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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Vayne Build Guide by DoomGlad

AD Carry [S5] AD Carry Vayne

AD Carry [S5] AD Carry Vayne

Updated on January 18, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DoomGlad Build Guide By DoomGlad 50 6 1,293,755 Views 69 Comments
50 6 1,293,755 Views 69 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DoomGlad Vayne Build Guide By DoomGlad Updated on January 18, 2015
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Hello everyone, I'm DoomGlad, and I will be getting back into making, simple, informational guides for champions I enjoy playing.

This guide will be about my favorite AD Carry and champion in the game, Vayne. Vayne is a very mobile, assassin type AD Carry who when played right, can be a monster to enemy teams and can duel any enemy she is faced with. Her ult, Final Hour, makes her a dueling monster because of the extra AD she is given and the invisible factor added onto her Tumble whenever Vayne Tumbles.

I say that at best my Vayne stats are decent but what separates me from the normal Vaynes in my elo are my per game averages. 9.6 kills to 3.8 deaths. This displays my dueling prowess although I sometimes go a bit too deep into the fight.
Sneak Peek of Vayne's Dueling Prowess

Anyway, without further adue, I present to you, my simple but clear, Vayne guide. I will work to update this guide and make this the best guide I can possibly publish so please reconsider any down votes as I am very open to suggestions and will change my guide for your reading pleasure. Thank You.

Some Notable Victories

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Pros / Cons


+ Very Strong Duelist
+ % and True Damage
+ Invisibility with Tumble
+ High Single Target Damage
+ Hardest Hitting Late Game AD Carry
+ High Movement Speed
Vayne is a great pick in ranked solo queue. Even though Vayne doesn't have amazing range like Caitlyn she has other strengths that make up for that. The most notable is probably the invisibility on her Tumble when Final Hour is active. Vayne can duel any AD Carry allowing her to get easy kills and a way to get fed. She has amazing movement speed with Night Hunter and Final Hour allowing her to kite her attackers while dealing massive amounts of damage.

- Relatively Low Attack Range
- Requires heavy mechanical skill
- Requires high Creep Score
- Requires good positioning
- Can be shut down early
- Only single target damage
All champions have their strengths and weaknesses though, and vayne has some several weaknesses that hinder her from being an unstoppable monster in all stages of the game. For example, Vayne is very weak in the early game until getting her Blade of the Ruined King. This time allows for other AD Carries to shut her down before she becomes strong. Vayne is also a very mechanically intense champion that requires high amounts of skill when it comes to kiting, positioning, and farming. Vayne also has a very lacking attack range for an AD Carry at just 550 where as Caitlyn for example has 650. These disadvanatges make Vayne a risky champion to pick in solo queue but once you master Vayne, she will become a free win almost every game unless banned.
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  • Recovery helps you to sustain those early trades with the enemy AD carry with the bonus health regen it provides.
  • Block combined with Unyielding means that you will be taking less damage from the enemy AD carry. 3 damage every auto attack may not seem a lot but it adds up.
  • Veteran's Scars and Juggernaut make you a small amount tankier but It can be the difference between an Ignite tick finishing you off or not.
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Press the Attack
Lethal Tempo
Phase Rush
Taking Greater Quintessence of Life Steal is optimal for AD carries to allow boosted sustain with a Doran's Blade start.

Taking an additional Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage instead of Greater Quintessence of Life Steal is optimal because 3 quintessences of life steal are not necessary. The bonus AD helps in last hitting and early trades.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage are the most optimal mark an AD carry could have as all your damage output scales off of attack damage. They help significantly with farming and assists you in those pesky trades with your lane opponent.

Currently the best seal in the game. They provide armor needed to sustain early trades with the enemy AD carry and gives you some bonus tankiness and survivability. Greater Seal of Armors are very important in dominating bot lane.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist are the most viable glyphs for an AD carry. Allowing to take off early damage poke from an annoying AP laner like Annie or Sona, Greater Glyph of Magic Resist will cut that damage allowing over all minimal damage taken in earlier levels.
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Summoner Spells

Flash is a key component to performing well on the hyper carry Vayne. Flash will allow for some easy re-positioning in case you get caught out, or it can be used to chase down low health enemies. Flash is currently the best summoner spell in the game.

