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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Heimerdinger Build Guide by CedArctic

AP Carry [MID] The DaVinci of Death (Overanalysed Heimerdinger)

AP Carry [MID] The DaVinci of Death (Overanalysed Heimerdinger)

Updated on May 25, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CedArctic Build Guide By CedArctic 19,495 Views 2 Comments
19,495 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CedArctic Heimerdinger Build Guide By CedArctic Updated on May 25, 2015
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Introduction - Who on earth are you?

Well glad you asked. I am a (currently) Silver III player that's proud of his heimerdinger skills. My first match with dinger was before the rework. My reaction was "What is this? Worst champion ever". Then I saw other heimerdingers DOMINATING games. So I said to myself: "Why not do the same?" so I started experimenting with builds and techniques and ended up with this masterpiece which you are reading! Heimerdinger is one of the champs that require some skill to master but are really rewarding. Whenever I see a heimerdinger in the other team and we have a weak team comp I can pretty much call it a GG since he is almost uncounterable when played correctly.
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Pros / Cons


    +Decent amount of Croud Control with E
    +Epic Pusher
    +Built in Sustain
    +Lane Domination
    +Farm Denying is a piece of cake
    +Freaking fun to play
    +Cool hairstyle
    +Great early/mid/late game
    +Great farmer with turrets

    -Zero mobility
    -Slightly hard to master in the first few games
    -No towers/bad turret position = No dinger
    -Junglers like to gank you (time to get double kill)
    -His escape is based on skillshotting his E or by his team saving him
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Skill Explanation

Your passive. Really simple just increases the health regeneration of you, your turrets and nearby teammates. Helps in lave sustain.

Q: Well this is pretty much your main damage output, your lane sustain system, why people fear you and generally a part of you! What it does is it places down a turret (3 maximum placed down at the same time) that fires shots of AP. Gradually they fill up a meter and then fire a laser shot that deals increased damage. The laser is dodgeable while the main attacks are not.

W: Throws rockets towards the mouse pointer. The direction of the rockets and their angle depends on the pointers location and heimers location. They scale with Ability Power. While early game they might not deal that much damage, mid-late game they can eat 50% of the opponents life when aimed correctly. Use it to burst down or finish opponents especially outside the towerzone.

CH-1 ELECTRON STORM GRENADE E: Really simple. Heimer throws a grenade in a relatively long range that stuns on the center of the area and slows it's surroundings. Late game can also be used as a farming tool when out of towerzone. But learning to through it precisely is important as it is an escape mechanism too. Just stun or slow the opponent chasing you and walk away.

R: And this is your ultimate. It actually just gives you more advanced versions of your Q,w and E skills. For Q: It places down a huge turret that outputs massive damaging shots in a huge range. For W: It Fires 3 waves of long range rockets that deal more damage. For E: It Fires a bigger grenade that bounces 3 times in a row with a guaranteed stun.
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Summoner Spells

Well you see my guide and you see the exhaust spell and you think it's a support guide! Well no gentlemen it is a 100% offensive guide.

Well Duh! Everybody takes flash! It's your only non-skillshot escape method so use it wisely. When I mastered Heimerdinger I used it to also juke or drag people around my turrets so that they will take more damage and die.

I use exhaust when someone makes the mistakes to enter my tower zone. I apply it on them reducing the damage taken and their speed. Then they are forced to take my turret damage and I can more accurately aim my rockets. Resulting in a dead opponent.

Well ignite isn't that much of my likeness anymore since I discovered the exhaust trick but it's still a pretty efficient way of finishing off anybody who might have tried to escape.

Not that good on Heimerdinger but still viable. If you intend on over-over-over staying in lane. I don't like it because it is not an efficient life saving mechanic since the health that it gives is small. If you have to use heal I would prefer barrier for the 1v1 situations.
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Heimerdinger is 100% reliant on this item. A special chapter for it's uses follows. No zhonya's = no heimer. Simple as that.

Use the active on opponents to nuke them down when they enter your towerzone and take them by surprise.

Pure AP! More AP, more rocket damage and more tower damage!

This will guarantee you to kill the enemy tank and burst down with bigger ease all the opponents.

Well basically boots with magic penetration. Stacks nicely with the void staff.

Gives you some more health, ap and sustain. Makes you less squishy.
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Zhonyas Hourglass.

Zhonya's hourglass is actually heimerdinger's power. First of all the item stacks you pure AP! 120 AP! Relatively easy to get with the good farming you do with your towers. It also gives you armor so you can sustain in lane and not get burst down or bullied by anybody. And finally the Active! Anyone who does not use active is cutting his heimerdinger performance by 50%. Zhonya's Hourglass active makes you invulnerable for a couple of seconds. Let us demonstrate the uses of this active with heimerdinger.

    1. In teamfights if they are focusing you and you are running low hit the zhonyas active and let the other team be surprised, have your team get the advantage and until you return to normal the opponents will probably not be focusing you. Follow it with a flash to ensure that heimer lives on.

