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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Sivir Build Guide by Mr. Meister

ADC Mr. Meisters Guide To Sivir: The Battle Mistress (Updated!)

ADC Mr. Meisters Guide To Sivir: The Battle Mistress (Updated!)

Updated on May 11, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mr. Meister Build Guide By Mr. Meister 11 0 58,853 Views 3 Comments
11 0 58,853 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Mr. Meister Sivir Build Guide By Mr. Meister Updated on May 11, 2018
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  • LoL Champion: Sivir
    Sustain Sivir (Stay Alive!)
  • LoL Champion: Sivir
    Damage Heavy Sivir (Situationa


Fleet Footwork
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Introduction With Some Spice

Ah, so it seems you want to play Sivir. Well, you have come to the right place. Whether you are Bronze Five and tired of losing or Challenger and just want a quick build example, I have you covered. Before we get into the guide, id like to establish some credibility. I've been playing League since Season 5, and has achieved the rank of "Daddy" (I also have Mastery 7 with Sivir but who really cares?) I hope you learn something from what I have to say, and most of all I hope you enjoy!
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What Runes To Take And Why?

Fleet Footwork Fleet Footwork is the optimal keystone for Sivir. You want to take this in almost every matchup. The movement speed and sustain makes sense with my build, because during late game, the healing you get from it is crucial. When you have 100 stacks of energy, don't always blow it on a minion, look for a trade if possible. The extra movement speed will help you get out of a sticky situation.
Press The Attack Press the Attack isn't the best option for Sivir. This is because Ricochet doesn't activate the keystone when thrown off minions to another champion. It only activates when you hit the enemy champion directly with Ricochet, not after a bounce or two. Since the majority of your damage is through this ability, I don't recommend taking it. (It is only viable if you are constantly in 1v1 situations)
Domination(2nd Rune) Domination Should be what you take for your second rune. This tree maximizes you damage output and keeps you alive with Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter. It makes sense to run these runes with my build because you are trying to stay alive and do some good damage in the midst of a fight. You cant do damage if you die instantly! Now I'm going to let you in on a secret that makes this build so good. You ready? ok. With every bounce of Ricochet you get health back because of Ravenous Hunter. Think about it, every single bounce. You get 3 empowered auto attacks with Ricochet, which can cut through 6 minions in lane. (And a champion if they are close, which grants you even more health!) Combined with Fleet Footwork, you should be able to live through lane and out-heal the enemy laner(s)
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What Makes Sivir Good And Bad?


+ Sivir has better wave clear than any other ADC with her combined Ricochet and Boomerang Blade.
+ Great sustain with the right build (Mine)
+ Hyper carry late-game, can dish out more damage to an unsuspecting enemy team than you think.
+ Game changing ultimate ( On The Hunt) Perfect for engage and disengage.
+ The only ADC that has a Spell Shield, making her counter hook supports such as Blitzcrank or Thresh. Also can say NOPE to any hard cc such as Enchanted Crystal Arrow
+ Can auto attack cancel with Ricochet, and has some really good long range poke with Boomerang Blade.

Sivir is a well-rounded ADC. She has her moments, and can be very situational in some instances. Nonetheless, she does her job, and she does it well. A good Sivir player will make you wish you dodged. She does more than you think in the right hands!

- Sivir has the lowest attack range (500) right next to Lucian
- After Spell Shield is down, Sivir is vulnerable to all-ins and hard trades.
- Early game isn't where Sivir shines.
- Hard to position in team fights given that your auto attack range is so low.
- Some abilities on enemy champions are too instant to Spell Shield, so Sivir has to rely on prediction to Spell Shield instant crowd control.
- Sivir is a very mana hungry champion. In lane try to use your abilities only when you have to. Otherwise you will see yourself with no mana in no time.

