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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Shaun177

Tank Mundo: The Tough, Trolling Tank (SEASON 2015)

Tank Mundo: The Tough, Trolling Tank (SEASON 2015)

Updated on December 30, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shaun177 Build Guide By Shaun177 64,698 Views 2 Comments
64,698 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Shaun177 Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Shaun177 Updated on December 30, 2014
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This guide is for people who like to be independent and like to have some situational options for your mundo build. this also mean you have to think for yourself about what item are the best for the current game that you are in and also the build order will also depend on how your game is going. If you cannot think for yourself then please find another guide, this include all politicians and pop stars. This will mostly be for top lane.
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As you can see I have 13 items listed (Doran's shield not included), you only have 6 item slots. So let me explain each item. the buying order will vary depending on your playstyle and the situations of the ongoing game.

Boots: there are so many options and they all have their purposes. Use your judgment to determine which one is best

Doran's Shield : This is a Optional situational starting item, Only get it if you are going against physical type of character with physical pokes and abilities. If not, I suggest starting to build Face of the mountain by getting a Ruby Crystal or you can get a few
Rejuvenation beads with the intent of selling them later in the game

Rejuvenation beads: these are great on mundo, Early game you may want to get a few and upgrade them to warmogs later in the game or sell them when you need the space. They are relatively cheap at 180$ each. If the games not going to well early game, you are running out of health too fast and cash is limited pick up one or two of these.

Face of the mountain (FOTM): Mundo needs this item in all situations and should be one of the first items to get. Why should Mundo get this item when its a "support" item? Hmmmm... lets see 500 hp, hp regen, CDR and a shield that is equivalent of 10 of your maximum HP and then it explodes! its a great combo with mundo's ult. AND you can put on another champ. For example, say the ADC is at 50 hp and has a ignite about to kill him, but suddenly a wild mundo appears and gives them a shield for 350 HP. The adc has just been saved, robbing the other team of a kill. Dont be afraid to use the shield on an ally (including yourself) who is at full health but is about to take some possible damage. the CD of the shield is 60 sec, so it is relatively low meaning you should be using it every chance you get to help your allies and your self. Note: make sure you do not buy the first stage of the item, Runic shield. it only has 75 hp and if you are soloing top you cannot make good use of the gold sharing passive.

Spirit Visage: MR, CDR, 400 HP, 20 HP regen, AND a passive that make mundos passive and ult 20% more effective! This is all the reason you need to buy this item. it is a must have. I suggest buying after FOTM. However if you are up against an AP team or champ you can get it before. So use your mind and decide whats be for you.

Liandry's Torment" 50 AP (why does mundo need this) 300 HP, (meh that an Okay stat), 15 MP (Again, why does mundo need MP?) and the passive deal an additional 2% of the opponent's maximum HP per second if they take magic damage from mundo, this passive deals double damage to SLOWED units. the Passive is why this is a great situation item on mundo it works great with his Q and W and stacks well as with Sunfire Cape and crystal Scepter. The rest is just a bonus. The MP does increase the damage the mundos offensive abilities. The HP is good on mundo for Obvious reasons. The AP is useless for mundo. I suggest getting this item in the following situation: if the team is tanky; get this item, If you are pwning and want to rub it in peoples faces; get this item, if your so tanky that you cannot die and want to do more damage; get this item. When you get this item chances are is that it will be mid to late game, at that stage the 2-4% MAX HP magic damage can be quite significant making it hard for the enemy to ignore mundo. IF you do not need this item I suggest moving on and get the Sunfire Cape. you also can get this after getting sunfire cape. Again use your mind to determine when the best time to get this item will be.

Sunfire Cape: 45 armor? 450 HP? And more damage to nearby units without draining you HP? HECK YES! This is a great item for Mundo. I don't think this is a mandatory item it is usually one of the best item to get. Unless if the other team is all AP mages I would suggest getting this item. Stacks Great with Burning Agony.

From here on out these item will be strictly situational. Use your best judgment while completing your build

Randuins Omen: Health, Armor and slows. if you are up against an Ad heavy team or you just need more HP you can get this item. If you find you team likes has a hard time catching up/running away from the enemy with item will help.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: For this item to be most effective you will most likely want to get Landry's Torment first. This will make Burning agony slow nearby enemies keeping them away from your ADC and also keeping them from running away from you. And with Landry's torment Deal double damage. This means that you'll deal 4 % of their maximum HP in magic damage per second. This is a lot of damage for an AOE attack from a tank. although you will have to be in the middle of the fight to take advantage of this, you are a tank so you should be doing this normally, but now you'll just do more damage. You may get called a 'noob' for getting this item but it will work and then you can rub it in their faces when it does work.