Barrier is mostly likely going to be your second summoner spell of choice as it provides a large shield needed on squishy champions like Vayne. The immense shield protects Vayne against burst damage or dying from an Ignite tick. Barrier will often catch enemies by surprise allowing you to turn the tides of battle and end up with a kill.

Cleanse can also be substituted for Barrier against heavy crowd-control teams (Stuns, snares, slows). Cleanse can remove the threat of Exhaust or a full on engage from Leona, Blitzcrank, or Thresh, by cleansing their hook abilities.
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Champion Abilities

Silver Bolts
Final Hour




















Maxing Silver Bolts on Vayne is the most optimal thing a Vayne using the attack speed build I am using could want. Rushing Blade of the Ruined King and Berserker's Greaves gives me a large amount of attack speed which makes Silver Bolts damage out put increase immensely. It deals a flat amount of true damage and % health true damage. Silver Bolts is what makes Vayne so scary to the enemy Renekton with 4 thousand health. We max Tumble second as it is not as effective as Silver Bolts with the AS build I use. Tumble is still worthwhile maxing last as it reduce so just a short cool down of 2 seconds which means 6 invisible Tumbles during a max rank Final Hour. I max Condemn last as the only thing I use it for is for self peeling and stunning champions against walls. Don't get me wrong though, Condemn is a very strong move as it is the only form of hard cc an AD Carry has. We pick up Final Hour at 6,11, and 16 because it is a very strong ultimate and gives Vayne a huge steroid and mobility.
Maxing Tumble vs Silver Bolts

Night Hunter is an excellent passive for an AD Carry. Night Hunter gives Vayne 30 movement speed when facing an enemy champion. This allow for ease of kiting and chasing. With Final Hour, Night Hunter's movement speed is tripled giving her bonus 90 MS(Movement Speed) when facing a champion. This passive gives Vayne her very dueling and kiting play style. For Example in the video below, I make excellent use of the bonus MS from Night Hunter to chase down Janna and Nunu & Willump two very fast champions.

Tumble is Vayne's most used ability which allows her to make amazing plays and to kite with ease. Tumble makes Vayne move a short distance and enhances her next auto attack. What more would an AD Carry want? A skill to make kiting a breeze and it deals bonus damage on your next auto attack. Tumble also allows you to dodge skill shots with ease like Jinx's Zap! or Janna's Howling Gale.
Tumble Tips and Tricks!

Silver Bolts is what makes Vayne the amazing AD Carry that she is. Every third consecutive hit on the same champion deal a flat amount of damage to them and a % of their health damage onto that. Oh. Did I mention that this damage is all true damage? That's right. You will be ripping through tanks and squishies. Health is no longer a factor for Vayne.

Condemn is an amazing skill for an AD Carry. Not only is it the only form of hard cc on an ad carry (1.5 second stun),but it also gives a short knock back allowing for self peeling if your team doesn't believe on protecting the Vayne. Condemn does not a have a low cool down, especially if you aren't maxing it so dont throw it around willy nilly, only use it if you know it will be worth like stunning against the wall, pushing an enemy away from you, or some other crazy situation.
Situations where Condemn can Grant you Kills

Final Hour, Vayne's signature move. Providing a huge ad steroid, tripling Night Hunter's movement speed, and providing invisibility when you Tumble, Vayne is a forced to be reckoned with while Final Hour is off cool down.

Final Hour Tips and Tricks!
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Item Sequence

Blade of the Ruined King 3300
Phantom Dancer 2600
Infinity Edge 3400
Last Whisper 1450
Guardian Angel 3000
Berserker's Greaves give Vayne the movement speed she needs and even gives her a small amount of bonus attack speed which works perfectly with Silver Bolts.

Blade of the Ruined King is like an item that was made specifically to benefit Vayne. Blade of the Ruined King gives AD, attack speed, and life steal. Neccessities for an AD Carry. Not only does it supply good stats, but it also supplies a passive that makes each of your auto attacks deal 5% of the target's health. Even more % health shredding. But it doesn't even stop there. Blade of the Ruined King also supplies you with an active while deals 15% of the target's maximum health, heals you for that damage, and steals the enemies movement speed. This item allows Vayne to be the dueling and kiting monster that she is. With the stats and actives combined, Vayne is unstoppable.