Sivir does have her weak spots, but that is no reason not to play her. Every champion in the game can get countered, Sivir is just like the rest. The main setback to Sivir is her auto attack range. Positioning with her is key, so always look where you are standing!
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Ablities Breakdown

Fleet Of Foot Fleet of Foot is Sivir's passive. Every time you auto attack a champion or hit them with an ability, you gain a quick burst of movement speed. This passive scales with level. (30/35/40/45/50) This ability is great for chasing down enemy champions, because every time you hit them you get faster and faster. Not much else can be said, a pretty basic passive. (Effective, don't get me wrong!)

Ricochet Ricochet is Sivir's W ability. This will be your main damaging ability late game. With Essence Reaver, the cooldown should feel almost non-existent late game, which is nice. What Ricochet does is bounce to every minion, champion, or monster dealing damage. You can auto attack cancel with this ability, meaning that as soon as you auto, you can W to maximize your damage output. (If you critically strike the first target, all other targets that Ricochet bounces to will critically strike as well.) In lane, you want to use this ability to push minions into tower, forcing the enemy ADC to farm under there. Doing this will ensure you can get free poke in, and relieve some of the pressure off of you. Do ward though, because you are pushed up and susceptible to ganks. Out of lane you want to use this to clear minion waves, attack groups of enemy champions when in a team fight, and to take towers. (An extra auto on tower can go along way)

Boomerang Blade Boomerang Blade is Sivir's Q. What this does is Sivir hurls her crossblade like a boomerang, which does damage in a line both ways. Use this ability sparingly, because it costs a lot of mana. Early on, this will be Sivir's main source of damage. (Not including basic attacks) In lane, use this ability when your support is going in, or you are getting ganked, or your jungler is ganking. Her Q does a lot of damage, but try to use it outside of the minion wave, because every time that Boomerang Blade hits a minion, its damage is decreased. Late game, use this ability whenever you can to get some good damage off. Its not your main source of damage, but it definitely helps.

Spell Shield Spell Shield is an amazing ability. Don't get me started on how much I love this thing. With Sivir's E you can block any enemy single ability, successfully blocking an ability grants Sivir mana.. Oh is that a Blitzcrank hook? NOPE. Oh wait, Thresh can... NOPE. With This ability, you are the queen of nope. Spell Shield makes up for a dash, blink, etc. In lane, you want to save this ability for an enemies engage, important ability, crowd control, or anything that poses a big threat to you. Since Spell Shield gives you mana, make the judgement call whether or not to bait out an attack from the enemy to get some extra mana in your pocket. Sivir is a very mana reliant champion, (before Essence Reaver that is) so any form of extra mana helps. Late game, look to Spell Shield the most dangerous cc or enemy ability. If you don't utilize it, you will go down faster than I can say "Fizz is fed." Use Spell Shield wisely!

On The Hunt On The Hunt is a great ultimate coming from an ADC, who usually doesn't have much utility. On The Hunt Gives you and your team a massive burst of movement speed for 2/3/4 seconds, then falls off to a normal movement speed burst for 6/5/4 seconds. Sivir's W ( Ricochet) gains attack speed when activated. On The Hunt is perfect for a team that wants to jump on an enemy team and destroy them from there. In Lane, use On The Hunt when you are going all in, and when your jungler shows up. This movement speed burst is instant, and will surprise any bot lane. Late Game, use On The Hunt to suddenly engage or disengage, surprising the enemy and jumping onto them before they can react reasonably. It's also a great ultimate to chase down a high-priority target with your team. Unless its a 1v2 etc., don't use this ultimate by yourself. It has too much utility. Don't Be selfish!
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Laning Phase

