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League of Legends Build Guide Author The MekaniK

MkaniK's 'Progessive' In-General Meta of Mid Lane Guide

The MekaniK Last updated on May 18, 2013
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Guide Top

Intro :: Who Am I, Why Am I Writing This & What Is This Guide For?

Hey there, anyone who is actually reading my 'guide'. Let's make this clear, it isn't much for a guide - More of a progressive project I want to record anything I learn about playing as an AP Carry. So, loads of the info here, many of you, including myself of course, already know; but it may be useful to new players of League or anyone who is trying to take the AP Carry position.

So, let's answer the above questions: Who Am I? I'm a random guy, writing a guy, with the summoner name - MkaniK. I have not been playing League for that long, maybe a few months. Starting to play Ryze, Katarina and Xerath along with a few other AP 'Mid Laners' I found myself mostly interested in what the current Meta calls the role - Mid AP Carry.

Why You Ask?

Being a long range poke, artillery champion, using skillshots to get good practice as a new player.

Assassin champions, really nice to play when starting out, learn how to roam and when to engage, just a solid and extremely fun pick. Katarina also worked well for me as I learnt to SmartCast, so I just got faster, much more capable and enjoyed my assassination experiences much more.

Cheap as chips, EXTREMELY capable, good laner, VERY strong ultimate when combined with his cooldown reduction for his passive, Arcane Mastery.

Knowing I had my most found role, I decided to collect a few champions, now maining the following champions, among playing other roles:

So Why Am I Writing This?

The reasons are as the following explain:

* Personal Improvement - As I play, watch tourney's (Love the LCS Matches, both EU & NA), and browse through YouTube videos and streamers, I attempt to learn from them and from every game I play. Right now, I'm of no ELO, so some of you may think I'm useless - BUT, my placement matches go well, I just play other games also, and try to improve in normals and custom games before starting to more or less, just play ranked.

* It could be helpful for other people - Generally, if someone else reads this, if they learn something - Mission accomplished I guess. But also, if anyone reads my stuff and has anything that I could stick in the guide as I play, learn and improve myself - Then I can add it in there.

* MobaFire just offers the Coding and ability to manage and organise all the information easily and with all specific images, statistics that just would not be possible if I did this on my own writing things down or typing them into a word processor. Through being on MobaFire, it also helps my 2nd point, by allowing the information to be shared amongst other players.

And Now, The More Important Question: What Is This Guide For?

This 'Guide' (The reason I stick me '' on the word guide is because, I am not trying to instruct other people or attempt to guide them, the information contained in this, article, or whatever you would like to call it, isnt meant to be used and just taken as fact and knowledge)

The idea from my perspective is to read over and understand the game and current AP Carry Meta. Anything I learn, know or pick up on, I will be sticking in this thing, it's all progressive - So some parts of the game will be added in, even if they are obvious, I may have not gotten around to it yet - All in good time and patience.

If you see something that isnt here, still feel free to leave a comment, even if it is on my list of things to add, it might just work it's way to the top of said list. Then each time I add something in, I'll add in the details of the 'patch' so to speak, in a page of footnotes, somewhere at the end of the guide and then tick it off the list.

The idea of what's it for? - Just a tool tip I guess. Something fun for me to do for League of Legends, a progressive project that I can work on and on for a long time. If something new is discovered then BAM, in it can go.

* Just note that this article (I need a word for it, guide is too specific, article too news-like), will not contain actual builds. It will discuss champions and viablity, also items but not the builds for specific champions. I may include, the idea of a Sheen and how it's viable for certain champions, such as Kha'Zix, but, I will not exactly go into detail of the full build(s) that may be recommended for the champions listed; That being said, if there are builds I do happen to come across in reading - I will link them and give the author full credits.

Hopefull, this introduction has reached a few of you and has not been too long & boring, since this isnt a typical guide you may find normally, and in completely different format (I work on it over time), it may have been useful for more people to have read the introduction.

