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Evelynn General Guide by rumtag

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rumtag

Midlane AP Eve: A detailed explanation with no apologies

rumtag Last updated on October 3, 2012
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Introducing: Mid AP Evelynn

I know what you're thinking. Why, God, why Evelynn? Allow me to break it down in these bullet points:

  • Incredible burst
  • Incredible mobility
  • Incredible scaling during the whole game
  • Incredible teamfight contributions
  • Incredible self-shielding
  • Doesn't entirely depend on CS
  • Sexy outfit
  • Spikes
  • She destroys low elo pubs

Now, we all know that it's important to pick a champion that is #1 good and #2 adds something to a team, and Evelynn will always be that until Riot realizes how OP she is right now and nerfs the everloving **** out of her ratios.

Don't pick Evelynn if the following bulleted points make you scared or pee your pants or whatever.
  • Vulnerable to CC if you're visible
  • Relatively squishy
  • Relies entirely on ganking/kills
  • Your team will likely not have a ranged mage
  • Relatively counterable

I'll explain how Mid AP Evelynn overcomes each of those "cons" very shortly, so stay tuned. Let's get into it.

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Evelynn overview

As a champion, Evelynn relies on stealth and mobility to sneak up on and take out 1 or even 2 enemy champions and then slip away to avoid getting cleaned up. Her skills all enjoy a relatively short cooldown period, though her ultimate is a typical minute-and-a-half-ish like most champions.

For a long time before her redesign, Evelynn was seen as the most useless champion in the game and was even picked with summoner spells Revive and Rally/Smite to force someone from the same matchmaking queue to dodge out of rage. It worked a lot.

Now that she has been remade, though, Evelynn is much better, but still very underplayed. The stank from when she was really bad still hasn't quite worn off. Oh well.

Evelynn's skills benefit from moderate AP ratios, however the cooldown on them and their base damage PLUS their base AD bonuses more than compensate. Evelynn is just as spam-crazy as she was before, but this time with better effect.

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Shadow Walk

Evelynn's passive is her invisibility. This mechanic seem a bit confusing because it has many variables that are not explained well in the description. The blue circle that surrounds Evelynn when she is stealthed is her "danger zone". Only when enemies enter that blue circle will Evelynn be spotted. It doesn't matter if the champion is facing towards or away from her. If they are in the circle, she is visible. Turrets work the same way. When a yellow eye appears above and enemy (or an exclamation point above Evelynn) appears, that just means "caution". If a RED eye or exclamation point appears, it means you are seen. You might look invisible, but you're not.

If an enemy is not visible to Evelynn while she is stealthed (i.e. THEY are invisible or hiding in a nearby bush) Evelynn will not receive a "caution" warning. This is only for enemies she has sight of, so don't assume this gives you free reign to face check.

Also, because of Evelynn's passive, you really should never be out of mana. 1% regen per second is crazy, you guys.

Hate Spike

This is Evelynn's spam, harass, and sustained damage skill. It will also net you your first few kills each match. The old hate spike could only hit 2 units, with the second receiving only half of the damage of the first target. It was also done by proximity. This new Hate Spike is an all-around improvement. Hate Spike will target either the closest enemy/neutral unit OR the last unit that Evelynn attacked. You need to use this to your advantage to harass the enemy by aligning yourself so that Hate Spike will pass through the minion that you hit last and then move straight to the enemy champion. Do this constantly in lane, only stopping when you know you're pushing too much.

In teamfights, just mash Q.

Dark Frenzy

Dark Frenzy gives Evelynn crazy mobility and also acts like a "lite" version of Master Yi's ultimate ability. Landing any of her spells gives her a moderate speed boost, which can stack. If she uses the active ability, she can increase her speed by a lot and remove any slow debuffs. Great for moving between lanes, ganking, chasing, and escaping.

Also, the fact that this has no cost is kind of wtf.


