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Kayle Build Guide by Razyelx

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Razyelx

NEW [S4] 3v3 Kayle Guide - The Burst God

Razyelx Last updated on June 21, 2014
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Hello, I am Razyelx from Pro NOOBs and this is my first guide, right now for Kayle in season 4.

I tried many ways how to play Kayle, from support Kayle, jungle Kayle, 21/0/9 Kayle to 29/0/1 Kayle which is in my opinion the best, because the damage you do is just INSANE and I mean incredible!

"Wow, wow, hold on uncle Razyelx! But what about defense? You can't survive anything!"

Well, maybe I didn't say it clear enough. After you read this guide your damage will be UNSTOPPABLE! You don't need any defense because after you hit your enemy 2 times with your auto-attack + one Reckoning, they will run for their life and won't believe your damage! Don't even try to play Kayle passively! You need to be aggressive, because you can beat ANYONE and I mean anyone! Even if they gank you 3vs1, if you have your Ignite and Intervention, you can still kill 1 or 2 before you die and your team will clear out the rest.

"Wow, wow, hold on uncle Razyelx! But why are you only Gold when it is so over-powered?"

Well, that's simple. Me and my friends haven't spend any money into League of Legends and we have pretty few champions and Kayle is usually numero uno BAN and I am forced to play different champions.

Here are some wins, when we had lucky day and they didn't ban Kayle to show you how this build is OVER-POWERED!

Now, let's don't waste time and go for the guide!

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Pros / Cons


+ Extremely strong early game damage.
+ Easy farming with your Righteous fury.
+ Extremely strong mid game damage.
+ Can heal allies and slow enemies.
+ Easy to learn.
+ Can save teammate lives with ulti.
+ Extremely strong late game damage.


- Early extreme mana hunger.
- Somehow weaker in one hour game.
- Dies like a Teemo if ulti not ready.
- Hard to master.

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This is the secret to Kayle strength. Most guys would take only the ability power tree, BUT that's a mistake! I played loooooong time with 21/0/9 and its good, but its not IT! You just don't have the damage.

29/0/1 is the best because Kayle is a hybrid champion, which deals a tons of damage with ability power, but even with her auto-attack! Thats why you need to have even physical damage talent tree.

Well this is discutable talent, because it will boost your damage only by 1,5% that means if you hit for 1000 it will give you bonus of 15damage, but on the other hand it is better than nothing. If you don't want this talent then take Sorcery.

Kayle needs as much attack speed as possible to do more damage, so this is a NEED!

This is the tricky part. You don't have only damage from ability power, but thanks to Righteous fury you do enormous damage even from auto-attack. So take these!

Your main power is from ability power so this is a need!

Another damage up talent that you want to have.

Another damage up talent that you want to have.

Another damage up talent that you want to have.

Another damage up talent that you want to have.

Another damage up talent that you want to have.



Useful in early game.



This will save you some time if you go often to shop like me.

"Wow, wow, hold on uncle Razyelx! Isn't Dangerous game better than Phasewalker? Every TOP player has that!!!"

C'mon did you even read that talent? It will heal you for 5%, that means if you have 2 000HP it will heal you for 100 HP... wow I am shocked so much? THAT'S NOTHING!!! Don't go on me with something like "it will save you from ignite" ... now tell me, how many times did it saved you? Like once in 10games?
On the other hand, I don't know how about you, but I go pretty often to shop so Phasewalker just save me a lot of time EVERY GAME.

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Greater mark of attack speed

This is in my opinion the best mark, because with out this mark your early attack speed is just too slow and you can't do the damage that you need.

DO NOT take Greater mark of magic penetration or greater mark of armor penetrationGreater mark of armor penetration because in early game your talents + passive ability Holy fervor is enought penetration for you! And in mid/late game you will have already Void staff and 39% penetration is cap, so there is no need for MORE penetration! Rather buy Greater mark of attack damage if you don't like Greater mark of attack speed.


Greater seal of scaling health

I used to have armor runes, but after the nerf now the armor gives you like 10% reduced physical damage, and thats just almost nothing. Health provides you defense from physical, magic and even true damage, so this is my choice. Most champions are used that Kayle has only few HP, so they will jump on you and hope that they will kill you soon, buuuuuuut surprise! You have a little bit more HP, but thats just the little more that you need to burst anyone to death!


Greater glyph of ability power

Those glyphs are a need! This will give you so much burst in early game that it is unbelievable! Other option would be scaling ability power, but that only if you prefer late game to early game. My team prefer to take the first blood as soon as possible, so we just burst them at the beginning and then it is easy game, because they are forced to defense play.