I send all regards to my readers for taking the time to look at my guide, if you have anything that you think could and should be added in, leave a comment below,


Guide Top

Very Basic Mechanics of Mid Lane Meta - No Actually, 'The Game'

Basic Mechanics Contents:

CS Averages

Okay - For amost of the examples I will use, I am going to use one champion, since she actually has some base skills and mechanics I can work from when attempting to display my ideas and knowledge. The champion is

I apologize for those who do not know much about Lux, but you can read up on the basics of her skills with the following information:

Passive: Illumination

Q: Light Binding

W: Prismatic Barrier

E: Lucent Singularity

R: Final Spark

With that out the way. Let's talk about the very most basic aspects of playing as an AP Carry in mid lane.

I assume that readers understand the concept of last hitting, so I will not detail that any futher, if you are completely new to this idea, you can check out this guide: By Clicking Here

Last Hitting is of course, really important in League - As a mid laner, 'CS' (Creep Score), is actually a fundamental part of success and can be key to winning your match up and therefore, it gives a much higher chance of you winning the lane. Well, one cannot simply walk into mid lane and just start hitting, there are of course, things to consider; so let's discuss these 'Things'.


There are different types of minions, or if you prefer 'creeps' - The first is Melee Minions, the second being Caster, the third is a Siege minion and the last, are known as Super Minions. Simple enough?

* Minions spawn at 1:30 get to the mid lane and touch/engage at 1:53-54 (Give or take a millisecond for them to get the first attack under-way).

*Every 3 minutes the minion waves will grow stronger, with every type of minion gaining different stats.

* Minions deal 50% increased damage to turret and deal about 15% reduced damage to enemy champions

Last Hitting is a little more complicated when we throw towers into the mix of the game.

Let's say, the enemy, (it's quite often going to be) Lux pushed the wave of minions using her skills towards your tower - So close, your tower is now attacking. Now the tower is attacking the minions, you have to learn to last hit under the tower. This, does take practice, and you have to be fast to get them all. It's more involved with muscle memory than actual knowledge of the game, so the more practice you get (I'll cover different ways to practice shortly), the easier it becomes - But here are the methods of under-tower last hitting:

Melee Minion = Let the tower attack twice - Then auto attack once (For most champions, this will get the last hit)

Caster Minion = Auto Attack the minion once, let the tower hit once and then take the last hit with a final auto attack.

The problem with doing this is your own minions doing damage, because of this, you may have to use skills to do this correctly without missing too many creeps.

CS Averages - What To Aim For?

If your attempting to main the mid role, CS is probably the biggest thing to concentrate on, and that's why, when you play you have to make sure your confident enough with your champion(s) before you progress and aim for the really high CS levels.

To demonstrate this, when I first played Syndra, I knew the champion quite well from reading other guides, watching gameplays and of course; reading the champion ability details from wiki's, to understand ratio's and the complete mechanics of her skills.
I was confident enough with the champion and how to use her well, but now, it was more of a point - In lane, I won't be just given the opportunity to use my well remembered mechanics and kill the enemy, so to win the lane - I need to be able to CS well. That is when I decided to find CS Averages.
After some research, reading and watching some videos, I came up with my own simple formulae to calculate how much CS I should have according to the minute in the game. I will make a separate chapter to include the formulae I came up with (Which I posted on Reddit and was able to improve from community feedback).

The formulae told me to aim for 10 CS Per min, Average.

You can check out the Formulae in this chapter: MkaniK's CS Per Minute Formulae

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Controlling Minions :: Luring, Tanking, Shoving & Freezing

Minion Control is HUGE as an AP Carry playing mid lane. Doing this correctly can completely shut the enemy laner down, they can't come close, they get zoned, they lose EXP, they fall behind, your ahead, and it continues.

Only problem is, it's difficult against enemies that also understand how to do the same thing and prevent you from doing these said tactics. Well, I have information on controlling waves and dominating your lane that I will stick in a small contents below:

Controlling Minions Chapter Contents:

Minion Shoving
Lane Freezing
Minion Luring
Tanking The Minions

Before I continue in this chapter, I would suggest some things for controlling minions, they include the following: Config Settings, Attack Click/Move and loads of practice. In further chapters I have in mind, I am going to be explaing this further; once I have these chapters complete or the most basics have been added, I will anchor links to each of the listed 'tips' that will become chapters - This means you can click them and it can take you straight to the chapter your interested in reading.

