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Nautilus Build Guide by shadowbloodedge

Jungle Nautilus (13.5)

Jungle Nautilus (13.5)

Updated on March 26, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author shadowbloodedge Build Guide By shadowbloodedge 94 11 990,991 Views 15 Comments
94 11 990,991 Views 15 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author shadowbloodedge Nautilus Build Guide By shadowbloodedge Updated on March 26, 2023
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  • LoL Champion: Nautilus
    Supporting the Masses
  • LoL Champion: Nautilus
    Cover All Bases Jungle Build


Font of Life

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+8 Ability Haste
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Hello there, Shadowbloodedge here writing my first guide. I'm here to discuss a build I have created for Nautilus, The Titan of the Depths. In this guide I will discuss how to effectively jungle and scare the life out of your targets.

A strange twilight world opened up before me, and I felt as the first man to set foot on another planet, an intruder in this mystic garden of the deep.
- 20,000 Leagues under the Sea

Nautilus is a man trapped in a diving suit because of an incident at sea involving The Harrowing. Though he may look like one of leagues more evil champions, he is not. He is simply looking for answers and his family. Hes a stranger in the world and joined the league in hopes of not only finding out his past, but the crew of sailors that let him drown in the sea that day.

Well that was his OLD LORE

Now hes a god, a titan of the sea. Cool.
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Jungling with Nautilus

Weighing Your Choices

So first of all, jungling with Nautilus WAS pretty out of the meta. Youd think given the insane amount of tank CC junglers that he would be very meta. However, he is not. Not to say he isnt viable, I just wouldnt expect to see it much. Occasionally i'll play it. BUT since they buffed his E to help with Jungle Camps this is about the only way ill play Nauta anymore.

Jungle in Season 10 has been pretty sad so far, yet coming in this patch 10.2, Jungle camps will give more EXP per clear.

- Really Tanky
- Nothing but CC Control
- Every form of CC in the game (Stuns, Slows, AoE, DoT, Hook, and Knock-ups)
- Naturally terrifying presence
- High mobility due to Dredge Line
- Exceptional Ganker
- Great Initiator

You can use Dredge Line to monkey your way through the jungle and avoid enemy champions like no other, plus the cooldown is reduced by half if it hits terrain. Nautilus' shield Titan's Wrath also provides excellent defense early game and perfect cover for tower diving. His ult Depth Charge is ideal for striking entire teams or chasing down near death champs.

- Slow as all get out
- Abilities are fairly weak without AP
- EXTREMELY Mana hungry
- Low Magic Resist early game
- Difficult to invade enemy camps with early
- Expensive

Nautilus is among the slowest champions in game and this can be a problem through out the game. Getting boots early is an ideal way to pass this. Nautilus also uses AP for his abilities and not building AP until late can be difficult but its well worth the pay off. His build can prove to be expensive at times.

Runes Reforged

Resolve/Sorcery. Aftershock because it is guaranteed to hit due to your passive, E Riptide combo. Bone Plating for easier ganking. Conditioning is standard. Overgrowth because of health gain due to camp clear. Manaflow will keep you throwing anchors and sending riptides as often as possible. Gathering Storm is popular and makes you much more of a threat.


Generally there are only 2 other spells I take with this build, Smite being the gold standard must have.

Flash is optional for popping out of combat and getting away fast

Ghost is perfect because of the speed buff and ability to move through units

The Jungle Route

Nautilus Jungle route is fairly easy. First, take Titan's Wrath and go for your teams Blue after that, take Riptide and wander down to take Wolves and then Raptors. Take the Red buff after this. Take Dredge line at level 3 and check in on Top and Bottom lane. If they need a gank go for it if youve got good synergy and communication with the laners, if they are fine work your way through the jungle and clear out as many camps as you can. Once you hit level 6 recall and continue to wander the rift jungles.

Also you will want to take Blue as many times as you can because of how mana hungry you are. But, depending on when or what mana item you buy, you will want to start handing it off to the mid or other lanes.

As always,Take Dragon as much as much as you can

For the dragon changes, Nautilus benefits more from Ocean and Mountain Drakes.

Rift Herald spawning twice now means that its more of a priority than it has been in previous seasons.

If there is one major draw back of Nautilus jungling, its that he is very slow to take large objectives.


Your priority items here is going to be Sunfire Aegis and Abyssal Mask

An item that I think is a necessity with Nautilus is Abyssal Mask. Its AOE magic damage enhancing just makes ganking top and mid lane mages that much easier as they will get extra damage. It combined with Aegis DPS and your own DPS makes ganking much easier.

After all that armor and health we build Mercury's Treads.

Warmog's Armor is a good addition as well.

These items are also useful on Nautilus

Frozen Heart adds a massive amount of armor and mana giving Nautilus the ability to stay in combat longer and deal more damage while slowing

Team Work
Nautilus works very well in team fights and groupings. He can support AD Carries quite well but Nautilus' team work potential lies with Dredge Line and Depth Charge to reel enemies in, and hunt those trying to run. Nautilus works exceptionally well with Thresh and Blitzcrankbecause of their pulls and stuns.

When ganking any lane its important you Land your anchor hooks. This is the key difference in a failed gank or not.

