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Nasus Build Guide by WOB Jun

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WOB Jun

Nasus Aura Tank

WOB Jun Last updated on October 20, 2012
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Nasus is my most often played champion. This is the way I build Nasus and it has been very successful for me. This build is for Summoner's Realm and specifically in a solo lane such as top or mid. This guide is also my first completed guide on mobafire.

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  • His Damage output scales with farm so the only thing you need to worry about is cool downs and getting the gold for tank items.
  • Wither this ability is so powerful and on such a low cool down it will simply shut your opponents down.
  • Early Game domination this build makes Nasus more tanky early game which allows him to Farm better


  • Needs a solo lane for full effectiveness
  • Vulnerable to a few champions, although this build has done it's best to minimize this risk.
  • Reliant on getting last hits with Siphoning Strike.

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Starting out with a and health pot most solo top champs will have trouble denying you your farm and then you can just last hit all the minions you want. When you have more than 1625 gold you can recall and buy your two gold items also pick up on 1 or 2 Mana Potions and also a Sight Ward if you feel you need it. Use your teleport spell to get back to lane ASAP. Your number 1 priority is getting last hit with your siphoning strike, don't worry about attacking the enemy champions just keep farming unless your jungler comes. If your jungler comes to gank solo top make sure you have your wither ready to help out. Wither with your junglers' CC will make ganks on your lane very successful.

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Farming is where Nasus shines and this build does just that it allows you to farm very effectively. This build focuses on making Nasus' early game tanky which allows him to ignore your opponents that harrass you. Make sure right at the beginning of the game you don't push your lane. Then you can just ignore them and proceed to farm the minions that are just outside your turret cover. Make sure you don't over farm your crops other wise you will push your lane, make sure you don't under farm your crops other wise your turret will push the lane for you when they arrive at the tower. The optimal sweet spot? is have the minions just right out side of your turret range so you are protected from enemy fire and still being able to last hit everything. To accomplish this you would need to tank minion hits so minions don't reach your turret. This strategy will frustrate your opponents very much and they will be screaming OP!

Having 2 points into defensive mastery allows you to tank minion hits. (It is better than harden skin because the damage reduction is applied after resistances. While with harden skin the damage reduction is applied before resistances)

Letting the turret hit a melee minion twice and then last hitting it with Siphoning Strike allows you to last hit under a tower. And for the Ranged Minions let the turret hit it once then proceed to last hit it with Siphoning Strike.

You should have over 300 bonus damage to your Siphoning Strike by 25 minutes.

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal
greater mark of desolation
Desolation gives the biggest bang for the rune slot there are no other alternatives.

greater seal of defense+
I now use a mix of armor per level and flat armor. With regrowth pendant start there is just the right amount of early game sustainability to transition into mid game which per level runes will start to kick in.

Take Flat Magic Resistance is recommended or a mix of Flat Magic Resist and Magic Per Level. Nasus will be in range of spells when he walks up to melee attack a minion make sure you have runes so it won't hurt you as much. The per level magic resist will help transition nasus into the mid game as you want to finish building cool down items before getting magic resistances in mid game.

/ / /greater quintessence of desolation
So many quints work really well with Nasus. Such as Swiftness, Flat Armor, Flat Magic Resist, Desolation.

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new masteries, makes him very tanky early game. I take both indomitable and tough skin because Nasus should be tanking minion agro so minions don't get killed by your turret so the lane doesn't get pushed by your turret.

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Nasus needs Cool Down Reduction and he needs to be Tanky. Achieving 40% Cool Down Reduction is the optimal choice in many Nasus build's it allows him to last hit every minion of every wave that comes at you.


A core item on Nasus but against rare team comps that do not have any CC then Ninja Tabi's is a better choice.

Shurelya's Reverie
It's a Core Item the active gives Nasus an escape or chasing mechanism (another gap closer), while making you a little tankier and giving you reduced Cool Downs. It also upgrades from your philosopher's stone.

zeke's herald
The main reason you'll be getting this is the 15% cdr, the Health and Lifesteal also make Nasus tank very well.

The 5% cool down brings my Cool Down reduction to 40% (max). It has health and armor which makes him very Tanky and it builds from heart of gold. Make sure you also use Randuin's omen active while you use your Fury of the Sands so your enemies have a hard time running away from your AOE. Chain your slows with randiun's wither someone, then when you catch up to them also slow them with randiun's and then wither again this combo is so evil. Take Randiun's for Balanced or AD heavy teams.

This item gives Nasus Movespeed and Magic Resist not to mention health regain. Movespeed is so important to Nasus and this item gives you both Movement speed and Tankyness.


