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League of Legends Build Guide Author sn0wwarrior

New Meta to Solo Mid:Dueling and Defensive Aggression

sn0wwarrior Last updated on October 31, 2011
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This guide was not meant to be published yet. I was playing around with the bbcodeing that i had done when i hit publish instead of view. This guide is not anywhere close to being done nor should it be taken seriously. Again I ask that you DO NOT VOTE ON IT.

Also if anyone knows of a way to completely un-publish a guide please let me know. thank you.

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PLEASE NOTE: This guide was accidently published early, please except my apologies for not having yet finished all of the champion summaries yet. I will be adding more as I have time to do so.

First off this is a meta guide build about play style/mixing up the games meta, and not a champion build. The information such as runes/masteries/items/spells are for reference/to make this guide meet mobafire guidelines. Secondly I do ask that if you do not down vote this guide just cause its some different ideas or you think its stupid. I understand there will be down votes I do ask though that if you are going to down vote that you please comment and explain why you didnt like it. Also I would to love to hear from those of you who up vote it so comment also please and thanks. Finally this being a meta guide means the guide itself is meta and therefore will be added to, fixed, edited, and updated as necessary. (see change log for list of any changes)

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Change Log

10/30/11 - originally published

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A Very General Summery

For those of you who are wondering what this guide is about i will attempt to give you a brief idea so you dont have to waste your time reading a guide about an idea you dont want to learn.

NOTE: This is a guide on changing up things in the middle lane to either A. get yourself fed with a different champ then usually is mid while your normal mid gets babysat/goes 1 v 1 top. and B. playing a champ that might not be great at kill 1 v 1 but can literally hold off the enemy at mid as long as needed for the rest of your team to do their thing.

I will break this down into 2 styles of play along with some short more specifics on individual champs who fit into that style. The first style i refer to as Dueling. The reason is that the champs used here are amazing at 1 v 1 combat and can gain an edge over the standard squishy (and often only safe fight at range) mids. The second style is what i call Defensive Aggression. In this you take an offtank/tank/tany dps style champ to hold off the enemy mid and you progressively become more aggressive the closer you are to your tower.

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So your going mid and its time to duel it out 1 v 1, mano e mano, may the best summoner win.....nope not this time. No more of the Ashe v Ashe, or the Miss Fortune v Caitlyn stuff its time to counter the range dps/range caster dominated mid with some in your face tactics and melee mayhem.

So basically what are the keys to taking a high damage melee champ mid. First realize that not all melee champs are gonna be good at this. Second when you take your champion mid keep in mind that #1. The enemy more then likely out range you (DUH) so move around a lot to prevent easy targeting of range skill shots. #2. Focus on only attacking minions to last hit, part of the key here is to get your opponent used to you only moving in closer to kill minions (you can harass some if you have a range skill). #3. Make sure you know your kill combo well, wait for your opportunity to strike and then make the kill. If you have that chance at first blood around lvls 1-3 take it. This is a high risk high reward playing style. This is not for passive play style summoners (why are you playing melee carry then????). #4. WATCH OUT FOR GANKS, they probably wont rush a gank early on unless you get a nice first blood in or maybe even 2-3 kills early (very ideal and very possible if done right) but they will come because your destroying mid so be ready (aka buy wards and make sure teammates call mia/ss depending on what server were on *wink* see i got you somewhat covered too my European players). That pretty much sums up the generals. Much of truly learning this will come from experience through playing this and also play's slightly different between champions (see champ advice list at bottom of guide).

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Defensive Aggression

So whether you didnt like the whole melee domination 1 v 1 approach and are a more passive player or you just felt like sticking around for more ideas lets look at a more defensive approach.

#1 Play it somewhat safe, avoid pushing past the mid point of the lane cause the further you push the less effective you become. #2 the closer you pull them to tower the more you harass your opponent. You want to deny them as much xp and gold as possible by keeping them under tower. Yes this could back fire on you but making your own last hits being hard but you can still time it well get lots of last hits. #3 HELLO THERE ON YOUR TOWER GANKS GALORE FOR YOUR TEAM and lots of assists for you. Also once you get a successful gank or two on them they will hesitate to push to far thus denying them xp when the wont follow the minions in. #4 If you havnt noticed this guide does raise the chance of your tower taking damage so thats why harassing more and more the closer they get becomes very important. Also last hitting and/or using any AOE attacks you have on minions to keep them off. A key here is Keep your minions alive and you keep your tower alive. You do this right and you can basically do it all day while your team pushes, takes there lanes towers, and ganks the **** out of their mid.

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So if we have a non mid go mid where does our mid mid go to?

Glad you asked. This is where you evaluate the enemy, if they have a jungler then you can send your mid top to 1 v 1 top (yes this will make a difference cause your sending another odd match for them to deal with). Also you can try finding mids who can jungle ( Karthus, Teemo, Fiddlesticks, etca.) note: this other then fiddle is not easy to do and thus should only be done in premade teams with someone who has practiced jungleing with an odd jungle champ. The last option is to send your normal mid champ bottom (or top if u dont have a jungler) and send another that will complement the lane combo (aka tanks, off tanks, support, or matching ap up with an ad)

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Champion hints (champs in alphabetical order)

Alistar rating at mid (5 of 5)

The main play for Alistar is utilizing his ability to be the CC god of LOL. To take Alistar mid you must be able to do 2 things. #1. Use Headbutt to harass and keep enemy off tower. #2. Your aoe from your passive Trample in combination with your aoe heal Triumphant Roar and Pulverize will keep your minion waves alive longer and also help you effectively last hit while under the tower.

Kills in mid: The key to kills is maximizing ganks. good team communication with your top and bot lanes or your jungler to gank mid will let you position and then cc combo ( Headbutt Pulverize). By this time your ganker should already have got in some attacks and possibly set up to add additional cc of his own. consistent well timed ganks will get you kills and assist or at the very least keep your enemy on their toes and hesitant to push the lane. The other method of getting kills is utilizing your amazing ult Unbreakable Will to survive at low health. Luring in your opponent to the tower when at tantalizing low health only to Ult Unbreakable Will, Flash (if you have it) back behind them, Headbutt towards the tower, Pulverize and auto attack to finish them off.

Cho'Gath rating at mid (4.5 of 5)

The main play for Cho'Gath is to control your half of lane 100% of the time. Last hitting while harassing with Rupture is going to be the bulk of your work. Additionally careful aiming of the Vorpal Spikes can give you the upper hand in the harassment battle.

Cho'Gath can be both a dueler and a defender. Deciding which to be depends on who you are facing. The better the enemy is at harassing you determines your approach. If you enemy is a weak at harassment then taking an aggressive stance will pay off, (even more so after getting your Feast stacks). If you feel that you are being out harassed pull them in to your tower and set up for a gank. Also last hiting is much more important on the defense then offence due to the your passive Carnivore. Which allows you to regain health and manna upon killing a unit.

Ganking: Timing Rupture is more important then ever when a teammate is ganking. A well timed Rupture(try and lead them with it) followed by Feral Scream can completely cut off escape while you and your ganker finish him off. While you are kind of a tank still giving your ganker the kill should be priority, but using Feast to get the kill is never bad because a fed Cho'Gath is scary (and it gives u another stack).


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