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Vayne Build Guide by Midorima

ADC Midorima's Vayne Guide (Patch 9.1) | THE SAUCE

ADC Midorima's Vayne Guide (Patch 9.1) | THE SAUCE

Updated on March 20, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Midorima Build Guide By Midorima 79 2 81,189 Views 2 Comments
79 2 81,189 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Midorima Vayne Build Guide By Midorima Updated on March 20, 2020
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Runes: Press the Attack

1 2 3
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Cut Down

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Midorima's Vayne Guide (Patch 9.1) | THE SAUCE

By Midorima
Hey guys, my ign is Midorima as stated above. I'm a Master Tier AD Carry player on NA. I've mained Vayne since late season 2, maybe early season 3. I probably have more than 2-3 million mastery points across all my accounts if that means anything lol...I was once rated top 5 Vaynes in NA but I deleted the picture so RIP the proof. This will be a very long read because I want to give you as much info about playing Vayne as possible. So if you wanna try to skim through it...good luck! If my guide doesn't provide enough info feel free to visit my stream at
Explanations for Everything
Since I really dislike the layout within the notes section I will be putting everything down here so its easier on the eyes.
Each Keystone has its own perks and weaknesses and since so many people ask me when to take which keystone here's the explanation for all of them.
Press the Attack
So for Vayne I almost always prefer Press the Attack over the other Keystones but each serves their own purpose. So I will explain the strengths of each Keystone starting with PTA.

When to take Press the Attack-

PTA is the best standard rune because it allows you to trade even better in lane with the 3 auto proc that synergizes with your W.

PTA is good if you plan on split pushing so you can win 1v1s easier.

PTA is good if there is 1 or maybe even 2 frontliners on the enemy team that you have to take down since once you proc it, all damage to that person gets amplified.

PTA is good if you have a really easy lane match up you can dominate such as if you face a Sivir or Twitch.

If you're new to Vayne I suggest using PTA since I believe it to be the most newbie friendly~
Lethal Tempo
This Keystone is meant for the late game in my opinion.

When to take Lethal Tempo-

Tempo is good if you have a big frontline that allows you freely hit for a very good duration of a teamfight since that is how you will get maximum usage.

Tempo is good if you believe that you can firmly get into the late game since this is when this Keystone prospers and shines above the other options.

Lethal Tempo is probably one of the last options for Keystones since it requires alot of set up for this Keystone to work to its full potential.
Fleet Footwork
Honestly, Fleet Footwork sucks.

Times to take Fleet Footwork-

Fleet legit only has 3 reasons for being taken

1) In a very bad lane match up where any healing at all is beneficial (ex: versus Zyra, Brand, or Xerath support)

2) When you need to kite everything (ex: Jax, Zed, Rek'Sai, etc)

3) If you plan on going the crit build that requires Stormrazor/Statikk Shiv/Rapidfire Cannon
Mini-Rune Explanations
Triumph vs Overheal- This is a pretty easy decision if you think about it. Here are questions and answers to help.
Q) Are you versus a melee support?
A) Go Overheal, its easier to stack it up since melee supports rely on all-in engages to win, not poke. Since you will be rushing Blade of the Ruined King you will have life steal to allow you to get the shield for Overheal.

Q) Are you versus a ranged support or plan on fighting alot?
A) Go Triumph, chances are you won't be able to stack up your Overheal shield while being poked down by the enemy support+AD Carry so by default this is better. And if you plan on fighting alot, well...self-explanatory.

Legend: Alacrity vs Legend: Bloodline- Since you will be rushing a life steal item first anyways, the need for the 8% healing from Legend: Bloodline isn't needed. Simple!~

Coup De Grace vs Cut Down- Are you versus 3 giant tanks or enemy champs that will have way more HP than you? Cut em down! If not, coup!

Domination secondary vs Sorcery secondary- Both have validity in their respective trees however I know Vayne already has enough late game potential so gathering storm in the Sorcery tree is just a unneeded bonus stat for scaling. And Absolute Focus on Vayne is just risky, assuming that a short-ranged all-in AD Carry will be above 70% HP majority of the fight and lane is very...hopeful.

Taste of Blood vs Sudden Impact- Taste of Blood just helps you lifesteal every 20 seconds when you auto them which is pretty nice. While Sudden Impact gives you like 7 lethality on your next tumble

Ravenous Hunter- No discussion. None of the other mini-runes will help you to the point where they mean something. With Ravenous Hunter, this proc's off your Silver Bolts (W). You will heal so much that you won't even realize it by the end of the game. It also helps that it gives you base life steal right off the bat.