Also, let's talk about controlling minions from champion perspective: Who is a good pick as a pusher, What Champions can control minions well & Why?, Auto Attack Preferences.

Q1. Pushing Champions - Who & Why Are they strong at pushing lanes - But then again, why do you want a pushing champion?

A1. - An AMAZING pick if your interested in pushing lanes and.... (Wait, why do you want to push the lane so much, why not freeze it?)

Well, Twisted Fate excels at pushing because his ultimate: Destiny, allowing him to Teleport and gank other lanes extremely well. Because of his kit, TF is able to push lanes by spamming red cards and blue cards using his W: Pick A Card.
Red cards from this ability are strong for their AoE, so these are great for pushing and Blue cards give Twisted Fate mana back ''equal to 65% of Blue Card's base damage + AD scaling''.

This means TF can spam his cards, push a lane very quickly, manage to gank a lane, get a kill, maybe more or assists and then go back to the fountain, or go back to your lane (Hopefully the safe way around)

Q2. What champions control minions well?

A2. I decided to add this bit in because it's important to understand controlling minions is important, what can be useful for that is a strong auto attack animation. When controlling minions, a good auto attack, with some nice damage and travel speed could be really useful. This is because, you can last hit faster and much more fluently under towers and therefore, keep minions where you want them, without having to use all your mana on skills.

Let's go over some Bad auto attack animations:

Damn, Froggen! Somehow this guy and I'm sure many other summoners are really good at last hitting with Anivia - Personally, I just have never put the time into it, but her auto attack is maybe one reason why. It's slow, like REALLY slow - And at the same time, it actually fires, when you look at the bird herself, quite strangely - Without practice, it is difficult to last hit and control minions well (Until your level 6 & have Blue Buff or well known as Crest of the Ancient Golem )

More auto attacks that I wouldn't say I prefer include the following, reasons being, low damage, melee auto attacks vs most likely ranged, and also Zilean's AA, seriously what is that guy throwing!?

What About Good Auto Attacks?

The following champions have REALLY nice AA's in my opinion:

Q3. Auto Attack Preferences? - Should you choose a champion because a strong AA, If they have strong auto attacks, or skills/passives that work with them, should you consider buying certain items?

A3. Long question, quite simple answer - Let's say your , well, Kha'Zix's passive, Unseen Threat allows him to deal more damage with auto attacks or his W ( Void Spike) which means if Kha'Zix buys a Sheen he can use an ability first, such as his Leap to initiate, then with Sheen, you can activate it's passive effect extra damage with your next auto attack, which can at the same time deal the damage of Unseen Threat - Thus dealing, yeh I will say it :: Tons Of Damage!

With those examples over, we can continue into the more detailed ideas of minion control

Minion Shoving

To start, let's talk about shoving lanes. Shoving a minion wave is a really simple concept - The whole idea of practising it is when to do it and how to prevent the enemy from shoving their minions into your tower. The practical use of shoving is so you can roam, back out & buy/heal, or maybe, put them under pressure because they don't farm well under the tower.

You might choose to shove even when your staying in lane because of other reasons; these can include, so you can go and get the blue buff or, you may know where the jungler is (Or even, better, they have been killed) - So for a short period if time, you are free from jungle ganks, as long as enemy laners don't roam to come to eliminate the pressure.

- Here we have our lovely Summoner's Rift - Including my amazing usage of Paint. What I've done, is to mark out the towers with the black dots at each side. The red line repesents the minions and their travel path. What is important in the image is how the orange line represents the aprox. position that the towers can shoot minions at when they approach. This means, that our orange line is your shove position: If your looking to back - Shove hard. Really hard if possible. Just being aware from jungle ganks (You may need wards). When you shove, it means that you should be safe from the opponent getting loads of damage on your tower for free.

