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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Jimbo Finelay

Mundo, why u think me bad? off tank (in depth)

Mundo, why u think me bad? off tank (in depth)

Updated on February 22, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jimbo Finelay Build Guide By Jimbo Finelay 4 3 19,091 Views 17 Comments
4 3 19,091 Views 17 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jimbo Finelay Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Jimbo Finelay Updated on February 22, 2012
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Many people underestimate Dr. Mundo and say that he is terrible at everything and had no good way to win a game. Not the case in any perspective. He should not be played complete tank, because he is capable of dealing massive damage to people, and if you play him like shown in this build and guide you will easily take out early game with heaps of kills and then win late game too.

In this guide I will go into depth to explain everything about Dr. Mundo and his way of doing things. This intro will be short, but the chapters after go longer, and I would appreciate it if you read this because If you wondering why I buy some items then you will find answers here.

AS: attack speed
AD: attack damage
AP: ability power
MS: move speed
Magic res: magic resistance
Magic pen: magic penetration
PS: passive ability
XP: experience points
CC: slows, stuns, Ignite , Exhaust and any disabling affects or any buffs like Mark of the Storm from Kennen that is bad and such

nope, haven't got one for active ability, else then AA, which sounds a little too
weird to use

Updates coming
1. second spell check to make sure
2. updates from useful comments
3. patch updates
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Pros / Cons

1. great damage
2. great health regeneration
3. great ability to stay in his lane
4. can escape with Maximum Dosage except if silenced

1. a bit hard to master
2. when ganked on all sides and silenced hard to escape
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Grap yourself Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage and some Greater Mark of Desolation for your Blunt Force Trauma for greater attack damage and armour pen. The armour pen is per level, which are the best kind, for they give more benefit late game when mundo needs it and a little early game for a little help and mundo doesn't really need runes for early game, his cleaver and big scariness will help to lots then. I know scariness may not be a word.

In this build we take Greater Seal of Regeneration which helps mundo's passive: Goes Where He Pleases and makes regeneration much more easy and fun, for after all, if the enemy hit you nasty they will be surprised when you regenerate this in less then a half minute or so. This doesn't mean stick around your turret until your regenerated if you are at low health because many champions can tower dive easily and kill you, no-one likes a feeder. We only get some of these and fill in the other seal slots with these Greater Seal of Scaling Magic Resist for magic resist and less pesky AP champs or hybrid's like Akali and Jax . Of course every tank needs some of this.


We take 5 Greater Glyph of Attack Damage and 4 Greater Glyph of Scaling Attack Damage
Squishies beware of a Dr. Mundo , and health tanks like Cho'Gath who is an off tank, and others like him, Infected Bonesaw hits health tanks like a truck, for it deal magic damage (through I found it doesn't scale from magic damage) and damage normally too for how much health you have. It also slows you and
makes it easy for mundo to kill you if you are hit, so don't think you can hide in a bush and
then hope he doesn't find you, his Infected Bonesaw makes a slight noise on impact and
gives you away, I used to have this on AP runes, but as helpfully pointed out, AD runes are much better for Dr. Mundo.

You get Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration for magic penatration, combined with your Greater Glyph of Ability Power any health tank will feel the pain and anyone else for that matter.
This almost concludes this chapter on runes, remember that runes safe you life and you
may not want to buy these runes, but separate your rune pages into AD and AP,
because extra rune pages need to brought with real money, but if you main Dr. Mundo you might want to use exact runes.
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The defence tree is picked out most because of Dr. Mundo being a great off tank, or tank if you prefer him that way.

The more armour and magic resist you can get
in the defence tree the better so I get:
Resistance I didn't say complete tank but still being tanky is good
Hardness Even more tanky
Vigor Great for Dr. Mundo for obvious reasons

I also take Indomitable for less damage

And then for more health:
Veteran's Scars Always good to have that bit extra health
Durability More health!

Then in the attack tree for some AP and cooldown reduction:
Sorcery Well cd is always nice and Dr. Mundo's Infected Bonesaw stacks of AP and spamming it more is always good

And then for a finish I get just a bit of AS for the road with:
And Brute Force for AD and Summoner's Wrath for Exhaust bonuses

Note: veteran's scars are possibly missing pictures due to the ' in them that
disable the ability to add picture without problems.

This concludes the Masteries
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Ranked play

Now I say this with everyone:
Do not play a character in ranked that:
1. you don't like
2. you aren't good at
3. you don't win most of the time but lose more than you win
4. choose a champion that you are consistent with
5. personally I don't play ranked, to much raging and also if one thing goes wrong then I'm screwed
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This chapter is merely to show you the skills:

Goes Where He Pleases
Dr. Mundo regenerates 0.3% of his max health each second.