Greater glyph of scaling ability power

Well, the idea is that what is more important? To win the lane or the game? Definitely the game. If you play 3v3 as I teach you in this guide, than you will get 90% times the first blood, thanks to our tactic below and there is no need for more early game damage, so it would be probably better to take this runes and be stronger in late game. Personaly I didn't try it yet, because i have no points. I will update this guide after I try it.


Greater quintessence of ability power

The same like blue glyphs, this is a need if you want to be early DPS monster!

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First thing that you need to know is that every game is different and every game needs another build sequence! Sometimes I even buy other items than i will write here, but thats a 1% and mostly you will build those items.


Get this item ASAP! This is the strongest item for Kayle, even better than Guinsoo's rageblade ! Don't waste time and get this item, cause with this you will be a beast!

Well, this is not so important item as you can see in the "One hour build" but on the other hand, you are just freaking slow without boots and you are easy to gank, so get the boots as second item.

DO NOT I repeat DO NOT buy something like this: Sorcerer's shoes . As I have wrote in chapter RUNES, your talents + passive ability Holy fervor is enought penetration for you and you don't need more, because before anybody starts buying magic resist, you will have already Void staff and 39% penetration is cap.

END OF STORY, don't ever buy it!!

Another item, that make Kayle a Kayle. Get it as 3rd item, don't even try play without it, because this will give you SO MUCH damage, that if riot finds this out, they will nerf Kayle in next patch for sure!

I am buying this item 90% times, even if enemy has low magic resist. Why? because this magic penetration will do a lot of damage even on champions that have like 100 magic resist. It is worth! Thy only time when I am not buying it is when the enemy team is not buying ANY magic resist and have like 30-50 magic resist.

This item provides you with so much ability power, that you NEED it! And as a bonus when your ulti is down, it will save your life many times! What are you waiting for? Buy it!

Some say that this item is not strong as it used to be, after the nerf, but still it is strong enough! With this your Reckoning will almost Instant Kill the enemies without magic penetration!

+ +
In late game don't forget to buy the elixirs!

And of course, if you have a lot of money buy some enchantment. Blue enchantment is pretty useful.


This will give you some magic resist, health and it will absorb the next enemy ability! Thats amazing, but buy this item only if you are losing and you die becuase of instant kills like from Leblanc. This will save your life.

This item is just amazing! It will give you magic resist, ATTACK SPEED and will nullify roots, stuns, silences, polymorphs and everything on you! Buy this item when you are against champions that have stuns like Riven, Lissandra and so on, you will not regret it!

Buy this item only when you are playing a one hour game or you don't need magic penetration.

So I tryed this item and it is AMAZING! With this item your Righteous fury will destroy your enemies with 3hits and I am not kidding! But this take practise, I recommend this item only for experienced players, because usualy you will get caught and the only thing that you will do is use your Intervention next hit one Reckoning and then you die or run, so you need to hit with Reckoning as much as possible.
But when you play Kayle longer you will get better and then you will be destroying enemies from behind and won't be caught so easily and this item will give you enormous damage! So this item is AMAZING but only for experienced players.

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This spell will help you so much with bursting enemies and prevent them from running away! I use this spell like 90% because combined with your DPS ... no one can survive this burst!

This spell will save your life many times or chase your enemy if he flashes away. Take this spell and learn to use it properly (jumping through walls and so on) it will save you many times!


"Wow, wow, hold on uncle Razyelx! Are you serious? this was popular in season 1, no one will take this!"

Well, me neither. But if you prefer playing jungle Kayle then this is better choice then Flash, because your ganks will be like 90% successful and it provides you with chase ability and great running away. On the other hand if you get caught in a bush you are dead. Thats why Flash is better in my opinion.

Exhaust is pretty useful after the new patch, but i recommend DO NOT TAKE IT! You need to do the most damage, so Ignite would be better. Let the tank take the Exhaust. But it is a good spell, providing your team with high defense and has not to be over saw!

Another spell that was boosted up after the new patch. It cancels Ignite + heal you + give you sprint for few seconds + heal your allies ... well thats a little bit over powered and it will be surely nerfed soon, but on the other hand, Exhaust is still better choice for your tank and Ignite for you!
As I have said, it was nerfer a little bit, but still it do everything that I wrote, so at last one of your team should have Heal! Don't take two, because if you do, the 2nd heal will heal only for 50% and that's not worth' Rather take Exhaust!

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In my opinion everybody that plays this game can read and if not, than you are pretty amazing that you can read this guide. So I will write here only few things about spells that you could over saw.