Phantom Dancer is a must because when coupled with Infinity Edge, your critical strike chance goes to an amazing 55%. You will be shredding minions and champions alike. Phantom Dancer provides the critical strike chance and attack speed you need to deal enough damage as the team's marksman . Phantom Dancer also provides a sweet amount of movement speed coupled with Final Hour and Night Hunter will give you massive amounts of movement speed to kite and chase your enemies all day.

Purchasing an Infinity Edge will allow you to massacre the enemy with your monstrous crits. Granting you bonus AD, critical strike, and even critical strike damage, a Vayne with an Infinity Edge will be shredding teams with % damage and monster crits.

Last Whisper. The ultimate armor stacking nemesis. Last Whisper grants you bonus AD and grants you 35% armor penetration. What AD carry in the right mind would not buy a Last Whisper?
Last Whisper vs The Black Cleaver Facts

Guardian Angel is probably the most beneficial defense item an AD carry could have and will probably be your go-to defensive item. (Minus a few exceptions) Guardian Angel provides a nice amount of armor and magic resist granting you some increased tankiness and the ability to revive upon death at 30% health. (Curse you burst assassins like Zed and Rengar)

Quicksilver Sash can save your life if you are dealing with something like Malzahar's Nether Grasp or getting caught out with an Elise Cocoon. For those of you who don't know, Quicksilver Sash acts kind of like Cleanse. It's upgrade, Mercurial Scimitar, is not a bad item as when upgraded it provides a massive amount of AD (60).

A very strong defensive item for AD carries especially in the current siege meta. Providing you with some nice health, MR, and an amazing spell shield passive. The spell shield could save you against a Javelin Toss or a Bouncing Bomb. It could prevent from getting caught out by an Explosive Cask or a Sonic Wave.

Randuin's Omen should be bought in cases where the enemy has a large amount of AD damage like a Zed Kha'Zix duo or just a large amount of AD in general. The active could very much safe your life and assist in kiting the enemy. The 500 health bonus works perfectly with 70 armor to make you a very tanky AD carry.

Statikk Shiv is a viable item to substitute for Phantom Dancer if you prefer the passive and the extra movement speed. Statikk Shiv helps in split-pushing power and is also a cheaper alternative. The passive can also be used to provide some extra burst on your first auto attack. Although I do recommend Phantom Dancer, Statikk Shiv is widely acceptable.

Zephyr is a strong substitute for Berserker's Greaves very late in the game if you need the tenacity. It provides extra movement speed to sustain your MS, a high amount of attack speed, and some bonus cool down reduction and AD. A highly recommend getting this item if you need the tenacity against a heavy crowd-control team.

Bloodthirster can be substitued for Blade of the Ruined King if you are 3-0 15 minutes into the game. The larger amount of AD bonus allows for much harder hitting auto attacks. Be wary that you use the mobility of Blade of the Ruined King active and passive.
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Ranged, Mage, Support
Synergy: High
Speciality: High Mobility, Bonus AD
Explanation:Personally, Janna is my favorite support to have when I play Vayne. Tailwind provides an immense movement speed boost which Vayne makes good use of an [janna]]'s peeling potential helps to get those assassins of her when she is fighting. Eye Of The Storm when activated onto you gives a shield, and a crazy 50 AD boost at max rank.

talisman of ascension

Ranged, Mage, Support

Synergy: Medium - High
Speciality: High Poke and Peeling Power
Explanation: Lulu can provide massive poke damage with Glitterlance while still being able to fend off an enemy Leona if she is diving you. She has the perfect mix between defense and attack power where as a Glitterlance will do a lot of damage, but she can still help get enemies off you with Whimsy and Wild Growth.

talisman of ascension

Ranged, Mage, Support

Synergy: High
Speciality: Heal, AoE Stun, Mobility
Explanation: Sona is a very all round support which works with almost any AD carry. Providing a poke and damage increase with Hymn of Valor, a handy heal with Aria of Perseverance, and an amazing AoE (Area of Effect) stun, Crescendo, Sona will make your lane a breeze.

