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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aeroblyx

My Favorite Champs In TOP and JUNGLE

Aeroblyx Last updated on April 13, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well I decided to give back to the MOBA Fire community by giving you all a build of one of my favorite champs. This guide will hopefully give you some insight on somethings you didn't know.This first guide will be of Zed the Master of Shadows in the top lane. First of, Zeds kit or set of abilities allow zed to be in alot of high risk/ high reward situation. The also allow Him to reposition in the middle of team fights or get to the back of the enemy team and rip them to shreds.

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Pros / Cons

Pros Cons

    Many ways to negate some damage Squishy unless built very tanky
    Very High damage output Has to focus one target at a time
    Tears Squishier champs apart Easily focused and bursted down if inexperienced
    One of the best 1v1 or 2v1 champions Has a harder time with tanks
    High utility Hard to play at first
    Works well with many team comps
Very mobile

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To clear a wave fairly quickly you can:

A) Stand in front of the wave, send shadow to the middle/back of the wave, Use razor shuriken on the middle of wave and Use Shadow slash. auto attack the stragglers


B) Send shadow to the front of the wave while the wave is walking towards you, Use Razor Shuriken on the whole wave and then spam Shadow Slash.

I find that B works the best but you can get some harass on the opponent if you use the first one. although its a little more risky

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Team Work

Having a Jungler like: Maokai, leesin, or rengar will work very well with Zed and here i will explain.

Mao Kai: the ganks on any lane are amazing but with zed you can snare them in place then get close by however means necessary and use a full combeo. But because Mao kai has a low damage out put, Zed should not go in unless He has full energy

Lee Sin: Having a jungler that can not only deal decent damage but also bring the enemy to you is always amazing. Champions like Skarner used to work very well, and still do, but now with the newer champions that came out other options might be better.

Rengar: Rengar is now an iffy jungler because of the changes to some of his abilities but still an effective jungler. The only way it will work with Zed though is if the rengar uses the ferocity bonus on Bola Strike and not Savagery.

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Cool Tips and Tricks

Zed's Shadow slash will not interrupt his auto attack. So dwindling the enemy's health down and then using a combo will send alot of damage the enemy's way without them even knowing what hit them.

If you are being focused quite a bit or are being caught out of position try getting either a Sunfire cap or a Mercrucial scimitar to get out of sticky situations.

You can get a 50% slow if you use Living Shadow after your ultimate and hit the enemy with a Shadow Slash from every shadow.

You can also get a 200% Razor Shuriken if you do the same thing as above but instead of using Shadow Slash use Razor Shuriken.

Living Shadow goes on Cooldown immediately after you use it so activating it on accident and then switching with it will show you the timer right away.

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Well that raps up the Zed top lane guide. I hope you found this useful and learned something that you might not have known. Criticism and Up votes help alot. So please feel free to do either of those!


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