    2. When ganked: When ganked make sure that you have placed 2 or three (preferably) towers down. Walk into the towerzone. Let the opponent do the same and once he has started hitting you and the towers are still alive, wait until you go low on health and hit zhonyas. Chances are that the other guy will either die almost instantly or die while escaping your towerzone.

    3.In team fights go to the center of the fight, activate your Ult + Q and then hit zhonyas. Let the opponents die to a majestic pentakill.
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Farming, Laning Phase and Towers

Early game:

OK so once you reach lane first thing you want to do is place turrets in a triangular formation slightly behind the middle of the lane. Early game you will get harassed a lot but you won't die. Let the towers do the farming for you but when you can secure a last hit with your basic attack do it. With the triangular formation the turrets will scare off opponents and most likely get a kill if they are too risky. But mainly it will give you a massive gold advantage since you will farm well and deny them farm the same time.

Mid Game

Continue farming and denying farm. At this phase you will probably have scared off the opponent and forced him to switch lanes. This is a mistake since you will push and get one tower after another. Once you feel that you have enough sustain don't feel shy to roam and help other lanes after getting a tower or two in your lane. Keep stacking AP!

Late Game

You are now a beast! You have sustain, you are not that squishy anymore and you deal tons of damage (Phreak are you listening to me?). Follow your team into teamfights and set the battleground yourself by positioning your turrets. Continue baiting opponents and using the zhonyas combo to kill them. Also continue to farm until you have a full build.
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Tower Placement and Formations

Correct tower placement is really important for Heimerdinger. First of all let me highlight this: NO WAY YOU ARE PLACING A SECOND TOWER TOO FAR AWAY FROM THE FIRST UNLESS YOU INTEND TO MOVE FIRTHER! So, no solo towers randomly in lane.

Triangle formation:

It's pretty much what it says it is. You place one tower towards your base and two side to side towards their base so that the tower range indicators have a common space in the middle that easily fits inside it a champion. This is the most commonly used and effective positioning for almost everything.

Chain formation:

You place your towers diagonally so that you can control a vast area of the lane from ganking etc. I suggest though that you don't use this formation for over a minute without teammates nearby and warding as it is risky and can be broken easily.

Burn Chain formation:

Mainly used when running away and the opponent has 50% HP or less. While running down lane or through the jungle just place a tower down and then another one so their range indicators barely touch each other. You can even through a rocket shot if you have gained some range from your opponent. This is to be used only when 1 opponent is chasing you and you have no flashes or anything. This method is made to make the enemy loose hp while following you and discourage him from continuing to follow you.

Line formation:

Just make a line of towers so you cover all the lane's width. This is generally used for teamfights that you join after they have started. It's used on either side of the fight to control the fight from breaking loose, and if it does you pickup the kills. Or otherwise it can be used by your team to take the fight over the towers to have an advantage.
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Jungling - sort of

No don't get me wrong! Heimerdinger is no jungler! I just want to highlight some jungle opportunities he has across the game.


After level 15 Heimerdinger with a decent build can easily step up to dragon, set up his three turrets and take solo dragon by just using his towers and rockets!


No! You can't take solo baron! Or can you? I don't know! I have never tried it. But when your team goes for baron just leave 3 towers in the baron pit and enjoy the view.
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Well as Heimerdinger you can't initiate a teamfight on your own or else you are dead. What you can do is bait the enemy team to your towerzone and have your team start the fight there.

If you late join a teamfight don't go straight in. Poke with your rockets and if you have zhonyas active ready, go in, place as many towers as possible and hit zhonyas.

Teamfights in general are a great opportunity for multikills so place down as many towers as possible and your Ult+Q, exhaust the enemy ADC and then zhonyas! And let the show begin!
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1v1 Fights

Let me state this clearly. Deciding to engage on a 1v1 with an opponent you should take into consideration your HP, his HP, your mana, his skillset and where your team and his team might be or are positioned.

About the 1v1 itself. If you are totally alone let HIM start the 1v1 anywhere. Even outside towerzone. Place down 3 towers, stun him with your E and if he insists on hitting you with your towers around him then exhaust him and zhonyas. Result? = Dead Opponent, almost full HP Heimerdinger!
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Matchups and Counters

-Placeholder for guide update-
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Waiting for users to submit their scores to me!
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Heimerdinger is a useful champ for everybody to master. Full of utility, combos etc. He is a lane bully and with just a few kills and good plays his opponents may as well surrender. He has glorious performance and scaling all game. Thank you for reading my guide! If you have read all this seriously go buy yourself a cookie! It took a lot of cookies to write this guide so please +1 it and leave comments, feedback, suggestion and score screenshots. Thank you all!
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Well this is a section to say thank you to all of you guys you have sent in images, videos, feedback and suggestion in this guide.

Lord Jerbert - Thank you for supporting my guide.
VagosSs98 - Thank you for supporting my guide.
AlexDeGreek - Thank you for supporting my guide.
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