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Morgana Build Guide by devilican

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League of Legends Build Guide Author devilican

Morgana in the jungle

devilican Last updated on June 28, 2013
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I came across a reddit post a few weeks ago discussing the viability of Morgana in the jungle. Having played several hundred morgana games, I decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised, it was not as bad as I thought it would be. For anyone thinking of trying out morgana in the jungle, allow me to share my experience having played her there for 30-40 games there now.


- Good ganks post level 6
- Good sustain in the jungle
- Relatively good clear speed
- Scales well into late game
- Very strong teamfighting
- Smite is also a free heal due to morgana's high spellvamp
- Katarina + Black shield = nightmare
- Ganks pre-6 are noncommittal
- Great and safe waveclear for a jungler


- Struggles if first blue stolen (similar to Amumu)
- Ganks pre-6 reliant on landing skillshot
- Prone to counterjungling
- Unreliable damage
- Generally means support has to build bulwark

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Further Notes on the build

Have explained most that needed to be said in the notes, this will just be adding on a bit more detail.

Item build:

Not really much to say here. Spirit of the spectral wraith is the best first item for morgana and makes her jungling easy as well as solving mana problems allowing you to give blue to midlaner with no problem. Boots of mobility (possible to build swiftness too) makes ganking and getting in range to land bindings easier. Zhonyas is probably where you want to go next as it is core on morgana. After that, you can go any of many routes depending how your team is doing and the enemy team composition. If not doing too well, I suggest going a CDR route.


Morgana's soil clears creeps quickest and has the highest AP scaling (aside from the ultimate) so this is leveled first in the jungle. After that, shield should be leveled as morgana should be transitioning into a more supportive role.

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Jungle Path and Ganking

Your jungle path should be as follows:

Blue (hard leash) -> Wolves -> Wraiths -> Red -> Golems -> Gank

(then you will probably want to back)

Most likely, ganking pre-6 wont result in a kill unless the lane is pushed and you land a binding. Landing bindings in ganks is essentially and mostly guarantees kills (unfortunately it is one of the easiest skillshots to dodge). Post-6, morgana>most other junglers in 2v2 and 3v3 situations if ultimate is up. Get behind the enemy laners if possible to avoid them escaping the ultimate towards tower, which makes kills a lot more likely. You can smite minions to regain health during fights.

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Late game you fill essentially the same role as a mid morgana. It does not matter if you are behind a bit as morgana's cc and shield are more important than her AP lategame.

I recommend This guide for people wanting to know more about how to play morgana.

How to teamfight:

Teamfighting is where morgana really shines and she is one of the best in the game. In terms of initiation, she offers her dark binding (basically a guaranteed kill if landed) and her black shield on an initiator (making your tanks/assassins resistant to cc and let them get onto the enemy carries easily). She can also jump in using flash and Soul shackles -> Zhonyas, which works quite similar to a hecarim ult or gragas ult except more predictable. In terms of counter initiation, dark binding is also great for rooting enemy initiators and black shield can be used on carries defensively to allow them to shred the enemy frontline without having to worry about an unstoppable force or other such cc. Tormented soil is not a great teamfight spell but can be used to augment damage through shredding MR.

The most important thing is getting off a good ulti. A morgana ult locking down 4 people or separating the enemy adc/apc from the enemy team can win a teamfight on its own. Morgana works very well with other teamfighting champs such as kennan, malphite, katarina, varus, sona and amumu (tried to include some of the best synergies in each role). That said, she works well with most champs.