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Olaf Build Guide by rage626

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rage626

My S3 jungle Olaf

rage626 Last updated on January 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi every1 im rage626 and this is my guide to jungle with Olaf, The Berserker in S3.

PS: Aint that CUTE?
PS1: My english is not the best.

Jumping to facts i suggest u watch this "Dont feed" from Ciderhelm:

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About Masteries and Jungle

Since S3 patches changed the jungle in order to prevent the really early ganks by making the camps stronger, i highly recomend to go for the deffense tree since all u need is to survive your jungle path without the need of going back too early to the fountain.

Facts here:

That being said u can follow 2 paths:

1st scenario: you are playing a normal game or a low elo Q match.
Start with Wolves, move to Blue (u can even do it without help, but your team should give u a hand on this1), then move to Wraiths camp and go to your Red . (Your smite should be ready when u are about to finish this1 ..BUT.. dont worry it wont be necesary for u to finish it). Right after this go straight to enemy red, heal up on the way with your at least 2 pots left and wait on the bushes. 90% of the times u will find the enemy jungler really low on health finishing his red and thats when u get the 1st blood and granting a free-of-gank long lane phase for your team. Meanwhile the enemy team chat will be full of flaming. U just try

2nd scenario: you are playing vs a decent skilled team.
Start with Wolves, move to Blue (Your team should help) then go straight to his red and wait in the bushes until enemy jungler arrives, keep waiting for him to have it almost done, at this moment he is low on health, then ... say: HI!?. Dont use smite to steal it, let the monster fight at your side, anyway the enemy jungler should die pretty fast.
Also keep an eye on your minimap and be sure to ping your team mates on top and mid to come and aid u couse the enemy will try to have your head, and they will, if u and your team are not quick enough to get you tha hell outa there.


. Try to gank as much as possible and remember that a successful gank doesnt always end with a kill, if u make them waste Flash or even if u just released the pressure on the lane, then u succeded. Ofcourse it would be great to grab a kill so aim for it just dont try too hard and dont overextend chasing.

. If u see the enemy jungler trying to gank top be sure to ping the area for your top laner to be aware and if u know he/she will be alright head straight to enemy blue area and clean it for him always leaving 1 of the lesser monsters alive... just so he knows ;) ..and also to prevent the respawn, denying level to your enemy jungler = GG

. Try do the dragon as fast as posible and all the times u can. It represents experience and 190 G for your team

. WARDS are your best friends so as a jungler u should keep a ward on the enemy buffs and if u realize your jungle is being farmed then u should ward your buffs too, they are very important early, mid and late game so keep an eye on them.

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Tactical olaf

This is my very 1st guide and im not sure if i should keep filling you with bored text. Just be sure to check the "Dont feed olaf" video, after that i dont think there is much left to say so by now u know u have a beast champ on your hands and if played properly u will be able to win matches while having tons of fun with Olaf

And... to finish this short guide ..check this out:

PS: Plz try the guide and then leave your feedback. Also if u have any recommendation feel free to post.