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Nidalee Build Guide by IamVeig

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IamVeig

Nidalee Guide (Top) (S4 Guide) ~IN-depth / INprogress

IamVeig Last updated on December 5, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 21


Utility: 0

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Pros / Cons

One of the strongest laners
High mobility
Can sustain in lane
Strong split-push
Effective and safe poke

Mana dependent
Poke damage depends on hitting skillshots
Hard to play effectively

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Nidalee does bad against

Difficulty = 3
: Stun + tons of snowball + Shields = Lots of blocked damage from your skills

Difficulty = 2
: Silence + Knock-Up + Massive true damage = you get the point

Difficulty = 2
: Stun + damage output = nids arch enemy

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Nidalee does well against

Difficulty 2
= lots of poke + tankiness denies alot of jayce damage (tips* if against a Jayce I would prefer getting a triforce for stable/constant damage

Difficulty 1
= Lots of poke + Level 6 brings tons of escapes and huge damage (this will be a very passive lane) (Tips* I recommend getting a Ghost vs singed just for escapes and getting kills, as singed's ultimate will give him a speed boost)

Difficulty 2
Lots of poke to keep Garens passive down + Lane pressence up the wazoo once you hit level 6 (tips do not shove lane, ganks will be the end of you)

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Gives you great lane control and makes you an even stronger split pusher. This allow gives you a lot of lane control.

Great for taking down low targets as with your Q combo you can execute foes at will when they're low combo'ed with Ignite.

Great for closing gaps for burst combo's or just escaping when you need too.

Great for escape / closing longer gaps your W Pounce + Ghost

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Recommended Summoner spell combinations

+ - Combo allows for a gap close plus Ignite / Q Takedown at level 6

+ - Combo allows for ganking bot / middle lanes from top with Teleport and Flash acts both as an escape and a gap closer

+ - Combo allows for a chase / escape with Ghost and uses Flash to act as a gap closer

+ - Combo allows for a chase / escaping and engaging as-well as chasing the enemy down with Ghost while using Ignite for consecutive combos with your Q Takedown while staying in range of the enemy with Ghost + W Pounce

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Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

x9 - Seals of Armor have always been amazing on everyone from ADC's to SUPPORT's, but especially amazing on tanks thank to the Legendary Armor mastery, Which buffs this 1.41 armor by 5%

greater mark of armor penetration x9 - Great for early game harass with basic attacks, and amazing for immediate initiation on your enemy laner as soon as you hit 6

x9 - Just like the Greater Seal of Armor , Glyph's of MR are used on almost everyone and especially on tanks because just like the Greater Seal of Armor they scale up on the Legendary Armor mastery increasing the 1.34 Magic Resist by 5%

x3 - Great quints for early game and mid game. Scales well with your passive Prowl and makes life a whole lot easier when harassing with Basic Attacks and makes Last hitting without getting caught and eaten by your enemy laner early on easy.

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Sorcery = 4 points - (4% CDR) - Sorcery is more of a point filler but it is great CDR none the less it should take about 0.30 seconds off of your Cool-Downs

Deadliness = 4 points - 0.664 Attack Damage per level - This is a great mastery on nidalee as it allows her to have a good amount of extra ad to compliment her level 6 cougar form Q

Weapon Expertise = 1 points - 8% Armor Penetration - This mastery is obviously the main reason for building into this tree. This mastery is amazing for Nidalee level 6 Cougar form, It allows her to easily Teleport to another lane and secure a kill or just Flash onto her enemy laner and get a kill

Durability = 4 points - 108 HP at level 18 - This mastery is just great in general, It gives you a decent amount of extra hp for scaling up into the mid game

Hardiness = 3 points - 5 armor - This mastery allows for... well tanking off enemy harass and basic attacks...

