell of frustration. The better they think they are at the game, the angrier they will get. Once they hit a boiling point, they will start to lash out, with little or no regard for the consequences of their actions. The reason they do this is because they feel certain that they are justified in their actions, and therefore will not get punished for this. However, this is where the true matter of skill comes in: you must very carefully not break any of the rules of the ToS. Furthermore, you need to keep the enemy team in the dark on your plan and get them to think that the victims are just terrible people and the 'real' trolls. A true master can turn even his own teammates against one another. Let's break this down as much as possible in the next few sections:

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Warming Up

Ok, champ selection time. You should definitely pick your champ as fast as possible, autolock if desired. Wait for people to call out their lanes. Then announce which lane you are going to. The important thing to do here is to not pay ANY heed to what lanes might be 'called' or 'available'. Just go where you want. But be cool about it. Sample conversation:

rand: 'mid'
rand2: 'top'
you: 'hmmm'
you: 'guess i'll go mid'
rand: 'WTF'
rand: 'i called already...'
you: 'i know man that sucks'
you: 'you can come too if you want?'

You are already in a good spot. This guy is going to be really mad at you, and the other teammates (minus the wingman) will at least think you are a douchebag. The important thing to note is that this conversation is not recorded in the chatlog that gets sent to the tribunal. Say what you want here, but once you get in-game you have to somewhat watch yourself. After the initial fire-up you can just stop saying anything after that. Once the game starts just head to your lane. If it's mid he probably won't give it up so he will be going with you and cursing you the whole time. Pretend like you don't know what he's talking about, but don't say anything negative towards him. Never instigate, just react. This makes him the harasser, and you the harassee...when in fact it is the opposite.

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Acting Innocent

This takes a good bit of skill. You can't act too dumb, too troll, too mean, too anything. This is important, because if people believe you are innocent then they will think that the people flaming you are the bad guys. It's really pretty simple, but here are some tips to acting innocent:

-Naivette: Never know what the victim is talking about. Any time he accuses you of something, just ask him what he even means by that. Respond with '???', 'what is with this guy...', 'OMG just leave me alone why are you yelling at me?', etc.

-Act Foreign: Skew your English a bit, especially when talking to the enemy team. Use odd expressions and syntax and it makes you seem a lot less likely to be the secret mastermind that you are.

-Play Well: Nothing looks better for your 30 minute reputation (and on the Tribunal log) than a good KDR. Don't play like a jackass and you will go far.

-Lying: Always exaggerate the actions and decisions of your target, especially in /all. If he comes to mid, say he is trying to steal your lane. If he leaves your lane, say he abandoned you. If he is farming, say he is stealing your creeps. If he dies, say he is intentionally feeding. And so on. Also, you can just make things up that he never did in the first place. This is especially effective if you have 3 wingmen on your team, as it is then the whole team's word against the victim's in /all.

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You score a touchdown every time you get your target to violate the ToS. Extra points if they do it in /all, because the more people that see it happen the more likely they will get reported for it. And angry players love to try and look cool to the enemy team (which never succeeds idk why they think it will), making it easy to get them to flame you globally. Common things people do when they are mad are:

-Flaming/verbal harassment
-Intentionally feeding
-Leaving the Game/AFK
-Informing the enemy team
-Being racist(see: Acting Foreign)
-and more!

Whenever they do these things just make sure and point them out to let everyone know that the offender needs to be reported for it. Cooperate with your wingman to boost both of your credit scores while tearing down those of your teammates.

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The Grand Deception

This strategy is all about deceiving people. The victim, the rest of your team, the enemy team, even the Tribunal (but we don't care what they actually do - does not affect us in the slightest) are all experiencing a different side of this occurance. Sticking to a fixed story is hard to do convincingly; rely on confusion, changing the facts, and simply reacting to what people are saying to keep everyone in the dark as to what's going on. Keep in mind that you can exploit the chat barrier between teams to increase the illusion.

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The chat here isn't logged just like in champ select but by now people might be mad enough to screenshot so just sort of watch what you say here. Don't start up with any insults just let the mad guy initiate and then come in saying he needs to be reported. Maybe throw in some 'gg' and 'honored x' to get on the good side of the enemy team (you don't have to actually honor them lol). Make sure you and your wingman report the target, and then if even 1 extra person reports that is 3 people in the same game...All the more convincing for the Tribunal. While they don't always get reported they will almost always be enraged and many people in the game will hate them. The hilarious part (only enjoyed by you) is that they really did nothing to deserve it. The end result? 9/10 players enjoyed that game (well, at least 7/10) instead of the usual 5/10. Mathmatical!


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