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Nautilus Build Guide by ObsidianGG

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ObsidianGG

Nautilus: Scuba Steve

ObsidianGG Last updated on May 6, 2012
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Jingle Jangle Jungle!


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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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With the Runes I use,

1 Greater Quintessence of Precision and 2 Greater Quintessence of Desolation to create the early penetration and damage needed for those early ganks.

I then have 9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist to get consistent beef and absorb those harasses when ganking, and even survive those tough situations.

I also have 5 Greater Seal of Defense to have consistent armor scaling with my comrades to avoid going back to base much, and to shrug off that early jungle damage those pesky camps bring. I also use 4 Greater Seal of Armor to give me that small edge in the beginning for those farms, and to be able to gank those AD heavy lanes, and survive.

Although rather overlooked 9 Greater Mark of Attack Damage give that early damage you need to clear those camps quickly, and to get rolling on those ganks that Nautilus is known for!

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2 19 7
For jungling Nautilus, I find this mastery spread ideal due to several main factors:
  • Runic Affinity gives that extra time on your buffs that you need when jungling, especially that starting blue buff.
  • Bladed Armor gives you an extra 6 damage to the minions as they attack, which seems small in amount, but it quickens those vital starting camps to speed up your farm and get you that first gank, and possibly that first blood for your team.
  • Butcher although minuscule in appearance, it helps tremendously early farm, allowing you to power through clearing the jungle.

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and are key for any mana jungle, as you take that blue. And if conserved those pots, especially on Nautilus, can get you far into the game, without the need to go back.

Depending on the team composition, you need to choose your Boots wisely, i usually go with mercury treads due to the increase mobility and resilience. And with the added benefits of being able to take a some damage from those AP bullies. But if the team is AD heavy, consider getting

And as the game progresses, grab a to make some of those grueling waits somewhat useful, as well as the added health, and the start of your tankablity. As you increase your health, don't forget to by that mid game changing to create the beacon of strength your team will need as team fights soon commence.

By the end of the laning you should have a/an or if your doing well, a , these item is quite the killer, making those AD characters cry in pain as they slow down their attacks as you drag them down, and smack them around as your team rallies around you.

By late game, if you have been doing rather well, your should be the game changer, allowing you, in my opinion, to build freely, but if the game drags on consider grabbing a to make you beefy. And team composition makes the next decision; AP heavy: AD heavy: .

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Skill Usage/Combo's

-Level 5 and under-

Enter in with Titan's Wrath, if getting the chance, land Staggering Blow, but if your target has made some distance use Dredge Line, and Staggering Blow, then use Riptide, and rinse lather and repeat.

-Level 6 and up-

Enter in with Titan's Wrath, This time use your Ult to knock them up, and as they fly helplessly in the air, lane Dredge Line to pull them in, and Staggering blow to lock them into place, and as they begin to run, use Riptide to slow them as they escape, and due to your cool-down reduction from your Frozen Heart and Randuin's Omen, you should be able to land another Dredge Line, but your combo as stated above should be enough to let your other team-mate do the work.


As you approach the enemy team, you need to prepare yourself for those early pokes, popping your Wrath to absorb those blows, and once they seem to be on cool-down, it is your time to strike, if in range, use Depth Charge on the enemy in the back, no matter what the target is, because your ult will travel through the group, and if you catch them all bunched together, they will ALL fly up, in which you drag yourself in, and start the fight, and do not fret if you die in battle, you are meant to die, and this build is not for kills, it is for the wins.

-In Battle-


Plain and simple.

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Summoner Spells

Ideal for Jungling with Nautilus, as you need to Smite for those early buffs, as well as for stealing the other teams hard worked for bosses like Dragon and Baron. Flash is used to get out of those sticky situations, although your a suicide tank, you still want to survive long enough for your team to do the damage.

For Jungling, this is not the best of ideas, Although it does work this combo is usually for Support Nautilus.

