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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by DemoPvP

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DemoPvP

Monstrous Mundo WIP (Work In Progress)

DemoPvP Last updated on November 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Alright, I might not be the best player, and actually I'm a HORRIBLE player. Bronze IV or III I forgot. BUT, before you click that back button at the top corner of your screen, PLEASE hear me out. I play Solo Top for my team, and my favorite champion used to be Olaf. After I got Dr. Mundo I started playing him like crud and carried a couple of ranked games. So overall, I'm a bad player, but if you need something to carry you out of 'Elo Hell', here it is. Also, this is my first MOBAFire guide.

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+ Great split-pushing with E
+ Good sustain in lane with passive
+ Deals good damage to tanks and squishies alike with Q
+ Great at disrupting enemy team.
+ Doesn't use mana.

+ Uses health to cast abilities.
+ Weak early game.
+ Must hit skillshots to win lane.
+ Hard to win against ranged units (i.e. Teemo, Vladimir)
+ Susceptible to high sustain champions (i.e. Yorick, Trundle)

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Summoner Spells

I take Ghost and Teleport generally but here are a few you can use and why.

Ghost: Helps early, mid, and late. You can get out of ganks easily in laning when combined with your W. And helps you run in and disrupt enemy team.

Ignite: Helps you overall. So you can just barely pick off that 40 health Renekton as he dashes out of your cleaver.

Flash: Good alternative to Ghost, but not as good late game.

Teleport: I use this to... a) TP to to a sight ward with Enchantment: Homeguard on and run at the enemy team like the madman Dr. Mundo is. B) I can split-push and then Teleport to my team when a teamfight breaks out.

Everything else is pretty much pointless.

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Most other tops are Off-Tanks, so they have a good amount of health early and late. For example, Wukong, he's pretty tanky, making it all the easier for you to chunk him down with your Infected Cleaver (Q) which deals percentage damage. If the opposing top is a squishy top, (i.e. Teemo, Fiora) your Q also has minimum damage.

Q: ( Infected Cleaver Look at above)

W: ( Burning Agony) This is the beauty of Dr. Mundo early and late. It gives him tenacity, which is TOO strong when combined with Mercury's Treads. It also procs Rylai's and Liandry's so in teamfights, you can just ghost into enemy team, press W, press R, and you slow the entire enemy team, you deal double Liandry's damage on them, you deal flat magic damage to them, and you can't get CC'ed. You also deal MORE damage because of your Sunfire Cape.

E: ( Masochism) Not exactly the most useful thing in the world, but it gives FORTY BONUS AD AT RANK ONE. Meaning in level three trades with that Rumble, you win. That's a B.F. at Level THREE. This also helps you CS and split-push later on.

R: ( Sadism) Probably my favorite skill in the entire game. No doubt. End game with full build... heals you around 200 per second :/ (Varies depending on which build your going.)

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Alright BIG rework to the masteries. I made sure that I was pretty tanky early on, and later by putting in 23 points of Defense. The Safeguard mastery helps me tank turrets for my team, and the Tenacious mastery stacks with Mercury's Treads and Burning Agony. I take Sorcery for extra CDR and Wanderer to get back to lane faster.

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BIG Rework to Runes as well. Now that my build already gives me full CDR, I can focus on winning my early game with my Runes. I take...

9 Magic Res Blues, to help me against that Teemo and that q-poking Vladimir,
5 Att. Speed Reds & 4 Flat AD Reds, to help me CS and win early melee trades.
4 Armor Yellows & 5 %HP Yellows, to make me tankier early and late.
and last, 2 %HP Quints & 1 Flat HP Quint to help me later on be tankier & to help me survive that pesky Teemo poison with 8 health left.

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What you've ALL been waiting for!

You wanna start with a Crystalline Flask, a Sight Ward, and 1 Health Potion.

Your final build will look something like: ( Not necessarily in order! )

----> + ----> ----> OR ----> ----> zeke's herald

Spirit Visage will VASTLY increase the effectiveness of your passive & ult, making you the ultimate tank.

Mercury's Treads + Enchantment: Homeguard will give Tenacity which stacks with your Burning Agony's tenacity. Also Enchantment: Homeguard works Really, REALLY well with Teleport.

