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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Morgana Build Guide by Timmly

Middle Morgana Mid. How to win more games with one simple trick.

Middle Morgana Mid. How to win more games with one simple trick.

Updated on December 10, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Timmly Build Guide By Timmly 38 2 87,514 Views 3 Comments
38 2 87,514 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Timmly Morgana Build Guide By Timmly Updated on December 10, 2018
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Champion Build Guide

Morgana Mid. How to win more games with one simple trick.

By Timmly
Hi everyone, I'm Timmly, and this is my Morgana Guide. I play League since preseason 2 with breakes. My peak elo was rank 50 Challenger on EUNE. I was #1 Vel'Koz and #1 Xerath on Lolskill and Leagueofgraphs for 5 months. I finally decided to share my knowledge about League to help you climb up!
I've spent a lot of time to make it great, feel free to comment and give me advices what is missing!
Feel free to me on Twitch!
Join my Discord, where i can answer all of your questions!

After reading this guide you will climb and experience gameplay on the whole new level. Be Careful!
Pros / Cons

+ Fun to play
+ Kill potential with Q landed
+ Lane Pusher
+ Black Shield

- Immobile.
- Q animation is slow.
- In this meta Morgana snowball slowly.
- Mana issues in early game.

Morgana is really fun to play. Especially when you hit enemies with Dark Binding and snare them for 3 seconds. Morgana has really strong potential on mid lane. Hard pressure with Tormented Shadow on lane let you roam on the map and help your jungler in need. You can steal enemy wraiths to gain extra gold. You can stay in lane for a very long time. Buying Rod of Ages on first recall? No problem with Morgana! She is really getting along with damage dealers in team like Jax toplane etc. Since meta is really fast in this season, Morgana can be pretty useless if you have no damage in team, but with Black Shield and 3 seconds Dark Binding you can be really useful!
I wont write how much damage/mana it takes or what the cooldown is. You can read it everywhere.

Just hover the mouse on skill name!

Great passive for extra sustain on lane. Hitting large minions and champions with Tormented Shadow heals you and you can stay longer in lane!

Dark Binding
Dark Binding is really strong CC skill. At level 5 it snares for 3 seconds! That's why having damage dealers in team are crucial, because they will finish a victim off!. The weakness of Dark Binding is that animation is really slooow and it's easy to dodge.

Tormented Soil
Tormented Shadow is Morgana skill to push her lane quickly. Just place your Tormented Shadow on minions and finish them with auto attack. Then you save some time to steal enemy wraiths or roam to other lanes.

Black Shield
Black Shield is really strong defensive skill. It can change whole teamfight. If someone has Black Shield effect he is immune to crowd control effects. Example Leona Solar Flare or Ornn Call of the Forge God won't work.

Soul Shackles
Soul Shackles is strong CC spell. However it's really hard to land a perfect ultimate. You have to sacrifice your position in teamfight and risk a lot to make it work. It's really strong on 1v1 or 2v2 fights.

Summoner Spells

As i write in every guide Flash is the best summoner spell in game. Don't argue and take it!

If you want to have fun and duel your midlaner take Ignite instead of Teleport, but if you want to help your teammates you should pick Teleport. Ignite is good for lane fights.

I personally use Cleanse often, when I play against Evelynn Rammus in enemy jungle or Veigar Zoe Ahri Lissandra on midlane.

Good summoner spell against Zed or Yasuo on lane. Also helpful in teamfights.

Teleport is always great option no matter what you are going to play. Actually for me it's the best option for Morgana. Tormented Shadow has really big mana cost, so in early game it's good to have Teleport and prevent yourself from losing minions. Later in the game you can splitpush and help your teammates in need!


Sorcery and Inspiration is the best combination for Morgana. Remember that we are going for 45% cooldown reduction on midlane to cast as many Dark Binding as we can!

Summon Aery is my option for Morgana. Arcane Comet works well too, but with Aery you can shield your teammates with Black Shield for extra shield.

Manaflow Band is great on Morgana. It's helping to fix early mana problems and it gives you extra mana regeneration.

I'm playing with Transcendence, because cooldown reduction is the best what you can do when you are playing Morgana. If you succeed and hit your Dark Binding the gap before next Q is really small

Since Morgana is missing some Ability Power in this meta. It's good to pick Gathering Storm for some extra damage. In my opinion Scorch is dealing way too low damage to be a good option.

Pick Minion Dematerializer for extra push and damage to push faster.
I'm picking Cosmic Insight to get that juicy 45% cooldown reduction! Remember: cooldown reduction is the most important thing on Morgana.

Doran's Ring is the best starting item for Morgana.

Dark Seal is wise option if you die in early game and you can't afford Catalst of Aeons. If you snowball you can change it into Mejai's Soulstealer. If you don't want to buy Dark Seal it is completely okay to buy second Doran's Ring.

Great boots for every AP Midlaner.

Great item for every mage. You need bonus mana and cooldown reduction. Also you get extra damage from Luden's Tempest passive.

Morellonomicon is ok for Morgana, but as 3rd or 4th only due to passive. It is reducing heal, great versus Vladimir Kai'Sa etc. It's not perfect, because it's not giving you cooldown reduction!

Rabadon's Deathcap it's pretty expensive item. Don't rush it until you are completely sure you can afford it. It's risky to buy because it's taking a lot of time to earn money for it and enemies can be ahead before you finish it.

Void Staff is giving magic penetration. Build it when enemies are stacking a lot of magic resist.

Twin Shadows is good item for chasing your enemies. However again you will need a team with damage to finish enemies off, becuase you will miss it. Don't build it if you want to crush enemies by yourself.

Actually Rod of Ages is a great item and bad item for Morgana. Why? Since meta is really fast you will miss a lot of damage, if you decided to build RoA, but it really helps with Soul Shackles to land and enemies won't kill you fast enough. I would go for Rod of Ages if my team has enough damage to kill without me as a main damage dealer.

It's core item for Morgana. Cast your Soul Shackles and then press your Zhonya's Hourglass to be completely safe in teamfight. The downside is they can run away from you, if you use it too fast. Be aware of it.

Banshee's Veil gives you spellshield. Build it against heavy ap assassin's like Ekko LeBlanc Brand etc.

Great item versus tanks like Ornn Sejuani Zac etc. It scales perfectly with Tormented Shadow to deal extra damage.

Don't build it. A lot of money for low stats.

If you read this, congratulations! Your percentage chance to win a game now increased!


Thanks everyone for reading this guide.

If you are down here, put the comment in comment section buddy!

Also Feel free to me on Twitch.

Join our if you want to talk about League, or you are just sad and lonely :(!

Proof that i was Challenger and 1st Vel'Koz :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Timmly
Timmly Morgana Guide
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Morgana Mid. How to win more games with one simple trick.

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