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Jax Build Guide by tasos06

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tasos06

my ranked jax guide

tasos06 Last updated on November 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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hello i am tasos , i play thought the name tasos06 in europe's nordic and east server jax was the first champ i bought and the second most played of me of all times.

i also have one more guide for ezreal plz check it

edit* plz read

because i got many negatives messages from people that did not even read the guide , to see what i say and judge by the item build i will write somethings for you that you are intrested and want to read ..
first of all the main core of the build IS the Hextech Gunblade , the Trinity Force and the Guardian Angel . after these 10.295 worth if gold items, your itemization should be based on was you need , on item section i have some viable items that are good on jax in my opinion.

about the atmas that got the most bad critisism, if you take this 6 item build, means that you seek mostly for armor so lets make the calculations , a full stacked warmogs + trinity + runes + masteries gives atmas 57 damage , gives you 45 extra armor (you already have 3.7 hp 206 armor and 127 magic resist + your ultimate also atmas gives you 18% crit chance if you summerize it it makes your critical chance ut to 32 % , meaning one out of three auto attacks, in these auto attacks include the one that will be empowerd with w and the one be empoered by your ultimate. so atmas is viable on jax nerfed atmat give 57 ad and the old one gave 74 so 17 ad it is big lose but in that state is nothing THAT BIG ..

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when and why pick jax

jax is one of the hypercarries in the league (other hypercarries are kog maw and vayne) he excels in dueling 1 vs 1 but he need lv's and farm , lot of farm.... as a jax player i learn one thing, be patient , cause as jax you outscale almost all champs if you get fed so as jax you want the game to last .

never pick jax against
- Jayce
- Singed
- Malphite
- Yorick
- Renekton
- Olaf

always pick him against
- Fiora
- Irelia
- Rengar
- Tryndamere


    -in build leap that can be used as flash with a ward
    -best duelist in the league
    -best skirmisher in the league he can outrade all other champs
    -you can jump to the enemy ad carry and instakill if you are fed
    -difficult to counter cause jax do physical and magical damage

    -you can become overconfident and starts fights that you may not win
    -you are not a tank , so you need to initiate with caution
    -you get counter by signed the trollchemist (that is a con alone huehuehue)

never pick jax if your team are bunch of papers , when you have a solo top jax (i dont like the jungle jax cause jax need farm and lv so in jungle you lose a lot of your strong points)
you must have a tanky jungler like lee sin/maokai/nautilous/nocturne/alistar.

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the runes are picked so you can have a safe early hp quits are good for early trades, plus the ad for last hitting .
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x9
Greater Seal of Armor x9
Greater Mark of Attack Damage x9
Greater Quintessence of Health x 3

other viable options are standar bruizer set
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage x 3
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x9
Greater Seal of Armor x9
Greater Mark of Attack Damage x9

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masteries not much to say , jax will be focus early/mid/late game so 21 points on defence are required , 9 points on offence is better to go in the weapon expertise so you get the 10% armor pen , cause you damage output is hybrid, but still you rely on autoattacks.

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i start with Boots of Speed + potion so i can last hit safer , cause jax has good ms early so + Boots of Speed you can go take the cs and disengage safe. other viable start against physical damage dealer is start with Cloth Armor + 5 pots .

in a solo lane your item build usually depends on the opponennt you face, i made a pick of items based on my experience for jax but there are many viable items for jax . as long you have your Trinity Force ,your Hextech Gunblade and the Guardian Angel (core items) you can pick among many items .
some viable options
first of all boots section
there are 3 viable options

Ninja Tabi , good if you need some cheap armor for early , i always but if i face a physical damage dealer and a physical damage dealer jungler (lee sin , nocturne etc)
Mercury's Treads the best boots for jax , the mr + the tenacity will save you many times if you phase a magical dealer take them
Berserker's Greaves ONLY when the opposition team lacs heavy crowd control spells ,stuns , snares etc, then berzekers are really good on jax.

so far as core items we have
boots (see above ) triforce, hextake revovler and guardian angel ,if you continue to play for some reason (usually not many games go beyond this point)you can itemize in many ways,
Warmog's Armor is really good and makes you almost unkillable with all those resistances you have plus you ultimate.
Abyssal Mask is also good on jax maximize your burst plus ggive you more magic resist.
Atma's Impaler , in my opinion still really good on jax combined with warmogs , armor is good , extra ad is good and the crit chance is good combined with the trinity .
Wit's End is also extremly good on jax , it makes you do more magical damage it gives you attack speed , gives you mr, really strong on jax.
Aegis of the Legion an average item not good for late game but still gives a nice chunk of all the stats you need and is good to have at least one in team.but i prefer the support or the jungler take it
Banshee's Veil , really really good item gives health , mana magic resist and a spell shield , if you dont like the warmongs you can take this , or if you face a karthus can save you
Randuin's Omen also a great item , if you face a auto attacer ad like a Vayne or a Caitlyn can help you , this item can save you if procs. i prefer it over frozen heart if you need a attack speed debuff
Wriggle's Lantern a viable item gives armor lifesteal plus a free ward ,but i dont like it i take it some of the times if my jungler is an alistar or a maokai so we can have quicker global objectives like drake or baron but still not a great item .
Maw of Malmortius a really good item plus it gives a spellshield
Rylai's Crystal Scepter also a good item , it max your burst bigger , give you hp and also procs slow in every ability you use , your w , your q , even your ultimaze proc

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Summoner Spells

always take flash even if you have a leap flash is like seat belt on cars , it saves lifes.

as second summoner i like ignite cause with ignite you have a dot that deals tru damage and helps you wins trades / kill opponent

other viable options

exhast - an summoner can help you a lot also really strong late game

heal - i dont like it but if you practise playing with it it can help a lot winning trades

cleance - actually i like cleance on jax cause the only way to kill a jax mid to late (when you have the core items) you need to exhast him and ignite him so cleance can help you but you need to practice when to use it.

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tips and tricks

    a good trick i use on jax is . at level 2 when i have (q)jump and (e)dodge skills jump on opponent and auto attack him once so minion get aggro , usually the opponent thinks that i am so stupind and stay in that point i open my e and i let it stack and bam +100% percent damage on e and aoe stun , after that disengage asap so you dont lose so musch hp from minion aggro
    when you are about to fight an opponent that uses auto attacks to do damage open your e spell after you jump on him so you dodge his attacks and negate his damage
    when laning and you are infront when you try to engage 1 vs 1 try not to leap too early , your q is not only your engage tool it is also your disengage tool.
    always have wards , you need ward for vision plus it gives you mobility.
    dont wait to drop low hp to use your ultimate , it is on a short cooldawn buff that helps you win trades
    your w is an auto attack reset so wait for the animation , use one auto attack then use w
    and always keep in mind that you play jax dont qq on your team that you are getting camp it is natural you will always will get camped by enemy jungler cause if jax goes to late game state it is gg
    also one more advise .some times you can max second your e if you face an auto attacker like xin zhao , vayne , lee sin ,etc have your dodge in shorter cooldown it is always good.