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Renekton Build Guide by DoomGlad

Tank [S4] Renekton Top

Tank [S4] Renekton Top

Updated on February 2, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DoomGlad Build Guide By DoomGlad 20 2 375,071 Views 61 Comments
20 2 375,071 Views 61 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DoomGlad Renekton Build Guide By DoomGlad Updated on February 2, 2014
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Hello everyone! DoomGlad here for my second guide on Mobafire and it will be on Renekton. Renekton is a very tanky top lane bully who when played right can do large amounts of damage while still having 3k health and 150+ armor and magic resist.
Preview of Renekton's Awesomeness!

Anyway, without further adue, I present to you, my simple but clear, Renekton guide. I will work to update this guide and make this the best guide I can possibly publish so please reconsider any down votes as I am very open to all suggestions and will change my guide for your reading pleasure. Thank You.
Some Notable Victories
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Pros / Cons


+ Very Tanky
+ High Burst
+ AoE Damage
+ Strong Gap Closer
+ Single Target CC
+ Manaless
+ Good Sustain
Renekton is a great champion to pick in ranked solo queue. Renekton has a brilliant form of sustain with Cull the Meek. He can also easily push the wave with a Slice and Dice+ Cull the Meek combo. With a high amount of health combined with a stun, Renekton can easily jump on the enemy carry and force them out of the fight.

- Slightly Falls off Late Game
- Weak Without Fury
- Long Cool downs
- Slightly Item Dependent
Like all champions in the game, Renekton has a few weaknesses that hinder him from being an unstoppable force. For example, late in the game Renekton's amazing base damages fall off. His damage is also pitiful without fury and his fury bar needs to be managed carefully. His incredibly long cool downs make him very weak when his skills are on cool down. If you can get past these slight weaknesses, no top lane opponent will stand a chance.
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  • Double-Edged Sword provides you with an amazing 2% damage increase for only the cost of 1% increased damage.
  • Sorcery helps you by reducing the cool down of your abilities. This is extremely helpful as Renekton has rather long cool downs.
  • Brute Force and Martial Mastery provide you with a strong AD boost to make your already strong skills do even more damage.

  • Recovery helps you to sustain those early trades with the enemy top lane and heals you up from the bonus health regeneration it provides.
  • Block combined with Unyielding will cut all the damage done to you by a substantial amount.
  • Veteran's Scars and Juggernaut will further improve your crazy amount of health with an amazing 3% maximum health with Juggernaut .
  • Hardiness will overall improve your armor, especially with your Greater Seal of Armor.
  • Resistance will provide you with a small amount of magic resist that will help you against champions like Elise or Kennen.
  • Perseverance and Second Wind are the strongest masteries in the Defensive tree. Providing you with added health regeneration, amazing self-healing, and life steal and spell vamp boost when you are below 25% health. This mastery is a must for Renekton.
  • Legendary Guardian provides some free armor and magic resist according to how many nearby champions there are.
  • Tenacious allows you not get crowd controlled to death by the enemy team.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage is the most optimal to use because it boosts our already strong early game. No other quintessence can stand up to it.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage Like our quintessences, Greater Mark of Attack Damage boosts our early game damage output. greater mark of armor penetration can be substituted for Greater Mark of Attack Damage but you use the early damage for some mid to late game damage.

Simply put, Greater Seal of Armor are the best seals in the game. Providing a hefty armor boost to take reduced damage from your enemy laner, these seals cannot be replaced.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist gives Renekton some bonus magic resist to survive against an AP heavy poke laner like Elise or Kennen. Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist can also be taken if you are against an AD laner but I do not recommend it.
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Summoner Spells

Flash is arguably the best summoner spell in the game. It teleports you a short distance away which can be used to secure kills or escape a gank from the enemy jungler. Make sure not to waste flash for the heck of it as it has a long cool down and you are slightly vulnerable without it.

Most likely going to be your second summoner spell of choice. It provides you some extra damage to secure kills in lane. Ignite also reduces healing effects which is extremely useful against the ever so-popular Dr. Mundo.

