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Talon Build Guide by Resl

Middle New to Talon?

By Resl | Updated on November 13, 2018

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Runes: Runes

Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

++8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


You'll Need These
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane
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Middle Lane
Win 53%
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Champion Build Guide

New to Talon?

By Resl
Introducing Res
So You want to start playing
, heres a guide just for you. Start with this guide.
I'm a Silver to gold player that main many different champions. But i Love Talon and He is one of my best, as I have high mastery on him. (but too cheap to use BE for M7
His abilities Back to Top
1. Blade's End is applying a stack of wound whenever an enemy is hit by an ability. After getting 3 marks on an enemy, you can auto attack that enemy they will bleed for a few seconds taking physical damage. This can deal up to 1300 damage and dealing 130 starting off.

2. Noxian Diplomacy can act as a gap closer since it makes Talon leap to the target dealing damage and applying a mark, this also combos with your ultimate ability , if in melee range Talon will perform a critical strike with this ability.

3. Rake throws 3 blades that goes forward and comes back applying 2 marks once when they come out and once on the way back , it slows the enemy hit on the way back, the slow can be critical for your q when they have a range difference of 75.

4.Assasin's PathAssassins Path allows him to jump over any terrain, Player made or otherwise. There will be a cool down on if you can jump over the same wall. Some walls have 2 sides, allowing you jump in and back out.

5. Shadow Assault throws blades outward from Talon's location, surrounding Talon dealing damage and apply a stack of wound and making him invisible for a short time and reactivating will pull the blades towards Talon dealing damage and applying a second wound stack , if the enemy is auto attacked or hit by Noxian Diplomacy during the Shadow Assault the blades will aim and fire at your target hit applying a mark.
Pros? Cons? Back to Top
Huge burst of damage.
Great escape and engage
Strong early game.
Passive causes kill potential

Weak against tanks.
Does not scale in late game.
He is squishy.(thats why we buy Death's Dance)
Runes Back to Top
So for the runes you take the Electrocute as the main one obviously that is the best option for all assassins, after that Sudden Impact is good because of your Q and R, which is your main damage dealers, Eyeball Collection is good as it gives AD and that's if you get the kills and finally Ultimate hunter is quite good, as it gives CDR for the Ultimate, your main engage and disengage . Now on to the secondary runes, I pick Sorcery as it helps talon with his few weaknesses, Manaflow band allows me to sustain my mana and Gathering Storm for Late game scaling, one of talons greatest weaknesses.
Your items Back to Top
This is your Main Item, Allowing you to have stealth and to deal more damage, Lethality is great too
The item that stops you from being 3 shot, This item allows you to not be killed, as you take 5 second bleed damage instead of just taking it. You can heal it back or if you're near a healer, get healed
Conclusion Back to Top
Play Talon if you want to have a power trip, but his ranked potential is only average. So in the end Play talon for fun, not to tryhard. Give me a comment so i can improve and Enjoy Talon
League of Legends Build Guide Author Resl
Resl Talon Guide

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New to Talon?
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