The Bonus Stats- The first 2 rows are standard while the 3rd row is subject to change depending on if you think you need armor or magic resist in your lane.
Summoner Spells
Most bot laners almost always go Flash/Heal but there are times when they're subject to change!
Flash is a mandatory summoner spell with no further explanation needed.

Heal is a standard secondary summoner spell for all bot laners. This summoner can be used to bait out fights, save your inting supports, or to save yourself.


Reason being if you use heal late, such as after you or your ally is ignited, one of you will not get the full effect and will most likely end up dying.
^Same description for flash

Exhaust secondary is very uncommon for most bot laners to take. However Vayne is a special case due to the fact that Vayne thrives in close 1v1s and relies on self peel when making montage plays.

Generally in teamfights since Vayne will output the highest DPS if left alone. Many of the enemy team champions who have gap closers will try to dive and assassinate you as soon as possible. With exhaust they are unable to do so if used correctly since their damage will be heavily reduced during their main combo.

If you so choose to run exhaust, be very aware that most supports will be tilted because either they will be forced to take heal. If they don't take heal, then then you must be aware that you do not have that extra lifeline/bonus HP to save either of you.

In all honesty, taking exhaust secondary is a big gimmick in the sense that, its definitely not mandatory and you are taking this out of your own greediness. The payout however if used properly, is quite immense because this will allow you to neutralize any big fed damage threat that comes your way.

You will be able to 1v1 a 10-0 Zed as a 3-0 Vayne if you use exhaust as he burns his full combo since you will be able to survive and chase him down.

This is by far my favorite summoner spell set up for playing Vayne!~
^Same description for flash

This is very situational in the sense that the only time you will ever bring barrier over heal is when laning with a Soraka or other "enchanter" support who wants to bring heal for herself which allows you both to have a defensive summoner spell.
^Same description for flash

If you know who I am, then you know I love relying on me, myself, and I. That being said, I value self-peel more than the average player. If the enemy team has a line-up of full CCing champions, I'm taking cleanse. I will still build a QSS but Cleanse is also coming with me.
Ok so this set up is super situational and never taken. Ever. However there are very few times its necessary. During the time when AD Carries were being pooped on, many bot laners would take TP to mitigate the losses on CS and turret damage.

The only time I've taken this set up is when I have a melee support (ex: Alistar, Leona, Braum) and they have a ranged poke (ex: Xerath, Zyra, even Soraka). It helps me keep up in CS, as if Vayne doesn't have a bad enough time in the early game as is, and helps me keep my turret HP up longer to extend the lane time.
Items & Builds
Vayne to me is a pretty unique AD Carry because she doesn't have one set build path from start to finish so you're gonna see all the builds I've theory crafted and tested with success.

Each of the chapters below will correspond to the items builds above!
Starting Items & Trinkets
Doran's Blade- If you're versus a melee support. Take this.

Doran's Shield- If you're versus a ranged support, Sivir, or Xayah. Take this.

Refillable Potion- If you have 150 gold to spare, sell your regular potion and grab this. This is the most gold efficient healing item in the early game.

Yellow Trinket- Your starting trinket until level 9. Never have 2 in your inventory unless you're bad. There should always be atleast 1 of your trinkets on the rift giving you vision. If you die to a level 2 gank by the enemy jungler and you still have your ward charge, you better not flame your own jungler or support. Cause you could've prevented that yourself.

Blue Trinket- Its usually the AD Carry's job to carry this since they're the ones who have to be the safest distance at all times. So don't facecheck, use this instead! Also you want this because there is no safer option to check if the enemy team is doing Baron or not.

Control Ward/Pink Ward- Buy them.
Boot Choices
Berserker's Greaves- This boot choice is prob the most standard one and the one that feels the best. 35% attack speed early game for 1100 gold feels amazing. This will help you get out your 3 silver bolts faster, farm easier, move better, it just feels so good. However just know that if you choose Beserker's Greaves, you output more damage quicker at the cost of being more vulnerable since you give up defensive stats for offensive ones.

Ninja Tabi- Easy explanation, if they're either all AD or have 3+ champions that rely on their auto attacks to do the main damage. Pick yourself up a pair! If you don't, enjoy griefing by being 1 shot consistently! (This item is op as **** since it allows you to survive being 1 shot by Rengar, Kha'Zix, and other 1 shot auto champs if they aren't out of this world fed.)

Mercury's Treads- Also easy explanation, if you see that they have alot magic damage or CC. Pick yourself up a pair! If you don't, enjoy griefing by being unable to move then inevitably dying shortly after!
The Core
The Core

I don't care who you are. If you don't have these two items in your inventory, I am reporting you to Riot Games for griefing the game. Nothing else will be said.