Resistance = 1 point - 2 Magic-Resist - This is just a filler

Unyielding = 2 points - Reduces damage taken from enemy's by 2 - Great for resistance against early game Basic Attacks from ranged champions

Relentless = 1 point - Reduced slow by 7.5% - Great vs champions with slow, Helps you tank alot more in team fights and in early game laning / mid game laning

Veteran's Scars = 1 point - Increase HP by 30 - Extra early game health, this point is more of a filler but its good for levels 1-5

Block = 1 point - Reduces damage from ENEMY Champion Basic Attacks by 3 - Great for early game resistance against ranged top's

Juggernaut = 3 points - Increases Maximum HP by 4% - This is great for mid game items such as Sunfire Cape / Randuin's Omen Increasing HP Enough to have more HP than the enemy laner ( most of the time)

Defender - 1 point - Grants 1 armor for each nearby ENEMY Champion - Great for early game fights ( stacks with legendary armor to give even more Armor/MR)

Legendary Armor - 3 points - Increase BONUS Magic-Resist and Armor by 5% - Amazing for all parts of the game, Making your champion more tanky is always priority and this is just that spell for that

Honor Guard - 1 points - Reduces damage from all sources by 3% - Great for tanking in fights and for early-mid game laning phase / In ganks

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Item USE / COMPARISON (always being updated)

- pretty much always a core item because almost every game has an AD Carry. Even if they are a full magic dealing team, this item is almost too good to pass up. This item replaced Trinity Force more or less. The consistent AoE slow also added to wave clear but gave armor

- Recently buffed. It's definitely one of my favorite core items on Nidalee now. Even though the cost was UPPED a tiny bit after the rework this item is still so worth it no matter what the cost considering its incredible Health, Health regen, CDR, Magic Resistance, and its amazing passive which is really strong for Nidalee E Primal Surge. I wouldn't build this as my first item unless against a heavy AP champion such as Elise but I would recommend it as a 2nd item

Strong item Choices.

- An extremely strong item on Nidalee I would not recomend rushing this item, As I see this item as a dueling/teamfighting item. And when it comes to dueling with Nidalee I recommend you always get a Iceborn Gauntlet or a Trinity Force first.

- Great for tanking extra damage, I recommend this item after buying either a Randuin's Omen or a Sunfire Cape

- Great item for it's cost. If you prefer to stack lots Armor Pen than this is your best option. I love building items purely for damage, I think its most efficient as Nidalee because of her Q Takedown . All in all, the Armor Pen only affects your auto attacks and Takedown which hardly seems worth investing 2300 gold and an item slot.

- great item in general vs AP champions.Gives a decent amount of MR and a great passive magic shield off when low on HP and gives a great amount of AD base and from its passive

- Iceborn Gauntlet provides a better slows It's viable and not completely awful, but there are clearly better choices.

- Great item overall gives 20#CDR, 95 armor, Mana, and an ATK SPEED Debuff. I would recommend this as a second item, its cost is still very high and it does not give any damage / hp. I would consider buying this item after buying a Trinity Force or an Iceborn Gauntlet

- This is a tricky item when it comes to Nidalee but it gives great stats to every thing except ARMOR and MAGIC RESIST. After the update its sometimes viable but costs more than a Iceborn Gauntlet and does not give a slow or any armor ( it does give a speed boost) After the recent Nerf on Trinity Force Ranged champion will get half of the bonus from the movement speed passive instead of the full 60 movement speed

Boots Choices

- In my opinion this is Nidalee's best item choice for boots due to the Tenacity it makes it hard to peel you off of the enemy carry as-well as the decent amount of MR that it gives off blocks a decent amount of AP damage

- Probably the second best choice behind Mercury's Treads due to the fact that it lacks the tenacity passive. This is still a great item VS other bruisers and against Basic Attack based champions

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Trap Placement / Trap Tips

Most people do not think of this as a necessity, when to be honest it really is. Having great trap placement can lead to even greater kills and still have the ability to stop ganks.
Step 1: Always get traps at level 1...

Step 2: Always make sure to have a Field of Traps in a line to make sure that the enemy jungler can not get through without your knowing of it
TIP 1: Traps may be useful but they will not stack on each other, however stepping on multiple traps will reset the damage/vision timer

TIP 2: Traps are great with just one level I highly suggest only getting on early level in this skill and focusing the rest of your points into Primal Surge

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ADDED Item USE / COMPARISON(always being updated)Chapter

ADDED Trap placement / Tips

Updated ITEM USE / COMPARISON (added last whisper)

Updated ITEM USE / COMPARISON (added frozen mallet)

Updated ITEM USE / COMPARISON (added frozen heart)

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