Laning Phase Laning Phase is arguably the most important stage in the game. The laning phase sets you up for mid and late game. Doing well while laning makes your life easier, and here's how. With Sivir at level one you want to take your W Ricochet and push the minions into the enemy tower. Make sure to ward when you push, because otherwise you will get ganked early on and lose your lead. Pushing under tower makes your life easy, because you can deny the enemy ADC of some farm, and any form of advantage helps. Consistent poke with Ricochet will eventually widdle down your enemies, making them either die or recall. Make sure you are getting in auto attacks and occasional Boomerang Blade for extra damage. Use Spell Shield as explained previously, and you should be able to win lane. As a side note, if your jungler wants to take dragon, go with him. It's a big jump forward for you and your team if you can get dragon control.
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Mid Game Mid-Game comes right after Laning phase, and is important you don't lose your already established lead. (I'm assuming you won lane following my steps) During Mid-Game you are going to want to look to farm, (Not by yourself! Don't get caught out!) take objectives with your team (Baron Nashor, Towers, Dragon) and pick off whoever is alone as a team. (try to get picks, it makes taking objectives a little easier) Always make sure you are with someone, you don't want to die! You are a high priority target and the enemy will look to kill you any chance they get. Don't let them get that chance!
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Late Game

Late Game You did it! You made it to late game! Sivir was good before, but now get ready to hyper carry, because Sivir's time is now! The amounts of damage you will deal to the entire enemy team is insane! Your part is to stay alive so you can deal that damage. Ask your team for peel, hopefully they will listen. Use Ricochet on the minions and enemies to get off surprisingly high damage. Positioning is key with Sivir, so watch where you are at all times, don't overextend and die, play smart. I believe in you! If you do see yourself getting dived on, consider using On The Hunt to get yourself and team out of there, you don't want to die. Also, another tip if you are getting dived on, use Spell Shield for the most damaging enemy ability. Don't choke with this, you will die if you do. Use On The Hunt wisely, it only lasts for 8 seconds. Get in, or get out, that's the beauty of On The Hunt. Some final quick notes: Don't get caught out, everything you do should be a step forward, not back!
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Items More In-Depth

Perfect first item on Sivir, Essence Reaver has good damage, great CDR, and mana sustain. Essence Reaver is the go-to item for Sivir, get this every time.
Phantom Dancer is my favorite second item, but if you don't like having lots of critical strike chance and attack speed, get Infinity Edge second. Phantom Dancer is a personal favorite, I love having good attack speed. On the down side, you wont be dishing out as much damage as you would like. The damage isn't horrible, it makes up for it in crit.
Berserker's Greaves doesn't have to be your third item, I just wanted to put it in here to remind you that boots are important. If you decide to go Phantom Dancer second, its better to go for a damage item such as Infinity Edge, rather than boots. But if you take Infinity Edge second, take berserkers greaves next, you will need that attack speed.
Infinity Edge is a great item all around. You want to have this in every game you play as Sivir. Your damage will spike because if you followed my build correctly, you will now have 70% crit on-top of Infinity Edge. This means you really do damage now, but that isn't an excuse to go in 1v5 and die, play smart, you are not Faker! (The pre-Worlds 2017 one I mean)
The order in which you buy these last two items are up to you. Either get Statikk Shiv if you want to maximize your damage, or go Bloodthirster if you want to play it safe. I personally go Statikk Shiv before Bloodthirster because I know my positioning, On The Hunt, and Spell Shield will keep me going throughout the fight.

Bloodthirster will top off your build and make you into the Super Saiyan you were meant to be. I said it before and I'll say it again here, don't die! I don't think some people realize how important staying alive is. Every action you take can have two outcomes, die or don't die. Make the right choice, stay alive! Sorry, I got a little off topic. Bloodthirster gives you great lifesteal, so if you need to 1v5 here's how you do it!
Are you full build and have too much gold? Well say hello the future and goodbye to any problems! Elixer of Wrath has your back! Forgot this item existed? Don't feel bad, many people do! What it does is gives you 30 AD, and 15% more lifesteal for 3 minutes! This may not seem like much, but being full build doesn't mean you cant improve. Buy one of these things every time you have 500 or more gold. It's a lifesaver!
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Wrapping Things Up

Putting The Cherry On Top Since you have read my guide, you are now a Sivir master. When you get into a game people will fear you! Your overall knowledge of Sivir will overwhelm them and leave them in bronze, where they belong. Make me proud, get out there and carry. With everything aside, I really hope you take away something from this guide, and please leave a rating. I put a lot of my time into this guide, tell me what you think!

Love From a Fellow Sivir main,
-Mr. Meister
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