What Happens If The Enemy Backs Out Or Is Missing? - At this point, be aware of the jungler coming in to defend the lane, if the enemy mid laner is backing out, their could be a chance the jungler will pop up somewhere - Maybe even try to kill you. If you KNOW the enemy is backing out, push it hard, but of course, be aware. If the enemy goes SS - This is important and I will be discussing this further in another chapter, but if they do - Punish them hard by getting damage on the tower, OR follow up. At minimum; make sure you call SS in chat or use the pings, (Smart pinging awards even more brownie points).

Lane Freezing - (Also take note, quite a chunk of detail in this section, freezing can be done defensive and offensive, so I have included both - Hope it makes sense for everyone!)

Okay, now freezing lanes - Quite a tough one to do correctly, it takes practice with champions as well as doing it without the enemy countering your freeze.
Freezing the lane is done by stopping the minions where they stand and keeping them where you want them. Generally, you could freeze them by the enemy tower, if you are not scared of jungle ganks, by contantly applying pressure (This may be because you have an escape, such as Zed, using Living Shadow or Kha'Zix using Leap - Also, you may just have Flash available, with can work well if the enemy does not have enough CC when combined with the mid laner and jungler.


With that being said, the idea usually is to freeze the lane at your side - What I actually call the 'fire pit'- Along the line of these, is just outside the turret range. If you can keep the minions balanced at this position there are multiple benefits:

1. Safer from enemy jungle ganks, unless they come behind you.
2. The enemy cannot come too close without fear of getting ganked
3. It makes it really easy for your jungler to come in if the enemy comes for CS & Over-Extends
4. It zones out and denies the enemy of EXP

- But, how?
Stalling minions can be tricky, it's a combination of practice and knowledge for your own and the enemy champion. This is because, essentially, you can then know what the enemy can do to react - So, what could a Lux post-level 6 do? - Final Spark - Your minions dead, forces the enemy minions to attack your tower, as your tower kills them, your minions will then run up the lane and come to the middle to fight against the opponent's wave. This can be prevented by using different tricks that I've listed below (All I have learnt from streamers and just testing it out - I have not mentionned it, but it works, troll your minions by sticking an Anivia Crystallize wall infront of them, blocking them from meeting the enemy minions - Making the enemy wave come closer to you.

These examples to depend on the position of the next minion wave, but read through them so in game you can choose from the following options, create your own or simple, just know that they are valid and available:

1. Let the tower take some damage, so your minions will come to wave and you can freeze again, because you minions will stop to attack the minions that are at your tower if they are still there. Essentially stalling the waves, making the enemy wave come close to your side of mid, so you can therefore, start to freeze the waves once again.

2. A better option really, over the first (Depending on your own health, if you have sustain or any Health Potion and the towers remeaining) - Tank the minions so your tower does not take them. This means, you stand parallel to the firepit, tanking minions so you can save them attacking A. Your tower, and B. Your tower won't attack, meaning less chance of losing CS.

3. Now the 3rd option (This is also great for keeping the enemy minions from pushing your waves if your attempting to shove), use your skills and get the minions off the tower, attempting to push them back, this means you won't take damage, neither will your tower and you can wait for the minions to come and stall once again.
This is difficult and actually fits in with forcing waves, as I will explain now: Some champions, such as Lux & Syndra can stop minions from pushing the lane.
This is quite champion based, but the whole idea is to keep the minions off the tower, without tanking them so you take damage but still being able to keep the minions controlled and where you want them.

This is achieved by with Lux using her Light Binding to lock down the first two minions in the wave, then her Lucent Singularity to slow the minions down, also causing the minions to walk around eachother.

If this example sounds strange, check this clip out that I first learnt from one of Ciderhelm's amazing streams and then re-discovered it from his 'Don't Feed Lux'.
(Links to the clip & his channel above, all credits of course to him - Amazing guy!)

Minion Luring

Minion luring is as it says on the tin really (WTF - What tin!?) the idea is to walk close to the minion wave and make the minions follow you. This can displace minions - But for what reason? Think about if you have a ward to the left side of the lane. If you lead the minions to the closer side of your ward, you might be a little safer, if the jungler comes from the left, your ward can spot them - If they come from the right, you are close enough to the left to run away.

This means if your scared of jungle ganks, you don't have to extend into a position which could be too risky and not worth it (That's a decision to make for yourselves though - Risk vs Reward; extend slightly and risk it but reap the rewards of a full lane of creeps :: That choice I leave to you...)

