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Lulu Build Guide by Nightdatsu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nightdatsu

Nightdatsu's Lulu - Pix Support.

Nightdatsu Last updated on September 14, 2014
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~ I'm Nightdatsu and I play on EU N&E from playing on NA, I'm very intrigued of doing theory-crafting and thought I could give this a go (I do wanna note that this Build is not done yet and I gladly take hints and pointers!) I'm always trying to be different with my build to try and provide things from a different point of view, I hope you appreciate it. If there is anything you don't agree with then why not just post a comment, I don't mind and it's a good way for people to improve themselves, even me. I love critique, it's an excellent tool to progress in life and gaming! ~

Table oF Contents

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~ I also got a Braum Guide! ~

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Greater Mark of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana

Greater Quintessence of Armor

Greater Seal of Ability Power

Runes of the Build

I know that a lot of people are running Hybrid penetration on Lulu but do keep in mind that Ability Power do increase Pix, Faerie Companion's overall damage and aswell of the abilities, I do recommend this as Help, Pix! Shield and Autoattack damage scales with Ability power. This also increase the health gain from Wild Growth. This build emphasizes on Ability Power to lane poke and end game usefulness. This provides 16,2 Ability Power.

x7 Magic Resist scores you roughly +10(9,5 to be more precise I think) Togheter with Athene's Unholy Grail We get 35 Magic Resist, witch I think is consistent enough for a Support as Lulu witch is more about Pokes then anything. I see a lot of people don't run Grail on her for some reason but instead picks up Locket of the Iron Solari Witch gives you 40 in total. Locket is still a viable option in case you are up against almost no AD champions, then swap it with Omen. I strongly believe that 35 Magic Resist is enough.

Now I'm pretty sure You'll call me silly on this but! Hold your horses and let me try and "redeem" this for you. x2 gives Lulu 52 additional mana at level 18 witch gives you a grand total of 1241 Mana, now with Grail's passive we get 15% back on Assists or Kills and 1% extra mana regeneration per missing !% mana you are missing. This completely nullifies the starvation you get from Lulu's expensive lane sustain (Only 14 MP5 at level 18), Mana Regeneration is not an issue with this build and with Frost Queen's Claim You get an extra 10 Mana Regeneration. **In short terms you can reduce the cost of each ability by 50 manaHuge generalization**

Do I need to say anything about these? The more armor the more sustain in lane, also works well with the build as you will early on have more magic resist then armor due to Athene's Unholy Grail. These works well with Randuin's Omen and Help, Pix!. Sine if Lulu's shortcomings is that most AD champions can wreck her bad on gank so let's try and avoid that shall we ;).

I think these makes me stick out the most as a Lulu guide goes, Why Ability Power? Well Everything stacks with it, even her auto attacks Pix, Faerie Companion.
Glitterlance (+50% Ability Power) Whimsy (+10% Ability Power) Help, Pix! (+60% Ability Power) and lastly Wild Growth gives (+50% Ability Power), As you can see all the abilities in Lulu's repertoire is immensely increased with Ability Power, this helps with pokes, lane sustain and that pesky 40 mins mark. As far as testing goes, the Shield can sustain the heaviest of pokes in early game, Caitlyn's passive Headshot can barely break it early game. It actually shields more then Thresh's lantern Dark Passage aswell.

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  • Block Increases sustain, simply reduces damage from champion basic attacks by 2, not to shabby at all and it works wonders against almost all ADC out there, if not all of them :).
  • Enchanted Armor 5% additional Armor and Magic Resist can't be turned down, always felt like the best option early Defense tree for Support champions, the sustain you get is great!
  • Unyielding Another damage reduction mastery, but well spent one. You'll need this! As it will make trading so much easier for you.
  • Veteran Scars No man can turn down 36 Health! This is a great boost for Lulu especially early game, I've tried without having this but it's not the same thing. Don't go without!
  • Juggernaut Another Health mastery, Yupp get it you'll need it. 3% is actually more then what you think, combined with Wild Growth on yourself, it's actually pretty decent. Recommend it.


