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Mordekaiser Build Guide by DrakeL

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DrakeL

Mordekaiser APC BOT Patch 5.16 Reworked q...q......Q!!!

DrakeL Last updated on August 26, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Mordekaiser with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Zilean He's got nothing on you since you got shield.
Taric well its taric he cant do much damage and one form of cc
Twitch same thing with vayne most twitches wont kite tho after ult
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This build is meant for the Morde rework after patch 5.16Morde is a bruiser champion or like how rito wants to call him a Juggernaut, wherein he cant do **** to you until he gets up real close and personal. Personally i think morde rework doesn't change the fact that he is still an awkward pick, but i think his rework adds a bit of diversity to the role of an ADC, where you just buy the same items every godam game, and it really gets boring. Morde brings a whole new option to the meta.
This is my first guide on MOBAFIRE, I will update this constantly as I learn more :) Please leave a comment let me know if it was helpful and point out any mistakes so I can fix
Picture belongs to Redmercy

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Pros / Cons


- Tanky AP Carry
- Good Wave Clear
- Massive Damage on Mace Of Spades
- Siphon Provides Good Poke In lane
- Full Xp When In Duo Lanes
- Melee so he is weak to kiting
- Quite Hard to get the last empowered auto attack on enemy champions
- Still Very Immobile

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Now I know your thinking: "Morde Should have AD runes since his q multiplier stacks with AD much better".
well let me explain this
Morde is better off with AP runes even if hes building ad because His W, E,and R scale with AP. And you will be spamming your e and w in lane more often than q, because the other ADC is definitively ranged, and getting all three auto attacks is quite hard unless they DC and just stand still.

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Summoner Spells

Now this spell is a must on morde #zeromobility
This spell is very useful in securing the kill when that pesky flashed and used to get away
Its ok on morde just wouldn't recommend because he can heal himself and shield himself and get a movement speed buff assuming your support just went in ham, or u can help him or her or your self escape by placing it on an ally
dude you already have a shield...

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Passive: this passive will save you 90% of the time and your enemies will grow to hate it. your spells give you a shield to maximum of 25% of your max Hp.
In lane: ABUSE this ability if u have to auto that caster minion at the back,just go in hit it and when enemy ADC autos you spam your mastery emote and walk out like HUEHUEHUE because you took 0 damage to your Hp
Q: This is like the coolest kid in your high school finally coming to your lame party. This is the ace up your sleeve, everyone underestimates the damage on this ability so they try to duel you. This empowers your next three auto attacks to deal bonus damage increasing in damage each time. The first auto they wont notice it at all since its just a small bonus, the second hit will wake them up and they might flash exhaust ghost away from you if they know whats good for them. The last hit is where the magic happens, this easily deals 1500 MIX damage mid game. but then again they might notice if they have league audio on since these autos have distinct sound effect like slamming metal on metal. Max this second trust me, lvl 1 q still hits hard on the ADC.
W Passive: this is the reason you just have to go in a duo lane.
when you lane as an ADC like and a support and you kill a minion say this minion gives 100 Xp, you only get 50 and your support gets the other 50. but with Morde's W passive you will gain 100 Xp from that minion AS long as you had the last hit and your support will get 50 only that's why having on your support can be viable now, assuming you don't go back before 6 and last hit like a bronzy, you will be lvl 6 while your enemy ADC and Support are lvl 4 (almost to lvl 5 this is ability is not that crazy lol)
Now the Active portion: morde places an "aura" on a an ally this aura has a small radius and you can clearly see the radius when you activate it, there are three properties of this aura Moving toward your ally with the aura gives you a movement speed buff
-if the circles of the aura overlap that's when its Dot is working, so if they don't overlap there's no damage
- once the duration ends or cast again by morde to end this ability, it steals hp from nearby enemy champions minions and monsters, and heals morde and his ally for a small amount a couple of notes about this ability:
--The heal portion triggers from enemies in the aura or circle so if no one is inside when it goes off there's no healing at all.
-- you can only heal off of 3 minions any more than that will give no extra healing
-- SUPPORTS READ THIS PART PLEASE. the same conditions applies to the support, if you are not near minions as well you NOT be healed so get your butt near those minions if you want to get healed.
put this ability on your support when hes gonna go in so u can follow up with him much faster.
E: this ability is pretty much the same, so use it to poke, or to get caster minions when you're too low to go in or don't wanna risk it, its on a short cool down so use it often to get your shield up, and guess what it deals mix damage as well so it scales off of AD just as much with AP
P.S this is pretty much the only ability that will give you any shield so use it often to keep your shield up