Blade of the Ruined King- This item gives you everything you could ask for on Vayne offensively. Attack speed, raw damage, % health damage, life steal, and movement speed. This item will get you out of laning phase with the least trouble because of its life steal passive. Any factor that helps Vayne through the early game is a god send since if you face good/better players, they will abuse Vayne's weak early game. The moment you finish Bilgewater Cutlass is the moment you can begin looking for all-ins because the slow from cutlass combined with your passive+ult movement speed is enough for you to chase them down from your turret to theirs. And the moment you finish Blade or the Ruined King fully, is when you are able to 1v1 almost anyone in the game if they aren't hyper fed.

Guinsoo's Rageblade- I'm going to make this explanation short and sweet. Every other auto once you get the Rageblade passive up to 6 stacks does % max HP in true damage. If you think this isn't op then I dunno what to say to you honestly. 14% max HP every other auto lol, this should be a crime in some countries.
Zeal Items
Phantom Dancer- Probably a staple in most Vayne builds since Vayne is practically designed to 1v1 everyone in the game obviously...So Phantom Dancer works along side that thought process because of the attack speed it grants, the movement speed passive, and the damage reduction passive. This is usually your Zeal item of choice since Vayne is a single target damage dealing champion in the first place.

Rapid Firecannon- The situations where you get this item is when the enemy team only has 1 frontline tank/bruiser and the rest are all very far ranged damage dealers (ex: Xerath, Ezreal, Caitlyn, Viktor, Vel'Koz). There are other reasons but those don't mean as much as the one stated above.

Statikk Shiv- This is the simplest explanation ever tbh. If you're team needs waveclear, get this. :D

Runaan's Hurricane- You trolling bro?
My Set Up
So this looks pretty standard right? However, everyone will ask, "why do you have Black Cleaver". Well here's my answer. Black Cleaver provides a health stat, damage stat, armor reduction stat, and a movement speed stat. Way back in season 4 I believe, League of Legends had boot enchantments, one being called "Furor" upgrade. This is also on Black Cleaver/Phage, which gives you the ability to move faster after every auto. This is significant because this allows you to enhance you kiting, spacing, and orb walking potential by that much more. Plus the HP stat might not seem like alot but you'd be surprised at how good it feels. Building a Zeal item third in my opinion feels pretty bad on Vayne honestly. You don't get that good of stats since all you're really paying for is attack speed which your first 2 items provide enough of. The only time I really prefer a Zeal item third is when I plan on splitting so I grab Phantom Dancer, or if I have a big enough frontline consisting of 3 tanks that can soak/peel EVERYTHING away/for me. The rest of the build is very standard because its just crit stats that help melt tanks even more.

You're also wondering why I have more than 6 items listed right? Well as the game goes on some items lose effectiveness. Boots become outclassed by another Zeal item, unless you're versus a Rengar or 1 shot auto attack champion. Black Cleaver gets outdone by Trinity Force. So this build path upgrades until its final form.

Note: I build these items in that order
This is the MOST standard Vayne build you will see, everywhere. Everything speaks for itself and the items already have their own description by me above.

I don't have boots upgraded because they vary per game so choose whichever shoe fits :)
Ok, you're probably thinking I'm a nutcase right about now, which I am, but bare with me here. You ever get one shot so many times you just say this isn't fun playing AD anymore? You ever see a full team of damage threats that all want to **** you? Well here's the build for you good sir!

The first 3 items are THE CORE as stated above, no Vayne build is legitimate without these items.

Moving on from that, I already explained Black Cleaver in the "My Set Up" build path.

Every AD Carry champion is innately squishy because well, you can't do the most damage and be tanky, that'd be unfair. WELL VAYNE CAN BABY. Since Vayne already deals more than enough damage with her W proc empowered by Rageblade. You are allowed to get TANK ITEMS WHILE OUTPUTTING INSANE DAMAGE!!!

This is where it gets really fun. Gargoyle's Stoneplate active gives you that giant health increase for the price of you giving up 60% of your damage right? WELL WITH VAYNE YOU NEGATE THAT **** WITH TRUE DAMAGE ON W. TRUE DAMAGE CANNOT BE MITIGATED HAHA!!! So tag the HP stats from Black Cleaver and Frozen Mallet along with their actual passives of boosting movement speed and slowing theirs per auto. You become God himself. You can also swap out Frozen Mallet for Randuin's Omen if you are facing alot of crit based champions on the enemy team.



Versus Full AD (Crit)
I promise you, none of the builds I state are troll. This is me playing Vayne for years on end and understanding the damage output of her kit and utilizing it to its full potential.

This build will allow you to survive any form of AD comp especially if they rely on burst.
Versus Full AP (CC)
As stated, this isn't troll. I'm not kidding when I say Blade of the Ruined King and Rageblade together is enough damage items to win you the game. Everything else is a bonus.