Teleport can be substituted for Ignite if your team needs a split pusher. It can also be used to get back to your lane quicker if you are in a 2v1 lane. Teleport can reduce the amount of minions you use but you lose the extra damage from Ignite.

I don't find Ghost as useful as Flash but it can be used in some cases if you want to stick to your opponent. Ghost combined with Slice and Dice will make you very mobile and you will be able to stick to the enemy AD carry. You just lose the instant re-positioning benefit that Flash has.

Exhaust is a weaker substitute to Ignite but it can be useful is some cases. If you are afraid of being kited hard against possibly a Vayne, Exhaust will shut her damage output for the duration. Or you can possibly use Exhaust if you are against a Tryndamere to reduce his damage from his auto attacks for easier trades with Dominus.
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Champion Abilities

Cull the Meek
Ruthless Predator
Slice and Dice



















Maxing Cull the Meek is the best because it boosts your over-all damage output and your sustain. Maxing any other ability is simply unfavorable. We max Slice and Dice second as the cool down decreases and your damage goes up. We don't max Ruthless Predator second because the stun duration doesn't increase and it scales mostly of AD which we don't build. We take points in Dominus whenever we can because it is an extremely strong ultimate that adds a Sunfire Aegis every time you level it up and grants you massive health on activation.

Reign of Anger
Renekton gains 50% more Fury from all sources while below half health.
Reign of Anger isn't the strongest passive but it is very useful in team fights when you are below half health and you can use the extra fury to get off an empowered Cull the Meek.

Cull the Meek
Renekton deals physical damage to all enemies within range and healing for some of the damage dealt. Renekton's bread and butter ability. Amazing skill which allows you to push waves, chunk your lane opponent, and sustain yourself in lane. Remember that using Cull the Meek on an enemy champion will heal you for more.

Ruthless Predator
Renekton’s next basic attack will hit twice, stunning his target for 0.75 seconds. Renekton's amazing single-target CC nuke. With a 225% AD ratio when empowered, this skill coupled with some AD will chunk that squishy carry. Keep in mind that when empowered, the stun duration goes up to 1.5 seconds.

Slice and Dice
Renekton dashes forward, dealing physical damage to enemies he hits along the way. Slice and Dice is your amazing mobility and escape skill. This skill can be used to almost guarantee an escape when you are getting ganked or it can be used to jump on their carry. The below example illustrates how to escape with Slice and Dice.
Walls Slice and Dice can go Through

Renekton enlarges his size and gains bonus health. Additionally, he deals magic damage every second. Dominus is what makes Renekton such a strong champion. Boasting an extremely large health gain (600 at max rank) and an added Sunfire Aegis that gains damage every point you put in it, this is the skill that makes Renekton so amazing in team fights.
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Item Sequence

Sunfire Aegis 2700
Spirit Visage 2900
Ravenous Hydra 3400
Randuin's Omen 3000
Black Cleaver 3100
Currently the strongest start in the game for top laners, Doran's Shield provides a large amount of health and health regeneration to sustain yourself in lane. Add in the amazing passive, Doran's Shield completely saves you against top laners by taking 8 damage off of auto attacks. Especially useful against champions like Yasuo and Master Yi.

Extremely useful item on Renekton. He benefits from eveything it gives. Attack damage, cool down reduction, and armor penetration. This item is especially useful if you want to snowball your lane ever farther or just to complete decimating squishy tops.

Great boots to prevent heavy auto attack champions. Also helps reduce the damage from AD carries. It is also cheaper then it's alternative, Mercury's Treads.

I rarely take Mercury's Treads on Renekton unless the enemy team has lots of CC or I am against an AP top. Mercury's Treads are also more expensive then Ninja Tabi which make it an unfavorable purchase.

Arguably the best item for Renekton. I cannot stress how important this item is to get on Renekton. The AoE magic damage works extremely well with Dominus and provides ease of trading. That extra magic damage really stacks up. Sunfire Aegis can also assist you with split-pushing which works well with Ravenous Hydra. This item if often rushed against enemy tops as it provides health and armor. The magic damage from the aura also helps damage enemy tops who rushed armor.

