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Riven Build Guide by SolarPWNage

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SolarPWNage


SolarPWNage Last updated on September 15, 2015
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Threats to Riven with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ashe Super annoying, But you counter her slows with your dashes. once you get to LV 6, try to catch her out with your support and she will not have any thing to disengage or damage at that point to even survive.
Twitch His passive is quite strong. Don't let him land more than 3 auto's or you might be finding your self backing at 5 minutes with 200 gold. He sucks though, No mobility and if he ever tries to delete you by stealth and reappearing next to you. Just E, W, Q, Q, Q, and R if you got that and he is donzo.
Alistar The trick to this Bull is to avoid his Bullsh*t. At level two expect him to walk up to Pulverize and headbutt you. if you can avoid this your lane should be a breeze. He can sustain quite well and you will feel so much hate when he pops his unbreakable to gut the damage coming from your ult.
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Ok guys, My name is SolarPWNage and I'm a casual gamer who loves playing champions out of the meta. I recently bought Riven and I was messing around with her in normals and I found myself in the bot lane as the adc with riven. AND I CARRIED! I realised the absolute raw potential to carry and her hard core snowball ability that is so much higher than in the top lane. This guide will explain how you can turn this riven into a hard carry in the bot lane and how to effectively play her as the ADC. Bare with me, this is something crazy and only meant for a new and fun way to play her.

If you have any Questions, feel free to ask!

BTW, squishy targets are like a Dream for riven, Especially if there are two squishies. XD

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+ -Great Gap Closer
+ -Great Defense
Every ADC in the game has a kit that has strong offensive abilities and a weak, utility/defensive abilities which makes them vulnurable to burst. However, Riven as the ADC has everything an ADC needs! Mobility, Tanky sheild that scales with AD, CC and an EXECUTE.

- -Melee, Low Range
- -May be poked down
- -Risk being put behind
However, Most of us that never dream of bring Riven to bot lane wmould be thinking, UHHHHHHHH.... isn't she melee?
Correct! that is the only con she really has as the adc! Does it matter when you are next to the ADC? Right, range doesn't matter when you are next to the enemy ADC.

IMPORTANT NOTE: after laneing phase, you might be behind in CS, split push/freeze lane to catch up in CS. at mid game, Towers still do **** ton of Damage so It won't be the end of the world if it is a 4 v 5. Be careful for M.I.A. they might be coming for you.

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The Real Potential of Riven Bot Lane (more in-depth explaination)

Riven is good Bot lane due to the squishies that live with the titles of ADC, The carry of every game. If both the ADC and Support are Squshies, My friend you have just hit three 7's at the slot machine. Riven Isn't like the average ADC, She in the bot lane doesn't rely on Auto's but more Spell Casts.The more important factor is that she can access more Items for Burst, She doesn't need Attack Speed or Crit which gives her the ability to immediately go into Offense and not waste money on Berserker's Greaves or Infinite Edge Or the most ADC's dreaded decision to either pick up the Phatom Dancer or Statik Shiv. Your Main objective is not to die, treat this lane as you would against a Gnar in Top lane. Those who are quite experienced with that match up will find this position in the bot lane much easier to play and less stressful.

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Picking your mate to support/CARRY YOU

The fact that Riven has Melee range is a


problem for her. You need a support that can either,
(A) Close Gaps
(C) Tank a lot of Damage

I will list the top candidates for the highest success to Carry Riven first so she can Carry the game.

Support scales:
Green = GOD TIER
Yellow = Good Tier
Red = OK Tier
Purple = Bad Tier


This mofo is pretty much everything you could ask for. He has Tankiness, uses relic shield, CC and can Gap close, H A R D. Honestly, He removes your lack of range by bringing you the ADC on a golden platter and CC the ADC so you can hop on that ADC like a savage and rip them apart. both of your CC will render who ever useless for almost 4 seconds. MOTHER FU*KING 4 SECONDS!


Your substitute of blitz to even out the lack of range on your side of Bot lane. His CC are much better than Blitz but his grab isn't as instant which means harder to land and it doesn't auto pull them to your feet so you might have to blow a E and one or two Q's to follow up the CC STUN LOCK. However your Stun lock combo goes up to 4.5 not counting the slow on his ult. One More point to pick Thresh over Blitz, is his superior disengage, that is something that will help save you while sometimes blitz just can't.


He is really good due to his INSANE LOCK DOWN. A good Support who almost meets all of the criteria but is good enough for my seal of GOD TEIR. all the God tier supports have Hooks and his is just as good to set up a early kill. at level 6, the two of you can one shot almost anyone. His CC is insane and at level one the two of you can pick up a first blood no problem.


Leona is also great due to her awsome synergy with you as her play style is just as aggressive as yours. When you both hit LV 6, it basically GG for the enemies. Gosh the amount of catch potentialis insane with her by your side. she roots, stuns, and stuns again?That gives you plenty of time to walk over and smash your key board with R-E-W-Q-Q-Q-R (you have slain an enemy). the only problem with her is that she doesn't reposition the enemy to you, it isn't the end of the world though but it might take some of your kill potential away as you might need to Q twice into range for the CC follow up.