Tanking The Minions

Best tank I've seen so far (Got to love Chaox for this: 'Chaox Pro Minion Tank', so as you can see - Tanking minions can be REALLY dangerous! - Of course, it can be used really well to stall lanes and freeze them. Also, it can be useful offensively, if you tank the enemy minions so your minions can reach their tower and take it down (Instead of tanking so you can freeze in-front of 'your' tower)
Tanking and luring, I know are quite small sections when it comes to controlling minions but they do come a strong part of freezing lanes, so it's always useful to know and be able to tank & lure.

That's this chapter over I think - I may end up adding more, if I do, I will make sure to add the changes into the log of patches in the bottom of the guide :: Any recommendations or feedback on the chapter? Of course - Add a comment.

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MkaniK's CS Per Minute Formulae

KEY: * CT = Current Time (Use either seconds or minutes, I prefer the easy and precise calculation of using seconds)
S = Seconds
M = Minute
CPM = Creeps Per Minute

(CTs - 114s) x CPM = CS Based on CT

So, using this example. let me explain:
(CT = 20 Mins (I convert this into seconds) - 114 Seconds, which is the minion clash time, 1:54 at mid lane) x 10 CPM (Creeps Per Minute)
NOTE: As I am working in seconds, I divide by 60 at end of calculations
Now in simple, unexplained format:
(1200s - 114s) = 1086 x 10 CPM = 10860 / 60 = 181

This means that in 20 Minutes, Aiming for 10 CS Per Minute, you should attempt to have 180+ CS.
With other research and numbers I dived into, I found that people often say to aim for 100 CS at 10 Minutes.
I also found from the forums (Special thanks to 'Cojoni' for adding in some specific numbers) - ''At the 10 minute mark, you will have faced exactly 107 minions, including the wave currently in your lane. At 20 minutes it's 234.''

This means that aiming for 180+ CS at 20 minutes is an okay number but can be topped. Were not all Froggen, Alex Ich, Scarra, etc (Human Combine Harvesters!)
So, now you have your own CS Average to aim for (Please comment and add if you think this formulae works to correctly find out how much CS to aim for for specfic times or should changes be made?)
What happens when you recall? - Let's say for example, you have a movement speed of 335 (Ahri's MS + Boots of Speed ), this means it takes approx. 23 seconds to reach the mid tower. When you recall, it depends on recall time and how long it takes you to buy and of course - The position of the minions.
When you are not in lane, for this example, pretend, the lane is frozen in the mid and as the minions are fighting you lose 5-10 CS for every 20 seconds (No idea if this is realistic, but it does rely on the situation) You are not in the lane.

SO - For example, if you recall 3 times in 20 minutes, you would lose the average of 5-10 x3 CS. This means that you could work this within your CPM Average Formulae. Working out how much CS you should be aiming for at specific times of the game.

Please also take note of the idea of wraith camp taking, when you may take a blue, roam time, time spent dead and also time spent harassing/trading with the lane opponent.
TLDR: Using formula's you can essentially calculate the average CS Per minute, including the idea of recalling and losing CS then. Average CS should be 180+ from laning and also from jungle creeps. Recalling often will cost you around 5-10 CS, depending on the situation and your champion movement speed.

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Practice Methods - As The Title Explains I guess...

I'm going to cover this topic quite quickly, of course the best way to practice something completely new is when your playing Ranked games right?

No, of course not.

- Hmm, who to practice with? Friends, anyone willing to put some effort and time into testing out different builds, strategies, combo's, etc.

Generally, pick your main 3 champions (Hopefully mid lane, but of course, not everyone reading this will be interested in playing as a mid laner) So try to think of maybe 3 or main champions and then take them and practice, me myself, over time found my main 5 champions:

Having main champions does allow you to pick goals with each, mine mostly is to CS strongly and win lanes. It's easier said than done.

So, how to actually practice - I find that custom games vs AI are really easy, of course: BUT, if you have a new champion to try, if you want to practice CS'ing or maybe try different tactics, you can setup custom games against how many bots you want (up to 5 per team in Summoners Rift obviously) or even play alone (No EXP & IP rewards from this though) and just practice.

