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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Morgana Build Guide by MiGGeLLo

Murderous CDR Morgana DOMINATION

Murderous CDR Morgana DOMINATION

Updated on April 18, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MiGGeLLo Build Guide By MiGGeLLo 10 0 81,792 Views 16 Comments
10 0 81,792 Views 16 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MiGGeLLo Morgana Build Guide By MiGGeLLo Updated on April 18, 2012
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Morgana
  • LoL Champion: Morgana

Chapter 1


Why CDR? In dominion mana conservation isn't an issue, and you're still going to hit like a truck because the items build AP as well. The big thing going for CDR Morgana in Dominion is that you can cast all of her abilities MUCH more frequently. This is going to make you much more useful to your team, give you more survivability (I can usually get away from 2 or 3 champs with + ), and make them capturing a point you're defending nearly impossible without even having to be close to them =).

With the current point weighting in dominion you aren't going to be 1st place on your team most of the time, but I've found that she contributes as much if not more than most other champions to winning games.

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.

Pros / Cons


+ High Damage Abilities
+ Great CC from and
+ Long Range Abilities
+ Very tanky for a caster
+ Great at taking and Defending capture points
+ makes heavy cc teams hate you =)
+ Morgana's great passive means that harassment while defending (ex. caitlyn's doesn't bother you.)

- Relatively Slow for Dominion
- You have to be good at predicting enemy movements to land


I haven't tested these masteries, although in theory they should work extremely well. This set-up should give Morgana a bit more BANG since fully offensive masteries are practical for AP characters now.


[Set 1- Balanced Runes]

  • Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: This helps alleviate Morgana's movement speed deficit. Since being able to move between capture points quickly is critical in dominion these are in my opinion the best quintessence for most champions in dominion, especially slow champions =D.
  • Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: Like any other caster guide will tell you, these are hands down the best marks for ap casters.
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power: Your masteries + items will max out your CDR, so I like to use these to pick up some extra oomph for my abilities =). AP/Level is better than flat AP on dominion because you start out higher level and you're going to hit the break even point very early in the game. (Around level 8 or 9 AP/Level give you more AP than flat AP glyphs)
  • greater seal of defense: SURVIVABILITY Dominion is currently overrun by ad carries, and you have Black Shield for defending against casters
  • Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration: UTILITY You build CDR so you can spam abilities, but you can't spam abilities if you are out of mana... your Soul Siphon is going to keep you alive for long periods of time, so you can actually potentially run out of mana with Morgana.
  • Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power: DAMAGE Morgana has spell vampirism.. and her abilities scale well with AP, so extra AP/Level on seals is viable although you should keep in mind you aren't going to get as much efficiency (0.1 ap/lvl vs. 0.17ap/lvl with Glyph of Scaling Ability Power), I wouldn't recommend this.
[Set 2- Offensive Runes]
This runepage is featured on the second build for this guide. It is mainly a response to the revamped mastery system which will allow for a more offensive caster set-up. It features all ap/lvl runes with the exception of the marks, which stay Greater Mark of Magic Penetration. If you are going to use this build make sure to pick up AP boosting masteries (i.e. Archmage )

Summoner Spells

Ghost is a great summoner spell for dominion with Morgana. It's going to give you a burst of speed that you can use to move to contested capture points, chase down enemies, or escape enemies.
Ignite is always nice for that extra burst of damage on enemies who are running away with a sliver of health.. burn baby burn =D.
Surge is a new addition to the summoner spell lineup. More ability power? 12 second duration? Sign me up!

Ability Explanation

  • SOUL SIPHON: This is one of the better passives in the game even after being nerfed to 10/20/30 spell vampirism from 15/25/35. Your damage from spells is too inconsistent for it to save you during fights most of the time, but it cancels out harassment from enemy champions quite nicely =). Use Tormented Shadow on minion waves to constantly recover health and gain some gold to boot.
  • DARK BINDING (Q): It's long range, it does good damage, it has a 2 second snare, and it's SLOW. at 1300 range this spell allows you to do some serious harassment without having to get anywhere near enemies, but because it is a slow projectile you'll usually have to lead the enemy if they are moving or see it coming.
  • TORMENTED SOIL (W): This is an AOE DOT ability that also has a stacking magic resistance debuff. It has a slightly shorter range than dark binding but still long enough that it will outrange most champions, but the damage is well worth closing in some. Because it is AOE you can use it to interrupt captures by multiple enemies, and don't forget that the MR debuff will make your next spells hit harder =).
  • BLACK SHIELD (E): This ability is part of what makes Morgana extremely hard to kill. The magic shield offers great protection against other AP champions, but the best part of it is it prevents crowd control effects for the duration of the ability!
  • SOUL SHACKLES (R): One of the better ultimates for defending a capture point against multiple enemies, it does initial damage to surrounding enemies and slows them, if you stay within range for several seconds it will do the same amount of damage again and STUN any enemy hit the second time. Massive damage + multi-stun = win =D.

Ability Sequence Order

> > >

You want 1 point in Dark Binding and 2 points in Tormented Shadow initially for the extra damage. By the time you get to windmill or engage the enemy at bottom you will hit level 4 at which point you want Black Shield for the utility. Tormented Shadow is your main damage dealer and is going to give you lots of health due to Soul Siphon, allowing you to stay defending pretty much indefinitely. Dark Binding is next in line for increased damage and stun length, and Black Shield is last as its scaling is the least impressive (what makes it great is the utility of cc immunity, not so much the damage protection).

