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Darius Build Guide by muntahunta

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author muntahunta

Munta's "I wanna try Darius" Guide

muntahunta Last updated on February 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok, I am not here to bore you, or feed you excessive amounts of information on Darius that you can find over and over again on this website. Its all there so I am not going to bore you with it all over again.

This guide is to give you a quick and easy introduction to Darius so you can atleast try him in a normal game.
I am assuming you have atleast tried him and his moves against the AI, This is for the next step up!

This is (for what I have found) the best Darius build out there for general play. (NOT Ranked, use this as a base to build your own Darius build. This guide is for people who want to try out Darius, NOT for those who want to boost their rank (though if it works, good for you)

You can put me up against almost any champ in normal play with this build and you will win your lane, hard counter or not, if you follow 5 simple rules.

1. LAST HIT ONLY! if you push too far with darius, you are giving the enemy an opertunity for gank, so stay defensive and only attack when you know you can!

2. Being stealthy is a very good idea. Those bushes are there for a reason, dont just run into them when the enemy can see you on their map. Make it look like you are running back, or take the time to run around their line of sight so you can get the sneak attack!

3. Know your enemy! always keep an eye on their jungler and mid, if you cant see them, assume they are coming for you! Use wards and stay safe, Darius will get kills, but if you feed them from being stupid, you are screwed!

4. Help Mid! if you haven't managed to get your kill, but you know he is going back, chances are their jungler is coming to stop you taking top. So clear the creep wave, let your minions get up to the tower and make your way mid to try gank!

5. FINALLY! The most important note when playing darius in lane and in team fights... FLASHGRAB! you are quite tanky with this build and if you have played top with the few tips I have mentioned, you should be a very good offtank. Initiate with FLASHGRAB, try get the ADC or a squishy. Most people dont expect it and it usually gets your team (or yourself if you are still laning) a kill. Be prepared to sacrifice yourself for the good of the team, you will sometimes be focused but with the tankiness you have, you can survive long enough to get your team an Ace and make a final push.

just dont be stupid, play defensive and try and use suprise to your advantage.

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