talisman of ascension

Ranged, Tank, Support

Synergy: Medium - High
Speciality: Amazing CC, Lantern, Poke
Explanation: Thresh's synergy relies on if the Thresh can hit Death Sentences well. If he can, easy win. If he can't, you're wasting a thresh lane. Never mind that, lets talk about why Thresh is amazing. With amazing capabilities to hold someone down for ages with a Death Sentence+ Flay+ The Box combo, you will see your enemy die, or blow summoner spells. Lets not forgot about Dark Passage which can setup for amazing plays like a gank or a close escape.

talisman of ascension

Ranged, Mage, Support

Synergy: High
Speciality: Poke, Mobility, and a Root
Explanation: Karma has recently rose in my tier list of good supports. With her amazing mobility of a shield and movement speed increase with Inspire, amazing poke with Soulflare, and a strong root Focused Resolve, Karma has anything a good support needs. Karma can easily solo zone the enemy with the threat of Inner Flame.

talisman of ascension

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Match-Ups (A-Z)


Severity: Easy
Explanation: Ashe is a fairly easy lane as she really doesn't have any kill potential unless she is paired with an aggressive support like Thresh. Be wary of her first attack+ Volley combo as it can drop you to half hp and make laning a pain. Stick to farming and dodge her Enchanted Crystal Arrow and try to not get locked from Frost Shot. After getting Blade of the Ruined King, you should be able to duel her easily and pick up a few kills.


Severity: Hard-Very Hard
Explanation: Caitlyn is a huge pain to lane against as her auto attack range completely out ranges yours. Try to not get trapped by her Yordle Snap Traps as that can set you up for a [piltover peacemaker]]+ 90 Caliber Net. This could drop you very low and make laning even more of a nightmare. Dodge her Piltover Peacemakers with Tumble and try to farm at your turret to not risk death.


Severity: Medium
Explanation: Corki is mostly likely going to go aggressive with a Leona to try to get early lvl 2 kills. Be wary of Hextech Shrapnel Shells as it provides a little bit of true damage on every auto attack. Also be cautious with his Phosphorus Bomb, as it will reveal you during an invisible Tumble. Your Tumble should make dodging his Missile Barrage easy. No excuses! Be careful of a Valkyrie+ Gatling Gun+ Phosphorus Bombcombo as it will drop you incredibly low, especially if he is paired with an aggressive support.


Severity: Hard-Very Hard
Explanation: Draven will hit like a truck with his Spinning Axe so play safely and farm as you outscale him. Be very cautious if Draven is paired with an aggressive support cause a Stand Aside+ Rocket Grab will mean your death for sure.


Severity: Medium
Explanation: Ezreal is a high mobility, high poke champion who relies on hitting Mystic Shots to activate his passive, Rising Spell Force. Against Ezreal farm it out as you out scale him completely and it is very hard to catch up to ezreal as he can Arcane Shift+ Flash away. The only time I would even try to duel him is If I know I can catch up with Blade of the Ruined King,boots 2, and Phantom Dancer.


Severity Medium
Explanation: Graves is probably the only AD carry with immense burst. A Buckshot+ Collateral Damage combo will chunk you very low, especially if his support is contributing. Graves gets more tanky the more he fights from True Grit so avoid fighting him with max stacks. His range is slightly lower then yours so you can use this to your advanatge.


Severity Medium - Hard - Very Hard
Explanation: Jinx is one of those lanes where skill really matters. Jinx being a top AD carry is something you should be very care full about. You get a little advantage, you will stomp her in duels. She gets an advantage, and your lane is gone. Try to farm up to late game if you get put behind so you don't become useless against Jinx.


Severity Easy - Medium
Explanation: Kog'Maw is a hyper carry just like Vayne. He is very weak early so take this time to try to bully him out of lane and snag a couple of kills. Once you have Blade of the Ruined King and Berserker's Greaves, you should be able to duel him with ease and pick up some kills. Be wary of his Living Artillery as it will reveal you during an invisible Tumble and will set you up for multiple more Living Artillery shots.