THE BEST magic resist item currently in the game. Providing a ton of health and magic resist, Spirit Visage is a must-buy unless the enemy team comp is all AD. The 10% cool down reduction reduces your long cool downs and the extra healing improves your health regeneration and how much your Cull the Meek heals.

One of the top AD items for Renekton, it provides a nice amount of health regeneration (really?), some nice life steal, and 75 AD. This will boost your damage output immensely. The passive can also be used to cancel Ruthless Predator allowing for more over-all damage output.

Great tank item for Renekton against enemy physical damage. Works great against auto attack reliant champions from the attack speed slow. Especially useful to minimize damage from the enemy AD carry. Try to use the active on this item on as many members as possible.

Also one of the best damage items for Renekton. Providing a nice amount of AD, heath, cool down reduction, and armor penetration. This item works well to shred the armor off the enemy carry for more damage on Ruthless Predator and Cull the Meek.

Great item against AP top laners like Elise. Providing a nice AD boost, magic resistance, and an amazing passive. This will be your go-to choice against AP tops. The passive, lifeline, can assist you in making clutch plays when the extra shield might just save your life.
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Explanation: Nasus works well with Renekton as they become an extremely strong front line with their ultimates. Their AoE magic damage is incomparable and they can easily dive the enemy back line. And one more thing, BROTHERS!


Explanation: Orianna can use Command: Protect on Renekton while he engages and then once he is in the middle of the team, Command: Shockwave. Boom, whole team half health. Should be an easy team fight after that.


Explanation: Lulu works exceptionally well with Renekton because Wild Growth and Dominus make him extremely big and give him 1200 bonus health. A Glitterlance onto their whole team when Renekton engages can also be very deadly.

talisman of ascension

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Severity: Medium
Explanation: Aatrox is mostly a skill match-up. Try to only go in while you have your skills up as auto attack trades are very unfavorable for you. Try to go in when his Blood Well isn't full as the extra attack speed helps him incredibly during trades.


Severity: Medium
Explanation: Mostly a skill match-up. Rushing armor in the form of Sunfire Aegis and Ninja Tabi is very effective. Try to trade with him when Decimate is on cool down. Dominus combined with a Sunfire Aegis should easily beat him.

Dr. Mundo

Severity: Medium
Explanation: This match-up is a stale mate. Basically, you can't do damage to him, and he can't do damage to you. You should win trades early on, especially if you dodge Infected Bonesaw, his main damaging tool. Build Sunfire Aegis to Spirit Visage and go full tank against Dr. Mundo as that is what he is going to do.


Severity Hard
Explanation: A bit of a hard match-up. Farm till level 6 and buy Hexdrinker. Once you have Hexdrinker you should be able to win trades with more ease. Use a full combo and you will chunk her to half health. Good advice against Elise is too push early with Cull the Meek as Elise has trouble last hitting under turret early.


Severity: Medium
Explanation: Garen vs Renekton match-up relies all on who hits their intiating abilites first. A Renekton who opens with Ruthless Predator will win the trade. A Garen who opens with Decisive Strike will win the trade. Make sure to keep his passive off at all times and trade with him if he wastes Judgment on minions.


Severity: Easy
Explanation: Renekton is a very effective counter to Jax as all of your skills go through Counter Strike. You should go in with a Slice and Dice> Ruthless Predator> Cull the Meek> Slice and Dice combo as it will get you in and out while still dealing damage. Do not do auto attack trades with Jax as he is the king of auto attack trades.


Severity: Medium
Explanation: Mostly a skill match-up. His Thundering Blow will knock you back in your dash so that he can freely auto attack you if you run back without your Slice and Dice. Try to farm out and win team fights mid game. You could possibly roam down to get Dragon with your team.


Severity: Medium
Explanation: This match-up is similar to Elise. You have to push early as Kennen has a hard time last hitting. Make sure you don't allow Kennen to push as you will take too much poke damage trying to last hit under turret. Get Hexdrinker and try to go in when Kennen misuses Lightning Rush.