The stats of this item benefit Nasus so much it gives him 20% Cool Down reduction while letting him be tanky and giving the enemy team an attack speed debuff. Get this if you don't want to get zeke's herald.

aegis of legion
It's a toss up between aegis or warmogs for nasus, both items make him very tanky. I usually get this item but not always.

love it or hate it. Warmogs gives Nasus the highest effective HP than any other item. But generally needs to be rushed early to take full advantage of it. But when rushed it delays you from building your Cool Down Reduction items. Avoid getting Warmog's if enemy has items or abilities that damage based on % of health. A thing to consider is having Armor and Magic resistance is better on Nasus than having health, he gains health from his passive so having armor and magic resistance allows that health to be more effective, he also gain's health from his . But having Warmog's means he won't get bursted down. Take Warmog's for teams with a lot of Burst.

A great last item on Nasus as respawn times are very long in late games. Make sure you stay with your team mates other wise you'll still die.

This item is so great on many champions it's under appreciated but this item gives any Champion temporarily 100% tenacity. My favorite combination is to use QSS with Ninja Tabi's.


A core item on Nasus duh... It's in virtually every Nasus build. But why is it? lets examine the item. I makes him tanky with the 250 health and gives him 250 mana for his spells, the sheen proc gives about 175 bonus damage, it gives 30 AD 30 AP, It gives 30% attack speed 15% crit chance. It has a slow and most importantly it gives 12% movement speed.

It's viable if the team consist of 2 or more champions that have over 200 armor.

The best if your team has a total of 2 or more Physical Damage champions that benefit from life steal. It also provides you with much needed armor penetration. Also it makes Nasus more tanky through life steal.

You can switch out Shurelia's Reverie in favor for a Ghostblade to get more damage output at the cost of lower health and mana regain. The cool down reduction is the same and the active is very similar. The down side is that it cost more and doesn't upgrade from a philostone. An early brutalizer with sheen makes Nasus hurt a lot.

This great off tank item is great on Nasus. Armor, Crit and Damage makes this item a very cost effective late game item, combine it with Warmog's Armor for better synergy.


Banshee's Veil where is it? Generally FoN + Warmog's Armor provides a lot more effective Magic HP than FoN + Banshee. once you get a Warmog's you won't get bursted down.

Where is Thornmail? Generally Thornmail is a bad item in my build. Because I don't have magic penetration to take full advantage of the magic damage return. 30% damage return becomes 15% or less when factoring in magic resistance. Also grabing a thornmail makes your enemies attack you less which means you won't be returning a lot of damage, which defeats the purpose of being a tank and getting Thornmail. Though Nasus is a special type of tank he hurts a lot in some situations it's very useful on him, like dodge thornmail only works with auto attacks. Thornmail + Archaic Knowledge mastery makes thornmail more viable also grabing an Abysal Scepter will make Thornmails hurt a lot while giving you magic resistance and a little bit of AP.

What about Sunfire Cape? I prefer Randiun's Omen over sunfire capes it stats are not good enough and 35 hp per second damage is actually a lot lower its around 15-25 damage because of Magic Resistances and since Nasus has no Magic Penetration it's not an effective item to deal damage with and Randiun's Omen makes Nasus tankier than a Sunfire Cape.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Fury of Sands > Siphoning Strike > Wither > Spirit Fire

I max Siphoning Strike because it provides Nasus cool down reduction on his Q which allows him to be much stronger late game.

Have 1 or 2 points invested in Spirit Fire before maxing Wither. I usually Max Wither first because it reduces it's cool down having a maxed out Wither makes a big difference with 40% Cool Down Reduction his wither has 6.6 second cool down and wither lasts for 5 seconds they won't be able to get away once they are withered because you can keep reapplying wither. This is one of the most OP ability that Nasus has in his arsenal.

Get used to of hitting E and Q rapidly when you hit an enemy because the armor reduction makes a big difference in your damage output, in combination of E and Q those 2 abilities will bring most champions to half health and then finish it off with wither and they are soon to be dead.

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Summoner Spells

gives Nasus an effective gap closer and escape.

gives Nasus a better team fighting presence which allows him to farm and instantly Teleport into a team fight when needed.

Other Viable Summoner Spells

Ghost lets you chase and escape for a longer duration than flash. But you can get built in ghost from Shurelya's Reverie

Chaining Wither and Exhast one after another makes escape nearly impossible. But having 40% cool downs late game brings your wither down to 6.6 seconds which makes Exhast to be less valuable than flash.

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Thanks for reading my guide stay posted for future updates.