While the previous Evelynn's Ravage was her primary damage ability, this one is a bit less bursty. Still, don't underestimate it. With a base 9 second cooldown, you'll probably cast it only once or twice when engaging an enemy, but it indispensible. The damage you see in the tooltip is only half of the damage you will actually do. Notice how it says "two slashes" and "each hit". Yeah.

The passive attack speed buff is also nice. AP Evelynn doesn't have great base AD scaling, but it's not a problem if you get a 120% ASPD buff for 3 seconds. Lol

Agony's Embrace

Evelynn's ultimate. Omg. I can't even. This skill is never not amazing if you use it even HALF decently. The range of the ultimate might seem a bit small when you look at the cursor in-game, but the damage and slow proc are actually a tad larger than what it might seem. Because the ultimate does a percent of the enemy's MAX health, the damage should essentially be the same no matter how tanky or squishy the enemy team is. At early levels, the lower percentage doesn't mean the spell is weaker. Enemies at this time have considerably less magic resistance, so your Hate Spike and Ravage will be counterbalancing the low ratio. In later game, this thing does like 40% of the enemy's max health and gives you up to a 1500 damage shield for 6 seconds. How is that not OP? Lololol

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Masteries and Runes

The main focus with masteries and runes is #1 to ensure Evelynn maximizes her burst. For that reason, we go 21 in offense and give her magic pen runes and AP quints.

The secondary focus is survivability in early to midgame laning and roaming. Health and MR.

Lastly, because we need mobility and Eve will need blue buff, 9 in Utility.

Honestly, though, if you want to play around with these runes and masteries, be my guest. Evelynn with this build really only needs her items, which we'll talk about next. Other than that, build gold per 5 or movespeed quints, or I dunno. Whatever. Experiment.

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Midlane AP Evelynn only has 2 core items and the rest are filler.

Starting Items

First return trip

Kage's Lucky Pick+ +Sight Ward


Please take note that if you feel Mercury's Treads or Sorcerer's Shoes would be better, then that's probably going to be okay. You should opt for Boots of Mobility to aid other lanes and then return mid as quickly as possible.

As for the Deathfire Grasp, this item is just nasty when paired with Evelynn's ult. Obliterating up to 40% the opponent's current health when you open a fight then destroying up to 30% of their max health with Agony's Embrace means you can do up to 70% of an opponent's maximum health. Nothing to scoff at.

Extra items for more burst

This item has recently seen a nerf in Area of Effect, but because Evelynn is a melee mage, this still works just fine with her. Normally if I am carrying or need some MR, I'll take this after I finish the core.

Want more burst? Grab a deathcap.

Evelynn is obviously a very spammy champion. Abuse the spam to get Lich Bane procs every time its 2 second cooldown refreshes, thanks to Hate Spike

This pairs quite nicely with Abyssal Mask to not only reduce the enemy's Magic Resistance, but also to then penetrate it.

For survivability

More health is great, and so is adding an extra slow to your ultimate. Also, if, on the off-chance your opponent can keep up with you and your Dark Frenzy is on cooldown, Hate Spike should slow them a bit.

Gives MR, Armor, and a great revive. If you come back to life, high-tail it to safety with Dark Frenzy

Can be very useful. If you jump into a teamfight and become the focus, then activate this so your team can get some damage while your enemies are momentarily confused.

Never neglect to

Sight Ward
Evelynn is obviously all about vision. Use her to expand your own vision and to reduce the enemy's.

"The shadows beckon, y'all." -Evelynn

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How to Kill People (Skill Combo)

Always go into a fight stealthed with Shadow Walk. If you are not 100% positive your enemy cannot see you, then be extremely cautious.

If the enemy is alone and full health

1. Open with Deathfire Grasp to maximize its burst damage.
2. Immediately follow with Agony's Embrace to slow and give yourself a shield.
3. Ravage.
4. Hate Spike the poop out of them. Ignite if you have it.
5. An enemy has been slain.