Severity: Easy-Medium
Explanation: Against Kha'Zix you want to rush an early Sunfire Aegis/ Ninja Tabi as armor is very effective against him. Try to not feed him early kills and deny him farm with a quick in and out trade. Try to out farm him and prevent him from snow balling and become a massive tank in team fights.

Lee Sin

Severity: Medium
Explanation: Lee Sin goes pretty much even with Renekton. Dodge his Sonic Wave and you will do fine. Do not do auto attack trades with lee sin as Flurry will out damage your auto attacks. His Sonic Wave> Dragon's Rage> Resonating Strike will out damage you at level 6. Get a Sunfire Aegis and Ninja Tabi and you will be fine as he will most likely be rushing Ravenous Hydra.


Severity: Easy
Explanation: Pretty simple lane. He can't kill you but you can possibly kill him. Keep his Granite Shield off and you will win lane. He will most likely build insane armor where you won't be able to kill him anymore. Only we he can kill you is if he Unstoppable Forces under his own turret.

Master Yi

Severity: Easy
Explanation: Simple lane for Renekton. You easily win trades early. Similarly with Jax, do not do auto attack trades with Master Yi as you will lose them every time. Dominus combined with Sunfire Aegis should be able to kill him easy at level 6.


Severity: Easy
Explanation: Prevent Nasus from farming Siphoning Strike and you pretty much win lane. He can't trade with you early at all. You can go in for a full combo if he tries to cs. Avoid fighting when Wither is on you.


Severity: Medium
Explanation: Olaf goes right through your armor with Reckless Swing which means armor doesn't help too much. Don't fight him when he is low health unless you know you can secure the kill because Berserker Rage and Tough It Out will boost his damage and sustain tremendously. Try to farm it out and don't do auto attack trades. Depending on what he builds, you both might just be 3.5k health tanks. Ninja Tabi is extremely effective in this match-up.


Severity: Medium
Explanation: Watch out for a level 2 all in with Empowered Savagery. If he is going full AD Rengar, Sunfire Aegis and Ninja Tabi should make him deal no damage to you and you will have an easy lane. If he is going bruiser Rengar you guys will go even. Watch out for Empowered Savagery all in and try to prevent him from spamming Empowered Battle Roar.


Severity: Easy
Explanation: Renekton crushes Riven early game. Use that to deny her farm. Riven will be most likely rushing AD so an early Sunfire Aegis Ninja Tabi is very effective. Riven snowballs really hard so make sure not to die to her or you might be in trouble for the rest of the lane.


Severity: Medium
Explanation: Pretty even match-up. Avoid taking too much free damage from Flamespitter. Don't sit in The Equalizer, buy Hexdrinker and you'll be fine.


Severity: Easy
Explanation: Renekton completely dominates this match-up. You completely stomp him early game. He has a choice, to last hit with Vorpal Blade or to hit you with Vorpal Blade. If he hits you, you laugh as he misses cs and sustain it with Cull the Meek. You will win trades easily. Stop Stand United with Ruthless Predator at all costs.


Severity: Medium
Explanation: You have a stronger early game against Shyvana so take advantage of that. You will lose auto attack trades if she has Burnout on so avoid that. At level about 8, once you both get items and she has Blade of the Ruined King, you will probably start losing trades. Go in only with combos and farm up. Armor is very effective. Buy a Randuin's Omen.


Severity: Medium
Explanation: Renekton does pretty well against Vladimir in lane contrary to popular belief. The only problem is his sustain with Transfusion. Your Slice and Dice is on a lower cool down then his Sanguine Pool so go in when his pool is on cool down. That is how the lane will work. The window when he doesn't have Sanguine Pool and you have Slice and Dice becomes large the more points you put into it. Fairly even lane.


Severity: Easy
Explanation: Fairly easy lane. Yasuo does almost all AD damage so Doran's Shield, Ninja Tabi, and Sunfire Aegis do extremely well against him. You should have ease of trading, especially with Sunfire Aegis and Dominus. Lane is extremely biased to your favor.