A very underrated Champion who is played for the utility. Soraka is beloved throughout the entire league because one second you have 100 HP then the next second you have over 1000 HP.
Ever stepped on a shroom with 200 HP left? well Soraka just pressed R and she just saved you. Honestly, what is not to love about her? My view of Soraka is that she is your third summoners spell and makes you almost invincible. Gosh, my only tip for you is that don't ever take her for granted. Just because she can spam W to give you her entire life bar doesn't mean you can go ahead and dive tower at level three and one V.S. their ADC, Support and Jungle. Treat Soraka like your girl/boy-friend, appreciate her, care for her, give her compliments once in a while and never yell at her. Because she would literally give her life for you.


So I was playing in a game as a regular ADC, and I got a Zyra support. As the game went on I realized the absolute kill potential coupled with her really strong CC and that got me thinking if she would be great with Riven. She does have really strong CC when she gets some levels and at LV 6, the kill potential sky rockets through the servers. that one LV 3 snare from her and a ult will wreck any ADC with your insane damage. she has a impressive 575 auto range which puts a little more pressure and she can take a few CS that might have put you in danger. The only thing I tend to think she isn't as good as, let's say Leona is zyra is squishy. It really depends on the player, she could be a god sent Zyra or be a My middle name is "Feed the enemy a double killlllll" Zyra.

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Start with Long Sword with 3 HP pots. Try Building Youmuus's, Ravenous and black cleaver side by side. First back should pick up another long sword and a few pots. Your next back should be a brutalizer since it gives you cooldown reduction (more E casts), armor pen and attack damage then try picking up Ninja Tabi for less poke and some early movement speed.

Every time you back, You should pick up 2-5 pots, Yes 2-5 pots because you will get wrecked by poke until your support starts grabbing some of that sweet ADC's Booty. Hydra is next for more burst and go for both Phage and Kindlegem into Black Cleaver because you need the extra Hp, trust me. After these items especially Yommu's are completed, you will no longer be able to be kited and you will stick to the ADC's booty like (insert dirty joke here). After those items, feel free to build what ever you want, Last Whisper , Blood Thrister, Infinite Edge, ETC. What ever you want as this is the point that you are starting to get kills.

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Why not Doran's Sheild or Doran's Blade?

Doran's shield seems to be quite the strong starting item to go against ADC and/or poke bot lane. True, it definitely will help you survive and stay in lane much longer, however, you scale off bonus Attack Damage. Doran's shield will gut a lot of early damage you have compared to top lane. Of course it will seem like a great idea against some of the longer ranged ADC such as Caitlyn but generally you won't have as much sustain as you would with the long sword start instead of Doran's start due to have 2 extra HP pots which give you much more HP if not just as much as a Doran's Shield. The second point is at level two, you would have Valor which as stated before scales off of bonus Attack Damage. Since you have long sword, it makes the shield stronger and just with that you can get away without getting Doran's Shield.

Doran's blade is a no no. Never get it as the ADC due to your ability's not procing Life Steal and you shouldn't be auto attacking as that will put you into range for harass. It does give great stats but in the long run, you are sacrificing a lot for that. Kind of like Buying Essence Reaver on Darius. Items is op but it effectiveness falls off when facing a Gnar. Of course, It is arguable but majority of the time you won't use the item effectively.

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Ignite, not Heal? Maybe barrier?

You might be thinking, isn't heal better as you can stay in lane for a few extra waves? Yes, Heal can save you with just ten HP left and can get both you and your Support out of a sticky situation. Heal is really strong as it gives movement speed and health. With ignite you have insane kill potential, I do mean absolute First blood guarantee.

Ok, Not convinced? Ever played top lane LV 1 where someone escapes with 50 HP and left you kind of feeling robbed? Well, in bot lane you have a support! He/she will at least deal 100 Damage which GUARANTEE first blood. Riven has one of the strongest level one burst and it only gets better as you level. The reason Riven is so effective in bot lane is that most ADC have extremely low base HP which is great as they never build HP unless they are like 0/10 at 15 minutes.

Barrier? it is ineffective as it only last a couple of seconds. It sucks due to the enemy bot lane lacking burst early game and not having much damage, not worth it unless you are ADC Yasuo *wink.

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Why armor pen?

armor pen is quite important on Riven due to the fact that ADC don't usually have armor and having armor pen basically makes you deal true damage. Also it scales nicely as tanks also become weaker to you than to a average ADC where they would build Infinity Edge, Statik Shiv and Berserkers, while you have Yommu's, Black Cleaver and Ravenous Hydra.

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This is Work in progress BTW... CHANGE LOG

Started Guide!
sorry, Guide isn't finished, not even 20% done. LOL, I didn't realize how long this guide might take but give me some time and I'll try to finish up by the next week or so.

Added a few changes to the chapters, completed the info with masteries, skill order, runes and some match ups. stayed tuned, more to come!

Added ADC match ups, now you know the gist of your match ups, feel free to experiment Riven ADC!

added more info! feel free to ask about anything you want and feedback is welcomed!

HOLY COW! This guide has over 600 views! Wow, so people around the league community were interested enough to check this guide out 600 times? BTW, added why long sword not doran's, why ignite not heal/barrier, why get armor pen and some support updates.

OMG! over 800 views! just did some format fix and spell checks.