Sunfire Cape gives good health regeneration which is great on Dr. Mundo and synergizes with Burning Agony in dealing AoE magic damage.

Phantom Dancer/ Warmog's Armor: I personally like Warmog's Armor, but the Phantom Dancer is also a great choice as it allows you to run through enemy units making you better at running in and disrupting the enemy team. Warmog's Armor makes you a lot tankier and gives you WAY more health regeneration.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter gives Burning Agony a slow, and since Burning Agony is a toggle and it's AoE, you have a constant AoE Magic Damage (+ Sunfire Cape as well) and a constant AoE slow, making you that much more powerful in stopping that already slow as crud team of Sion top, Nautilus jungle, Anivia mid, Blitzcrank support, and Ashe ADC.

zeke's herald gives you bonus CDR and a good buff to your already fed-as-crud Caitlyn.

To sum it all up, you are a tank, with the ability to run into the enemy team, slow their movement speeds down, burn them for flat MD, and watch them die as you spam laugh.

I usually buy Spirit Visage first and in between that I get Boots of Speed. I then upgrade to Mercury's Treads and then get Sunfire Cape. I upgrade with Enchantment: Homeguard and then aim for zeke's herald & then Warmog's Armor/ Phantom Dancer. I then finally go for Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

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Aatrox: High sustain, so watch out. Dodge E's and Q's as well as outfarming him. EASY
Cho'Gath: Also great sustain. AoE farm. Dodge Q's and keep W on when going near his side as he synergizes with CC junglers really well. MEDIUM
Darius: Good poke with a pull. Don't get pulled, don't get poked, outfarm. Should be EASY
Fiora: High early sustain with two gapclosers. Synergizes with jungler well. Outfarm and poke to death. MEDIUM
Gangplank: High sustain and escapes ganks easily. Good CC and Movement Speed, try to get jungler to camp top. HARD
Garen: Nothing to worry about here. Good survivability with a splash of good damage. Don't get low enough for him to ult. EASY
Irelia: Pretty difficult because Equilibrium Strike will almost always stun you because Adrenaline Rush heals so fast. HARD
Jax: Don't get stunned, synergizes well with ganks, take care when going near enemy turret. EASY
Jayce: Generally goes mid but who gives a crud. High poke and good disengage. NEVER trade early. HARD
Kennen: Ranged, so he can auto-harass. Stay well behind minions and dodge skillshots. MEDIUM
Malphite: Tanky and Granite Shield is good for early trades. Don't get ganked. MEDIUM
Master Yi: Sustain and damage in one. Can't be slowed when diving post-six. Take care when going near enemy turret. MEDIUM
Olaf: He's my main. I love him <3. Anyway good sustain, high poke, good dueling. Hard to gank and dive. HARD
Pantheon: High damage with Okay cc. Can get back to lane quickly and has the Grand Skyfall to finish you off under tower. MEDIUM
Poppy: Don't dive you win. EASY
Renekton: Generally you will lose lane, but it doesn't matter, late, you still dominate. High sustain and CC watch out for ganks. HARD
Riven: High damage and good shield. Probably you will lose but like I said, late, you still dominate.
Rumble: Dodge skillshots and outsustain. Caution at ganks. EASY
Shen: Don't get ganked, Burning Agony his Shadow Dash. MEDIUM
Singed: Don't dive or chase. Don't get ganked. EASY
Sion: Outfarm, don't trade. EASY
Teemo: Watch the auto-harass. MEDIUM
Tryndamere: Almost definitely lose, but outsustain and ask jungler to camp top. HARD
Vladimir: Outsustain don't get Q poked, ask for constant ganks. EASY
[[wukong}}: Poke to death, outsustain. Don't get ganked. MEDIUM
Yorick: Hard to outsustain, stay out of Q/E range and ult when he dives you. MEDIUM

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I hope you guys try my build, I spent a couple hours on this guide but I hope you viewers out there enjoy it. I'm still new to MOBAFire guiding, but here's my first. I hope it's good!

I don't care whether you upvote or downvote, but I wish to know why.

Comment Plz?

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11/3/13 - I noticed that quite a few people were saying my masteries/runes/items were jacked up. I'm sorry and now that I look at it, its pretty much poop too. Time to switch plans! I still like the Rylai's though. It helps a lot in teamfights.