  • Fleet of Foot Make sure to try and save others then yourself, this helps out in that case. Whimsy got second highest cooldown of all of Lulu's abilities. It helps Roaming and setting up Wards aswell.
  • Meditation One of the few Mana regeneration added in my Build, You got the Athene's Unholy Grail but that extra sustain early on is worth it before you can afford to purchase it for 2600G.
  • Strength of Spirit Is this the only Health Regeneration in my build?.. Think so. Still it works wonders with the Mana and Runes of this build don't worry, it's better then any other option to build points anyway.
  • Alchemist Longer potions, yes please. Gives health potions more health when dealing with heavy trading, can't say no to it., Do note that we are not going into Culinary Master with this build, I still think it's worth a point.
  • Greed One of the best masteries on Utility! This makes everything so much easier for you, the expensive items will get less expensive and health potions will be almost nothing! A must get for almost every Support!
  • Scavenger If you get Greed you should get this DUH!
  • Vampirism This helps when trading, however Glitterlance counts as AoE, Pix, Faerie Companion Is not effected by Lifesteal nor Spellvamp. The crown jewel though is Help, Pix! This will help you a lot on lanes if you need to poke or expose people from the nearby bushes or junglers coming in. Tested for a long time and it actually does more then I thought it would. Recommend it.
  • Wealth & Bandit is two more gold income masteries that you should get, makes the above mentioned Help, Pix!/ Vampirism combo even better.
  • Intelligence Not much to say about this one, Cooldown reduction is always nice and we are going on the minimum amount with this build so we should have it, also the activated item reduction is really handy early and late game.
  • Wanderer Roaming, Trading, Lane everything is easier with it. You "could" trade it for Oppression or Scout But I don't recommend it, only if you think you are capped Movement wise with Boots of Mobility.

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Pros / Cons

The Positive and Negative about the Fae Champion!

+Excellent Poke.
+Disengage is lovely and easy to use.
+All of her Abilities carries extra utility to them.
+Bushes is not an issue.
+Can turn team fights easily.

Lulu is a wonderful champion and probably the most dangerous support early game for trading and pokes, believe it or not. Her abilities is fun and quirky and is always reliable to help the team in some way or another witch makes her unique compared to champions as Morgana witch is a high pick ratio champion but lacks Utility in comparison. I wish more people gets their eyes up for Lulu in the future. All her skins is great is another.

The down part about Lulu is overall poor sustain and lack of a heal. When roaming you can give away free kills if caught in bad situations, so overall positioning is challenging. When swapping lanes you often might have to take a detour to play it safe. At least that's the feeling you might get with Lulu, don't be discouraged however she is a solid champion! ...It stinks when Wild Growth is on cooldown on a baron or important team fight however..
-Lacks a heal.
-Whimsy on cooldown can get someone killed.
-Wild Growth's aura is easily avoided.
-Roaming can be dangerous.
-Takes practice.

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Items and Build

Starting Items

You can't play Lulu Support without this item, it's the key to her build and not a single other starting item rivals this one. Get it! It adds a well needed Poke to her arsenal and also Cooldown reduction later on witch this build needs. We can't complain about mana regeneration either.

35 gold to spare, Health potion it is. The down part with Lulu makes health potions quite handy, if you are trading a lot on your lane you have no other means to recover health other then the passive ones from Masteries, It adds sustain. As mention before If you really wanna be more aggressive and think you can handle the trading you can go with a Mana Potion instead, but I don't recommend it.

This is the Ward to go with, up to the point you can trade it with Sweeping Lens remember that is better for you to get Chalice of Harmony before Sightstone so you should not start with sweeping.

Shopping for the First Time

Chalice of Harmony Gives you sooo much sustain on lane that is worth rushing if you can afford the unfortunate 880g price tag, if you get to base with over 900g, get it otherwise Sightstone is still viable option.

Sightstone is always something the Support should've especially Lulu as she is hard to roam with, more wards makes that easier. this or Chalice should be your first item.

Get Frostfang if you struggle a lot on the lane or can't win the trades, down part is that you won't get wards or the needed sustain from Chalice. Gold income is important however so use it in dire situations.

Core Items

This is our core item, The item that we are going to use for Lulu, it provides the well needed stats for her and overall great added sustain for trading and end game, Ability Power is nice bonus to it and of course Mana is the key to success here, that whopping on assist mana is extremely handy. Cooldown reduction and Magic resist is well needed and you get Magic resist early on from Chalice of Harmony witch is a nice bonus, can ease trading a ton.