Severity Medium
Explanation:His Piercing Light+ Lightslinger combo will chunk you to half hp if he has some ad under his belt. Be careful of standing in a full cast of The Culling as it does surprising amounts of damage. Lucian should be a fairly easy lane as your mobility will allow you to dodge almost every skill he throws at you. He has the same amount of range as you so trading should be even.

Miss Fortune

Severity Easy
Explanation: Miss Fortune has very strong early game due to Double Up and Impure Shots. Try to farm till level 6 where you will most likely be able to duel her if you make sure to run OUT of Bullet Time and Condemn her while it is in use. Your late game damage rolls over Miss Fortune's so farming is key in this match-up.


Severity Medium
Explanation: Sivir rised immensely in popularity after a couple buffs and a visual update. With an extremely mobile kit she can stick to targets very efficiently. Be careful of eating Boomerang Blades to the face as they will chunk you down. Farm safely and win trades at level 6.


Severity Medium
Explanation: Tristana is also another hyper-carry because of her massive amounts of escape potential and ridiculous range with Draw a Bead. Tristana will most likely like to farm all game, as are you. Be careful not to activate a Health Potion right after she uses Explosive Shot on you as It will cut the healing in half.



Severity Medium
Explanation: Twitch was a very common pick in LCS until he was seen minor play in late season 3. I haven't faced a Twitch in weeks. Be careful of a five stack Deadly Venom+ expunge combo as it will do a large amount of damage. Be careful of Ambush as it provides an attack speed steroid, and a lengthy invisible. He has the same amount of range as you but with Spray and Pray he out ranges you by a mile. Avoid fighting him while Spray and Pray is active.


Severity Medium
Explanation:Be very careful of Varus's ultimate, Chain of Corruption. It will snare you in place for a large amount of time, usually resulting death. Try to dodge it with Tumble. Piercing Arrow will hurt a lot if fully drawn out so make sure to dodge it with Tumble. Hail of Arrows is usually only used as a utility spell instead of a damage spell as it is a slow and will cut your healing in half.

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Being a Marksman Vayne is a marksman , and what a marksman does in general, is sit in the back line and deal tons of constant damage with your auto attacks. Vayne is the king of dealing massive amounts of damage because of Silver Bolts. A marksman typically requires a large amount of creep score (CS) to get a lot of gold income to get those expensive items that make you so scary. Keep in mind that if you are behind, you should stay in your own lane and farm up to catch up unless you have a fed mid or top where as a won fight could pick up some kills for you and get you back in the game.

Last Hitting Last Hitting is a core value of any marksman , especially on Vayne. Last Hitting is the act of dealing the killing blow on a minion. Last Hitting a minion is key to success on any AD carry. It grants you gold and experience which are necessary to buy your items and stay up in levels. If you are still learning the ropes of last hitting, try using Tumble or the third proc of Silver Bolts to your advantage.

Zoning Zoning is a key aspect in pushing your advantage once you've established one. Zoning is the act of almost controlling your enemies movements and usually results in your enemy losing CS and sometimes even not gaining experience from dying minions. Mastering zoning is a necessity to always push your advantage. You should always try to zone the enemy carry when you know you are ahead and can win trades with them. Tell your support to take control of the brush closet to the enemy tower and stay in between the minions and the enemy carry. In the below image, Karma does an excellent job of zoning Jinx and Leona while I free farm.

Kiting Kiting is when a ranged attacker uses long range abilities or auto attacks to damage the melee user while still maintaining a safe distance to not get hit by the attacker. A good Vayne player must master kiting to make full use of her kit. With invisible Tumble and extreme movement speed from Night Hunter, Vayne excels at kiting most melee champions. In this video I catch out Jinx netting the kill on her and then kite out Shyvana by auto attacking then Tumbleing backwards and using Condemn to stun her.

Map Awareness & Warding Having map awareness is key to not dying at all stages of the game. Laning phase or not, you should still be watching the mini-map from time to time. Use your Stealth Ward whenever it is up to give vision of bot lane. At least 2 of these spots should be warded at all times to prevent the jungler coming and succesfully killing you. I value the river and tri brush ward the most.