In the past, I played put quite a solid amount of time into playing Nidalee - Doing this, I decided to make a simple Summoners Rift custom game with 1 enemy bot to help me level up, then once level 6 I went around testing her Pounce ability and how you can go over walls. This actually paid off in my PVP games, as I do remember making plays and being able to escape just from muscle memory after my time practising.

Other practice methods could be to setup games with and against people you know - This means you might be able to communicate and ask them to try and do certain things, or for Example: Katarina's blink Shunpo reset's the invisibility time of a ward, meaning you could ask your friend to place a ward, and attempt to take out the ward by attacking twice then resetting the time with Shunpo.
You may automatically think this is usless, but it's not when you might play Katarina often and in higher ELO games or just against more experience players, people are going to buy Sight Ward's.

Other practice can come from generally playing PVP normal games and testing out new builds and in some places - Counter pick yourself, get more confident with your main's, so even if you do end up taking Lux - Who cares if they have Fizz, you know what your doing and feel MUCH MORE confident from the start of the game, instead of weary about being countered (I will cover counterpicks in a further chapter).

Practice cannot make perfect in League of Legends because the game is always changing and in my opinion, perfect does not exist in Player vs Player games - Everything that happens affects something else, on both teams, it's impossible to know everything that's going on in the game, the thoughts of the enemy and simply from a players perspective, you may have no idea what trick Twisted Fate may have up his sleeve.

Hope this chapter was useful to some of you, I added it in there because I know someone out there may just need some guidance or idea on how to practice. Of course, what you practice is up to you.

Peace for this part of the guide!

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Mid Picks :: Attributes

This 'Mid Picks' part of the guide is going to be take a little while and will be split into separate chapters. I think this is just because it takes quite a bit of typing, reading and adding in research as well as my own knowledge.

Playing as a mid laner does not mean you need to be an 'AP/Ability Power' Carry, you might play an AD champion mid, such as Talon or Kha'Zix, but more defining with these type of picks we also have attributes.

Here are some of the main attributes I can think of:

* AoE (Area of Effect)
* Assassin
* Brusier
* Burst
* Carry
* DPS (Damage Per Second)
* Duelist
* Poke (Long range)
* Pusher
* Roaming
* Sustain
* Tanky
* Teamfight

Listed below are some example champions who are played mid that fall into these categories, some do fall into others also, which can make them quite a solid pick (Do remember, every champion has a weakness somewhere):


Anivia, Gragas, Zyra


Akali, Katarina, Kha'Zix


Ryze, Kayle, Jayce


Syndra, Veigar, Brand


Cassiopeia, Karthus, Lux


Ryze, Cassiopeia, Malzahar


LeBlanc, Zed, Vladimir


Nidalee, Ziggs, Lux


Twisted Fate, Zyra, Mordekaiser


Ahri, Twisted Fate, Diana

Sustain/Safe Pick

Morgana, Orianna, Fiddlesticks


Galio, Gragas, Rumble

Strong Teamfight

Anivia, Orianna, Zyra

As well as these factors, there are also others to think about when picking champions. This can come from counter-picking and counter-mechanics, such as enemies Gap Closers and Escapes ( Gragas, it may be wise to pick a champion with hard cc or their own form up chase.

From personal experience, I find that some champions excel in laning, some do much better in time fights - Some champions can zone and bully the enemy in lane, get ahead, but be a little less effective in the larger fights. Playing for small bonuses can help; one such bonus I found and quite liked with one of my champions was the ability to take the wraith camp from over the wall with

This is achieved quite easily by doing the following:

* Planting 2 seeds from Rampant Growth over the wall to the middle of the wraiths
* First use your Grasping Roots (Making sure to hit the large wraith with the ability to deal more damage to it) This will activate the seeds and they will slow the wraiths down
* When the wraiths are slowed and taking damage from the plants that have spawned immediately activate Deadly Bloom
* From this, you should be able to take wraiths easily and after your Deadly Bloom cast, actually walk away, letting the plants finish off the rest of the camp.