For those who want to solo top Mr. Big Daddy, go ahead and grab Teleport and Flash, you have enough sustain from your shield, and you have enough crowd control to shrug off those ganks, but just be weary that Nautilus is a bit mana hungry, so watch that mana bar!

Although I have used it occasionally when supporting or top, for that extra damage, it isnt recommended as Nautilus has enough power, unless your going AP Nautilus, in which I would suggest it, but I don't see him as that caster with tons of damage, so I would use Surge only if you feel confident in your ability to handle the enemy team. Ghost is only needed if you see that their team is a bit sneaky, like a Singed or a Hecarim that have impressive movement speed and are hard to catch. Exhaust is again, use rarely and only to counter pick the other team if you have enough of flashes or heals or what not. Clairvoyance is only used, in my opinion, if you believe your AD can sustain and handle him/herself.

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Pros / Cons


  • Massive amounts of Crowd Control [CC]
  • Incredibility versatile, regardless of size.
  • Can be built into an incredibly powerful meat shield that will rip the team up if ignored.
  • Extremely fast jungler
  • Easily one of the most easiest slot fillers as he fills multiple roles, even if you don't notice [Jungle, CC King, Support, Tank], making you one of the most valuable asset to any team.

  • Does not function well solo'ing more than one other champion on his own [Team-Mate Dependent]
  • Main reliance on skills, W and E, If you can power through his shield and start pounding on his armor, he starts to melt away quite easily.
  • Can be easily invaded for the first blue, if caught off guard.
  • Quite a large figure, cant really miss him, causing some to run before you can hook.
  • Does not fight well against other tanks, so lock him into battle, and avoid your AD's being caught by him, take the anchor for the team, you might just win the fight.

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Creeping / Jungling/Farming


Ideal Route [Blue only leash]: Blue Buff, Wolfs, Wraiths, Red Buff, Heath Golems, Lane Gank, Wolfs, Lane Gank, Free Roam.

Alt. Ideal Route [Wolfs and Blue leash]: Wolfs, Blue Buff, Wraiths, Lane Gank, Red Buff, Health Golems, Lane Gank.

Invaded [Your blue buff stolen]: Wolfs, Wraiths, Back to base [Resupply], Health Golems, Red Buff, Gank, Wolfs, Free Roam.

Invaded & Killed [They stole your blue & First Blooded you]: Resupply, Wolfs, Wraiths, Health Golems, Wolfs, Red Buff, Gank.

1. You do not necessarily need to resupply if mentioned, but it is recommended
2. If you are experiencing health troubles, do not fret if you need to go back, sure it cuts some of the usefulness of your current buffs, but it is a safe move then to be caught in a situation that causes your death.


Last Hitting: Fairly simple with Nautilus, just be careful not to over judge your extra damage due to your auto-attack snare from your passive, because then you have to rely on your weak punch to finish the minion.

Creeper Kills [Creeper Score: CS]: Fairly simple to rack up on top lane, as you have your Riptide to catch any of those unreachable minions. You should not use your W to clear minion waves unless they are under your tower, or you are alone and with no chance of being caught off guard by a gank. Remember to not spam your spells too much, because a Nautilus without mana, is no Nautilus at all.

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Team Work

Nautilus Syncs well with many team compositions, too many to name, But a few tips and hints may help you better time your ult, and win that team fight.

Ultimate Harmonies: If you want to know if your team is ready for those crazy Ult combo's look to the left of your screen, and next to your team-mates, on the top right of their champion picture, should be a dot, it will be green if their Ult is ready, and gray if not.

AoE heavy team-mates: If you have an Amumu or a Kennen on your team, wait for them to dive in, and as they do, use Depth Charge on their AD/AP carry, locking them definately into place, and causing a quick death.

Singular Control heavy team-mates: Xin Zhao and Fiora would be prime examples, ping your ult target, use Depth Charge preferably on their AD/AP carry, drag yourself in, and make sure you all focus, one target at a time, regardless of how much the other team is trying to pry you away. Ping the target of choice, and keep pinging the next target as each falls.

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