Warmogs (EDITED): I used to not favor this item, but since the new season they changed it for the better. It does have 200 less HP but they gave it an amazing passive that gives you .6% HP regen per second (3% per 5 sec)if out of combat for 8 seconds. This means if you're out of HP this item will allow you to get it back in 166.66 seconds. add that to mundo's passive of .3 max HP per second and you get a whopping .9 HP regen per sec. GET THIS ITEM.

Wits End: an attack speed item that deals on hit damage and steal MR. If your team is a AP team this item can work amazingly, the attack speed will allow you to take advantage of MASOCHISM insane AD buff. but for the most part I do not recommend this item unless if you want to deal more damage or troll the other team. But it does have its purpose so decide in the game if you need it or not.

ThornMail: Do you have an ADC that is ripping you and your team to shreds? ThornMail Armor will make them regret ever attacking you. With enough health this item can make ADC do more damage to themselves than to you. It stacks well with warmogs and any other high HP item.

Sight Stones: these are useful if you need to place wards. The HP is also nice. IF you need more wards get this item, if not don't get it.

Frozen Mallet: great item if you need to slow down the Enemy team and need more HP. Get it if you don't want the Crystal Scepter but still need to slow people down.

This just about sums up the items. But here are some great combos to use.

Landry's Torment + Sunfire Cape + Rylais Crystal Scepter = insane damage output

ThornMail + Warmogs = nearly invincible to basic attacks.
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Sumoner Spells

I suggest getting either Ghost or Flash and Cleans. The idea behind these options is that mundo goes into a team fight and soaks damage until he is around 40% hp and then ulting which should refill him to maximum HP at LVL 18. After Using the ult most likely you can stay in the fight and continue taking damage, but sometime you just take too much damage and need to either retreat or die. Often time this is because someone ignited you or used an ability that reduced your healing by 50%, if this is the case than simply use cleans and continue fighting. If using clean isn't enough then run out of the fight, use your Escape spell if you need to. avoid taking damage for a few seconds as your health regenerate to a safe level and then just right back into the fight. You can also use Cleanse after being stunned or slowed. However i like to save it to remove debuffs that affect my healing like ignite.
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Skill Sequence

You have many options on what to Max out first. I recommend starting with the clever, massive poke and decent damage. it also allows you to last hit minions from a distance and give you a slow to use offensively or defensively.

MASOCHISM is my favorite this to max out first. It give you a MAJOR ad buff of 100 AD. that the equivalent of having 2 BF swords it'll make mundo a tank that can pound your face into the ground. it is most useful early game but is not a effective late game. The cost is also cheap so use it as much as you want.

BURNING AGONY this ability is a double edge sword. it deal damage to others while to yourself, it can deal up to 95 DPS to everyone around you. but it deal up to 30 DPS to yourself. I suggest getting Maxed out according to your HP regen. usually second.

INFECTED CLEAVER This ability scales during the game since it deal damage according to a % of the enemies health. because of this I level it last. Unless if I need need some poke than I may do it sooner. Again it is all about situation and my needs.

If you do not like this order then feel free to do what you want.
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Mastery's and Runes

For masteries I typically go for defense with CD and exposed weakness in offense.

For Runes it will be more situational. but for the most part I have movement SPEED and ARMOR and MR. I just like the SPEED quints which is why i have them, although going HP or MR would be a VERY good idea as well. Another method you can do is to go MP or armor penetration IF the team need more damage. Mana regen is FANTASTIC as well, mundo needs all the mana he can get, for some reason he is ALWAYS out. IMO Armor and MR is better on mundo than HP or HP regen due to it being a lot more noticeably effective on him. But chances are is that you will just use your standard Tank runes because you won't have the cash to buy the ones I have. but on the off chance look above to see what I got.
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This is the way that I play mundo. I usually follow this guide pretty closely but a few time i have tossed it out the window because I was in a game that was very situational and required abnormal things. For example I once was MID as mundo because we had an AFK on my team. my build that game was abnormal so that I could counter the mage. In Another game my team needed more AD so I got a few AD items. Use your mind and chose what you need to do to win and then do it. I'll be adding to this guide in the near future if necessary.

PS. Don't blame this guide for making you lose, Chances are is that you lost because the other team was simply better than your team was. It happens.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shaun177
Shaun177 Dr. Mundo Guide
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Mundo: The Tough, Trolling Tank (SEASON 2015)

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