When you find something you like with certain champions, as I have with my own such as the example above, it can make it a much more exciting game when you know you can do something cool or unique because of the champion mechanics.

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Mid Picks :: Choosing Your Champion

When it comes to champion select, it can be a little bit of a difficult decision to decide on who to pick. This can be because of the enemy picks and fear of countering. I will detail this with the following information:

The best way to pick a champion by far, HAS to be taking a champion that you are comfortable with. Let's talk the basics first; YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED YOUR ROLE, you must learn every role in the game, no matter how good you may be with your champion pool @ mid or whatever role you desire to play, you cannot rely on taking that role and it always going your way.

I'd say to start off, atleast have two roles and maybe 2-3 champions for each of these. What you can also look into is having champions that can multi-role, such as Lux (Can also support), Kha'Zix (Mid, Top & Jungler), when you have picks such as this, you can practce them in all roles and not just mid, meaning if you get a lower pick in the ranks; you can play your more practiced and champion(s) you enjoy in other roles.

Mid & Top I find are usually the most contested roles in the game, of course when there are premades you often see them quite harshly forcing players from their own roles; Just try and be nice I guess.

Picking your champion, there are a different number of options to consider, one of these is the whole idea of 'OP' picks. - Just don't do it because people say they are strong.

A champion such as Akali or Darius is often seen banned in games because people think they are scary. These champions aint scary - It's because they get fed.
They snowball and they snowball HARD all you have to do is learn a few different champions and builds to counter these considered 'OP' Picks, or just ban/pick them yourself.

I will bypass the idea of choosing champions that are considered OP because these champions do change, and most of them all come from whatever a streamer or a tournament player does. That's how people fall into the trap of playing them. You have to realise, these picks end up getting nerfed, the game always changes & it's always better to have a pool of champions to play yourself.
Take me for example - Kha'Zix at the time that I decided to pick him up was considered 'OP' - I picked him up out of interest, not because I thought of him strong. Now I play him, I enjoy playing him. My point is quite simple :: Pick & Choose your champions because you can play them well - Not because you think they are strong enough.

Knowing a champion and playing it because you have practice and are knowledgeable enough to even play Vs. counters is better than playing a champion just because they counter the enemy or may be considered 'OP'.

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MkaniK's Patch - What's Been Added, What Will Be Added, Any Changes, Commen

Hey guys, as the title says, here's all the extra comments and things that will be changed and whatever for this guide.


(28/4/2013) - Edited the chapter: 'Basics of Mid Lane Meta' - Adding in more information about minions & CS'ing.
(28/4/2013) - Changed and added moe to the List of additions, both added and 'to be' added.
(28/4/2013) - Read current comments, taken feedback and responded.
(28/4/2013) - More chapters added, minion control chapter in need of completion. Will add shortly.

(29/4/2013) - Completed the minion control chapter, if any feedback or additions need to be added, I will make sure to do so.
(29/4/2013) - Anchor's to the sections in the controlling minions added at the start of the chapter
(29/4/2013) - Practice Methods chapter completed and added into guide.

(30/4/2013) - Added Mid Picks :: Attributes chapter
(30/4/2013) - Started the Mid Picks :: Choosing Your Champion Chapter, will complete this and continue the rest of Mid Picks shortly

(18/5/2013) - Completed Mid Picks :: Choosing Your Champion. Mid picks chapters now complete.

What's On The List To Be Added In? (No Specfic Order)

* Starting Items - What To Buy & Why?

* Mind Games

* Playstyles

* Items and building

* Warding

* Blue Buff - Yours, the junglers or the enemies?

* When to take wraiths?

* Roaming

* When to back?

* How to trade?

* Map awareness

* Smartcasting

* Changing your config & settings to suit you

* False sense of security

* Matchup knowledge vs counterpicks

* Team Fights

What Important Has Been Added?

* CS Averages (28/4/2013)
* Minion Information (28/4/2013)
* CS Averages Per Min Formulae (28/4/2013)
* Controlling Minions - Tanking, luring, shoving, freezing
* Practice Methods
* Mid Picks :: Attributes
* Mid Picks :: Choosing Your Champion


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