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Mordekaiser Build Guide by CastellanCrowe1228

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CastellanCrowe1228

Mordekaiser the one they all fear

CastellanCrowe1228 Last updated on July 23, 2012
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Here something to listen to while you go conquesting and reading my guide.

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Welcome to my first build and most likley my only since Mordekaiser is my only main character(well there is Vladimir but Hes like my second and I have to thank this guy for it "Incendiax". If you ever want to know how to play as Vlad check this guy out he knows his stuff and inspired me to write a guide because once I put his shared knowlegde to use I was getting triple kills and carrying. But enough of that lets see why you want Mordekaiser as a character. Now theres going to be a lot of unessescary stuff in this guide its going to be like I holding your hand through this but that only makes it easier(that I don't know how to do the fancy stuff in the guide).

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*He becomes tanky near late game and can take damage with his shield

*His damage late game have made people rage quit I 1 HIT KILL CHARACTERS but that can be achived by a lot of people so lets continue

*He looks awesome ever played Warhammer 40k? HE IS A CHAOS LORD(Blood Angels all day)

*Easy to learn at first and get the concept of

*Your an AP monster for your team AND you give them spell vamp and AP as well

*...........6 v 4 if your on the team

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*Your abilities use health early game which requires you to think 'Is it worth it?"

*Early game will be slow and you will be a bit weak BUT PURPOSEFUL!!

*Did I mention the focusing????

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How you can build him

What I put up top is the reg build I use for him. Boots of Speed first(there boots get over it), Hextech Revolver(AP and some lane sustain), Sorcerer boots(Believe or not they are useful. For a long time I thought That Magic penetration just ment 20 more damage OH HOW I WAS WRONG. They are a must you move faster and do more damage and help against the tanks and Magic resistors( Soraka and Galio). Will of the Ancients for your ultimate lane sustain and more AP. Lich Bane the most important item lets you move faster than other people, you do insane damage, more AP, some magic resist never hurts and then the passive OH MY GOD THIS PASSIVE ie done +2000 damage in 1 hit one game when my AP was at 1007(It was my glass cannon build it works so beutiful if your low level but once you get around lvl 25 yea it ain't working well). 1 Rabadons Deathcap you know f-MOAR AP!!!! Then came to me a question that I had thought of wheter a Rylai's Crystal Scepter or even tankier a Warmog's Armor I decided that you already do enough damage and get Warmog's its useful Then a nice Zhonya's Hourglass since they will focus you (maybe im just putting a little too much personal experiance here but It works regardless) a lot. So you buff your teammates, do heavy hits that **** with peoples minds, have AOE spells AND you can turn a 5 vs 5 into a 6 vs 4.

Now some people like to make him tanky( Like more than a warmogs tanky). I don't really recommend it but it was my first build for it and it works alright but he should be used more AP like (That shield he gets makes him tankier regardless)but Tanking with him isn't that bad.

AND PLEASE REMEMBER this guide isn't a bible sure try out my exact build at first and use it but tweak it a bit everyone has their perenfences and such.

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Mace of Spades and you

This is almost your bread and butter at first glance it may seem like it but it's not. Until you have Lich Bane this spell isn't as useful as the others but still does enough damage for people to run away. BUT once you have Lich Bane the damage you do is insane so lets check this out real quick

Your Mace of Spades does 330 damage alone 1 vs 1 no one around for the echo effect.Now add 465 because of Lich Banes passive and thats 795. Now add w/e damage you get from the AP alone to 795 and thats the damage you do without the Magic Pen. too.

This is why they run, this is why you cannot be faced 1 vs 1, this will be your bread and butter soon and help you in general.

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Creeping Death and you

This spell has its uses. Theres always a spell that doesn't seem to suit a character or they're playstyle or lore or for w/e reason and I guess this one is it. Once you hit late game however this spell helps out a lot giving whoever you terget a buff that gives them 30 armor and magic resist and deals damage to nearby eneimes that also charges your shields. Need to iniaite a team fight? use this.Need to activate Lich Bane for some more tower destruction use this. Notice your getting focused a lot slap this on before and it will help out a bit. Im not saying its useless it most certainly helps but don't see it as a beutiful move it just helps thats preety much it.

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Siphon of Destruction and you

THIS IS IT YOUR BREAD AND BUTTER. This is your AOE, harass, tower diving move, chase killer, Team fight damager and shield gainer. This shows just how you you can be with him, it is so sad to see Mords use this to farm early game then get ganked and complain why they killed them so fast..... its because it uses health which is why you must be conservative of your health early game. Take a pot if you feel like it(I recommend it) just watch your health with this spell and you will do well.