I don't think you can play Lulu support without this item, It's really handy and it works well in conjunction with her abilities, another slow is also really handy for Glitterlance as that can only hit one champion. Makes mistakes with missing more forgiving in team fights or disengaging. Health and Armor is needed for her sustain in the game. You can combine this with Rylai's Crystal Scepter if you think you need even more health and sustain, good aswell if you loose too many trades.


Boots of Mobility A fine choice for any Support, However with this build I really don't recommend it, we need them with cooldown reduction. Mobility is great for roaming, the best so if you need to roam these are the ones you need. Some people feel like you may miss out on team fights and exp without these bots and those are valid reasons sure, but in a well coordinated team you will rarely miss out, aim for cooldown reduction.

Another good choice boots wise, Sorcerer's Shoes Gives more damage for your high ability power build, I would recommend these if your team is heavy Ap and and you notice they are stacking Magic resistance against your team. You don't have any magic pen in the build so they are a great choice, keep em in mind!

Great early game and for this build, late aswell they give more disengage and overall utility then any other boots. Ionian Boots of Lucidity Are cheap and affordable aswell so that's another bonus. Against heavy AD champions or mechanics like Riven they're great! If you got over the 40% mark you can sell and replace for magic pen.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Skill Sequence and Abilities

Lulu Is an outstanding early game champion, and dangerous in team fights the entire game, you should never underestimate Lulu. She takes practice to master and most people tend to play her as a mid lane champion witch she does actually excel pretty well!

Max Help, Pix! First, The damage and protection it will give you aids to sustain, trades on your lane. It's even better if your ADC is struggling lane, it gives extra protection in case they are prevented to get minions. Offensively the ability is great for dishing out heavy trade pokes.

~ Sometimes the best defense is the strongest Offense. ~
~ It reveals stealth champions, Teemo beware! ~
~ Abuse it's range when Trading. ~

Secondly get Whimsy down, the disengage is important, even more with Azir, Gnar, Braum and Junglers like Hecarim and Lee Sin. Keeping yourself and ADC safe and having a longer Poly morph then a normal build.


~ Disengage is more important then chase, prioritize! ~
~ Roaming, Roaming, Roaming! ~
~ Works well with Wild Growth! ~

Third Ability to maximize is Wild Growth the more Health the better you'll be in team fights and securing kills on your lane early and mid game. Building ability power will give you more health then normally and thus providing extra for the glass cannons on your team, the synergy works wonders with champions like Yasuo, Vayne and Gnar to name a few.


~ Wild Growth works well with Elixir's! ~
~ Nasus..~
~ Can be used for disengage! ~
~ Take control over Baron fights! ~

The last Ability to get is Glitterlance in this build we don't use it that much, we don't need to slow as we got it already from the poly morph and the shield is more crucial in any given situation. The down part with this ability is that it can only strike the same target once, a big downer as most of the time end and mid game you will mostly only use it against one target or tops two. In team fights, it is really hard to aim down a good shot with it, why I think it's safer to prioritize the others first.


~ Closer the mouse to the champion the more spread it shoots! ~
~ Glitterlance can be shot in conjunction with Help, Pix! to reach longer!
~ Great wave clear ~
~ Loud sound que makes checking bushes easy! ~
~ It's fast for disengage! ~

~Updates coming soon (2014-09-03)~

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Summary with Change log


First of all Thank you so much for reading the guide and taking all of this into consideration, I say Thanks in advance for any comment and vote I get from posting this guide. I do hope that it will be helpful for someone and that maybe people can elaborate on Lulu for the upcoming season (S5). I'm going to update this guide throu out the venture of Season 5's beginning and in the course of the upcoming months. As always for future updates I'll keep at it and add a change log down here every time I make a change.

Lulu is a great Champion, fun to play as and support is one of the best roles you can choose, I wish that my guide inspired more people to try Lulu out whenever you get the opportunity. I want to say a special thanks to Ninisen who helped me with Testing of this Build, the work we've done together is great and the inspiration i've been given was enough to create this guide.
Change log, Future Use

Made an update about Runes, Image was crooked* 2014-09-03
Added Scout Into the explanation* 2014-09-03
Going through spelling errors 2014-09-03
Working on testing and building, will make some minor changes soon 2014-09-04
Made some quick changes to Links and quick links 2014-09-15
~ Thanks for reading in / Nightdatsu.