R: This ability is a game changer
You curse a target draining a huge amount of hp, half initially and half Dot, if your team manages to kill that target while cursed you get a ghost that gets some buffs from you and gives you some as well like gives you a portion of his AP while you give a portion of your AD etc. for a duration after the cursed target dies you get its ghost, the ghost retains the passive from its original champion, like 's
And thus turning a 5v5 into a 6v4, now there is a new passive, wherein if you damage drag and your team gets it, you get a PET DRAGON ( cant get over how cool that **** is). the dragon is very useful for its siege potential, its not so great for duels since he has a horrid attack speed, only downside is that it disables your ult, so if your ult is off cd and you get drag you wont be able to cast ult, until it dies.
TIP : get drag when your ult is on cd that way it doesn't interfere with your damage
BTW you cant have a ghost of an enemy champion and dragon ghost the latest one will be the one in effect

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Cool Interactions

Cool interactions with his ult:
Morde,after getting dragon can sit farm bot and send dragon to take enemy jungle camps or take a tower mid or a tower top. So in other words morde and his dragon have no range limit. and dragon can also gank mid while morde is bot. SO ***ING COOL. Also I just tested recalling after giving drag a command to go mid, drag kept going to his destination while i went back he did not go back with me.

Say your playing morde and you kill dragon, and get its ghost. then you send your dragon somewhere off and it meets the enemy teams' mordekaiser and he kills the dragon, HE GETS THE DRAGON GHOST. So theoretically you can juggle with dragon.
btw I havent tested if dragon duration resets upon transfer or if its possible to juggle dragon long enough to have him meet his other self i guess when he spawns

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This Item is a must no matter where you go, you benefit from every stat it has (excpet mana), the sheen proc is great, the phage helps you stick to targets and zeal helps you get the auto attacks faster. you must rush this item ASAP
or or or
Now personally I like to get but each has a situation its suitable to
are good when facing heavy cc team comps or bot comps like say and
are good when facing no cc and or mainly ad damage like say and
are good if you wanna juke skill shots like that cant be mitigated by tenacity.
are meh, they're bad pick tbh you don't need that penetration
This item is pretty important because of its synergy with trinity force, specifically the sheen proc, sheen damage is amplified by base AD only, this is the only item in the game that increases the base AD to my knowledge. The passive is also a life saver
This item helps you to stick to enemies even better, no matter how mobile you are, getting hit by an ability means morde will get all three autos on you. 's autos also proc the slow!

Once controlling a enemy with his ultimate, the controlled "Child" does magic damage and ALSO procs Rylai's Crystal Scepter passive. Slowing the target for 40% each auto for 2 seconds.
So in other words you can use your ult to escape, by placing it on the enemy to proc the slows, or on your target to initiate the duel and to make sure you can close that gap.

everything from this item you can benefit from AD,AP,Life Steal and Spell Vamp, and active makes sure no one gets away

This Item is OK on morde if you buy it with rylai's although the slow doesn't stack, But don't buy this item if you aren't buying rylai's. (read comments in the discussion)

This Item is all around a great item the stats are great, even though your an APC your high base damage allows you to get Tanky, and remember your shield scales with maximum Hp, besides that movement speed is crazy!

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