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Nautilus Build Guide by vXm Lev

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author vXm Lev

Nautilus Jungle

vXm Lev Last updated on June 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ // Massive amounts of CC
+ // Good damage output
+ // Strong ganks pre-6
+ // Amazing ganks post-6

- // Slower than other popular junglers
- // Health drops really low early on
- // Needs a competent team

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Marks - Attack Speed

Thanks to Phil Collins for pointing this out. I will quote him: "to increase your jungle speed, to make your autoattack animation on Staggering Blow less sluggish and for more Titan's Wrath damage overall."

Seals - Armor

You can't change these. You need them to stay alive in the jungle and the added tankiness benefits you overall.

Glyphs - Magic Resistance

For your lategame tankiness. You could take flat MR (Magic Resistance) if you wanted, but it wouldn't make sense since jungle creeps don't deal magical damage and you will be fighting jungle creeps mostly before the scaling ones exceed the flat ones.

Quintessences - Movement Speed

Again, it comes down to personal preference. A lot of things would work here, flat HP or more armor for example. I like the movement speed for faster roaming and to be able to catch up to people to hit a Dredge Line.

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Overall itemization

As Nautilus is an AoE oriented champion, you won't need to buy damage items to get through the jungle. This leaves us with the glorious possibility of purchasing gp10 (gold per 10 seconds) items, which won't only be very worthwhile for our income, but will also build into the items we want in our final build anyway.
Overall, the build is oriented around team support with strong auras and item actives. With them, Nautilus will be even more useful next to his tankability and his tons of cc (crowd control).

Exchangable items

Like always, strictly following the item order in a guide usually isn't the best way. If you have trouble with magic damage early game, build your MRes (Magic Resistance) before your armor and vice versa, just use common sense. The following items might not fit every single game:

Aegis of the Legion - sometimes your support will be happy if you get this item for him, sometimes he will want to get it himself or just finished before you can do it. If so, that's no problem! Just don't get it and get a different item in its slot. I will give good alternative choices at the end of this chapter.

Frozen Heart - much like Aegis of the Legion, some supports want to get this item, or sometimes even your top or mid lane ( Ryze for example.) While having multiple of this one is not too bad because the stats it gives to the owner are just so strong, you might want to look into another source of armor. But take care to get enough CDR in your build if you leave Frozen Heart out.

Abyssal Mask - there might be several reasons not to get this - one of your team's AP champions already has it and the aura would be wasted, or you need less / more MRes. If any of those is the case, feel free to get a different MRes item accordingly.

Mercury's Treads - if you want to gank really much, Boots of Mobility are a pretty good choice. Combined with the movement speed from your Runes and Masteries, you will be running around the map really fast and be able to reach any lane or objective quickly.

These items might be good picks depending on how your game is going:

Zeke's Herald

Just keep in mind that you need to build versus their team - do they only have physical or magical damage? You can drop the MR or armor items regarding. Is their AD or AP carry fed? Get the according defensive stat first.
Try to achieve a good mix of resistances and health while maintaining high CDR (cooldown-reduction).

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How to play


Get your mid- and your bot-/toplane (depends on which side you are playing on) to help you by dealing damage to the Wolves (you pull them, though!) and pulling and damaging the Ancient Golem . After finishing it, you go and take Wraiths , then the Wolves again, and then your Smite will be back up for the Lizard Elder . If you have enough health left, you can finish the Wraiths again - and then it is time to gank and recall. Afterwards, you can just clear camps as they respawn and gank whenever there is a good possibility.

Respawn times

Keep track of the respawn times of the important objectives - the buffs, Dragon and Baron Nashor - by writing down their respawn time whenever you see them going down. The durations until respawn are as follows:
  • Red and blue buff - 5 minutes
  • Dragon - 6 minutes
  • Baron - 7 minutes
It is also important to ward these objectives. If you ward the enemy buffs and see them getting taken, you can write down their respawn times as well and be there to take them before the enemy. But take care - when invading the enemy jungle, you should not go alone and without proper ward protection.


Here is a short overview of good ward spots. Usually, the support will ward the botlane river, brush and dragon. The toplane should ward their river and the midlane should put at least one of the wards in the river brushes next to his lane. You as jungler should put down the jungle wards, and if one of your lanes doesn't ward, you can ward for them, too. The baron ward can be put down by anyone who happens to be near.


When ganking, try to enter the lane from behind your target, so they can't run directly back to their turret. Obviously the best way to gank is to hit a Dredge Line on the target, snare them with your Staggering Blow and slow them with your Riptide. If the teammate in the lane you are ganking is capable of bursting down whatever HP the enemy has left, this should be a safe kill. If you doubt you can land your Q on your target, use it on terrain to get as close to it as possible, so your other abilities can hit. Don't hesitate to use your Depth Charge in a gank if it means a safe kill.


Every teamfight is different and it is hard to generalize your tasks in them, but I will do it anyway.
  • Use your ultimate on one of their carries. This will usually make your ultimate hit their whole team because the tanks should stand in front of the carries to protect them. If they don't, you will win anyway (lol). The stun duration on the carry should be enough for your own ones to kill him.
  • Don't blindly charge in with your Dredge Line trying to get to their carry to use your Riptide and Staggering Blow on him. Use these skills to protect your own carries from incoming threats.

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Closing words

This is my first guide ever and I actually just wanted to give a short overview for a good friend of mine (hi Jessica!). It got longer than I intended it to...

Credit for the design and big thanks go to jhoijhoi!

Feedback in the comments is appreciated and thanks for reading.

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05/21/12 - changed Magic Penetration marks into Attack Speed marks - thanks, Phil Collins!
06/21/12 - added Boots of Mobility to alternative item choices