Over-Extending Not over-extending is key to surviving during the laning phase. When I play bot lane, I like to imagine a line right in the middle of the two bot lane outer turrets. If I pass that line, I am in danger of dying to the enemy jungler. If I am safely behind the line, I picture myself at no risk of the enemy jungler. Keep this in mind while laning.

Taking Jungle Creeps Take golem s when arriving and departing from lane to increase the amount of gold in your pocket. Early game when you are still low on items, your support may assist in taking golem down.
Split-Pushing Split-Pushing can be a very effective strategy if your team is behind and you are willing to hard core carry. Split-Pushing allows you to farm up a huge amount and take some objectives like turrets. A Vayne with a large amount of CS will be a monster and will have the chance to carry the team. After acquiring Blade of the Ruined King and Phantom Dancer no one should be able to duel you out, so whenever someones comes to hold you, you can simply kill them and continue pushing.

Positioning Positioning is key to winning a game and a team fight. marksman stay in the back behind your front line attacking the closest threat near you. A marksman with poor positioning will get killed immediately by anti carries like Irelia or Zed. In the picture below, Vayne goes unrealistically deep into the enemies back line which will most likely mean her demise.Objectives Taking objectives is key to winning games. A team with a load of objectives taken will most likely still win against a team with plenty of kills. dragon is the most common form of objective taken because it provides global gold to the team who slays it, and re-spawns every 6 minutes. Make sure your jungler has Smite available otherwise risk being it stolen. Also remember to tumble against the solid wall for an auto attack reset!

Team Fights Team Fights are the core of League of Legends games. One won team fight can win a game. Your role in team fights is to stay in the back and auto attack the closest person. During a team-fight make sure to use Final Hour during the beginning or middle of the fight for the bonus AD and the extra movement speed+invisible Tumble. Below is the final team fight of the game where our team grabs baron nashor and engages on the enemy team. Gragas gets slightly caught out and dispositions everybody with Explosive Cask I sit in the back and attack the closes person near me ( Shyvana) who goes down due to my % health damage. I dive headfirst into the enemy team with Final Hour and Tumble knowing that I have Guardian Angel and eliminate Gragas, Jinx, and Teemo. At this point I get a triple kill and my Guardian Angel is popped and my teammates snag the last kill on Sona. This ace grants us to push to their base and secure the victory.
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Thank you for taking a peek at my Vayne guide. Vayne is a ranged hyper carry who relies on dealing constant damage with auto attacks, Silver Bolts, and the passive from Blade of the Ruined King. Vayne has an assassin like play style for a marksman /AD carry but she is a very fun champion who is very over powered when played correctly. The only downsides I have to say are her fairly high level skill cap to play her to maximum efficiency.

Please up vote my guide if you learned something new or you just enjoyed my guide in general and please rethink any down votes as I worked long and hard onto this guide. If you have a suggestion or want to point out an error I have made, please inform me as I am open to all suggestions and will work to make my guide the best it can be.

Have fun playing Vayne in your solo queue adventures.

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FAQ-Frequently Asked Qustions

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Change Log

12/24/2013-Published to Mobafire
12/24/2013-Added to Tumble Tips and Tricks
12/25/2013-Added "Match-Ups" Section, Added "Maxing Tumble vs Silver Bolts"
12/30/2013-Added "Synergies" Chapter, Added a New Resource
12/30/2013-Enhanced Ease of Reading
12/30/2013-*Major Update* Coding Enhanced, Max Silver Bolts Now, Few Changes
12/31/2013 NEW YEARS!-Coding Enhanced in Match-Up Section, Cheat Sheet Edited
1/3/2014-Masteries Chapter Visually Enhanced and Coded
1/3/2014-Edited Cheat Sheet
1/4/2014-Added Summary Banner
1/4/2014-Added Picture of where to ward
1/4/2014-Added Karma into Synergies and added a picture for Objectives
1/5/2014-Amazing Banners Added thanks to Ubnoxious
1/5/2014-Added a picture to Zoning Section and additional text
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1/19/2014-Coding Enhancements/Cheatsheet Change
1/19/2014-Edited Cheat Sheet
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2/23/2014-Coding Fix
1/2/2015-Updated, Minor Tweaks

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