Champions I'd recommend pair with:
Ashe: With all her moves slowing and applying Frost Shot it will be easy to gank her lane
Zed: Ganking a mid Zed and helping them get in and out benefits all
Volibear: Dredge when he charges in, you anchor out to bring them into his charge and behind him. CC them to death with a polar bear.
Thresh: Hooks
Blitzcrank: See Thresh
Graves: High Mobility and burst damage paired with a good dredge can turn a lane around
Jhin: The CC possibilities are endless. Keeping an enemy champion in line with Jhins ult spells disaster for them
Xin Zhao: Pair your R with his Q and prepare for the double knock up CC fest
Tahm Kench: 1. Ult in with him. 2. Combine Q's 3. CC heaven.
Alistar: Alistar is common siege comp champion. Combine any of your CCs for maximum effectiveness.
Kalista: Using Kalistas ult on Naut is a glorious thing. It is risky to ult someone not your support but if played right, Kalista will be throwing absolute hell at the enemy. Come out of her ult blasting.
Leona: The burst and combinations of stuns and roots you can do with these two is amazing.
Taric: Just Tarics presence is enough to enjoy. Having your already ridiculous armor boosted is fantastic
Yasuo: 2 for 1 ult sale. Engage with yours and have Yasuo follow suit.
Lulu: Hugifiy!
Annivia: Dredge line her walls for escapes or CC trapped enemies behind those walls
Orianna: More shielding and CC. Your ult combined with hers guarantees the enemy is reeled in
Malphite: Pop your ult and as soon as they come down, send in the mountain.
Jinx: Using her traps to turn a fight around is a wonderful thing. One they are trapped, CC them as hard as you can to turn the tide of the lane.
*Remember these are from my experiences
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Supporting with Nautilus

Nauts got the CC and the lane presence to be the perfect candidate for tank supporting. Building him with strong DPS or utility can make all the difference in a bot lane firefight. In this section i will be explaing how to support and be effective as Naut.

So far in this season, Nautilus has been one of the most picked and effective supports. So much they nerfed his Q by some damage, but not enough to effect his supporting power.

The Difference Between Us and Them

Tons of CC
Dominant presence in lane, very intimating to others
Fantastic bullet Sponge
Great team synergy late game

Engage ability is skill shot reliant
Mana Hungry

Nautilus is one of the those supports that just covers all the angles. You can make him DPS or Siege Master or whatever you need in game. His chain CC combos absolutely destroy lane and strike uncertainty and fear into the enemy. Just his presence can make a difference. I dont know how many times I just stood in lane and neither the ADC or Support would come close to me. This is good, it will allow your ADC to farm and get ready to deal tons of damage.

But there are draw backs. Nautilus is still a very slow champion and if you use Dredge Line to get back into lane you have to sit through the cooldown, in which case an opening may occur for the perfect kill but you cant make it. Mana is also a heavy issue. Use too much CC and you'll have none when it matters. Nautilus doesn't scale Armor or MR like most other tanks do so in early waves and levels he himself is actually kinda squishy.

Runes Reforged

Given the root on your first auto and the slow of Riptide combo, Aftershock is almost guaranteed to hit or at least burn their flash. Rooting the target can heal up your carry no problem with Font of Life. Conditioning is a no brainer. Overgrowth is good if your carry is good at farming, however if you want more shielding and are going with a Redemption style healing build swap it with Revitalize.

Free biscuits mean more gold for wards. Cosmic insight is just an all around fantastic choice for Naut.


For a supportive role its always advised to take Exhaustbut there are other options you can take. Heal is a good call if the ADC decides to go Flash/Barrier


As versatile as Naut is hes still gonna need the right gear. Items that compliment the ADC are fine and dandy but you still want to look out for yourself as well

Pauldrons of Whiterock or Bulwark of The Mountain

The new support tank items are identical, minus one thing: Pauldrons is AD, Bulwark is AP. Really, which ever you pick is up to preference.

Your mythical for this build will be Imperial Mandate. You are NOTHING but CC this will proc every time.

Once youve got your first pick sorted out its time to move on to more items. When I like to just keep things simple you cant go wrong with Frozen Heart and Merc Treads. Frozen Heart will solidify your cooldown and give you a good mana pool to draw from as well as slowing of enemies. Locket will give your team help and a shield (or another based on first item). Merc Treads will keep you out of their CC and bring them into yours. Finish up this build with Spirit Visage and a Warmogs to top off your cooldowns, keep you safe from sneaky mages, and bolster your healing tremendously as well as your W strength.

Situation Based Items

Zekes Convergence is a good way to have synergy with the ADC.

Thornmail is best used against on hit ADCS.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a good option because of the AP buff and even more CC stopping power.

RedemptionA global heal that can be used in death is a great way to make sure you can protect the entire team even when down.


Here are some of the ADCs ive supported and worked with the best over the past year:

Tristana: With her tower damaging explosives, playing as a siege support is ideal.
Vayne: When Vayne bolts an enemy to the wall, this gives you the perfect opportunity to waltz up and hit them with your passive, thus saving your Dredge Line if they decide to flash away. Also, where Vayne does percent health damage, taking on rival tanks are easier.
Kalista: Ulting you into a crowd and having you go ballistic on them is not only fun but highly effective plus with the bond you and her will share through her abilities, she can do bonus damage to the target you most recently attacked based on your health.
Miss Fortune: Rooting enemies in place and keeping them in her ult is the best way to work with Miss Fortune
Caitlyn: Her traps combined with your CC will bring in the kills
Jinx: See Caitlyn
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About the Author

My league login name is Shadowbloodedge, but on the actual game its 1 Pair of Pants.

I picked up playing Nautilus when I first got into league because I thought he was just plain cool lookin. At first, I hated him. I thought he was horrible. I decided to try him again and fell in love with his playstyle and ability to control a game no matter where he is played.

Hopefully we see each other on the rift someday. I just hope your not on the wrong side of my anchor.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author shadowbloodedge
shadowbloodedge Nautilus Guide
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Nautilus (13.5)

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