This ability provides you with armor and magic penetration in early game. The next thing that you should know is that with every hit you do more damage! So if you have a equal fight, you will win it simply thanks to your passive.

Use this to not only slow your enemis, but to BURST them. This will do so much damage in late game, that it should be disabled!

Don't heal only your self, but don't forget on your teammates. Use this ability to get faster on lane, chase enemies or use it on allies which are behind you and could be catched by enemies.

Use this to farm as a god and if you are on CD DO NOT FIGHT!!! This is the damage which make Kayle a Kayle!

The only thing that you should know about this is, do not be afraid to use it! I wanted many times to ult my self and in the end i got stun and died in stun before I could use Intervention. So better use it sooner then late! And don't be afraid to use it on alies!

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Tips and Tricks

1.) Use your Divine blessing at the shop so you are faster at line and have still full mana. (pic. 0)

2.) When game starts go all here (pic. 1 and 2) and wait, there will ALWAYS someone come. But don't over do it, if the enemy is smart enought they will not come, so don't wait more than 2:30!!

Picture from Garen vision, because my client is somehow bugged and I can't take screenshots O.-

3.) Sometimes if you are against champion like Lee sin that can discover you with his ability, than it is time for PLAN B! Run here (pic. 3). The point is that they will think that you are all on top and on bot he will farm, thinking that he is save, BUT surprise FIRST BLOOD!

4.) Kayle is good with Garen or Jax and Fiora

The tactic is that Garen or Jax goes everywhere first (in the bush and so on) so enemy team will jump on him, but he is a tank so he will survive. In the mean team Fiora jumps on their weakest target and use her ulti, so she will do ENORMOUS physical damage and can't be targeted and I am destroying them with Kayle from far behind with magic damage. Then they jump on me or on Fiora so I use ulti on her and use my Wooglet's witchcap on me and then Garen just do the rest with his ulti.

5.) Be with Kayle a little bit behind the team in teamfights so you can damage from safety and use ult when needed on team! (pic. 4)

6.) Your early mana hunger will destroy you if you don't play smart, so it is important to take the HEAL on middle (pic. 5)

7.) Ban alwyas champions that have stuns or can jump on you or have stealth like Kha'zix (pic. 5)

"Wow, wow, hold on uncle Razyelx! Why are you banning Lissandra? Kayle can own her like a boss!"

Well the truth is that Kayle will own Lissandra like a boss, but in the later game she will use her ulti, stun the whole team, root them, next she will use her Wooglet's witchcap and than Flash and will run away, but your team will be already dead without a kill, so rather ban her.

8.) your team summoner spells yhould look like this: Ignite + Exhaust + Heal. Ignite will provide you with more damage, Exhaust with better defense and Heal give you sprint when chasing enemies or Heal you when enemies surprise you from the brush!

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Examples and Tactics

Here I will post some examples from our gameplay. These games are played right now at Platinum, but we often are fighting against Diamond players because of our high ELO.


In this game we started at Purple base so we went here (pic. 1-2) as always.

Like in 90% times, there someone came. This time it was Master Yi and we got our First Blood. (pic. 3)

Now comes the funny part. After the First Blood we went to our Plan B. (pic. 4)

Master Yi was still thinking that we are in the bush on top and Morgana was farming at bot, BUT we was already there in bush and -ding- SECOND BLOOD. (pic. 5)

This tactic works almost all the time, even at high ELO.

When you are taking over the enemy altar then go always as 3 (pic. 6)

And when are you going on boss go too as 3, cause it is quicker and safer! And the best moment to go boss is when the enemy is dead or at last one of them or they must defend! (pic. 7)


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This guide is made for season 4 patch 4.6 (correctly 4.6.14_04_10_21_15)


Version 1.1.1 (released at 4.6.2014)
- added Doran's Ring at starting item
- Reworked purchage order
- actualized Examples and Tactics
- added Team Logo

Version 1.1.0 (released at 1.5.2014)
- added to Core build 2
- actualized Item sets
- actualized in Items
- added to Runes
- corrected some grammar mistakes
- actualized in Spells
- added eight tip in Tips and Tricks
- updated patch in Updates

Version 1.0.2 (released at 19.4.2014)
- added some new tips and tricks and new screenshots to chapter Tips and Tricks
- corrected some grammar mistakes
- added NEW chapter Examples and Tactics
- added picture with wins to Introduction

Version 1.0.1 (released at 18.4.2014)
- added some new tips and tricks and new screenshots to chapter Tips and Tricks
- solved some buggs with icons

Version 1.0.0 (released at 17.4.2014)