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Being the Tank As Renekton, you are the amazing tank of your team who will be absorbing countless amounts of damage and trying to dive the enemy carries. Your job as tank, is to try to absorb as much damage that you can off of your carries and maybe even hinder the enemy carry out of the fight.
Last Hitting Core on any laner anywhere (Unless you are support). Last hitting is the act of dealing the killing blow on a minion. This grants you necessary gold and experience to stay ahead of your laner. An effective way to clear a minion wave with Renekton is to Slice and Dice, Cull the Meek, and then use your second Slice and Dice. If the minions aren't dead, a few auto attacks and your Sunfire Aegis passive will kill them.
Zoning Zoning is the act of controlling your enemies movement and usually makes the enemy laner lose experience and farm. If you know you are ahead and easily win trades, step in front of his minion wave and deny him all creeps. This way you can push your advantage and snowball further while keeping the enemy very weak.
Warding Warding your top lane is very important to prevent yourself from dieing to the enemy jungler or a roam from mid. Use Stealth Ward to ward a brush in top so you can spot out the enemy when they are ganking. Below is an example of what brushes to ward.
Over-Extending Preventing yourself from over-extending can be the difference between your life and death. Although you have Slice and Dice and Dominus as effective escape cards, this does not mean you can freely over extend. When I play a lane role, I imagine a line right in the middle of the lane. If I am passed that lane facing the enemy tower, I am in risk of dieing to a jungle gank. If I am safely behind that line, I am in no risk of dieing to the jungler.
Jungle Monsters Taking Double Golems or Wight when you are returning back to line can boost the amount of money in your pocket while laning. These few creeps could mean the difference between having more farm then your laner or not. If you are taking Wight, Slice and Dice over the wall to the camp for a faster clear time.
Objectives Objectives are very important in a team game. The amount of gold they give to every person is an outrageous amount. If you have pushed up your lane to the enemy turret and you see a window, feel free to go down and help your team do Dragon . Make sure your jungler has Smite before attempting to Dragon or risk of it being stolen.
Proxying Proxying is the act of going behind the enemies turret and farming all the minions. This grants you all of the gold and experience to yourself without risk of missing last hits due to lane minions. Below is an example of proxying.
Ganking Ganking can be a very effective way to get you and your team back in the game. The easiest lane to gank is probably middle as it is closest to you. Below is an example of a good gank.
All-Ins All-Ins at level 2 are an example of something that happens frequently at top lane. It is the act of going in on the enemy laner trying to get a kill which usually ends up in summoner spells being blown. Click the below spoiler to see some example all-ins!

Teamfights Teamfights are where Renekton really shines. With amazing AoE damage and crazy dive potential, Renekton is a night mare for enemy carries. With a Black Cleaver, an empowered Ruthless Predator will do about 500 damage to that squishy carry. Basically you want to be in the front of your team soaking most of the damage and then you can either peel your carry, or dive the enemies.
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Thank you for taking a look at my Renekton guide if you have gotten this far. To sum it up, Renekton is a very strong top laner with a powerful early game and strong mid game who can completely dominate the enemy AD carry.

Please up vote my guide if you learned something new or you just enjoyed my guide in general and please rethink any down votes as I worked long and hard on this guide. If you have a suggestion or want to point out an error I have made, please inform me as I am open to all suggestions and will work to make my guide the best it can be.

Have fun playing Renekton is your solo queue adventures.


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Resources Used/Credits

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FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked


Q: Why do you start with W then E then Q? Starting Ruthless Predator can establish us lane dominance at level 1. Using an empowered Ruthless Predator will deal a ton of damage, especially if the enemy is squishy. We put a point in Slice and Dice at level 2 because at this time the jungler could be top and Slice and Dice will be an easy way to escape.
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Change Log

1/15/2014-Removed Stats
1/15/2014-Fixed Minor Coding Errors
1/17/2014-Added Banners and NEW Line Dividers!
1/18/2014-Added some Notable Victories
1/19/2014-Cheat Sheet Edited
1/19/2014-Grammar fixes thanks to Obnoxious
1/25/2014-Brand Spankin New Line Dividers thanks to YayaFTW!, Minor Code Change, Added Additional Line Dividers
2/2/2014-Grammar Fixes

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