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Nautilus Build Guide by RenTed

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RenTed

Nautilus - The Line Tanker

RenTed Last updated on March 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Greetings Summoner, stay awhile and listen (oops wrong game). I'm here to show you my Nautilus build and so far i didn't loose any game since. I decided to share this with you cause lately i saw alot of horrible Nautilus. With hope, maybe you will become verry good. So my Guide will be mostly about Nautilus Tank Solo Line and with a teammate. I will explain why those rune, Why these masteries, why those item and how to farm with Nautilus easly and nicely.

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For my Mastery i choosed 0/21/9. As the title say i play Nautilus as a tank. Why ? Cause he beast ! He can Pull, Slow, Immoblize and Bump in the Air enemi target.

Initiator I didn't take this one because i juged Meditation was much better since you dont have any regen mana early game. With this Mastery you can substaine a line longer and also be able to use more often you're spell when Gank coming or for defend you're tower.

Vigor plus Regrowth Pendant make you have crazy Health Regen. So you don't need to go back and lost alot of XP if you got ganked and you hit you're 30% Health Points or lower.

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For Rune i simply goes for a full Tank Build. As you can see.

I use Flat Greater Mark of Health for have tons of HP early game and be less squishy. You can also use Greater Mark of Vitality for more HP end game.

I use Flat Greater Seal of Armor for have greater resistance against the Top solo mostly AD Fighter. You can also use Greater Seal of Defense for have an higher amount of armor late game.

I use Flat Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for now because i'm pretty poor on IP for purchase Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist but in other hand you're Flat Greater Glyph of Magic Resist make you tougher when you line with a teammate.

I use Flat Greater Quintessence of Endurance Because its increase each HP you got by 1.5%. Late game you will have tons of HP and only with few HP item. You can also use Greater Quintessence of Vigor or Greater Quintessence of Regeneration for max out you're HP regen early game and almost never back until you got at least 2500 golds or more.

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Skill Sequence

For Skill sequence i choosed those order.

Dredge Line You main spell for open up a fight. It's a Skill Shot. You will have to predict the enemy movement for succesfully Pull an enemy Champion to you.

Titan's Wrath A Huge Shield Based on your Total of HP. More HP you get Stronger you're shield will be and also increase you amount of damage you do. This spell add a DoT (Damage over Time) on the target you hit plus those who a close of him also.

Riptide An AoE (Area of Effect) . taht spell it's use to slow you ennemy after you pulled him back to you. That spell, when launched, Slow any ennemy unit got hitted by your Explosive Wave.

Depth Charge You Ultimate. Your ultimate it's, on the initial, a single target hit but once you're ultimate reach you're Target, it will bump the Target plus any other ennemy player nerby in the air.

Staggering Blow You're passive. Each hit every 12 seconds on the same target will Immoblize it for a short period but you can hit an another unit and you will be able to immoblize it. It's only once every 12 seconds on a target.

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Summoner Spells

As all Summoner we need our Own Spell ! So, for me, i use those one.

Flash Good for Flee, Chase or positioning you're Self for a good Pull.

Exhaust After all you're CC done you Exhaust him for a certain kill.

You can also use other Summoner Spell.

Ignite If you're team don't have one or if needed a second one.

Teleport On solo line can be awsome for Back and comeback really fast and don't miss any XP gain.

Heal can also be a vivable Choice if you are with a Teammate.

Ghost If you want to chase down ennemy on their retreat.

But some are not recommanded.

Smite I'm ina line ! i Don't need that !

Clairvoyance I'm no support ! I'm a Tank !

Promote I prefer haveing a usefull Summoner Spell for Team Fighter rather then Pushing my Line.

Cleanse I will mainly be the main target who will receive tons of CC (Crownd Control) it would be a waste.

Revive I don't need that ! I Don't die ! :D

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Ok now my item list. Why these kind of item and not other one.

First i goes for early and mid-Game Build since most game end beetween 20 and 40 minutes. If the game goes on and looking to be longer i will have to refreash some early game Item for Late game one.

I alwasy start with Regrowth Pendant with a Health Potion. But i will have mana problems... No ! Because you got Meditation and of course you must not Spam you're spell Reacklessly.

On my first back i try to get Philosopher's Stone, Mercury's Treads and a Sight Ward (this is the perfect first back). If you can't afford Mercury's Treads just got for Boots of Speed instead.

On my second if i got my Mercury's Treads i buy out Aegis of the Legion or i finish up my Mercury's Treads and buy item for my future Aegis of the Legion.

After i goes for Glacial Shroud and Shurelya's Reverie. After Finish up Frozen Heart then i go for Banshee's Veil and Guardian Angel.

If the game going to be longer then expected you will have to change you're Aegis of the Legion for a Thornmail and you're Shurelya's Reverie for a Warmog's Armor.

Early and Mid-game items are:
Mercury's Treads
Aegis of the Legion
Shurelya's Reverie
Frozen Heart
Banshee's Veil
Guardian Angel

Long End Game items are:
Mercury's Treads
Frozen Heart
Banshee's Veil
Guardian Angel
Warmog's Armor

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For Farming with Nautilus i highly recommand you to last hit the Minions. Why ? Because Nautilus he is one of the best for doing that. Nautilus Passive Staggering Blow allow you to dealt a massive melee attack. This Attack deals arround the 100 damages on Level One. If by chance you got a Blue Buff, You can spam Riptide and Followed by a melee atack while Titan's Wrath is active will overrun the minions army in a second.

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Team Work

For Team Work, first of all, you're the tank so you're hte one who need to open. That the job of you're Spell Dredge Line. The Perfect pull would be their Carry but since its a ranged one it may be hard sometime. Nautilus it's a good damage taker don't be scare if you run into 5of them also for 1 second cause you're team will automaticly jump in if you do a nice pull and attracted all the CC(Crownd Control) and Spell Damage on you. Like i love to said: a good initiator lead to a good victory !

Let's talk about more early in the game now. On solo when you're jungle is going to gank, You're the one who most open ! Not him. You got everything on you're advantage early game. Pull, Slow, Immoblize. and then, The jungle will place him self for cut off the retreat of the Ennemy for an easy kill.

When you line with a teammate, tell him to be ready anytime cause you got half a second for make you're move and get a kill. Also, always sacrifice you're self if you get ganked. Don't let you're Carry die at any cost. Even Low HP Nautilus can be really Deadly.

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This is my build for Nautilus. I hope you enjoy it and hope you will get good note of it.
I would also like to have feedback on the comment section below and to vote my Guide.

i also made a build about Olaf as a Jungle carry. Here's the link. Feel free to go check him out !

I'm sorry if there some miss spelling im not verry god in english.

Also i play on LoL US Realm under the anme of aZs.

I hope i will see you on the Field of Justice !