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Miss Fortune Build Guide by DoomGlad

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DoomGlad

Miss Fortune Carry All Day

DoomGlad Last updated on July 4, 2013
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Miss Fortune is a very strong AD Carry and one of my favorite AD Carry in League of Legends. Miss Fortune has high dueling, poking, and team fighting capability due to her kit. Miss Fortune is well known for her ult, Bullet Time, which is very strong with AoE team compositions and synergies very well with Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy. Miss Fortune is also very strong because of her relatively strong early game, mid game, and late game.

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I usually take 21-5-4 taking Meditation and Summoner's Insight gives Miss Fortune some nice mana regeneration because she has a fairly small mana pool and can run out quickly if you spam your skills excessively. If you feel you need to be more durable, you can run 21-9-0 and take Veteran's Scars and Hardiness which will give you bonus armor and health.

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I prefer taking Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage and Greater Mark of Attack Damage because with Miss Fortune I go aggressive early on and this rune setup helps you cs which is a big factor for the AD Carry. If you prefer lifesteal and can last hit minions well, you can take Greater Quintessence of Life Steal instead of AD Quints. Greater Seal of Armor is standard for AD Carries because it allows you to trade better with the enemy AD Carry and will make more durable against the enemy bruisers. Greater Glyph of Magic Resist are helpful against taking enemy supports harass that are AP like Zyra, Sona, Leona, Corki, and Soraka.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is the summoner spell you will always have on Miss Fortune. She has no gap closer or an escape tool so Flash is a must.
Barrier is very helpful in cases when you're against a heavy burst team or it helps in general with 2 v 2 skirmishes in lane.
Ignite is very helpful to secure those kills but is sacrificing a lot of defense for offense. If you're planning on taking ignite I would recommend taking 1 point out of Fury and put it into Summoner's Wrath to get that extra 5 AP and AD when ignite is on cool down.
Cleanse is the most useful when you are against a heavy crowd-control(Meaning lots of stuns, slows, silences, and snares.) team. It can be even used to cleanse the enemy support's exhaust.

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For Miss Fortune I usually run a high amount of damage and armor penetration with an attack speed item and a defensive item to allow me to survive.

I normally start out with a Doran's Blade or a Long Sword and 2 Health Potion's. This builds straight into The Brutalizer and Vampiric Scepter. After that I pick up Berserker's Greaves. Once I have those items finished, I buy The Bloodthirster which gives me much needed life steal and damage which synergies with Bullet Time and Double Up. After I have completed my bloodthirster, I buy a Last Whisper which gives me a lot of armor penetration which allows me to shred everything with Bullet Time. With the completed bloodthister and last whisper, I upgrade my brutalizer into The Black Cleaver. This is allows me to shred even more armor and will help my teammates kill the enemy from the armor penetration I have provided from my black cleaver. When these core items are finished, I buy a Phantom Dancer so that if Bullet Time is cancelled, I will still have some decent damage with my auto attacks. After this it is up to you, you can either buy a defensive item like Guardian Angel or an offensive item like Infinity Edge.


I usually prefer to enchant my boots later in the game when I feel the time is right. I choose between Furor, Alacrity, or Home Guard. Home guard is good for defending your base or returning to lane quicker, Furor is good for when you need to keep up with your enemies, or if you need to kite. Alacrity is only good if you aren't auto attacking consistently, if you are, furor is a much better option.

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Strut is Miss Fortune's Passive. Strut gives Miss Fortune a movement speed buff that increases over a couple of seconds. This allows you to roam easier and allows Miss Fortune to buy boots much later then other AD Carries.

Double Up is your strong harassing tool that that deals have heavy damage early to mid game. Both shots also apply on-hit effects like life steal but it cannot critical strike.

Impure Shots is what makes Miss Fortune such an excellent trader in lane. It gives her increased attack speed, and increased on-hit damage, and a healing debuff which helps against those pesky healers like Sona, and Soraka or enemy AD Carry life steal.

Make it Rain is an AoE slow with average damage. It isn't much use too AD Miss Fortune because it scales off of AP. Make it Rain gives vision into brushes if an enemy is standing in one.

Bullet Time is Miss Fortune's signature move. It is an AoE high damage dealing ultimate used for taking over team fights. Bullet Time can also be used for farming or clearing minion waves. Make sure to use your ultimate when your enemies are bunched up so ensure maximum damage.

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Pros and Cons

+Passive gives large amount of movement speed
+Wins trades easily
+Attack Steroid
+Healing De-Buff
+Strong AoE Ultimate
+AoE Slow

-Short Attack damage
-Passive is countered by taking damage
-Cannot move while using ultimate, requires good positioning
-No escape mechanism or re-positioning skill

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Job In Teamfights

As any AD Carry, Miss Fortune should always be behind the tanks and attack the person closest to you. I have provided a video for you to watch which shows excellent positioning.

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Miss Fortune is a well-rounded AD Carry that has the potential to win bot lane and snowball extremely hard. Thank You for reading my guide. Hope you learned something new. Happy carrying!