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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheGreenTea


TheGreenTea Last updated on April 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello, i created build cause i wanted to share my playstyle as morgana, her price was lowered recently so i bet more people will start to play her, and more people will want to try different builds on her, mine will be focusing on CDR early, AP Late game, it will give you early game control late game, control+damage
I dont say it best build, or it cannot be change, its not a stone so be water be flexible to any stituanion and learn how to use it for you side.
I remember that i saw Bruce lee talking about it, it maybe help you in real life, or in game its what i mean -

Im really sorry but my build wasnt published, dont know why so it isnt as full when i wrote it first time, but i hope you will take your time to read it and maybe try it then rate it and leave a comment.

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Pros / Cons

Amazing Farmer
Ulti changing teamfights
Focused first most of the time

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Start with it is amazing item HP,AP,Mana regen-really strong first item, though you may be afraid cause you cannot buy HP pot? Well look at your passive, you will regen health with, so it aint big deal to dont have that pot.
First item you want to build is , it almost guarantee no mana problems.
Then Get .But you may be have bad start then get and (build after )
Then get , though you may have choosen CDR Glyphs instead of AP/lvl, then you should get , or if you doing well
Late finish , /or if you have enough gold and using CDR glyphs get which you will be building to later.
CORE for Mpen marks,mana regen seals,AP/lvl glyphs, HP/AP quints

CORE for Mpen marks,mana regen/hplvl, CDR glyphs, AP/HP Quints

As you see you you mustnt take it as a stone, be flexible be water, choose you runes and items depending on team you face (Ranked), or your allies champions.

Later build with will boos your AP drasticly, and ,(you got one free item if you have CDR glyphs cause you aint buildin ,so get , or one of the Situational Items.
Situational Items
(which may change )

-you think its stupid to take it so late at the game but it will give everthing you need AP/HP/Mana

-if get focused alot
Though i suggest you to leave with most of the time, dont be afraid to be felxible, Only to items gives AP boost you really need and , but other ones gives you Armor/Mr.(decide by enemies)

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Preety simple, MPen-how could it be bad choice?
Mana Regen-it help me all game, i rarely get blue buff cause i aint need him alot and i cannot trust it all game.
HP/lvl if you dont like to be so squishy
CDR glyphs-like i said depending what you need or want or like it is amazing glyphs which safe you one item,
AP/lvl, gives you a little AP boost every lvl, though you get one CDR item cause of this -your choice
HP-For thoughness
AP-More damage

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Summoner Spells

I suggest to go with -i like to be aggresive so it gives me way more spamability at begging(and lane partner if duo lane and he use mana) and ignite for those moments when they get away with 50hp.
Good Choices

Bad Choices

, , , ,
You may like these ones, but i cant synergise with them, maybe you can?

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Why this build?

Why? It gives massive control of your enemies, quick recharge of your abilitys, surprise for your enemies, you dont know how many times they think i dont have my Q yet and run in front of my, how many times i saved teamates after teamfight from Karthus ulti.Early-Mid game i just got insane control of everybody, when the middle game come to the end, late starts i have solid amount of AP, 25%spellwamp,massive CC ulti, Aoe damage which lower their magic resist and insane root.Everything with almost 40%CDR without blue? Yes my friend yes

Why do i need this CDR when i have blue buff?
Question to you-why did you lost your CDR at the start of the fight? Its expired.Well you can run and get it again, sadly your team maybe be in middle of teamfight now 4v5-kinda unfair.. thanks to that greedy blue.You cannot Trust your game in one buff, maybe enemy jungler will have it all the time, maybe yours? maybe there is anivia which needs it way more.

Why do you take early CDR, and not AP, isnt AP better?
It maybe just your playstyle is different, but early cdr, gets me utility of the fight, i can control my enemie often, with Q and Ulti, more i can use it more dangerous i am.Most of the fights start with Q most of them and With it.Shield, saved me and my allies tons of times, more i use it more helpfull i am to my team.
How to farm?
level your W to 3ASAP(lvl 5) cause it is capable of completely killing off the back caster line of creep waves -in guide of Flood -Morgana Prime, its kinda outdated guide by somepoints but this is only reason that i max W to 3 first.
Why do you take clarity?
It help me harras better in lane, i have more freedom, and with cdr reduction they must play passive and hardly harras.

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Try to get mid lane,but if there is someone who can do it better let him do it.
Some champs i like to give mid -
Early Game 1-8
1.If mid, 1-5try to last hit just with autoattacks,if got hard harras by them, use to farm(place it when minions have <60% Health).Time to time land on them, and if they are hit immediately use cast .-Dont waste all of your mana by doing that cause you want to get Tear first.Remember while harrasing at early levels dont stand in middle of enemy minions, they will hit you preey hard.
6-8.I try to get kill at this moment, depending where is jungler i ask him to gank it.
them, then use to slow, and for more damage-jungler should throw their CC to plus if he got red, he shouldnt manage to run away-if he aint dead yet, your ulti should stun.Ok if he seriously still alive put ignite...
(If enemy is trying to be Hero, put him on the ground, make him pay for his mistake, root him in middle of your creeps land , autoattack him, and make him recall, or if he think he can play with you more-Kill him.
TIP:Bait them with - they will get really mad by that.Trust me :)
8-13 Mid game
It may be starting earlier, maybe more lately, you should be helping your team by gankin soloing enemy champions, rooting guy who try to run away using your Ulti as slow/stun and damage in middle of them-be carefull you aint immortal.Try to Q em as much as possible-lay your W in middle of them, but remember your one skill isnt worth death of yours(dont run in middle of them when tank isnt engaging just for ulti which will only do a little damage to em...Longer you live, the harder to move for them. :)
13-18 Late Game
Most of times you would see who is winning, who have more dragons, baron, jungle control, towers etc..You dont have tons of survivibility but you have preety solid amount of health now, try to Root them unexpectly, from walls, using your Ulti to stun them in middle of fights and then make em pay.

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Bruce Lee said-Be water, so be it, learn your mistakes,practise, do your best to help your team, control the enemie, and most important Have Fun :)

Thanks for reading this guide, please rate,comment, and first of all try it.

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Things to do, Updates

Guide Published 2011/04/20