If the enemy has lower than 50% health

1. Open with Agony's Embrace.
2. Laugh.
3. Ravage
4. Hate Spike the poop out of them.
5. If they are still alive and running, Deathfire Grasp for its minimum damage.
6. An enemy has been slain.


1. Stay toward the back of your team, stealthed.
2. Locate the highest priority enemy. After the initiation, Deathfire Grasp them.
3. Agony's Embrace as many people as possible with highest-priority targets being the focus of the AoE.
4. Laugh at how big your shield is.
5. Run in and Ravage the highest priority target. Auto attack ad nauseum. At least 2 or 3 of the enemy should be dead already. Hate Spike all the while.
6. Ace.

When outnumbered

1. Agony's Embrace for your shield.
2. Sit out their CC.
3. Then Dark Frenzy your way out.

Things you should never do as Evelynn

  • Solo engage an enemy who is hiding in the brush
  • Camp in your lane
  • Initiate teamfights
  • Neglect your team
  • Let the enemy ward or keep an Oracle's Elixir

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Overcoming weaknesses

This guide makes no apologies for how ridicuously overpowered Evelynn is in the current meta. I'm just here to tell you how to abuse her for Elo. How do you do that? Why, you nullify her weaknesses, of course!

Here are those weaknesses, again:

  • Vulnerable to CC if you're visible
  • Relatively squishy
  • Relies entirely on ganking/kills
  • Your team will likely not have a ranged mage
  • Relatively counterable

Here's how we counter them:

Vulnerability to CC

First of all, this requires your enemy to have stuns. If it's not a stun, snare, or suppression, then it makes no difference at all. Slows, knockups, throws, grabs, silences, and zone spells really don't make much of a difference. You can avoid this by just being invisible and engaging the enemy with that CC with your jungle or another teammate. Common counters to AP Eve Mid are Veigar and Malzahar, and while they both have really strong CC, they are not effective 2v1 champions once their CC is done.

Relatively squishy

There are items for this, and, uh, did I tell you about Agony's Embrace? lol

Relies entirely on ganks/kills

If your enemy team has half a brain, they will be oracle-ing and pink warding. How do you counter this? With your own oracle's and pink wards. Also, when you gank, your teammates will (understandably) want the kills against their lane enemies. You get gold either way, but it will be hard for you to carry without kills, and they still gain advantage in their lane. Let them rage the first time. The second time you gank their lane, be nice and let them have it. This is also going to present a problem in that if your lane enemy is a hard pusher, then your tower will need constant assistance. Don't forget that you are responsible for your lane.

Your team won't have a ranged mage, maybe

If your team starts raging about the fact that you picked Eve for mid and not someone with ranged skills, ignore them. Fizz, Diana, Rumble and Katarina are also melee mages and commonly picked. Haters are, verily, gonna hate. It's true that the latter three from that list have nice ranged poke, but Evelynn's ult outbursts all of them.

Relatively counterable

As listed above, Veigar and Malzahar are relatively common counters to Evelynn mid. Lux and Swain might also be nice counters. I hesitate to say they're hard or strong counters because for them to land damage, you either have to compromise your invisibility (like an idiot) for them to see you and land their spells, or they have to spend their mana like an idiot on the off-chance they might land damage on you, wherever you might be.

True sight can also counter Evelynn, but if you have an Oracle's Elixir and you notice a Vision Ward, make the choice: risk it to take the ward out and be de-stealthed for a few seconds, or just run back the way you came until later.

Your enemy might also realize that if they hide in a bush, they will see you coming while you will not. So, obviously, don't face check.

Guide Top

Final notes and updates

This is just the start of the guide. It covers all of your basics. Details and whatever.

I'll upload some replays or highlights of replays here if the guide gets enough upvotes. I'll also take the time to clean this up, make it shorter, blah blah blah.

Also, I currently have an 80% win rate in ranked games with AP Eve mid for those that were wondering. I'll upload more screenshots as I win more games.

Thanks for reading. If you made it this far, niceeeee.


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