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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Deathwing3

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deathwing3

Mordekaiser, the Emperor of Death and Master of Metal.

Deathwing3 Last updated on July 2, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Mordekaiser with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
LeBlanc Stay amoung your minions to make it difficult for her to land her Chain on you. Just push hard and force her to struggle to farm under tower. She lacks a reliable wave clear and you are the god of it.
Morgana Push, Push, Push. Morgana's strength in lane is her safe and heavy pushing power, as Morde you can outpush her from level 1 and cause her to struggle under tower.
Fizz Get in his face from level 1, Fizz cannot compete with Morde wave pushing/tankiness via shield and unavoidable poke. He simply can't trade with you and his trollpole will not help him avoid any of your abilities.
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Hello, this is the key way to use Mordekaiser and his abilities to the maximum potential.

Mordekaiser really is a skill based champion and you need to be offensive and practically a Bully. Mordekaiser is rarely countered or killed due to his fierce mid-end game passive that allows for control in initiating.

I guess you can say, "The best Defense is your Offense"
So we are gonna work around his Passive ; Iron Man

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I chose only Armor runes for those ad champions that love to get in ur face and deliver WAY too much damage to your passive at low level. Not only that Morde is quite vulnerable to vicious ganks from (the usual Attack Damage) jungler.

Magic Resistance Runes for the Ability power Range mage set to poke you down with abilities as you come close. They're FLAT MR due your late game passive shielding you from harms way. lv 6+

Ability power is a MUST on our Emperor of Death as his Ironman Passive benefits from the more damage you do, which also correlates as to why you have Magic Penetration runes to make sure the job gets done.

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Details about Items.

the items that i chose give you a good ammount of defense and HIGH-Ability power damage or effects in return.
Abyssal sceptar for ur close range MR reduction to enemies and gives you MR as well to those high nuke champions like Viegar or Ryze.

Zhonia's hourglass is a item that EVERY ap should have. it gives armor and 100AP!
perfect for those adc's dmg to slow down and when your Cooldowns are off use it, Mordekaiser really cannot afford to get hit without his Passive charged.

Will of the Ancients is finished at the end of game because atm you need more AP than ANYTHING. which is why you merely get hextech revolver for the Spellvamp for yourself. at the end game when teamfights determine the game you should have it to assist your team.

Rabadons deathcap - You want this item as fast as possible. its great for you, it really helps that "Defense is by your strongest offense" meaning. High AP at the start is AMAZING for you.

Rylai's crystal sceptar is just for the HP and the Built-in slow. You wanna catch those ad carries , you wanna be the clean-up crew guy. with ONE hit their fate is sealed beneath your hands for another Children of the Grave

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Skill Sequence

Siphon of Destruction - As you can tell, your E is your main source of damage. If you miss this the fight is basically ALL over. with this you can charge ironman passive in about one hit using this.It is a wide mid-range attack that extends its portrait design (look closely at it and u can see faded blue extend it boundaries) hence the reason people say "wtf that didn't hit me!"

Mace of Spades - Really this is just to help sustain your Passive, it is a hybrid source of damage and only delivers a REAL good punch after you enslave a AD player. Note that it does More damage to a single target and is delivered as a auto-attack. ALSO! *very important* it resets your attack timer. (after u just auto attack, when you press Q , it will strike again immediately)

Creeping Death - This is a big one, this is your defensive that makes mordekaiser look like a tank because it gives you bonus armor and Magic resistance, Nearby targets take damage per secound AND!*important* you can toss it on allies champions/yourself/minions . if u wanna kill steal than toss it on your ad Melee carry or on yourself as it does generate Iron man passive .

Children of the GRAVE! - Ok this is what separates Mordekaiser from ALL the other champions, when you use this, your steal 24%(AP increases amount, usually over 30 when your maxed out on items) over 10 seconds. If your enemy target is killed within that time you get them as your slave for approximately 30 seconds. Stealing a percentage of their AP and AD. (hence why getting a pet turns you GOD-LIKE)
It is very important to have your pet target someone as this pet also generates Iron Man passive shield for you by doing dmg. ( ALL PASSIVES WORK ON YOUR PET! such as blitzcranks shield, Nocturne cleave, darius bleeds..etc) That is why you have flash, to run and jump on enemy adc to kill him with ignite, ult and E+Q combo! this is almost a 1shot for squishies and then you have a KILLER pet with amazing dmg and you can practically 5v1.

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Summoner Spells

Acceptable Summoner Spells
Flash - helps you chase or escape also works with Distortion add-on for your boots if you are being camped by enemy junlger.
Ignite - its the BEST combo with your ulti and it stops bastard adc from healing when your at his face.
Barrier - Shields you from Nuke damage and jungler ganks that catch you offguard

Exhaust- when your team is full on ignites. OR bonus damage since it reduces their MR and attack.
Ghost - Alternative towards Flash, useful to chase enemy targets that lack Crowd Control, Can be used offensive and defensive.
Teleport - Usually used for Top Lane. I only use this when I am counter-picked or am certain that I am going to have a incredibly difficult time gaining control over my Lane. It can help me and teammates set ganks in other lanes via Wards or Thresh Lantern, Jarvan IV standard. Or simply recover health and items without losing times in a known losing lane.
Cleanse - Most likely ranked games, Champions like yourself or Lissandra with ultimates that leave a stunning debuff. Just cleanse it out and damage them ASAP. It also clears effects like ignite which will allow your Ultimate to heal you efficiently.

