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League of Legends Build Guide Author AzureSpirit

Nidalee "Boom, Spearshot"

AzureSpirit Last updated on May 17, 2011
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Hello! Welcome to my Nidalee build. For starters, I realize that Nidalee is under the category of support, but in my opnion, she can play AP Carry also. The way I play Nidalee is in my opinion extremely different than most other Nidalee's I see, just because they build Guinsoo and Lich Bane. I'll get to why I don't take those in the item section, not right now.

For this Nidalee build you need three things: know how to aim, know when to attack, and common sense. oh wait, those can all be combined into the last thing, so really the only thing you need is COMMON SENSE. Then again, that's so rare it's a **** super-power nowadays.

To the actual build now shall we?

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Pros / Cons


    amazing solo lane.
    amazing duo lane support.
    free wards.
    can pounce through some walls.
    heal ungodly amounts late game.
    amazing harass (if you can aim)

    hard to hit full range spears.
    complex to learn.

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I take 9/0/21 masteries for a few reasons: I like Magic Pen, I don't need the things in the defense tree, and the Utility tree is just your basic caster needs.

In the offense tree I get 3 points in Savvy, giving me 10.8 extra AP at level 18. I get 1 point in crit for the fourth in the first level of offense, 4 in Sorcery for the CDR and requirements for the 15% Magic Pen. which is awesome. take your standard anti-mage tank, say.....Galio, and take away 15% of his Mres.

In the utility tree, I take the ghost power-up and 3 points in regen. I then take the full 4 points in both Exp gain and extra mana as the third level has almost nothing to offer imo. I then take greed and the clarity buff, then proceed down the tree as normal.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
greater seal of vitality
Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

The runes I take look like normal AP carry runes, but what is this? HP PER LEVEL SEALS? I have a very simple answer to trolls who will/have asked this, If I survive longer, means more time I have to put a spear through your dumb head. Other than that, yeah, I take regular Magic Pen marks, AP/lvl glyphs and Flat AP quints for that boost early game.

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Summoner Spells

All Right, here I am going to outline the Awesome, the Decent, and the Bad Spells that you can take.

Clarity - YOU ARE MANA HUNGRY. I usually give Blue buff to one of the carries on the team since that person usually needs the Mana regen and the CDR from it, but if you plan on getting blue buff often, by all means take something else.

Flash - Get into a good position for whatever you need to do, get in range for that last spear, save a dying teammate, or just gtfo when things get bad.

Ghost - I find this more useful than flash because it not only helps me chase/run, but early game it helps me get back to lane when i need to buy items.

Cleanse - EVERYONE HATES THE CAT. I mean it. You WILL be focused. hopefully the other team is stupid enough to waste their CC on you, and just cleanse out and heal yourself.

Exhaust - Stop that AD carry! Stop that runner! whatever you need this for.

Heal - You already have a heal, but if you find yourself dying changing forms to heal, take this.

Ignite - This is fun, but unneccesary. Especially when you ignite someone while you pounce by and run away. especially when they're stupid and keep chasing.

Teleport - Self-explanatory, get to lane, get to the fight, etc.

Revive - seriously? gtfo.

Smite - Leave it to the Junglers.

Rally - No help to you, Heimer would like this, but not you.

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Skill Sequence

Javelin Toss / Takedown: one of the best harasses in the game imo, as it gains power the farther you are away from the target, this is the sole reason you need to know how to aim with Nidalee. Very nice last hit in cougar also.

Bushwhack / Pounce: Free wards! Woot! plus at higher levels the armor/mres reduction is amazing, set these down every now and then for free assists/visibility. Great maneuverability in cougar also.

Primal Surge / Swipe: healz! even though this has quite a long CD, I think it is one of the better heals as it also raises attack speed for a short while after the cast on the target. Amazing creep farm in cougar form.

Aspect Of The Cougar: Do I need to say anything here?

I see a lot of Nidalee's take Primal Surge first, but I think Spear is better for early, but you could easily switch it around if you take too much damage level 1. I also see some Nidalee's take the trap first, I personally don't use it that often, as I save mana for heals/spears, but I do take it at 5 so that I won't get ganked mid and for pounce in cougar form.

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Now this is where the general ?'s and QQ's will take place, as I don't usually build what most Nidalee's do. Your core build is going to be what you see up top, and I shall explain this in full detail, but I'll list alternative items, including the usual Lich Bane and etc.

First: The reason I grab boots first is because I have enough AP early to mid game that I have almost enough at start as an Amp Tome or more than a Doran's, plus the movement speed gets me in/out of range of most harass pretty easily.

: holy **** this item is amazing! it gives you 25 AP, 200 health, and 20 FLAT Magic Pen. who doesn't like more Magic Pen? More health too? yay!

: MORE MAGIC PEN! 40 total Magic Pen when you combine this with Guise, and most champs who dont get Mres have >40. Meaning, You do EXTRA damage because you have more magic penetration than they have Magic resistance! Don't forget the speed boost either.

: You WILL get assists at the very least if your not headshotting people with your spear throw, as heals do get you assists. plus hey, 180 AP at full stacks? and 15% CDR to boot.

: I know this a new item, but this is what lets me take Sorc boots instead of mercury treads, as this gives you 50 AP and reduces CC by 25%!

: Your basic AP item, do I need to say anything here?

: I know most people don't like this item, but I personally think it is one of the best items for AP carries. this gives you 500 hp, the best for an AP item, 80 AP, and passive that slows people when you hit them with spell damage. what's not to like about this item?

Now for some replacement Items that I think wouldn't screw up the build that much.

Mercury's Treads: You could easily take these instead and grab Lich Bane instead of Moonflair, but then you lose out on some Magic Pen.

Archangel's Staff: It's a decent item, but it takes too long to charge up fully imo.

Lich Bane: You could take this if you wanted to, but the only thing it would really proc would be your Cougar's Q, even though that might be some insane damage, I don't play Nidalee right up in faces, I toss spears from almost full-range.

Quicksilver Sash: Too much CC? Drop Moonflair for this and just cleanse out of it.

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Hopefully this Nidalee build has helped you understand how to play her better in some way, shape, or form. I am very open to constructive criticism. Please don't trollvote my build just because you don't agree, give me advice or comments and if I don't agree or you can't see it my way then feel free to down-vote.

I shall see you on the Fields of Justice
~Summoner AzureSpirit