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Nami Build Guide by h2oJames

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League of Legends Build Guide Author h2oJames

Nami the mermaid(ap support)

h2oJames Last updated on December 24, 2012
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So this guide is all about ap support. What's ap support? Ap support is a support focusing on ap and items that have buffs for champs but include ap. This guide is for maximum healing and poking.

I made this guide because every single Nami I see is not doing a very bad job and building very bland focusing on strictly on "support only" items.

This focuses on healing, and enough cd for your ult and stun to be almost spamable.

This is my first guide.

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Runes, I have my runes like I would a ap caster. Focusing on ap at 18, magic pen, and gold. This will give nami even more poke and make her spells do something instead of just hit for nearly nothing, remember it's your job to make them low enough for your adc to kill at lower levels faster so more damage make it's easier for a adc to get the kill.

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Summoner spells

Okay why are taking heal and clairvoyance ?

We are taking heal because it's a good aoe heal. Nami's heal is based off how many enemy champs and ally champs there are near her. So at the best of times she only gets two heals. Which is fine unless someone like mf ults and everyone is low. So the heal is for emergency and healing minions as well.

Clairvoyance is so you don't have to buy wards. I am tired of everyone thinking wards are the supports main job. They are not, if anything someone other then the support should buy wards simply because they cost to much and a sightstone is only useful if you are fed enough to get the upgrade, and even then it's subpar. Make sure you use it though, it has a very short cd so you are able to see the map and look for ganks easily

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Like I said before you wanna get her Q first and second, only take W second if your adc is taking damage, but that shouldn't be happening if you are Q the enemy champs.

Fights, most of time when you are about to engage throw blessing on either the person chasing the enemy champ so they are slowed and we can catch up, or the adc. Then ult and immediately after throw your stun, w and rebuff the adc. That should secure the fight.

Do not be afraid to engage with your ult. If you know where they are throw your ult and stun and your team will engage most of the time.

Also practice landing your bubble. Honestly this is her biggest spell, this is the spell that will nail the kill. I often see nami's missing 8/10 bubbles. Missing is natural with her spell, but not that often. Unless they are standing still do not DO NOT aim it at them, aim is where they are running, this takes you being aware what and where they are going/doing

Also a small side note, she's still new and a lot of adc do not notice the buff if this is happening tell them.

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Alright start out with a ward your mana and health regen for stone and a pot(I get mana to last longer).

You don't want to have to recall until you have enough for your stone, you wanna get that asap, followed by pick, she's not the best farmer so you will need the money. Next get her tear, this will make you last much longer, then boots followed by cd boots. Depending on how the game is going you might be able to squeeze in a a miracle but only get that if you can afford another stone so you don't loose that gold per second at all.

After your boots time to get some ap, either go for your staff or go for your banner. If you go with staff you will have more ap first and better heals. If you go with banner you provide a nice buff and you have a minion farming for you.

Get your bulwark after you get your other items. And if you get enough gold, get twin shadows to make her chasing even easier

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Pros / Cons


Great heal
great poke
able to engage


If caught to late easily ganked

Not the best farmer

I honestly don't have many cons for her, I think if you master her you can over counter a gank and not be killed. I think she is a great champ.

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When your adc is not there or you are covering a lane, farming is quite easy for a ap nami.

Pop bubble on the caster minions followed by your buff on yourself and kill them.

She's not the best farmer, she relies on assist and kills.

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Ending notes

Nami is a quite good champ when you play her right. You will be a ap caster but instead of focusing on enemy champs you will be focusing on allies. With this build you are able to get a lot out of her kit and replace the thing she is seriously lacking.