"Do Not" Summoner Spells.
Heal - Your ultimate already is a heal, you should not have to rely on this. Your support will also most likely have this or have a heal as a ability. Only Useful against execution or true damage ultimates similar to Darius.
Clarity - Mordekaiser does not utilize Mana. . .
Clairvoyance - For obvious reasons, you should already have locations warded and if not, can try a bush with you E.
Revive - You shouldn't have died in the first place. It's a 5minute cool down, timer to revive isnt long and if the game drags out that long... Why havent you ended it yet?

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Farming *Important*

What I believe to be the strongest aspect of Mordekaiser is his clearing potential. As crowned the strongest Area of Effect damage champion in the game he almost always has #1 CS.
Once spellvamp is acquired, rushing towards your wraiths during the lane is a must. You should always have a gap between your CS and your opponents.

Push the lane really hard , wearing your passive as a defense. in a W>E>Q Combo to obliterate the minions. Once all is done, run back to your wraiths/wolves and clear ASAP.
* The enemy will think 3 things
1) You are leaving to gank ~ therefore either ignore you and cs or abandon cs to warn others/look for you.
2) You're Leaving so its his chance to push. Which will create a possible opening for your jungler to gank once you return.
3) You're farming Wraiths/Wolves. Which isn't looked upon unless Platinum+ and occasional High Golds Division Players.

It is imperative that you set yourself a quota as Mordekaiser. Simply for every 10 minutes
-First 10 Minutes : 50cs ( due to lack of AP, most likely recently aquired your spellvamp.)
20 Minutes : 200cs (Mid-game is about your greatest potential to farm.. if you wont get a chance then you're doing it wrong... Only excusable if kills are applied. Consider each Kill worth 10 cs)
30 Minutes : 250cs+ (Late game is mostly spent with your teammates, at this point it is difficult for you to venture alone and dominate the playing Field since everyone is max level. Focus on remaining with your team when possible and positioning yourself and feeding yourself with Enemy Kills.

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Positive characteristics about Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser is a BULLY, similar to Garen/Darius, his name alone is its defense as players are usually unsure of how this Mordekaiser will play and know his potential to 1 vs 5 a whole team.

Mid-Game : This is your time to shine, to separate yourself and create a CLEAR advantage for your team.

Has a End Game: Your ultimate is considered a nuke device and may very well be used as your ultimate pet to slay the enemies if positioned correctly. With your items such as Zhonias and your passive, you can very much stay alive for encounters without receiving a instant death.

Creep Score : Best clearing champion and easiest to farm safely, due to Iron Man Passive.

Game Changer : Even if you are the WORST in your team, all you require is a pet to do the work for you. Just leave your mark on a focused target (preferably Adc or a lead Fighter) and await for your Ghost-carry to get the kills for you.

Mordekaiser is best against multiple enemies due to his passive scaling off of his AOE abilities. Even if the target is alone, his Q does double damage.

Mordekaiser doesn't use mana or energy as a resource, great amount of spam is used. His health regen is slightly higher then normal to compensate for his use of HP instead.

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Negative Mordekaiser Traits

Mordekaiser has absolutely ZERO escape. Your only defense towards jungle ganks is your offensive capabilities. If you do not ward, you will be a EASY target and fall behind.

Mordekaiser is a AP, if he does not level, he does not get stronger. You cannot fall behind on levels as a AP otherwise you are losing strength

Limited to a Mid-range set of skills. Your Ultimate is your only ranged attack.

Ignite may ruin your play. Your ultimate heals over time and on initial damage, If you wait too long to use it then you will not receive the FULL health from it.

Mordekaiser uses Health as a resource, at early levels, if you dont have health potions, you will be losing HP until spellvamp.

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Personal Opinion

Mordekaiser is my number one Champion, I am currently undefeated with him in my lane phase due to Ryze being nerfed. Range champions are not played often and Morde is underestimated because of his lack of CC.

I believe that the farming is the best in the game, and even if he loses lane he can still help his teammates by tanking the frontlines and waiting for his Ultimate to create a pet. He is already feared of, and underplayed enough for people to question my attacks. People grow unsure of what I can do, always more and more damage without getting defense. My offense is my defense and I simply need to know Patience.

If you attack at the right timing, you can come out on top in any duel and in any teamfight.
Last words of advice ; Choose your battles wisely.

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Lore ~ For those of you who want a deeper insight into Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser is a being of pure, living agony on a mysterious dread quest. It is said that he was the first of the undead, existing before the Shadow Isles were a whispered threat. His true name and past lost to history, Mordekaiser is feared for his grim manipulation of pain –both his own, and that of others. Anguish fuels and sustains him, serving as his last connection to life, as well as his most effective weapon. In his enigmatic hunt, he's proven no one is safe, for even the most courageous souls have surrendered their secrets in his grasp.

One girl witnessed and survived an encounter with pain's paladin. Late one night, the young mage-in-training was awoken by the sound of her master's tortured screams. Overcoming her fear, she charged into the library to find it a shattered ruin. There, she saw a hulking figure clad in a suit of armor that seemed fused to his body. It was clear the grim intruder was looking for something, and was displeased with the results. At the center of the once-majestic chamber, the armored fiend clutched her teacher's broken form. She overheard her master's final words – that he would die before he would give up his secrets. Mordekaiser laughed and said that even death was no escape, then snapped the master's neck with a sharp crack. Moments later, the horrified girl witnessed her master's spirit torn from his body. As if under some dark compulsion, the shade began to reveal all to his torturer and executioner. The girl fled, living to tell her story – should Mordekaiser come for you, even death itself will not keep you from his iron reach.