1st ability:
Infected Bonesaw
Cooldown: 4 second with no cooldown reduction
Cost: 50/60/70/80/90 points out of your health
Range: 1000
Dr. Mundo hurls his cleaver in a line to damage a single enemy, dealing magic damage equal to 15 / 18 / 21 / 23 / 25% of the enemy's current health (minimum 80 / 130 / 180 / 230 / 280 damage) and slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds. If Infected Cleaver hits a target, it refunds 50% of the cost. This is also why I take 2 or more Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power just to make it harder for tanks

2nd ability:
Heart Zapper
Cooldown: 4 seconds with no cooldown reduction
Cost: 20/25/30/35/40 points out of your health and after activation drains health slowly
Range: 175
(Toggle): Dr. Mundo drains his health every second to activate Burning Agony. While activated, it will deal 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 / 100 (+20% of ability power) continual magic damage to nearby enemies and it reduces the duration of stuns and slows used on Dr. Mundo by 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35%.

3th ability:
Blunt Force Trauma
Cooldown: 7 second with no cooldown reduction
Cost: 25/35/45/55/65 points off your health
Range: 20
Increases Dr. Mundo's physical damage by 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 / 100 for 5 seconds. In addition, Dr. Mundo also gains an additional 0.4 / 0.55 / 0.7 / 0.85 / 1 damage for every 1% of health he is missing.

Ultamate ability:
Maximum Dosage
Cooldown: 75 seconds without cooldown reduction
Cost: 20% of your current health
Range: 20 note that it isn't area affect but this is how far the partical affect reaches
Dr. Mundo regenerates 40 / 55 / 70% of his max Health over 12 seconds. Additionally, he gains 15 / 25 / 35% movement speed for the duration.
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Starter item:

You may ask: why not get a Regrowth Pendant ? The answer is simple, you already have all the health regeneration you need and more with runes, masteries and your passive,
what you don't have as much, and need is armour, health and a Doran’s shield gives all thisand also a little health regeneration, making it better and giving more and better things.
This is why I get it. It will help you servive early ganks and tower dives of sorts. Through sticking around at really low health when they can and will tower dive, is silly to put it

First time back:

I get Boots when I get back so that I can get back into the action faster,
and pick up Kindlegem which gives lots of health and cooldown for my Infected Bonesaw .
Some builds pick up Giant's Belt first which is a silly idea, for Kindlegem gives
you better cooldowns and a little health on the side, also picking up boots first time
back makes sure you aren't losing XP that you could be getting in you lane by
getting you in there faster for minion kills and such.

Second time back:

The next time you go back should be when you have as much gold as possible, not when
you just want to buy something, unless your are at low health or the enemy have
gone back a few times and are getting more powerful than you as they have more items,
but staying in that lane gives you more XP and such things good.
When you get to a point when you are forced to go back, ether by the temptation of a huge
pile of gold or from wounds, get Mercury's Treads and now get your Giant's Belt and
Spirit Visage which gives more health regeneration and cooldown reduction, but
this will get ride of your Kindlegem and give you Spirit Visage which is infinitely better. You grab Mercury's Treads for Magic res and the Giant's Belt to build
your Warmog's Armor .

Third time back:

The next time back will be when you at least have about 2000 gold, causing you to get
Warmog's Armor and hopefully if you have more get the Cloak of Agility .
The Warmog's Armor gives massive straight up health and everytime you kill any unit,
It will increase your health and health regen, stacking at 450 health and 15 percent regen per 5 seconds. The Cloak of Agility will give you critical damage that just helps
be nasty and gives you a prompt towards Atma's Impaler and this will come in handy.

Picking up Warden's Mail and Atma's Impaler which will give you damage based on your
health, to more health, the more damage. And the Impaler will give you dominance of
people who think you are a complete tank, and give them a nasty surprise.
The Warden's Mail gives you armour and more health regen, by the end of this your
health regen on your stats screen will be epic. This item also gives to cool PS (use the key for this term) of a 20%
chance of slowing the person you are attacking and slowing his AS.
By this stage you will ether be ruling, or just pushing and team fighting, and even if you don't get so many kills (which in this build you are meant to) if you carry is fed
you will have a 75% chance of winning, unless there carry is fed to.

fourth time back:

Then you grab Randuin's Omen which in team fights will give your team the better position
with a active ability to slow enemies in an area and slow their AS by 35% for 2 seconds
with a addiction of 0.5 seconds per every 100 magic res or Armour the enemy have all
So with winning all of the team fights unless someone on the enemy team is fed
you will at this stage be able to solo a turret without minion with a enemy champion hitting you through you will need to use your Maximum Dosage

Finsihing touch:

This is were you finish off your build with Phantom Dancer for AS and speed, which Dr. Mundo really needs some damage and speed, this is it, a finished build.
Now you may not think this is off tank but we do get Atma's Impaler , Phantom Dancer
and Spirit Visage is mainly for cooldown reduction but health regen is brilliant too.

Do not get Items:

Lifesteal items can get lost, you have all the health you need and regen from who knows were
We certainly get a bit of AS items but don't build AS like its brilliant and don't keep
on getting AS all the time

If you are facing a person that leaves lane a lot or someone that is jungling,
do your team a favour and ward the place, it will help you and everyone.
This concludes this chapter
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Team work and game play

At the start go with your carry into a lane ether bot or top, you can solo if you have a jungler but if you help your carry get kills you will win, and go straight to the bushes
and get ready. When you step into the next bush you will probably encounter them unless they
stay at their tower.

