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Akali Build Guide by Barkkyy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Barkkyy

My Hybrid Akali Build

Barkkyy Last updated on January 23, 2012
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Hello everyone, this is my first time posting a build so I will try and make it as good as I can. I build Akali as a hybrid. I have seen a lot of builds on this site and most of the builds for Akali are generally the same which sort of bugs me. Some of them say hybrid build and its mainly AP. when I think of a "hybrid Champion" i think of a champion with almost equal attack damage and ability power. When the title says "Hybrid" the build should not just give you AP or AD. The the stats should be close to each other.That is just my opinion.

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I feel that Akali's roll on the team: is taking out the enemy Carry(s) and taking out the Champions that try to run away when they are weak.Try not to initiate the fight. Let the tank(s) or tanky teammate(s) initiate first. Normally when i play as Akali, I try to stay out of fights in the beginning until i get my Shadow Dance which is when Akali can really deal out damage. In the beginning i suggest trying to farm and once in a while using Mark of the Assassin to do some damage to the enemy. If the enemy gets close you can use Mark of the Assassin and hit them once to deal a lot of damage. If they are to far away to melee then don't try. Later in the game i try and stay back a little bit and let my teammates attack. I normally attack when i feel that I can safely deal damage and not be the center of attention.

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This is my current rune page for Akali. I don't have nine attack damage marks so i improvised with what i had. If you use nine Greater Mark of Attack Damage you will have 10 bonus attack damage which gives u 8% spell vamp from Akali's Twin Disciplines making it easier to stay in the lane and farm. Sometimes little things make big differences. I like to have Greater Glyph of Magic Resist and Greater Seal of Armor so i can stay in the lane better. The reason i use Greater Quintessence of Ability Power is so can get an item like Doran's Ring and have 8% magic Damage added to your basic attacks from Twin Disciplines.

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My first item is a Doran's Blade so i can get that spell vamp in the beginning. If you use nine Greater Mark of Attack Damage then i would suggest a Doran's Ring so you can get the Magic damage. My next item is a Hextech Revolver which gives me more spell vamp and ability power. After that i get boots, Sheen or Phage depending on who i am facing. If you are having a little bit of trouble wit staying in the lane i would suggest getting the Phage so you get more health and spell vamp. I try and build my Rylai's Crystal Scepter or [Trinity Force]]. With the scepter you get more health with is always good and all of your abilities will slow the enemies down which is always good when someone is trying to get away. The trinity force helps overall and the passives on it makes you deal so much damage. the Atma's Impaler helps with defense and gives you more attack damage which also makes your Trinity Force's passive a lot better. My last item is normally a defensive item like Thornmail, Quicksilver Sash, or Guardian Angel. It all depends on who is giving you the most trouble on the other team. this way you are balanced, can survive more and still greatly help your team.

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Unique Skills

Akali's Mark of the Assassin can do a ton of damage beginning and mid game. My ability order is normally Mark of the Assassin, Shadow Dance, and then [Crescent Slash]]. When they are getting further away you can Shadow Dance to get close and then use [[Mark of the Assassin for more damage. When you build the Crystal Scepter and Trinity force, Your Mark of the Assassin will slow and give your next attack 150% of your attack damage while also activating Mark of the Assassin allowing you do deal a ton of damage while you slow and stay close with Shadow Dance and still slowing the enemy down making it easier for you and/or your teammates to get the kill. Only use your Twilight Shroud when: you need to get away, help slow enemies so teammates escape, or in team battles or 1v1s. Make sure that your Mark of the Assassin hit first so you know you will deal massive damage.

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Summoner Spells

My summoner spells are normally Ignite and Teleport so I can teleport and farm or to quickly help out teammates in other lanes when they really need help. You can use Flash instead if you prefer flash over teleport. I think that Heal is a pathetic summoner spell and should only be used by Tanks like Rammus or Amumu. That is just my opinion though.

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Skill Sequence

Mark of the Assassin should be the first skill you get since it is basically your farming tool and where Akali gets most of her damage. I max Mark of the Assassin first. Next i get Twilight Shroud so i can get away in the beginning. I normally max that last. At level 4, i get Crescent Slash and max it second. It does not do that much damage but can help you farm when your {mark of the Assassin]] is on cooldown. Level up Shadow Dance when you can.

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Overall, this build can take out the AD/AP Carry as well as help you stay alive better. I ope other find this helpful and use this build. I normally go 16/3/10, 31/5/8, or something close to that. This is my first time creating a build on this website. Please comment and tell me how you like the build or if something could be improved.