Using your abilities in Dominion
  • Combo: 1) Dark Binding 2) Tormented Shadow IF YOU CAN KILL 1 OR MORE ENEMIES 3) Soul Shackles
  • Dark Binding's range is slightly longer than the indicator, experiment with it to learn its effective range, it will serve you well =). Dark Bindingis also not affected by terrain, it's often effective to hide out of sight near a control point and use it on enemies who try to capture it.
  • Tormented Shadow When this ability is used on a wave of creeps it not only pushes your creeps toward enemy towers, but heals you by quite a lot due to Soul Siphon
  • Soul Shackles is great for defending control points, if multiple enemies are trying to take one cast Black Shield on yourself and use Soul Shackles to eat them up. If you decide to get Zhonya's Hourglass you can use it directly after starting soul shackles to make sure the 2nd part lands.


    The first 5 items I build just about every game, and most of the time a game of dominion is going to be over long before you get to a 6th. Note no build in LoL is set in stone, depending on how you are doing and what the other team is building you should mix and match these items.

    • : All relevant stats + some extra early health all at a very efficient cost. Prospector's items are great on any character in my opinion. NOTE: Stacking Prospector's items doesn't work like Doran's, the health bonus only applies from one item.
    • : Extra movespeed + 15% of your cdr, what's not to love?
    • : This gives you the other 20% cdr (35% + ~6% from masteries maxes you out) along with some ability power and mana regen (this will allow you to cast pretty much nonstop)


    • : Against heavy AD teams I often replace morello's tome with this item. It works WONDERS against AD champs! It gives you a ****-ton of armor, decreases their attack speed, and lowers your cooldowns (just like morello's evil tome) so you can cast Dark Binding on them more often (if you didn't know this already dark binding shuts down melee champions =).
    • : This item is straight AP, once you have this you're going to start hitting like a truck.. and often =D.
    • : 40% magic penetration, more ap.. you just upgraded to a dumptruck equipped with the magic equivalent of an armor piercing machinegun.
    • At this point I usually take an appropriate defensive item. I like to grab Thornmail or Zhonya's Hourglass against AD and Abyssal Mask against AP.

      Other Possible Items
    • : If you're looking for sustained damage it probably doesn't get any better than this. I haven't tested this item out personally but theoretically it would work increase your damage output by ALOT (100% of your ap added to your next attack is going to be 400+ damage after every spell late game)
    • : I wouldn't normally get this item, but if you find that the enemy team has casters and they are building magic resistance... go for it.
    • If you want to get this item I would swap Ionian Boots of Lucidity for Sorcerer's Shoes so that you don't waste the 15% CDR off of Deathfire Grasp. It has a nice nuke, more ability power, and CDR so it can't be a bad item, though once again I haven't tested this one =).

    Items I wouldn't use

  • : This item is good on summoners rift.. so that means its good for morgana on dominion too right? WRONG. There are several things about rod of ages that make it a waste of a slot to me, 1) It builds health and mana early in the game. In dominion mana is more or less useless since you'll have plenty of mana regeneration, and in my opinion if an enemy is able to close in and do much damage to you the 450 health isn't going to save you. 2)It takes a full 10 minutes to charge to it's full capacity.. so if you rush it you'll have about 5 minutes worth of time at the end of the game where it's fully charged? 3) It has no CDR =0. As I mentioned in part 1 health usually isn't going to save you.. however being able to cast your Dark Binding is going to save you all the time. For both survivability and damage items that build AP/CDR/magic penetration are going to be optimal (at least until you have your cdr capped.
  • : This item is great if you're stacking tons of mana.. but since you are playing morgana and not ryze you're much better off building the recommended items. I'm not quite certain why alot of people get this on morgana.

    Role in Dominion

    TAKER: I've found that taking morgana to top at the very beginning seems to make the chances of the team winning windmill MUCH higher from the get-go because of her aoe damage and ability to root an enemy in place. I mentioned this earlier in the guide as well, but it bears mentioning again. Dark Binding can be shot through walls (such as above windmill, and if they don't know you are there, there is just about no chance of them dodging it. This makes for a great tool in disrupting would-be capturers and sometimes will even result in kills =). Her Tormented Shadow can be used to push enemies off of their capture points and Dark Binding is great for holding enemies down while your team focuses them, especially at windmill at the start =D.

    DEFENDER: Morgana rocks at the bottom. She is tanky and extremely hard to gank, she has passive spell vampirism to keep her health up vs. harassment, and her abilities allow her to push the other team's defender even on their own cp. It isn't infrequent at all that you will be able to take bottom while everyone else is fighting at windmill, giving your team a great edge right off the bat.
  • 10/13/11-Guide completed
  • 10/13/11- Added extra item possibilities,Items I wouldn't recommend, And changed Title to reflect that this is a dominion guide.
  • 11/19/11- Updated Masteries and runes for the new system and added Surge as a viable summoner spell.

    I hope you have enjoyed my guide and find this build as fun and effective as I do. Upvote so that others can find it if you liked it =). Feel free to contact me in game if you want to play some dominion(it's MiGGeLLo in game as well) or if you have questions feel free to contact me through messages or comments here on mobafire.


    Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MiGGeLLo
MiGGeLLo Morgana Guide
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