If they are in there then throw your cleaver in and exhaust to one that
is most important to kill. Then go and a rampage hit both of them and throwing your cleaver when ready, you could, and should, let your carry get the kill if any and give them first
blood. Then force the other guy back or retreat if you are badly damaged. Then start to farm, picking of the ones as soon as they get to low health.

Remember don't beat on the same minion that your carry is beating on, so it isn't a competition to kill them.
Throw your cleaver in the general direction of the enemy to discourage them to come closer to try and farm. If you did finish one off, then the other will be afraid to farm until his
friend comes back and if they finish or damaged you badly, look for an opportunity to through cleavers at them to stop them farming at the front and force them to back of so you can farm,
but if they did kill your partner, then don't be to aggressive against them.

If they leave the lane a lot so MIA even when their dead so that if they dicede that they won't go back into their usual lane and gank mid, always let your team know.
After buying Spirit Visage then buy wards and ward your lane especially if they have a jungler or someone that is ganking a lot. You may not get a lot of kills but there is a good chance of it, if you aren't but the person you were with is going great then that means that you are twice as good cause if you are doing all the damage and they get the kill you are helping your teammate be fed and you should be satisfied.

You might have a really good early game, then they will push in mid game and bring you back to you nexus towers, which sometimes happens to me but then they will get overconfident and you will kill a lot of them, then a late game you will push and win easy, mabye they push me back to my nexus tower because I play with noobs who don't help me, yeah no-one is sensible at playing these days except for a good bunch and people who listen.

Minion farming :D
Do not use your E and W early game to farm as you will find your health dropping low, a little later use both of them to farm But be sparing with them, you don't want to lose all your health before a team fight

Well that's the general idea,
That concludes this chapter
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Things you Need to know

For one Dr. Mundo can be easily destroyed buy a stuns, slows and taunts as he can't pop his ult. So this is the reason I play draft with Dr. Mundo. Now After what I just said you will probably be saying, if he can be counter picked, why play draft? well if I see them picking lots of stun and slows and such, I will take cleanse on Dr. Mundo and counter, counter pick. I also have to say that cleanse sometimes can't be ativated after the stun goes on you and should be put on right before the fight if they have Galio as for some reason it never works against Galio and his ult. Also your W when on reduces stuns somewhat.

[Dr. mundo]] is good at regen and farily good at tanking, but in a straight up fight sometimes your regen isn't enough and you can't fully trust it to save you, through it has a good chance, this is why we get tanky items as he already has good health regen. Also, Dr. Mundo has the ability to do enormous damage if he pleases (heh) and this is the reason for off tanking him, if you need to full tank him then that is ok but I prefere doing a reasonable amount and tanky at the same time.
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Skill Sequence

Now I listed the skills in a chapter a little up from this so I will not explain the skills
I concentrate my Infected Bonesaw for early game damage and Blunt Force Trauma for damage and aggression against anit-carries like Akali and normal carries and stop them from getting kills, this is also my reason for exhaust so that it disables high damage carries. I max these as fast as possible except for one point in Heart Zapper and of course Maximum Dosage

I take one or two early game points in Heart Zapper for good creep farming and such and max it latest

that concludes this section one the sequence
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Creeping / Jungling

You are much better at laning and need to help your your team in lane and anyhow your
ganking wouldn't be the best, but then again I made a Cho'Gath jungle guide and Cho'Gath isn't great at ganking ether, but if you are in a lane and doing damage you can
stop carries from getting kills cause that is what Dr. Mundo is good at.

This concludes the jungling section
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Your Heart Zapper when on gets you reasonable kills on creeps and when used with your
Blunt Force Trauma for more damage in creep farming.
If things are getting desperate and you can't get creep kills because the enemy are farming and keeping you away from the creeps, then use Infected Bonesaw to get minion kills
but only if you can't get close to kill any. BE wary as you can lose a lot of health farming minions with Heart Zapper and Blunt Force Trauma so be carefull and mellee minions until you have the health to farm a lot
This concludes this chapter
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Summoner spells

I take Exhaust for disabling carries and high damage dealers, and flash because it can flash you out to save you, and Flash you in for a kill, I do understand that this will be nerfed and maybe I will take Teleport for I think Teleport is great and maybe Ghost
You can take Ignite for early kills but this means more damage will be done to you because of Exhaust has a great damage reduction and slow, making killing easy
don't take anything else, it is pretty pointless, maybe Cleanse after to buff so that slows and stuff won't do as much but its up to you really but if you want something like cleanse, get Quicksilver Sash
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Thank you for seeing my build and guide,
If you used it and found it useful then thumbs it up, if may not matter to you, but for people to find this and get good and this, please make it more popular.
If this didn't help you state why and please give a legit reason, I do not want to have to tell you that you missed something you should have seen and etc, have fun

please enjoy:
Dr. Mundo

This guide made by Jimbo,
I'll see you next time
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