You will not die to AP champs with this build. Self explanatory.

If they don't have a champion that's main damage sources comes from 1 ability such as Cassiopeia's E or Malzhar's E then swap out Adaptive Helm for either Wit's End or Spirit Visage.
You're Trolling
You're trolling since you don't want to deal 14% max HP every other auto with Rageblade.

This build still works, but it will never amount to any of the builds above simply because you're trying to take down armor when you have a true damage ability in your kit. Have fun getting one shot and killed trying to output your damage by getting past their armor.
Ability Leveling
If you look at the way I level my abilities, I don't finish maxing Q first, get W level 2, or max W until later.

Here's why,

3 Points in Q- allows you to trade effectively in the lane phase because if you max W in lane phase, good luck trying to proc it and dodge abilities every 4 seconds.

Maxing W after 3 points in Q- You have enough CD on your Q and enough base damage on it to where you can now level up your main damage source, which is your W of course.

Leveling Condemn level 2- So here's something rarely anyone is aware of. If you land both parts of your E level 2, thats 100 damage because both parts deal 50 damage. Both parts meaning the knock back and wall stun. The damage combined with the 1.5 second stun is a deadly combo if the enemy bot lane is unaware of your positioning and their own. If you see that they are fully aware of what you are trying to pull then by all means, take W to farm easier.
Early Game
Vayne's early game is probably one of the worst in the game out of all the AD Carries. Luckily people suck and most cannot properly exploit her weaknesses. And since this is a guide, I'll focus on talking about how to abuse her strengths rather than leaking how to poop on her.


Now that that's out of the way, the best tip for trading as Vayne is anything you see the enemy AD about to last hit a creep you can either tumble in and auto him for free if you know the enemy support cannot react, or you can walk up to auto him then tumble back for extra safety.

Level 2 is where you can cheese/gimmick your way to victory. If the enemy AD or Support is posted up against the wall as you hit level 2. You can level up condemn and tumble in at an angle to stun them into the wall and if your support is competent they will all in as well and hopefully ignite them. This usually results in a kill, if not. They will atleast burn flash and heal.

You don't really spike at any part of the early game in lane until level 6 where you can finally chase them down hopefully for a kill.

Know your match ups and what you can do. If you are beginner to Vayne just get as much farm safely as you can and focus on outscaling them. If you have experience or feel risky, you can always look for PTA trades or all-ins once you have Cutlass.

I covered AD match ups above and those tips only go for lane. One cannot predict what happens between you both outside of it since every game differs.

Big tip: Vayne is usually not the one who leads the bot lane until cutlass spike. Until then, its up to your support to engage the play, or wait for the enemy to **** up.

Thats p much it for the early game.
Mid Game
This is going to sound really dumb and your team will not like you for this. But majority of the early will consist of you trying to split push and get to your 2 item power spike. Once you have Blade of the Ruined King, you are able to 1v1 enemies. However you will be unable to put in work in teamfights until you have Rageblade. Once you have "The Core" you can finally begin your journey to 1v9 montage stardom.

Tbh theres not much to talk about for mid games when it comes to AD Carries, all we do is farm and hope our team doesn't lose yet.
Late Game
If you reach this point in the game, past 30 minutes. You should have majority of your items if you've farmed properly and haven't inted. That being said, entering teamfights and positioning is probably the hardest thing for any Vayne player. Most of the time I see Vayne players instantly pop ult and tumble in and either they do minimal damage or die instantly trying to look cool.

The proper thing to do is to actually hold onto your ult until you either see an ACTUAL PRIME moment to ult-tumble in (ex: their fed AD or Mid is CC'd along with their frontline not being in position to protect them). This also goes for ult-tumbling out (ex: you're fighting then Zed finally W+Ults onto you).

The main point about Vayne is staying alive as long as possible just like a standard AD Carry. Your damage output is so high you never have worry about the enemy AD outputting more damage than you unless its 6 item Twitch. I'm not trying to say you should never go in to make the plays, its just you have to know so many limits to make them work. I'd recommend playing your first 100 games standard as a backline AD Carry then once you feel comfortable start "limit-testing" AKA inting lol.

Vayne was designed to be a broken as **** late game champion. So once you get to this phase in the game. Abuse your powers/strengths as much as possible and you will 1v9. Montage plays will come by themselves. Just keep moving in teamfights and orb walk smoothly. If you can't move properly like most ADs should, Vayne is not the champion for you.

Das it.
This ****ing guide took like 5 hours to make...But hopefully it helps you and your Vayne adventures. Don't int and make the Vayne community look bad plz! It's already bad enough heh.

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