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Vayne Build Guide by MeKamote

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MeKamote


MeKamote Last updated on July 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 21

Honor Guard

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Hi! my name is Ed IGN: VxM.MeKamote playing at the PH sever and is currently at Diamond V. i've been playing for about more than a year now and over 900 ranked games during season 3. I want to share to you guys something about one of my favorite champion, Vayne.

Vayne is AD hyper carry which means that she can ultimately carry her team into victory especially in mid to late game where she shines the most due to her Silver bolts. being OP versus champions stacking health which is in the current meta.

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About this guide

This guide is based on ranked matches and is not recommended for players who doesn't have the basic knowledge about Vayne.

This guide is also based on the assumption that you have a decent support with you in your lane.

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Pros / Cons


-insane carry capabilities
-doesn't really fall even when destroyed in lane
-True Damage with Silver Bolts
-Skill shot dodge with Tumble
-stun/knockback with Condemn
-AD steroid Final Hour
-Great chasing passive Night Hunter
-extremely fun to play with


-Extremely Squishy
-shortish attack range
-hard to position stun Condemn
-very easy to counter in lane
-not a really great starting champion

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21 points in offence are taken in order for us to have the maximun damage output as much as possible. 9 points in defence are taken in order for us to eliminate some of vayne's weak points during the early parts of the game which involves her survivability. Veteran's Scars and Durability are taken in order for us to have some more health for us to sustain some damage during trades and clash. i chose Hardiness over Resistance mainly because the ones dealing damage in the bot lane are your enemy adcs.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

[*] Greater Mark of Attack Damage: these runes makes us last hit more minons during the laning phase. there runes are also good since Tumble scales with AD that gives us more damage output.
[*] Greater Quintessence of Life Steal: we are taking these quints for sustain purposes. i find these runes more useful than AD quints since these quints scale more into later parts of the game
[*] Greater Seal of Armor: this solves our issue of survivability slighty. these runes are standard for any ADCs.
[*] Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: guess what? these glyphs are also standard for ADCs since most supports are magic dealers like Sona

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This summoner spell will let you survive bursts from champions like Zed, this is a rather standard summoner spell taken by ADCs

ALWAYS have this spell as an ADC. i don't want seeing any adc without flash even if you're Ezreal. it will be like saying to those assassins that "LOOK AT ME I HAVE NO FLASH, I'M A BRILLIANT ADC!"

Go for this spell instead of Barrier if the enemy team has a hard CC like Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy that can mess you up real bad

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


As our Ultimate we always want to prioritize maxing out Final Hour since it gives us an AD steroid and invisiblity when we use Tumble during it's duration, it also increases Night Hunter's effect so we have an increase chasing potential when we use our ult. We max out Tumble over Silver Bolts during the earlier parts of the game since Tumble gives us more damage since Silver Bolts is health based. Also, increase in levels of Tumble will also reduce it's cooldown. We max Condemn last mainly because we only want it because of its utility and not for its damage.

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Starting Items

Boots of Speed + 4x Health Potions are the standard starting items on ADCs as they give you a movement
speed boost and Sustain in the early stage of the game

This item is good since it gives you Health, damage, and health regen per hit. it sycs well with our lifesteal quints. this item is also good with supports with sustain like Nami

This is also a viable choice. i prefer this over Long Sword since this item give us health and extra gold to buy more Health Potion


Our standard issue boots. taken for its AS boost.
This item will be our source of lifesteal together with Greater Quintessence of Life Steal. I prefer this over The Bloodthirster because this item has an AS increase in it and a pretty cool active.
We build this item because of us buying Avarice Blade in earlier parts of the game. but if you are destroying your lane please feel free to condiser buying Phantom Dancer instead. these items are our source of AS and critical chance.
Our standard auto attack item. increases our damage, crit chance and our critical damage.
This items shreds armor like a boss. this item i taken mostly for armor heavy teams and for a slight boost in AD.
Grants MR, armor and a revive which grants us a second chance of killing are opponents. Not a must item but is used in majority of games due to its effect.


This item is used to counter enemy's ADC because of it's passive cold steel which reduces the enemy's AS and MS. This item is also used to kite more.
This item is taken because of the tenacity and MS and nothing much more. please try to consider getting Mercury's Treads instead.
this item is built from Quicksilver Sash which is an important item against CC heavy teams. this item also gives us bonus AD which is a good thing for us ADCs. Build this if you are having trouble against stuns.
We are building this item mainly because of the enemy team has a game breaking ultimate like Malphite's Unstoppable Force. This is also useful against Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab. We place this item as a situational item because you will not always encounter such enemies in games.

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this is the part of the game where Vayne is weakest. during this part of the game, we want to have last hitting minions as our priority instead of going aggressive against your opponents. also, we may always encounter a Caitlyn as our opponent since she is a counter to vayne due to her insane range and poke. i advice waiting for a jungle gank before engaging. i also advice taking a protect type of support with you such as Janna or a sustain type like Sona.


during this part of the game you may already have farmed maybe a Blade of the Ruined King. this part of the game mainly involves team fights and clearing objectives. always be involved in clashes since this is also the part of the game where you will be fishing some kills in order for you to build your final items. never EVER over extend yourself since we can be KO'ed instantly due to us being squishy as hell. also use Final Hour Tumble combo in order for us to confuse enemies of your position.


you have the advantage in this part of the game mainly because of your Silver Bolts wreaking havoc to enemy front lines. always stick with your team and remember your role as an ADC. ALWAYS ATTACK TARGETS THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO HIT AS SAFELY AS POSSIBLE. if enemy bruiser's are going after you, it is your responsibility to kill not dive in to the center in order for you to kill enemy carries. THAT IS NOT YOUR JOB. stick with your support in order for him/her to protect you properly and have the edge on the fight.

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Vayne may not have a powerful laning phase but her mid game to late game presence is off the charts. just remember to ALWAYS stay safe and also remember your role as an ADC.
Vayne is a very fun champion to play even though she not that easy to use. with enough practice, you will also be able to reach greater heights with vayne.