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Children of The Grave and you

This can save your *** every single time. Let me tell you a story of this 3 vs 1 I won from some overconfident people. I went to help my poor poor teammate when the magical bushes whom can hide giants to people on fire and flying creatures, gave birth to 3 different people that all focused me. (before continuing this was with my glass cannon build which consisted of 1 Lich Bane and 5 Rabadons death caps at that point I probaly only had 3 with Lich Bane and stilll had Will of The Ancients) I slaughtered all 3 of them to the point of where the chat was full of rage and wors worth reporting for and the people who are only nice enough to call me OP instead of other more vulgar words. My teammate died laughing and so did I.

Now I bet your wondering how was this so, how did it happen well this spelll was the key the fact that I drain half of your life to me and debuff you AND if you die you belong as my pet that gets some of my power put into you turns the tide of any battle. It is just that useful never doubt this ability and with its fast cooldown it is amazing.

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Build Order Countering

When in combat its important to counter your eneimes attacks and movements accordingly. Thats why your build may not go the same as mine even if its the same items you may find a Frozen Heart before your Zhonya's Hourglass. This is ok if it helps you survive more and helps that much go for it yout in it too win it. They have too much AP and have too much magic resist? Use an Abyssal Mask instead of a Zhonya's Hourglass or Frozen Heart and so on and so on.

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Just basic masteries most for more AP and some for more defense nothing special here its just that archmage is awesome.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite works what can I say it does true damage and when combined with Children of The Grave its like that last ******* before you die.

Teleport I just find useful for mobility thats all nothign much.

If not any of these I recommend things such as flash(Its your quick escape)or Exhaust(Everybody runs away....not anymore)

The rest I don't recommend maybe Heal can net you some early kills with the

Dude 1:Hes almost dead wait

Dude 2:Retreat your going to die too



"An allied champion has fallen"

Dude 1: WTF!!!!

Dude 2: (T-T) why???

You: HUEHUEHUEHUE Mordekaiser

But the rest isn't under my juristiction try them out and see what works for you execpt for Clarity and Cleanse don't use these why would you use these??????

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Early Game:
HARASS HARASS HARASS unless they are Alistar or some other guy that has HP regen like a ***** always and harass and you know what to use for that too??????

The Siphon of Destruction baby and with the fact that it can go through minions lets you last hit, build shield and harass as well.

Try to get kills. Can you tower dive that Shen that is recalling? yes you can oh noooo he stunned you and the tower just killed you good thing you ignited him and got that kill or your teammate just finsihed him and gave you that assist and if you actually hit him with Children of the Grave just run back with your HP gaining and wait for the annoucener to show you the kill. Gold is important the faster you get to Lich Bane the better and scarier you get.

Mid Game
Now its a lot easier and better by this time around 15 min in or so it is time for the neverending teamfights. So with Will of the Ancients buffing your team go and start knocking heads around. Buff your tank with Creeping Death, catch the whole team with Siphon of Destruction and keep building your shield and stay in the fight.

When not in the fight Mord can farm like no other. His Siphon and Mace of Spades do so much damage that they instakill creeps and ensure last hits. You can finish a creep faster then practiclly anybody else in the game. So with that extra gold build up your AP and kill the foolish ones that try to kill you while your farming since they often go alone in an attempt of your death.

Late Game

If its that bad (which it has been sometimes) carry your team.

If it ain't that bad, good that means you can win easier just focus on finishing your build at this point and pushing hard. Remember to to use your Children of the Grave in teamfights and Creeping Death on your tanks.

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Your role in those team fights

Well I play as the most aggressive man alive to the point of where I can lead a charge with Kog'Maw or Sona headfirst. So I can Creeping Death my self, activate my Mace of Spades and charge with the Siphon readied and waiting. With the shield you gain from those abilities and your ulti your like your team's secondary tank(first if your unlucky).

But Mord is also good for protecting your team's carry if any(like an Ashe or other ranged carry) Mord excells in 1 vs 1s and if its a 2 vs 1 what the hell were they thinking.

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Mordekaiser is a champion who if played correctly will be screamed at being called OP on the all chat amazing your friends and causing your enemies to cry....deeply. But not evry can use him people have perenfences liek I said before id you can't use him its ok theres 97+ characters in the game YOU CAN FIND ONE YOU LOVE TO DEATH.I have played Mord since I was able to raise up to 3150 IP from the start meaning I got him before I reached lvl 7 or so and I currently wrote the build at level 27.

Please leave me feedback and other things critsisim is always welcomed it makes me better and if this guide helps you....your very welcome and thanks for checking it out.

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First version of guide and I finished at like 12:23 A.M sooo Like is it 5-23-12 instead?????

Added changelog and the video at the beginning as well as icons for items and characters and fixed some spelling errors.Changed build around a bit and the glyphs.Added build order countering and fixed a mastery error.

Chaged the summoner speel to flash because it's so much better and changed the glyphs to CD reduction because I just realized how useful that is and chaged the build order.